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British Museum Publicationscontinued.
Catalogue of Fish, by L. T. Gronow, 12mo. 38 6d

1854 Lophobranchiate Fisb, 12mo. 28. Plates

1856 Apodal Fish, 8vo. 108. Plates



Catalogue of Shield Reptiles, Part I. Testudinata (Tortoises), 4to. 48 fine plates (pub. at £2. 108), bds. 158

1855 Supplement, Part I. 4to. 108. Woodcuts

1870 Appendix, 4to. 28 6d

1872 Part II, Emydosaurians, Rhynchocephalia, and Amphisbænians, 4to. 38 6d. Woodcuts

1872 Hand-List of Shield Reptiles, 8vo. 48

1873 Catalogue of Reptiles, Part I. Tortoises, &c., 12mo. 18 1844 Part II. Lizards, 12mo. 3s 6d

1845 Colubrine Snakes, 12mo. 4s

1858 Catalogue of Batrachia Gradientia, 12mo. sd. scarce, 58 1850 BOULENGER (G. A.) Catalogue of the BATRACHIA GRA

DIENTIA s. Caudata and Batrachia Apoda in the British Museum, second edition, 8vo. pp. viii and 127, 9 plates, cloth, 9s

1882 (1883) Catalogue of Batrachia Salientia, 8vo. 68. Plates

1858 BOULENGER (G. A.) Catalogue of the BATRACHIA Salientia s.

Ecaudata in the collection of the British Museum, 8vo. pp. 519, 30 plates and numerous woodcuts, cloth, 308

1882 OWEN (Richard) Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Fossil

Reptilia of South Africa in the British Museum, iinpl. 4to. with 70 fine large plates, many of them folded, and a tabular view of the Fossiliferous Strata of the Earth, cloth, £3. 38


[blocks in formation]

Nomenclature of Coleopterous Insects, Part 1-4 (Cetoniadæ, Hydro

canthari, Buprestidæ, Clevidæ), 12mo. sd. scarce, 208 1847-49 Nomenclature of Coleopterous Insects, Part VI. Passalidæ, 12mo. 8d. Plates

1852 Catalogue of Coleopterous Insects, Part VII. Longicornia, I. 12mo. 2s 6d. Plates

1853 Part VIII. Longicornia, II. 12mo. 38 6d. Plates 1855 Part IX. Cassididæ 12mo. 38

1856 Catalogue of the Coleopterous Insects of Madeira, 8vo. 28. Plate 1857

the Canaries, 8vo. 78 1864 List of Coleopterous Insects, Part I. Cucujidæ, &c., 12mo. 6d 1851

British Museum Publications-continued. Catalogue of Halticidæ.-Physapodes and Edipodes, Part I. 8vo. 78. Plates

1860 Hispidæ, Part I. 8vo. 58. Plates

1858 WATERHOUSE (Charles Owen) Illustrations of Typical Specimens of Coleoptera, Part I: LYCIDÆ, 8vo. 18 coloured plates, cloth, 168


b. Orthopterous Insects. Catalogue of Orthopterous Insects, Part I. Phasmide, 4to. Plates 368

1868 Blattariæ, 8vo. 58 6d Dermaptera Saltatoria and Blattariæ, Supplernent, Parts 18,VI, 8vo. 258 60


c. Neuropterous Insects. Catalogue of Neuropterous Insects, Part I. Phryganides—Perlides, 12mo. 28 od

1852 Part II. Sialidæ-Nemoptrides, 12mo. 38 6d 1853 Part III. Termitidæ, &c. 12mo. 18 6d

1853 Part IV. Odonata, 12mo. 1s

1853 Part I. Termitina, 12mo. 6d


d. Hymenopterous Insects. Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects, Part I. Andrenidæ and Apidæ, 12mo. 28 6d. Plates

1853 Part II. Apidæ, 12mo. Os. Plates

1853 Part III. Mutillidæ and Pompillidæ, 12mo. 68. Plates 1855 Part IV. Sphegidæ, &c. 12mo. 6s. Plates

1856 Part V. Vespidæ, 12mo. 68. Plates

1857 Part VI. Formicidæ, 12mo. 6s. Plates

1858 Part VII. Dorylidæ and Thynnidæ, 12mo. 28. Plates 1859 List of Hymenopterous Insects, 2 parts (Chalcidites), 12mo. scarce, 78 60

