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prayers and unwearied efforts ;-they mean, the progress of Christianity throughout the world. On this topic, however, they will not now dwell, although the theme be tempting, and it be difficult to restrain the accents of exultation, when they behold the kings of Europe mustering under the banners of the Prince of Peace, and becoming the nursing fathers of His Church; and when the language of a Christian Poet of our own day, who looked to distant ages for the fulfilment of his high musings, is actually becoming matter of history:

Eastern Java there
Kneels with the native of the farthest West;
And Ethiopia spreads abroad the hand, la

And worships.One dark cloud has indeed crossed the cheering prospect. The Christian observer cannot regard the re-establishment of the papal authority, and the revival of some of the worst institutions of Popery, without considerable alarm. But he will console himself with reflecting, that the Word of God is obtaining a freer course among the nations.-We see, as it were, " the angel of the Most High Aying in the midst of heaven," displaying “ the everlasting Gospel to them that dwell in the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. Before this mighty agent, every strong hold of sin, and every antichristian delusion must ultimately vanish. In the mean time, may we be all found “ looking for, and hasting unto the coming of the day of God;" “ that we

be able to withstand in the evil day” that may yet be coming upon the earth, "and, having done alí, to stand !


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Rom. 'iii, 23. . Administration of Lord's



p. 133-151

MISCEL.• On Emulation. Mr. Aspland and

Retto. Cor... Adminisiration of Sacra- the Bible Society..Danger of circulating

ment... On changing Lessons of Rubric. Common Prayer without Coroment ...,

Extracts from Writings of Lather. Fa.

p. 151–163

mily Sermon. On Gal. vi. 14.:p. 1-17 Rev. or..Cuninghame on Prophecy . •Hol-

MISCEL.Darthiouth College .. Yorkshire land's Sermon

p. 163–19%

* Riots .. Prize-Dissertation at Cambridge. Lit. INTEL... New Works · Monthly Man

p. 17-28 gazine. New Publications. p. 192, 193

Reviet op.. Tour to Alet.. Norris on the Relig. Intel. United Brethren ; Ame.
Bible Society

p. 28--60 rica ; West Indies; Contributions for
Lur. IXTEL. New Works Price of Gold their Relief..Church Missionary Society
.. Fossil Skçleton, &c.

P. 60---61 Schools in Antigua - Society for Female

Pub. Apr... Invasion of France. Crown Servants

p. 193— 200

Prince Holland. Bonaparte. Bourbons Pub. Arr... France .. Defeat of Soult.
.Denmark. Slave Prade. Hamburgh.. Capture of Bosrdeaux .. Spain. - Italy..
Lord Wellington Spain, United States Bergen-op-Zoom .. Negociations .. Hol-

"..Canada.. President's Blessage .. Great land. .Great Britain.. Parliament. Naval

Brilain.. Weather: Naval

P. 61.-64

P. 200—203

ANSWERS • Respecting LudditesóTo Re-


ply to H. T. on Quakerism. In Reply to

the Author of the “Tour to Alet"'..&c. .

Relig. Cox... Rev. Dr. Gilbee.. Christ's

Invitation to the Weary.. On leading


* Poor to Lord's Supper.. Family Sermon.

On Matt. ii. 3... Hints to Siudents in Relig. Com...Suffering Germang.. Penn's


p. 65–81 View of Gog and Magog..Omission in

MISCEL... On Emulation.. Popularity of Arabic Testament.. Family Sermon. Onn

superficial Literature.. Bishop Milner on Acts xvii. 30. . Self-controul in domestic

Bible Society

p. 81-95

Life. . Hints to Ministers of the Gospel..

Rev. OF..Tuke's Faith of Quakers.. Bu- Lawfulness of changing Lessons p. 205~-

chanan's Charge to Missionaries p. 95–


115 Miscel... Expense of College Education..

LIT. INTEL... New Works. Oxford and Dr. Marsh's Abingdon Letter.. On the

Cambridge.. Organic Remajns nearBrent. Principle of Einulation ::

... p. 224-234

ford.. New Publications p. 115–118 Rev. Op.. Macgill on Prisons .. Lord By:

RELIG, INTEL.•B. and F. Bible Society.. ron's Corsair

P: 234-257

Newfoundland: its destitute State.. Chi. Lit. Inrei.... Great Britain. New Works,

na.. Distress in Germany.. United Bre- &c... New Publications p. 257--259

thren; Greenland; Labrador.. Yearly RELIG. INTEL- United Brethren ; Cape of

Meeting of Quakers p. 118-130 Good Hope. - Society for Gaelic Schools,

PUB. AFP., Campaign near Paris.• Negoci. Mission to Tartary.- East India Bishop.

ations..Dantzic. Torgau..Wittenburg.. B. and F. Bible Society..Church Mission-

Gorcum • Bois le Duc.. Naples.. Spain.. ary Society. Homily Society. Society for

&c... United States : Canada. Great Bri- Conversion of Jews • Naval and Military

tain : Change of Ministry; Custom-house Bible Society - Sunday-school Union

burnt; Indian Bishop

p. 130--132

Religious Tract Society.... p. 259...267

PUB. AFF... Termination of War in France


• Capture of Paris. • Dethronement of

Bonaparte.. Restoration of Bourbon..

