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Ongania's Publications-continued.
15. MAPPAMONDO DI Fra Mauro dell'anno 1457 ; 4 tavole in folio
Dall' originale che si conserva nella R. Bibl. Marciana di Venezia, 218

Venezia, 1877 16. CARTA DA NAVIGARE per le Isole nuovamente trovate in la parte dell'

Indie, attribuita a Alberto Cantino dell'anno 1501-03 (3o viaggio di

Cristoforo Colombo); tavole in folio
Dall' originale che si conserva nella Bibl. Estense di Modena Venezia, 1882
17. CARTE NAUTICHE DI BATTISTA AGNESE dell anno 1554; 34 tavole in folio
Dall' originale che si conserva nella R. Bibl. Marciana di Venezia, £4.

Venezia, 1881
Other facsimiles are in preparation.
DE PASSAGIIS IN TERRAM SANCTAM Excerpta ex chronologia magna

Codicis latini CCCXCIX Bibliothecæ Ad D. Marci Venetiarum auspice
Societate Illustrandis Orientis Latini Monumentis, editit Georgius Mar-
tinus Thomas Onoldinus, in Commissis habet Ferd. Ongania Venetiis

MDCCCLXXIX Volume gr. in folio, carta di Olanda, contenente 15 tavole riprodotte in fac-simile, con testo e titolo.

Des Croisades en Terre Sainte extrait de la Cronologia Magna existant dans

le Codex CCCXCIX de la Bibliothèque St. Marc à Venise, publié sous les auspices de la Société pour l'illustration des monuments latins en Orient, et par les soins du professeur Georges Martin Thomas, bibliothécaire de Munich (Bavière); Edité par Ferd. Ongania, £2. 108

Venise, 1879

Ordnance Survey Office Publications: Facsimiles of National Manuscripts of ENG

LAND, photozincographed by Sir Henry James, complete, 4 vols. sq. folio, 338 facsimiles of all kinds of Documents, State Papers, Royal Letters, Reports, Despatches, etc. with translations, cloth, the first volume is rare, £4. 4s

Southampton, 1865-68 “The series ranges from the Norman Conquest to the reign of Queen Anne, and in order to invest the work with an additional interest, only such records have been selected for copying as are either historically important or curious in themselves.”Preface.


photozincographed by command of the Queen on the recommenda-
tion of the Master of the Rolls, by General Cameron, Director of
the Ordnance Survey, with translations by BASEVI SANDERS, Part I,
impl. folio, 25 plates, cloth, £2. 108

1878 A series of interesting charters preserved in the archives of the Dean and Chapter at Canterbary ; ranging over three centuries of old English History, from 742 to 1049 A.D. The facsimile-work is wonderfully perfect.

the same, Part II, impl. folio, 96 pages of facsimiles, some very large, cloth, £3. 108

1881 This splendid volume contains facsimiles of charters belonging to the Cathedrals of Exeter, Wells, Worcester, and Winchester ; Westminster Abbey, Winchester College (these last having originally belonged to Hyde Abbey), Her Majesty's Record Office, the Bodleian Library, the Somersetshire Archæological Society's Museum, the Salt Library at Stafford, the Earl of Ilchester and the Marquis of Bath. Although dated 1881 this volume has only just been issued (October, 1883).

The third part will contain facsimiles of the remarkably fine set of Anglo-Saxon Charters belonging to the Earl of Ashburnham.

** In this second part of the 'Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts' we do not find a series of original charters like those in the first part, which contained the Canterbury Documents, the best set in existence anywhere out of the British Museum. But if this volume gives us a more mixed collection, it is not on that account the less useful.

It is an excellent feature of Mr. Sanders' work that be furnishes the previous literary history of each document, with the necessary references not only to Wanley, Hicks, Kemble and Thorpe, but also now and then to local historians who have published them, or contributed to their illustration.”—The Academy, May 24, 1884. NATIONAL

MANUSCRIPT of SCOTLAND, selected under the Direction of the Rt. Hon. Sir W. Gibson_Craig, Bart., Lord Clerk Register of Scotland, by the late Dr. John Robertson, and continued with Introductions by Cosmo Innes. Photolithographed in Facsimile by Col. Sir Henry James, 3 vols. impl. folio, facsimiles of 272 MSS. with transcript and translation to each, hf. bd. £10.

Southampton, 1867-71 Now quite out of print and rising in value.

