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The autotype edition which is now completed is an excellent one, faithfully reproducing the manuscript, page for page, in full size. At a comparitively moderate cost this true likeness of the Codex Alexandrinus will find its way to the different libraries of Europe and America and be welcomed as the best possible representative of the original.”— The Times, August 21, 1884.

The Codex Vaticanus and the Codex Sinaiticus were reproduced by Typography, a process liable to error. 61 List of Additions (MSS. and Printed Books), 1831-34, 4 vols. 8vo. 108 62 List of Additions, MSS. 1836-1840, 8vo. 108 63 Catalogue of Additions, MSS. 1841-1845, 8vo. £1. 64

MSS. 1846-1847, 8vo. 12s 65

MSS. 1848-1853, 8vo. 158 66 Catalogue of Additions to the MANUSCRIPTS in the British Museum

in the years 1854-1870, Vol. I–Additional MSS. 19,720-24,026, thick royal 8vo. x, 938 pp. cloth, 158

1875 67

Vol. II (Additional MSS. 24,027-29-909, Charters, Rolls, Seals, Papyri, and Egerton MSS.), thick roy. 8vo. pp. x and 1050, cloth, 158

1877 Including Greek Papyri of the first century before Christ, Latin MSS. of the seventh and ninth centuries, and many illuminated MSS. A large and

important collection of State Papers and private Letters. 68

INDEX to the above, roy. 8vo. 1575 pp. cloth, £2. 28 1880 69 FACSIMILES OF ANCIENT CHARTERS in the British Museum, Parts

I-III, folio, near 100 large photographic facsimiles, with printed transcripts, cloth, £4. 18

1873-77 70 — Part IV, folio, 50 large facsimiles, cloth, £2. 28

1878 “The present part (Part IV) completes the series of Facsimiles of English Charters, of dates preceding the Norman Conquest, preserved in the British

Museum. 71 Catalogue of the MS. Music in the British Museum, 8vo. 58 1842 72

MS, Maps, Charts, and Plans, 2 vols. 8vo. £1. 1844 73 Fragments of the Iliad of Homer from a Syriac Palimpsest, edited by

William Cureton, M.A., 4to. £2. 28-Large Paper, £3. 38 1851 74 GAYANGOS (Pascual de) CATALOGUE of the MSS. in the

SPANISH LANGUAGE in the BRITISH MUSEUM, Vol. I, stout royal 8vo. pp. viii and 883, cloth, 158

1875 75 Vol. II, royal 8vo. pp. vi and 824, cloth, 158

1877 76 GAYANGOS (Pascual de) Catalogue of the MANUSCRIPTS in the SPANISH

Language in the British Museum, Vol. III, royal 8vo. pp. 819, cloth, 158

1881 This has long been a desideratum : and many students will rejoice to find that the labour of reference and inquiry is now enormously facilitated, so far as Spanish literature and history are concerned. The name of the compiler

enhances the value of the catalogue to no slight degree. 77 Photographic Facsimiles of the Episties of Clement of Rome, £3. 38


impl. 4to. xiii and 366 pp. with 13 facsimiles, cloth gilt, 30s

Contents : Biblical MSS.-Service Books—Special Services and Homilies-Lives of Saints—Biblical Commentaries—Theology-Ecclesiastical and Civil

Law-History-Medicine--Miscellanea-Indices. 79 CATALOGUE of the PERBIAN MSS. by C. Rieu, 3 vols. impl. 4to. £3.158

1879-83 80 CATALOGUE of ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS in the British Museum,

part I GREEK (by E. M. Thompson and O. F. Warner), royal folio, 20 large autotype facsimiles, bds. £1.



