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Judæa heard that the Gentiles had also received the word of God.

2 And when Peter was come up to Jerusalem, they that were of the circumcision contended with him,

3 Saying, “Thou wentest in to men uncircumcised, and didst eat with them.

4 But Peter rehearsed the matter from the beginning, and expounded it by 'order unto them, saying,

5 I was in the city of Joppa praying: and in a trance I saw a vision, A certain vessel descend, as it had been a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came even to me:

6 Upon the which when I had fastened mine eyes, I considered, and saw fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts,' and creeping things, and fowls of the air.

7 And I heard a voice saying unto me, Arise, Peter; slay, and eat.

8 But I said, Not so, Lord : for nothing common or unclean hath at any time entered into my mouth.

9 But the voice answered me again from heaven, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.

1 cattle. Rh.

CHAP. XI. * Acts, x. 45. do. xv. 1 : Certain men which came down from Judæa taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be cir. cumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved.

b Acts, x. 28.

• Gal. ii. 12: Before that certain came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles : but when they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them which were of the circumcision.

"Luke, i. 3: It seemed good to me also,-to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus.

• Acts, x. 9, &c.

10 And this was done three times : and all were drawn up again into heaven.

11 And, behold, immediately there were three men already come unto the house where I was, sent from Cæsarea unto me.

12 And the 'spirit sbade me go with them, nothing doubting. Moreover hthese six brethren accompanied me, and we entered into the man's house :

13 And he showed us how he had seen an angel in his house, which stood and said unto him, Send men to Joppa, and call for Simon, whose surname is Peter ;

14 Who shall tell thee *words, whereby thou and 'all thy house shall be saved.

15 And "as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning.

John, xvi. 13: Howbeit when hé, the Spirit of truth, iş come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak : and he will show you things to come. Acts, x. 19.

8 Acts, xv. 7: Peter rose up, and said unto them, Men and brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us, that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the Gospel, and believe.

h Acts, x. 23. Acts, x. 30. k Ps. xix. 7, 8, 11: The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. Moreover by them is thy servant warned and in keeping of them there is great reward. John, vi. 63, 68: It is the Spirit that quickeneth ; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.

Luke, xix. 9: Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham. Acts, xvi. 31: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

m See on MARK, i. 8.

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16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, "John indeed baptized with water; but

ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.

17 PForasmuch then as God 4gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed” on the Lord Jesus Christ ; 'what was I, that I could withstand God?

18 When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying, Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life. 19 T *Now they which' were scattered abroad

2 when we believed. Ham. 3 Surely. Whit. n John, i. 33: And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. See on MAT. iii. 11.

Joel, iii. 18: And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth of the house of the LORD, and shall water the valley of Shittim. See on MARK, i. 8.

P Acts, xv. 8,9: And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, even as he did unto us; and put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith. : 9 See on Acts, v. 32.

* Acts, v. 39: If it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; haply ye be found even to fight against God. do. x. 47: See Rom. ix. 21-26.

* Rom. x. 12, 13: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek : for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon name of the Lord shall be saved. do. xv. 9, 16: And that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy; as it is written, For this cause I will confess to thee ainong the Gentiles, and sing unto thy name. That I should be the minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, ministering the Gospel of God, that the offera ing up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost.

Acts, viii. 1: At that time there was a great persecution



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upon the persecution that arose about Stephen travelled as far as Phenice, and Cyprus, and Antioch, preaching the word to none but unto the u Jews only.

20 And some of them were men of Cyprus and Cyrene, which, when they were come to Antioch, spake unto the 'Grecians, preaching the wLord Jesus.

21 And the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord.

A. D. 42. 22 ( Then tidings of these things came unto the ears of the Church which was in Jerusalem : and they sent forth · Barnabas, that he should go as far as Antioch.

23 Who, when he came, and had seen the grace of God, awas glad, and bexhorted them all,

against the Church which was at Jerusalem; and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judæa and Samaria, except the apostles.

u Mat. x. 6: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Acts, X. 28.

See on Acts, vi. 1. w Acts, X. 42.

* LUKE, i. 66: And all they that heard them laid them up in their hearts, saying, What manner of child shall this be? And the hand of the Lord was with him. Acts, ii. 47: Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the Church daily such as should be saved.

y Acts, ix. 35: And all that dwelt in Lydda and Saron saw him, and turned to the Lord. do. xv. 9: And put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith. Thes. i.9: For they themselves show of us what manner of entering in we had unto you,

and how


turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God.

2 Acts, ix. 27: Barnabas took him, and brought him to the apostles, and declared unto them how he [Saul] had seen the Lord.

a 3 John, 4: I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

• Acts, xiii. 43: When the congregation was broken up, many of the Jews and religious proselytes followed Paul and


that with purpose of dheart they would cleave unto 4 the Lord.

24 For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith : 'and much people was added unto the Lord,

A. D. 43. 25 Then departed Barnabas to ® Tarsus, for to seek Saul:

26 And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass,

that a whole year they assembled themselves with the Church, and “taught much people. And the diseiples were called Christians first in Antioch.

27 ( And in these days came iprophets from Jerusalem unto Antioch.

4 abide firm to. Pu. in the Church. A. V. Barnabas, who, speaking to them, persuaded them to continue in the grace of God. do. xiv. 22: Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith.

• Ps. xvii. 3: Thou hast proved mine heart; thou hast visited me in the night; thou hast tried me, and shall find nothing; I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress. 2 Cor. i 17: When I therefore was thus minded, did

I use lightness? or the things that I purpose, do I purpose according to the flesh, that with me there should be yea yea, and nay nay?

d Pro. xxiii. 15, 26: My son, if thine heart be wise, my heart shall rejoice, even mine. My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.

e Acts, vi. 5: They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost.

fVer. 21. ACTS, V. 14: And believers were the more to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.

8 Acts, ix. 27, 30: But Barnabas took him, and brought him to the apostles, and declared unto them how he had seen the Lord in the way, and that he had spoken to him, and how he had preached boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus. Which when the brethren knew, they brought him down to Cæsarea, and sent him forth to Tarsus.

Mat. xxviii. 19: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Acts, ii. 17: It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, do. xiii. 1: Now

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