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offered for Cash at the prices affixed by BERNARD QUARITCH,


ABBOTT'S PRIMITIVE INDUSTRY: or illustrations of the

Handiwork in Stone, Bone and Clay, of the Native Races of the Northern Atlantic Seaboard of America, by CHARLES C. ABBOTT, M.D., roy. 8vo. about 400 pp. and 400 illustrations, 155

1881 AGASSIZ, Recherches sur les POISSONS

FOSSILES, comprenant la description de 500 espèces qui n'existent plus, l'exposition des lois de la succession et du développement organique des poissons durant toutes les métamorphoses du globe terrestre, une nouvelle classification de ces animaux ..., enfin, des considérations géologiques générales tirées de l'étude des fossiles, 5 vols. royal 4to. of Text, and 5 vols. oblong folio of ATLÅs, in 18 parts, containing in all 384 PLATES, many of them in tints (pub. at 648 francs), unbound, reduced price, £15.

Neuchatel, 1833-44 the same, bound in 3 vols. royal 4to. and 3 vols. oblong folio, half morocco, top edges gilt, £16. 108

the same, 5 vols. royal 4to. and 5 vols. oblong folio, handsomely bound in tree-marbled calf, £18.

1833-44 CONTENTS:-Tome I. Introduction et toutes les questions générales, anatomiques, zoologiques et géologiques; Tome II. Histoire de l'Ordre des Ganoides; Tome III. l'Ordre des Placoïdes; Tome IV. Histoire de l'Ordre des Ctenoïdes ; Tome V. Histoire de l'Ordre des Cycloides.

Very few copies remain for sale. The book is sure to disappear altogether before long from the market. Sets completed. Agassiz, Etudes critiques sur les Mol

LUSQUES FOSSILES, 4 livraisons, in 1 vol. 4to. 105 plates (pub. 108 frs.), hf. sd. 98

1810-45 Livrn. I. Les Trygonies du Jura, et de la craile Suisse, 11 plates.

II.-IV. Les Myes de Jura, &c. 94 plates. Agassiz, Etudes sur les GLACIERS, 8vo. Text and folio Atlas of 32 plates, (pub. 40 frs.) scarce, £1. 158


Agassiz, Dix Planches de Squelettes extraites

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des Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles, oblong folio, 10 plates in a wrapper, 58

Neuchatel, 1843 Planches de POISSONS FOSSILES omises dans les Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles, 3 plates, oblong folio-avec un Tableau générale des Poissons Fossiles rangés par Terrains, 20 pp. of Text, 4to. 78 ib. 1844

These leaves and plates were issued subsequently to the work, and are frequently wanting : the plates are Vol. I H, Vol. II 27a and Vol. V 36.

*"' In 1844, Agassiz concluded the publication of his gigantic work on the Fossil Fishes, which appeared at Neuchâtel in five quarto volumes, with 311 folio plates. Eighty of the greatest museums of Europe had furnished the material for it, and the number of described species amounted to 1700 in about 20,000 examples. The 'Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles' is undoubtedly Agassiz's most important work, and forms, with Cuvier's and Valenciennes' • Histoire Naturelle des Poissons' and Johann Müller's treatises, the foundation of our present knowledge of fishes, while it does not confine itself to the region of ichthyolites, but extends over the entire wide field of the anatomy and classification of fishes, essentially modifying the latter. Agassiz considered, and with justice, that the separation of the ganoids from the other fishes into the rank of a special order, as the greatest step towards progress for which science was indebted to him; and on the basis of the comparison of the fossil fishes of all formations with living forms, he enunciated several generally valid laws, which have had an important bearing on the development theory of the whole organic world." —Nature, April 24, 1879. Agassiz, Monographie D’ECHINODERMES,

vivants et fossiles, 4 vols. in 1, 4to. and folio Atlas of 9 plates,-63 plates (pub. at 98 frs.), cloth, 108

Neuchatel, 1839-42 CONTENTS:—Livrn. I. Les SALÉNIES, 5 plates-Livrn. II. Les SCUTELLES, 32 platesLivrn. III-IV. Le Monographie des GALERITES et des DYSASTERS, par Desor, 17 plates-Livrn. V. L'Anatomie du genre Echinus par VALENTIN, 9 plates in folio. Agassiz, Memoire sur les MOULES de MOL