This important series ranges from the eleventh Century to the reign of Charles I, to which are appended a few MSS. of a later period, including the Treaty of Union in 1706. In looking over these volumes one is struck by the richness of the collection, illustrating the progress of Society as well as the chief political changes, the origin and rise of letters, and the Literature and Language of Scotland. FACSIMILES of the National Manuscripts of Ireland, Part III, folio,

hf. bd. £2. 28 “ The third part of the ‘Facsimiles of the National Manuscripts of Ireland,' selected and edited, under the direction of the Master of the Rolls, by Mr. J. GILBERT, F.S.A., and published by command of Her Majesty. This part contains coloured reproductions from important manuscripts, records, and writings connected with Ireland, from A.D. 1300 to the close of the reign of Henry VIII. Among the many attractive artistic specimens which it comprises are alphabets of old Irish ornamental letters, and elaborately finished illustrations connected with the visit of King Richard II to Ireland. It also furnishes facsimiles of some of the earliest extant Anglo-Irish writings, both in verse and prose.”—The Athenæum, Nov. 15, 1879. Facsimiles of the National MSS. of IRE

LAND, edited under the direction of the Rt. Hon. Sir E. Sullivan, Master of the Rolls in Ireland, by John T. Gilbert, Part IV, 1, thick royal folio, introduction 86 pp. 60 plates of Facsimiles of Charters, Royal Letters, Heraldic and Genealogical Documents, the miniatures of the originals being reproduced in gold and colours, and each having explanatory text, hf. morocco, £5.58 1882

the same, Vol. IV part 2, being the conclusion of the work, 70 plates with Text, folio, half morocco, £4. 108


Oriental Translation Fund. PUBLICATIONS OF THE

ORIENTAL TRANSLATION FUND: LARGE PAPER SUBSCRIPTION copy of the ENTIRE SERIES, as originally issued only to Subscribers, and now no longer obtainable, from the first volume up to date, 75 distinct works in above 100 vols. royal 4to. and royal 8vo. maps and plates, clean and sound in boards, and sewed, uncut, VERY RARE, £40.

1829-79 The following is a list of the works, with the price at which each is sold separately:1. Ibn Batuta, the Travels of, trans- Persians and Armenians, by Elisæus, Bishop

lated, with notes, by Lee, 4to. £2. 1829 of the Amadunians, translated from the 2. Jahangueir, Memoirs of the Em- Armenian, by Neumann, 4to. 88 1830 peror, translated from the Persian, by Major 15. The Life of Hafiz ul Mulk, Hafiz Price, 4to. 258

1829 Rehmut Khan ; written by his Son Nuwab 3. Macarius, Patriarch of Antioch, Tra. Must'ujab Khan Bahadar; and entitled Gul. VELS of, written by his attendant Archdeacon, istan-i-Rehmut, from the Persian, by C. Paul of Aleppo, in Arabic, translated by Elliott, 8vo. 48

1834 F. C. Belfour, 2 vols 4to. £3. 38 1829-37 16. Miscellaneous Translations from 4. Han Koong Tsew; or, The Sorrows Oriental Language, 2 vols. 8vo. 128 1831.34 of Han: a Chinese Tragedy, from the original, CONTENTS : Notes of a Journey into the with notes, and specimen of the Chinese Text, Interior of Northern Africa, from the Arabic by J. F. Davis, 4to. 108

1829 by W. B. Hodgson-Extracts from the Sakaa 5. Neamet Ullah ; History of the Afghans, Saasteram, or Book of Fute, from the Tainul by translated from the Persian of Neamet Ullah, the Rev. J. Roberts—The Last Days of Krishna by Dorn, 2 parts, 4to. £1. 168 1829-37 and the Sons of Pandu, from the Mababharat, The first part out of print.

from the Persian version by Major D. Price 6. Fortunate Union (The) a Romance,

-The Vedala Cadai, the Tamul version of a

collection of ancient tales in Sanscrit, by B. G. translated from the Chinese with Notes and

Babington—Indian Cookery, by Sandford Arnot Illustrations; to which is added a Chinese

-Genealogical Catalogue of the Kings of Tragedy, by J. F. Davis, 2 vols. 8vo. 208

Armenia, by Prince Hubboff, translated by J. 1829

Glen-Siege and Reduction of Chaitur, by the 7. Yakkun Nattannawa, a Cingalese

Emperor Akbar, from the Akbar-namah, by D. Poem, descriptive of the Ceylon System of