1846-48 CATALOGUE of BRITISH HYMENOPTERA, second edition, part I:

Catalogue of the British Bees (Andrenidæ and Apidæ), by Frederick Smith, Assistant Keeper, 8vo. 11 plates, cloth, 58 1876

e. Homopterous Insects. List of Homopterous Insects, 4 parts, and Supplement, complete, 12mo. 20s 6d


f. Hemipterous Insects. WALKER (E.) Catalogue of Hemiptera Heteroptera, 8 vols. 8vo. £2. 28

1867-73 Dallas (W. S.) List of Hemipterous Insects, 2 Parts, 12mo. 118. Plates


British Museum Publications-continued.

g. Lepidopterous Insects. Catalogue of Lepidopterous Insects, Part I. Papilionidæ, 4to. £1. 58. Coloured Plates

1852 Diurnal Lepidoptera, Satyridæ, 8vo. 58 6d 1868

Fabrician Diurnal Lepidoptera, 8vo. 78 6d 1870 Specimen of a Catalogue of Lycænidæ, 4to. £1. 18. Col. Plates 1862 Walker's List of the specimens of Lepidopterous Insects, complete,

with all the supplements, 35 vols. 12mo. (publisbed at £7.13), 8d. £5. 58

1854-66 List of Lepidopterous Insects, Part I. Papilionidæ, &c., 12mo. 48 1856

Parts I–VII. (Lepidoptera Heterocera), 12mo. 268 6d

1850-56 Part VIII. Sphingidæ, 12mo. 38 6d 1856 Parts IX-XV. (Noctuidæ), 12mo. 278

1856-57 Part XVI. (Deltoides), 12mo. 38 6d 1858 Parts XVII–XIX. (Pyralides), 12mo. 118

1859 Parts XX-XXVI. (Geometrites), 12mo. 258

1860-63 Part XXVII. Crambites and Tortricites, 12mo. 48

1863 Part XXVIII. Tortricites and Tineites, 12mo. 48

1863 Parts XXIX-XXX. Tineites, 12mo. 881864

Parts XXXI–XXXV. Supplements, 12mo: 28s 6d

1865-66 BUTLER (Arthur G.) Illustrations of Typical Specimens of LEPI

DOPTERA HETEROCERA, Part I, roy. 4to. 20 plates, representing 202 specimens, all coloured, cloth, £2.

1877 the same, Part II, royal 4to. 20 plates, containing 103 COLOURED figures, cloth, £2.

1878 BUTLER's Illustrations of Lepidoptera Heterocera, Part III, roy. 4to. 20 plates, containing over 200 COLOURED figures, cloth, 2. 108 1879.

“The third part of this work is devoted to illustrations of types of Japanese and Chinese Moths, and may therefore be regarded as a continuation of Part II.-Albert Günther.

the same, part IV: North American Tortricidæ by Lord Walsingham, roy. 4to. 17 plates with nearly 200 COLOURED figures, cloth, out of print

1879 * Our knowledge of this group has received an important addition by numerous new species discovered and collected by Lord Walsingham in 1871 and 1872, chiefly in California and Oregon. These are now for the first time described, the types having been presented by him to the Museum."-Albert Günther.

British Museum Publications continued.

h. Dipterous Insects. List of the specimens of Dipterous Insects, 7 parts complete, 12mo. 278

1848-55 another copy, 7 vols. 12mo. interleaved, hf. calf gilt, marbled edges, £2. 28


7. CRUSTACEOUS ANIMALS. Catalogue of Crustacea, Part I. Leucosiadæ, 12mo. 6d 1855

the Specimens of Amphipodous Crustacea, 8vo. £1. 58. Plates

1863 Myriapoda, Part I. Chilopoda, 12mo. ls 9d 1856 List of Crustacea, 12mo. 28

1847 GÜNTHER (A.) the Gigantic Land-Tortoises (Living and Extinct), impl. 4to, with 54 fine plates, cloth, 308

1877 CONTENTS : Synopsis of the extinct and living gigantic Land-Tortoises List of Specimens in the British Muscam-The races of the Aldabra group--The extinct races of the Mascarenes—The races of the Galapagos-Explanation of the plates.