LUSQUES vivants et fossiles ;-Ire. partie :-Les moules d'Acéphales vivants. 4to. 12 plates (pub. 12 frs.), 58

1838 Agassiz, Histoire Naturelle des POISSONS D'EAU DOUCE de l'Europe centrale ;

Livrn. I. Salmo and THYMALLUS, fol. with 27 plates, 1839 (pub. 75 frs.)
Livrn. II. EMBRIOLOGIE des SALMONES, par Vogt, 1 vol. royal 8yo. and

14 plates in folio, 1842 (pub. 36 frs.)
Livrn. II bis. ANATOMIE des SALMONES, folio, 14 plates (pub. 30 frs.)

Extra plates : ANATOMIE, planches M, N and O, sold separately for 38 together 55 remarkably fine plates, 20 of them elaborately COLOURED and heightened with SILVER, £2. 108

1839-42 the same, without the 8vo. text, the 55 plates, COMPLETE, 258 1839-42

A very beautiful book; all Anglers and Ichthyologists should secure a copy before the few remaining copies are sold. Agassiz, Iconographie des COQUILLES TERTIAIRES, large 4to. 15 plates (pub. 15 frs.), 128

1845 Agassiz, Monographie des Poissons Fossiles

du Système Dévonien (OLD RED SANDSTONE, vieux Grès Rouge), Livraisons 1 and 2, the 26 PIATES only, mostly coloured, without Text (pub. 50 frs.), present reduced price 58

Neuchatel, 184+ the game, 26 plates, with the 4to. text to part 1, 10s

1844 This singularly low price will soon be raised. The work is complete in 3 parts of Text and 3 of Atlas ; 43 plates.


Nomenclator zoologicus, continens nomina systematica generum animalium tam viventium quam fossilium, etc. adjuvantibus Bonaparte, Burmeister, Charpentier, Duméril, 12 fasc. et INDEX UNIVERSALIS, 1 vol. 4to. (pub. at 80 fr.) cloth, 258 Soloduri, 1842-46

" In 1842 he brought out his most important · Nomenclator Zoologicus,' the result of many Fears' gatherings, and which contained an alphabetical arrangement of the specific names of the entire animal kingdom, their etymology, information as to the authors who had proposed these names, as well as the year of their appearance."--Nature, April 24, 1879.

Agassiz, Nomenclatoris Zoologici Index Agassiz, Mollusques Vivants : 4to. 5 mounted plates, 1s bd

Universalis, thick 12mo. 1136 pp. (pub. at 13 frs. 50 c.) 28 Soloduri, 1848

Contents:-Myristica cornuta Ag., Myristica melongena Sw., Dolium cinguliferum Bronn. Ticula undata, Pyrula interrupta Ag., Pyrula dimidiata Ag., Ticula teata.

, 6d

Agassiz Ophiures: 4to. 5 plates of Mollusks, 1s 6d

These 14 plates, found among the stock of the late Professor Agassiz's works, are evidently for works projected, but by some reason interrupted by the author. To preserve them to science we issue them as we found them, adding titles and contents.

A COMPLETE SET OF THE ABOVE, 13 DISTINCT WORKS (published at about £50.), offered, a bargain, £28.

D’Agincourt, History of Art by its

Monuments, from its decline in the fourth Century, to its restoration in the sixteenth Century, 3 vols. in 1, roy. folio, with all the 328 plates (sells £5. 58), hf. morocco, uncut, £2. 128 6d

1847 This English edition is divided as follows ; ARCHITECTURE, 73 plates ; SCULPTURE, 51 plates ; PAINTING, 24 plates.

To Antiquaries and lovers of the Fine Arts, this book is indispensable ; it connects the works of Winckelman and Cicognara, and forms with them a most interesting series.

" This fine work was the first in which the idea of exhibiting the Progress of Art, by a series of its noblest monuments, was perfectly carried out. By a series of accurate Engravings from celebrated Monuments, we trace the transitions of Art from the classic period to our own times. Sculpture, Painting, and the Art of Illumination ; and the Art of Engraving on Wood, on Gems and on Medals are similarly represented.