Price-Ritual of the Buddhist Priesthood, from Demonology, by J. Callaway, 8vo. 48


the Pali, by Rev. B. Clough, etc. 8. Hatimo Tai, the Adventures of, a Romance, translated from the Persian, by

17. Haji Khalifeh's Historyof the Maritime Duncan Forbes, 4to. 78 6d


Wars of the Turks, translated from the Turk.

ish, by J. Mitchell. Part I. (all published), 9. Ali Hazin, the Life of Sheikh Mo

4to. 58

1831 hammed Ali Hazin, written by himself, trans

18. Translations from the Chinese and Arlated and illustrated with notes explanatory

menian, by C. F. Neumann, 8vo. 78 60 1831 of the History, Poetry, Geography, etc., by CONTENTS : History of the Pirates who F. C. Belfour, 8vo. 88 6d

1830 infested the China Sea, from 1807 to 1810— 10. Ali Hazin, the Life of Sheikh Mohammed The Catechism of the Shainans, or Laws and

Ali Hazin, written by himself, in Persian, Regulations of the Priesthood of Buddha, in edited and noted with the various Readings, China-Vahran's Chronicle of the Armenian by F. C. Belfour, 8vo. 88 6d


Kingdom of Cilicia during the time of the 11. Memoirs of a Malayan Family, Crusades.

written by themselves, and translated from the original, by W. Marsden, 8vo. 28 1830

19. Algebra of Mohammed Ben 12. History of the War in Bosnia,

Musa; Arabic and English, edited and

translated by F. Rosen, 8vo. 88 1831 during the years 1737, 38, and 39, translated

20. Firdusi. Sbah Nameh of the Persian Poet from the Turkish, by C. Fraser, 8vo. 28 1830

Firdusi, translated and abridged in Prose 13. Mulfuzat Timury ; or, Autobio- and Verse, with notes and illustrations, by graphical Memoirs of the Mogul Emperor J. Atkinson, 8vo.

1832 Timur ; written in the Jagatai Turki Lan. 21. Sadik Isfahani, Geographical guage; turned into Persian, by Abu Talib Works of; Arabic and Persian, tr. by J. C. Hussaini ; and translated into English, by from original Persian MSS. in the Collection Major C. Stuart, 4to. map of Transowania, of Sir W. Ouseley, the Editor, 8vo. 88 1832 308

1830 22. Tezkereh el Vakiat; or, Private 14. History of Vartan, and of the Memoirs of the Moghul Emperor Humayun;

Battles of the Armenians; containing an written in Persian by Jouher. Translated account of the religious wars between the by Major C. Stewart, 1to 58


ORIENTAL TRANSLATION FUND- continued. 23. Siyar-ul-Mutakherin; a History of 30. Tuhfat-ul-Mujahidin; a History of

the Mahomedan Power in India during the First Settlement of the Mohammedans in the last century, by Mir Gholam Hussein- Malabar, and of their subsequent Struggles Khan; revised from the translation of Haji with the Portugues, translated from the Mustafa, and collated with the Persian Ori- Arabic, by Lieut. M. Rowlandson,'8ro. 48 ginal, by J. Briggs, Vol. I (all published),

1833 8vo. 58


31. Alfiya; ou, la Quintessence de la Gram24. Hoei Lan Ki; or, l'Histoire du Cercle de

maire Arabe : Ouvrage de Djemal-eddin Craie. Drame en Prose et en Vers ; traduit

Mahammed, connu sous le nom d'Ebn Malec; du Chinois, et accompagné de notes, par

publié en Arabe, avec un commentaire, par Stanislas Julien, 8vo. 78


Silvestre de Sacy, 8vo. 68 6d Paris, 1834

32. Evliya, Travels in Europe, Asia, 25. San Kokf Tsou Ran To Sets; and APRICA, in the Seventeenth Century,

ou, Aperçu Général des Trois Royaumes, translated from the Turkish by J. von Ham(ouvrage de Rinsifee), traduit de l'Original mer, 2 vols. in 1, 4to, 128

1831-50 Japonais-Chinois, par Kiaproth (5 Maps), 33. Description of the Burmese Em8vo. and 4to. 108

1832 pire; compiled chiefly from Native DocuCOREA.- To the Editor of the Times.

ments, by the Rev. Father Sangermano ; and Sir,- In the current number of the Edinburgh

translated from his MS. by W. Tandy, 4to. Review there is an article on “ Corea,” in