81 A Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali Books in the British Museum, by

Dr. Ernest Haas, 1 vol. 4to. 200 pp. (sells 218), cloth, 128 1876

A Catalogue raisonné of one of the best collections of Sanscrit MSS.,

forming a necessary adjunct to the meagre guide of Gildemeister. 82 DOUGLAS (R. K.) Catalogue of CHINESE PRINTED BOOKS,

Manuscripts and Drawings in the Library of the British Museum, impl. 4to. 341 pp. (sells 20s), cloth, 108

1877 83 List of the Additions from 1831-35, 5 vols. roy. 8vo. bds. 78 834-39 84 Catalogue of Printed Books. Vol. I, folio, bds. 9s

1841 85

the Hebrew Books in the Museum, 8vo. cloth, 25s 1867 86 Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, Part II, 8vo. £1. 11s 6d

1848 87

Part III, 8vo. 158—Large paper, £2. 28 1872 88 List of Books of Reference in the Reading Room of the British Museum, 8vo. 58. With Coloured Plan

1871 89 CATALOGUE of Printed Books (British Museum): VIRGILIUS, folio, 74 columns, sd. 2s

1882 A bibliography of all the editions of Virgil, whole works or selected, Latin or translated, in the British Museum. 90 WARD (H. L. D.) Catalogue of Romances in the Department of

Manuscripts in the British Museum, Vol. I, thick royal 8vo. pp. xx and 955, cloth, 22s 6d

1883 Taking into account also the bibliographical and literary information with which the descriptions are accompanied, and the critical analysis to which the different texts have been submitted, it is hoped that the catalogue may serve not only as a guide to the Museum collection, but also, to some extent, as a handbook to the subject.—Extract from Preface. 91 CATALOGUE of a selection from the STOWE MANUSCRIPTS

exhibited in the King's Library in the British Museum, 4to. with 15 Autotype facsimiles, bds. 3s 6d



92 Catalogue of the Geographical Collection in the Library of King Geo. III, 2 vols. 8vo. £1. 48



93 Catalogue of the Maps, Prints, Drawings, etc. attached to the

Library of King George the Third, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108 1829 94

of the Manuscript Maps, Charts, and Plans, and of the Topographical Drawings, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 108

1844 95 CATALOGUE of PRINTS and Drawings. Division I. Political and Personal Satires. Vol. I, 1320 to April 11, 1689, 8vo. £1. 58




Vol. II, June, 1689 to 1733, 8vo. £1. 10s 1873

Vol. III, by F. G. Stephens, and containing many descriptions by E. Hawkins, in 2 vols. stout royal 8vo. lxxi and 1267 pp. cloth, £2. 2s


98 CATALOGUE of PRINTS and DRAWINGS: Political and Persoual Satires, Vol. IV, royal 8vo. 308

1883 99 Prints and Drawings in the British Museum, reproduced by photo

graphic process, Parts I and II: ITALIAN PRINTS, 60 facsimiles in impl. folio case, VERY SCARCE, £10.

1882-83 100

the same, Part II, 30 facsimiles, in a case, £4. 1883 The second part includes seven subjects of Marc Antonio Raimondi, four of Giulio Bonasone, three each of Agostino Musi—“Veneziano "-and the Master of the Die ; others by Nicolo Beatrizet, Enea Vico, etc.

101 WILLSHIRE'S (Dr. W. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of Playing Cards in

the British Museum, 2 parts in 1 vol. royal 8vo. 24 plates, cloth, 21.

1879 Added is a general History of Playing Cards and remarks on Cards of Divination, and a politico-historical character.

102 Catalogue of Early Prints in the British Museum:

Vol. I: GERMAN and FLEMISH SCHOOLS, by W. H. WILLSHIRE, M.D., royal 8vo. xii. and 348 pp. and 10 plates, cloth, 12s 60





scarce, 58

List of the specimens of Mammalia, by J. E. Gray, 12mo. 8d.

1843 Catalogue of Mammalia, Part I. Cetacea, 12mo. 8 plates, scarce, 58 1850 Catalogue of Mammalia, Part II. Seals, 12mo. woodcuts, 58 1850

Part III. Ungulata Furcipeda, 12mo.128. Plates 1852 Carnivorous Mammalia, 8vo. 68 6d. Woodcuts 1869

Ruminant Mammalia (Pecora), 8vo. 38 6d 1872 Hand-List of the Edentate, Thick-skinned, and Ruminant Mammals in the British Museum, 8vo. 128. Plates

