Remarks on Local Scenery & Manners in Scotland During the Years 1799 and 1800

William Miller, 1801 - 341 sidor

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Sida xiv - The learned Smelfungus travelled from Boulogne to Paris, from Paris to Rome, and so on ; but he set out with the spleen and jaundice, and every object he passed by was discoloured or distorted. He wrote an account of them, but 'twas nothing but the account of his miserable feelings.
Sida 15 - Direct it flies and rapid, Shattering that it may reach, and shattering what it reaches. My son ! the road, the human being travels, That, on which BLESSING comes and goes, doth follow The river's course, the valley's playful windings, Curves round the corn-field and the hill of vines, Honouring the holy bounds of property ! And thus secure, though late, leads to its end.
Sida xiv - Hope and fantastic expectations spend much of our lives : and while with passion we look for a coronation, or the death of an enemy, or a day of joy, passing from fancy to possession without any intermedial notices, we throw away a precious year...
Sida 30 - It is reported in old times, upon the saide rock there was a bell, fixed upon a tree or timber, which rang continually, being uioyed by the sea, giving notice to the saylers of the danger. This bell or clocke was put there and maintained by the Abbot of Aberbrothok, and being taken down by a sea pirate, a yeare therafter he perished upon the same rocke, with ship and goodes, in the righteous judgement of God...
Sida 230 - The Cypress and her spire; —Of flowers that with one scarlet gleam Cover a hundred leagues, and seem To set the hills on fire. The Youth of green savannahs spake, And many an endless, endless lake, With all its fairy crowds Of islands, that together lie As quietly as spots of sky Among the evening clouds.
Sida 29 - THE INCHCAPE ROCK. AN old writer mentions a curious tradition which may be worth quoting. " By east the Isle of May," says he, "twelve miles from all land in the German seas, lyes a great hidden rock, called Inchcape, very dangerous for navigators, because it is overflowed everie tide. It is reported, in old times, upon the saide rock there was a bell, fixed upon a tree or timber, which rang continually, being moved by the sea...
Sida 127 - the simple unostentatious elegance of the cottage, and the domestic picture which he there contemplated — a man of native kindness and cultivated talent, passing the intervals of a learned profession amidst scenes highly favourable to his poetic inspirations, not in churlish and rustic solitude, but in the daily exercise of the most precious sympathies as a husband, a father, and a friend.
Sida 70 - February, 1688, that Mr. James Renwick suffered, were one way or other murdered and destroyed for the same cause about eighteen thousand, of whom were executed at Edinburgh about an hundred of noblemen, gentlemen, ministers and others, noble martyrs for JESUS CHRIST. The most of them lie here.
Sida 129 - I ever would have knowne, To stand by mine, that most ingenious knight, My Alexander, to whom in his right, I want extreamely, yet in speaking thus I doe but shew the love, that was twixt us, And not his numbers which were brave and hie, 1 70 So like his mind was his cleare Poesie...
Sida 129 - That man whose name I ever would have known To stand by mine, that most ingenious knight, My Alexander, to whom in his right I want extremely, yet in speaking thus I do but show the love that was 'twixt us, And not his numbers, which were brave and high, So like his mind was his clear poesy...

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