128 60

1831 which I find it stated (p. 300) that with the

34. Annales des Empereurs du Jaexception of some scanty notices collected by pon, traduites par M. Isaac TITSINGH; the earlier Jesuit missionaries in China, and Ouvrage revu, complété et corrigé, sur l'Oriby writers such as Kämpfer and Siebold in ginal Japonais Chinois, accompagné de Notes Japan, no published accounts of the geogra- et précédé d'un Aperçu de la Histoire Mytho. phy or constitution of the Corean kingdom are

logique des Japonais, par Klaproth, 4to. in existence.” I have met with similar state


1835 ments elsewhere. I should be obliged, there

35. Architecture of the Hindus, by fore, if you would permit me to call attention Ram Raz, Native Judge and Magistrate at through your columns to a work written by a Bangalore, 48 plates, royal 4to. 123 1834 Japanese author, Rinsifee, in 1786, called San

36. Harivansa; ou, Histoire de la Famille Kokf Tsou Ran To Sets, or “ A History of the

de Hari; Ouvrage formant un Appendice du Three Kingdoms,” viz., Corea, Yezo, and Loo

Mahabharata ; et traduit sur l'Original Sanchoo. This work has been translated into French

scrit, par A.' LANGLOIS, 2 yols. 4to. by Klaproth, and is to be found among the 108

1835-36 publications of the Qriental Translation Fund.

37. Didascalia ; Apostolical Consti. In 1856, after visiting Corea, I found Rinsi- tutions of the Abyssinian Church, fee's book of great use in drawing up a paper translated from the Ethiopic, by T. Platt, on the subject, which I read before the Hong- Esq. 4to. 88

1834 kong branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 38. Les Aventures de Kamrup, I am, Sir, yours, &c.,

traduites de l'Hindoustani par Garcin de Southsea, Nov. 2, 1873. S. BEAL, M.R.A.S.

1834 Tassy, 8vo. 208

39. Chronicles of Rabbi Joseph Ben 26. Annals of the Turkish Empire, Joshua Ben Meir, the Sphardi, translated

froin A.D. 1591 to 1659, translated from the from the Hebrew, by C. H. F. Bialloblotzy, Turkish, by C. Fraser, Vol. I.(all published),

2 vols. 8vo. 208

1837 4to. 108

1832 40. The Political and Statistical His27. Kalidase Raghuvansa CARMEN tory of Gujerat, translated from the PerSanskritè et Latinè, edidit A. F. Stenzler,

sian, by J. Bird, 8vo. 368

1835 4to. £2.

1832 41. Livre des Recompenses et des 28. Mirkhond. Early Kings of

Peines, du Chinois par S. Julien, 8vo. 158

1832 Persia, from Kaiomars, the first of the

42. HAJI KHALFÆ Lexicon EncyPeshdádian Dynasty to the Conquest of

clopædicum et Bibliographicum, Irán by Alexander the Great, from the Persian,

edidit G. FLUEGEL, 7 vos. 4to. complete, entitled the Rauzat-us-safa, with notes and

cloth, £2. 128 611

Leipzig, 1835-54 illustrations, by D. Shea, 8vo. 98 1832

43. the same, 7 vols. impl. 4to. LARGE 22. Customs of the Women of Persia, PAPER, cloth, £2. 188

1835-54 and their Domestic Superstitions, translated This work is, without comparison, the from the original Persian Manuscript, by J. most useful of all the Fund publications. It Akinson, Esq. 8vo. 7s 64

1832 stands in tbe same relation to Oriental LiteraORIENTAL TRANSLATION FUND-continued. ture as Walt's Bibliotheca and Graesse's Tresor 53. Vishnu Purana (the) a System of do to that of the Western World. The arrange- Hindu Mythology and Tradition, translated ment is alphabetic, according to the names of from the original Sanscrit, and illustrated by the works (an Index of Authors being added at notes derived chiefly from other Puranas, by the end), and comprises descriptions of above 1. H. Wilson, 4to. £2.

1840 15,000 books in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish;

54. Garcin de Tassy, Histoire de la with statements of the date when the writers

Littérature Hindoui et Hindustani, 2 vols. flourished, and many other useful particulars.

8vo, 20s

1839-47 14. Chronique de Mohammed Tabari, par L. Dubeux, Vol. I. 4to. 108 1836

55. AL-MAKKARI. The History of 45. Laili and Majnun, a Poem, from the

the Mohammedan Dynasties in Persian of Nazámi, by J. Atkinson, 8vo. pp.