8. MOLLUSCOUS ANIMALS AND SHELLS. Catalogue of Conchifera, Part I. Veneride, Cyprinidæ, and Glauconomida, 12mo. 38

1853 Part II. Petricolidæ (concluded), Corbiculidæ, 12mo. 60

1854 Catalogue of Phaneropneumona, 12mo. 58

1852 Pulmonata, Part I. 12mo. 28 6d. Woodcuts 1855 Catalogue of Auriculidæ, Prosperpinidæ, and Truncatellidæ, 12mo. ls 9d

1857 the Collection of Mazatlan Shells, 12mo. 88 1857

Mollusca, Part IV. Brachiopoda Ancylopoda, 12mo. 38. Woodcuts

1853 Nomenclature of Molluscous Animals and Shells, Part I. Cyclophoridæ, 12mo. 18 6d

1850 List of Mollusca, Part I. Volutidæ, 12mo. 6d

1855 Part II. Olivide, 12mo. 18

1865 and Shells, collected, &c., by MM. Eydoux and Souleyet, 12mo. 8d

1855 Shells of the Canaries, 12mo. 18

1854 Cuba, 12mo. Is

1854 South America, 12mo. 28

1854 Guide to the Systematic Distribution of the Mollusca, Part I. 8vo. 58. Woodcuts


9. RADIATED ANIMALS. Catalogue of Recent Echinida, Part I. Echinida Irregularia, 12mo. Plates. 38 6d

1855 Entozoa, 12mo. 28. Plates

1853 Sea-Peng, Pennatulariidæ, 8vo. 18 6d. Woodcuts 1870 Lithophytes, or Stony Corals, 8vo. 38


British Museum Publications-continued. BUSK'S CATALOGUE of MARINE POLYzoa, parts 1 and 2, Cheilostomata, 2 vols. 12mo. 124 plates, extremely scarce, £2.68 1852-54

Only 250 copies printed. Busk's Catalogue of Marine Polyzoa, part 3, Cyclostomata, 8vo.

38 plates representing above 200 species, cloth, 58 1875

10. BRITISH ANIMALS. List of British Curculionidæ, with synonyma, 12mo. sd. scarce, 28 6d

1856 Catalogue of British Birds, 8vo. 38 6d

1863 Hymenoptera, Pt. I. Apidæ, 12mo. Plates. 6s

1855 Catalogue of Fossorial Hymenoptera, Formicidæ and Vespidæ, 12mo. 68. Plates

1858 Ichneumonidæ, 12mo. 18 9d

1856 Non-Parasitical Worms, 8vo. 78. Plates 1865 Descriptions of New species of Hymenoptera in the collection of

the British Museum, by the late Frederick Smith, 8vo. xxi and 240 pp. cloth, 108

1879 “The study of Hymenoptera he (Mr. Frederick Smith) had made so peculiarly his own that many years must elapse before his place amongst British Entomologists will be filled again.”-Albert Günther. List of British Animals, 17 parts or vols. 12mo. complete, some parts out of print, 368

1848-55 List of British Animals, Part I. Radiata, 12mo. 48

1848 Part IV. Crustacea, 12mo. 28 6d

1850 Part V. Lepidoptera, 2nd edition, 12mo. ls 9d 1856 List of British Animals, Part VI. Hymenoptera Aculeata, 12mo. 28

1851 Part VII. Mollusca, Acephala and Brachiopoda, 12mo. 3s 6d

1851 Part VIII. Fish, 12mo. 38

1851 Part IX. Eggs of British Birds, 12mo. 28 6d

1852 Part XI. Anoplura, 12mo. 18

1852 Part XIII. Nomenclature of Hymenoptera, 12mo. 18 4d 1853 Part XV. Nomenclature of Diptera, I. 12mo. 18 1853

Part XVI. Lepidoptera (completed), 12mo. 38 1854 List of British Diatomaceæ, 12mo. 18



JONES (Prof. T. Rupert) Catalogue of the Fossil FORAMINIFERA, 8vo. pp. xxiv and 100, cloth, 58

1882 " In addition to the lists of genera and species, much valuable information bas been added by the author as to the classification and distribution of the Foraminifera, both in time and space ; a short account is also given of the structure and mode of growth of existing forms."Henry Woodward. HINDE (George Jennings) Catalogue of the Fussil Sponges, with

descriptions of new and little known species, royal 4to. pp. viii and 218, with 38 plates, 308


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