" It is a work that has long been sought and prized by all who could afford the high price at which only it was to be procured. No Library, Architect, Painter, Sculptor, or any one connected with the Fine Arts, should be without such a work.”

In preparation, the only absolutely true Translation of the Alf Leila : or, 1001 Arabian Nights' Enter

TAINMENTS, to appear in 10 vols. 8vo. subscription price, £10. 108

“ Captain R. F. Burton is, we hear, putting the last touches to his translation of "The Thousand Nights and a Night.'. The first volume (fifty nights) is already copied, and the whole can be prepared for print within a year. The version was begun some thirty years ago in conjunction with the late Dr. T. F. Steinbeisser, of Aden. It will try to do justice to one of the most interesting of anthropological and ethnographical works, by being a verbatim et literatim copy of the original, preserving all its technique, such as the divisions of the nights and the naive and child-like plain speaking of the Arabic-a perfect contrast with the English of the present day. Of course it will be printed, not published, and the issue will be limited to subscribers.”The Academy, May 24, 1881. Subscribers' names received by BERNARD QUARITCH, 15 Piccadilly, London,

ALGERIE Exploration Scientifique de l':
LUCAS, Histoire Naturelle des ANIMAUX ARTICULÉS

(Insectes, Crustacés, Arachnides, Myriapodes, et
Hexapodes), 3 vols. impl. 4to. Text and impl. 4to. Atlas
of 122 splendid coloured plates of Butterflies, etc. (pub. at
£17. 10s), hf. bd. £2. 108

Paris, 1846-50 LOCHE, Histoire Naturelle des OISEAUX et des MAMMI

FÈRES, 3 vols. impl. 4to. Text and 2 Atlases containing 22 very fine plates of Mammals and Birds

1867 Guichenot, Histoire Naturelle des POISSONS et REPTILES,

1 vol. impl. 4to. Text and Atlas of 12 coloured plates (pub. at 50fr.), hf. bd. 20s

1850 --the above three works, bound in 6 vols. hf. bd. uncut, £12.

1846-67 -the same, bound in 7 vols. half red morocco, uncut, £14.

1846-67 The text and plates of these magnificent publications on the Zoology of North Africa have been got up with an amount of luxury rarely pat within reach of the naturalist; the plates especially are remarkable for the finest possible engraving and colouring. Annals and Magazine OF NATURAL HISTORY,

complete set from the beginning (including its Fore-runners) in 1829 down to June, 1867, inclusive—in all 74 vols. 8vo. numerous fine plates, some coloured, sixty-seven vols. in hf. calf, the rest uncut, RARE, £50.

1829-67 The following are the titles and dates of the various series :

The Magazine of Natural History, by Loudon, 9 vols. 1829-36-Magazine of Natural History, by Dr. Edward Charlesworth, 4 vols. 1837-40—Magazine of Zoology and Botany, by Sir W. Jardine, P. J. Selby, and Dr. Johnston, 2 vols. 1837-38—Annals and Magazine of Natural History, conducted by Sir W. Jardine, P. J. Selby, Sir W. J. Hooker, and others. Series I, 20 vols. 1838-47; Series II, 20 vols. 1848-57; Series III, vol. I-XIX, 1858-67 Antiquaries (Society of) of London : LAYAMON’S

BRUT: or Chronicle of Britain, a Poetical Semi-Saxon Paraphrase of the Brut of Wace, with literal translation, notes, and Grammatical Glossary by Sir Frederick Madden, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. facsimiles, bds. £2. 2s 1847

“A highly important publication. The entire Poem is now placed within reach of those who have neither opportunity nor inclination to grapple with the obscurities of MSS. ; and this has now been done under a very careful eye, and with a rich accompaniment of elucidations.”—Garnett's Essays, p. 128. CODEX. EXOŅIENSIS : a collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, from

a MS. in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, with an English translation by Thorpe, roy. 8vo. XIV and 536 pp. cloth, 20s 1842

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