1873 Catalogue of Seals and Whales, 2nd edition, 8vo. Woodcuts. 88 1866 Supplement, 8vo. Woodcuts. 28 6d

1871 Monkeys, Lemurs, and Fruit-eating Bats, 8vo. 48. Woodcuts

1870 Bones of Mammalia, 8vo. 58

1862 List of Mammalia, 12mo. 2s 6d

1843 Hand List of Seals, Morses and Sea-Bears by J. E. Gray, 8vo. 30 plates, cloth, 128 6d

1874 DOBSON (George E.) Catalogue of Chiroptera, thick 8vo. 30 plates, about 200 figures, cloth, 308



Catalogue of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Fishes, of Nepal, presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq., 12mo. 28 3d

1863 of Mammalia and Birds of New Guinea, 8vo. 18 6d 1859 List of Osteological Specimens, 12mo. 28



Catalogue of the Genera and Sub-Genera of Birds, by G. R. Gray, 12mo. sd. scarce, 58

1855 Hand-List of Birds, Part I. Accipitres, Fissirostres, Tenuirostres, Dentirostres, 8vo. 78

1869 Part II. Conirostres, Scansores, Columbæ, Gallinæ, 8vo. 68

1870 Part III. Struthiones, Grallæ, and Anseres, with Indices, 8vo. 88

1871 scarce, 368

British Museum Publications continued.
List of the specimens of Birds, by G. R. Gray, 8 parts, 12mo.

1848-67 Part III. Sect. I. Ramphastidæ, 12mo. 6d 1859 Part III. Sect. II. Psittacidæ, 12mo. 28

1855 Sect. III. and IV. Capitonidæ and Picidæ, 12mo. ls 6d

1868 Part IV. Columbæ, 12mo. 18 9d

1856 Part V. Gallinæ, 12mo, 18 6d

1867 Catalogue of the Birds of the Tropical Islands of the Pacific, 8vo. 18 6d

1859 A CATALOGUE of Birds, by R. BOWDLER SHARPE, F.L.S.,

F.2.8. &c., &c., Assistant in the Zoological Department. British Museum. Vol. I. Acciptres, 8vo. xvi and 480 pp. many woodcuts and 14 coloured plates of new or little known species of BIRDS OF PREY, cloth, 198

1874 the same, Vol. II. Striges or Nocturnal Birds of Prey, 8vo. xii and 326 pp. with 14 coloured plates of Owls, cloth, 16s

1875 the same, Vol. III: Passeriformes or Perching Birds, 8vo. xiii and 343 pp. 14 coloured plates besides woodcuts, cl. 178 1877

the same, Vol. IV: Passeriformes, part III, Cichlomorphæ, 8vo. ævi and 496 pp. and 14 coloured plates, cloth, 208 1879 A CATALOGUE of Birds, by R. BOWDLER SHARPE, F.L.s., F.z.s.

&c., &c., Assistant in the Zoological Department, British Museum. Vol. V: Passeriformes, part III, Ciclomorphæ, edited by H. Seebohm and Dr. Günther, 18 coloured plates, cloth, 208 1881 the same, Vol

. VI: Passeriformes, part IV, Cichlomorphe, 18 COLOURED plates, 208


V, by R. Bowdler SHARPE, 15 COLOURED plates, 268 1883

Contents :-CICHLOMORPHÆ, part IV, containing the concluding portion of the Family TIMELIDA (Babbling Thrushes).

Vol. VIII: PASSERIFORMES, part VI, by Hans GADOW, 9 COLOURED plates, 178

1883 Contents :--CICHLOMORPHÆ, part V, containing the Families PARIDÆ and LANIIDE (Titmice and Shrikes), and CERTHIOMORPHÆ (Creepers and Nuthatches).

Vol. IX: Passeriformes, part VII, Cinnyrimorphæ, containing the Families Nectariniide and Meliphagidæ (Sun-Birds and Honey-Eaters), by Hans Gadow, 7 COLOURED plates, 148



Günther's Catalogue of Fishes, 8 vols. complete, 8vo. cloth, £3. 108

1859-70 List of Fish, Part I. Chondropterygii, 12mo. 38. Plates 1851

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