Spain, translated by PASCUAL DE viii and 127, cloth, 2s 6d.

GAYANGOS, 2 vols. 4to. £2. 8s 1840

1836 The story of the Frantic Lover and the 56. El-Mas'udis Historical Ency. Night-Black Beauty, is one of the favourite clopædia, entitled “Meadows of Gold fictions of the East. Many poems have been and Mines of Gems," from the Arabic by written to celebrate it, but the best and most Dr. A. Sprenger, Vol. I (all published), 8vo. famous of them all is the work of Abu Mu- 58

1841 hammad Nizam ud-Din of Gandja, called

57 Sama Veda. Translation of the Nizami, who died A. H. 599. There is hardly Sanhitá of the Sama Veda, by the Rev. J. one greater name than his in the poetical Fasti

Stevenson, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, cloth, 78 of Persia, “and Hafiz thus speaks of him :

1841 “Not all the treasured store of ancient days Can boast the sweetness of Nizami's lays.'”

58. Popular Poetry of Persia, as The manner in which the translation is

found in the Adventures and Improvisations executed, in graceful English verse somewhat of Kurroglou, the Bandit-Minstrel of in the style of Lalla Rookh, bears out the high

Northern Persia ; and in the Songs of the reputation of Mr. Atkinson'as an elegant Eng- People inhabiting the Shores of the Caspian lish writer and an accomplished Persian scholar.

Sea ; orally collected and translated by A. 46 The History of the Temple of

dzko, 8vo. 78 6d

1842 Jerusalem, from the Arabic of the Imam 59. IBN KHALLIKAN'S BiograJalal-addin al Siuti, with notes, etc. by the phical Dictionary, translated from the Rev. J. Reynolds, 8vo. 20s

1836 Arabic by Baron Mac Guckin de SLANE, 47. Oupanichats extraits des Vedas, tra- now complete in 4 vols. 4to. sd. £3. 3s, duits du Sanscrit en Français, 4to. 40 pp. sd. reduced to 248

1842-71 2: 6d


60. the same, LARGE PAPER, 4 vols, roy. 48. Sankhya Karika; or, Memorial Verses

4to, sd. £4, 4s, reduced to 30s 1842-71 on the Sankya Philosophy ; translated from

The THIRD and the FOURTH volumes of the Sanscrit, by H. T. Colebrooke. Also the Bábshya; or Commentary of Gaurapáda;

either state are sold separately. translated and illustrated by an original This was the first general Biographical

Comment, by H. H: Wilson, 4to. £1. 1s 1837 Dictionary in the Arabic language ; and it 49. MAKRIZI, Histoire des Sul

remains a wonderful testimony to the learning, tans Mamlouks de l'Egypte ; écrite genius, and industry of the author

. The Bioen Arabe par Taki-eddipahmed-Makrizi ; graphies are arranged in alphabetical order of traduite en Francais, par Quatremere, 2 vols.

names, and comprise distinguished individuals 4to. complete, (pub. at £2. 88), 20s 1837 of every sect and nation in Islam, down to 50. Rig Veda Sanhita, Sanskrité et

the thirteenth century, when Ibn Khallikan

flourished. Latinè ; editit F. A. Rosen, 4to. 58 1837 51. Kumara Sambhava, Sanscrite et 61. History of Hyder Naik, otherwise

Latine, edidit A. F. Stenzler, 4to. 20s, re- styled Nawaub Hyder Ali, by Meer Hussein duced to 38 6d

1837 Ali Khan Kirmani, by Miles, 8vo. 5s 1842 52. Practical Philosophy of the Muhammadan Peoplo, exhibited in its

62. The DABISTAN; or School of professed connection with the European,

Manners; translated from the Persian, so as to render either an introduction to the

with Notes, etc. by D. Shea and A. Troyer, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s

1844 other; being a translation of the Akhlak-IJalaly, the most esteemed Ethical Work of 63. History of the Reign of Tipu Middle Asia, from the Persian of Fakir Sultan, being a Continuation of the Jany Mahammad Asaad ; with references Neshani Hyduri ; written by Mir Hussein and notes by W. F. THOMPSON, 8vo. Ali Khan Kirmani ; translated by Miles, LARGE PAPER, 188 1839 Svo, 55


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