RELIG. Cou...Connection of Intellectual New Constitution for France.. Enormi.
"and Moral Powers.. On Phrase “ double," ties of Bonaparte's Governipent..General
Isaiah xl. 2. &c... Extracts from Writ- Reflections - Abolition of Slave Trade, &c.

"ings of Luther .. Family Sermon. On

P. 267–272

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233.290101? NUMBER V. ? to: MISCEL. 694 Companion to the Altar.

Lawfulness of changing Lessons• Exe

Riure. Cou... Éast-Indis -Missions. On pense of College Education - Clarity

the Term a double".. Extracts from Writ. School Children in St. Paul's.. Defence

«ings of Luther.. Family Sermon. On of Quakers....punzepii.. 428-436 T

Gal. if. 20.. Lawfulness of changing Les. Rev. of Andrews's Sermons Dean Rye

p. 273-290

der's Sermon ........ 436-450

MISCEL.. Tracts of Society for Claristian Lrr. IXTEL:Great Britain. New Works
Knowledge. On Universal Religious To- Country Banks.. Lunatic Asylom..
Ieration. Account of John Picus On New Publications

450, 451
Monumental Epitaphis. p. 290...999 RELIG. Intel. • Society for promoting
Rev. or Charge of Bp. of St. David's.. Christian Knowledge ; Report for 1813;

Cyaningham's Church of England Mis- Surmou of Bishop of Chester ; East-India

sions. • Animadversions of Author of Tour Missions, &c.B. and F. Bible Society ;

to Alet"

p. 299---321 Tenth Annual Reportini... 452, 462

Lir. INTEL...Great Britain.. New Works Pub. Arg. - Slave Trade . Frajce: New

.. Bank Notes.. Royal Society. • East In- Constitution Spain .. United States i.
dies. Lord Minto's T'estimony to Mission- Great Britain.. Festivities. Isish Disturb
aries.. New Works in India, &c... New ances. • Lord Cochrane Duke of Welling


P. 321-325 ton..German Sufferers.. Congress .. 463

RELIG, INTEL.B. and F. Bible Sociery,


Annual Meeting; Letter of Prince Gal- OBIT... Sir William Dolben .. Miss Jane

litzin, &c. Edinburgh Bible Society.. Luey Beun r.. .....471, 478

Worcester Bible Society. • Hackney Bible

Society.. Leicester Bible, Naval and MI-


litary Bible, and Church Mission Sucie.


..... p. 325.-331 Relig. Com... East-India Missions. Query

Tuz. Art... Entrance of Louis XVIII, into respecting Scott's Bible - Burn on Twó!

Paris. . His new Ministers.... Expected Witnesses. On the 2500 Prophetic Ycars
Terms of Peace .. Bonaparte.. Pope.. Obligations of Moral Law.. Family Ser.
Spain. Norway. United States. Great mon. On Job. xii. 5, 6

471, 493

Britain ..Duke of Wellington Slave Miscel... Emulation.. Catholic Hostility to

Biade. Irish Catholics.. Corn Lawy ...

: Bible Society

... 493-505

p. 331-336 Rev. OR«. Hall's Address». Moodie's Ser-

mons.. Cotterill's Visitation Sernion Stru.


thers's Poems ..*** .*...506-525

LIT, INTEL... New Works.. Revenue, &c.

KILIG, COM. East-India Missions.. Ada ... New Publications

... 526

ministration of Sacrament. Scriptures in Relic. INTEL... Hibernian Aux. Church
Memory of Children...Family Sermon. Miss. Society Schools in Antigua. «Bri-

On 2 Cor. t. 17 .i. p. 557.--355 tish and Foreign Bible Society-Speeches

MISCEL... On making Excuses. • Request of Lord Teignmouth, Duke of Kenit, Dean

respecting learned Quotations. Integrity of Wells, Mr. Paterson, the Chancellor of

of Scripture secured .. Bibles, &c. with the Exchequer, Count de la Gardie, Mr.

large Print. Importance of Example of Burder, Mr. Wilberforce, Bishop of Nor-

Great Account of Poor Barny. Hymn wich, Mr. C. Grant, Earl of Northesk,

from the Roman Breviary. Version of Dr. Romeyn, Dr. Blackburn, Mr. Poyn-

Psalm XV

p. 355-365 der, Mr H. Thornton, Dr. Thorpe, Mr.

Rey, op. Herbert's Charles I.. Pinkerton's Pinkerton, Lord Gambier, Mr. Deality,
Greek Church is .....! p. 365–391 Dr. Macbride ·

LIT. INTEL. • New Works• • British Muse- Pue. AFP... France; Exposeb; Liberty of

um : New Priblications .. p. 391_-393 Press.. Spain ; Inquisition re-established
KELIG. INTEL... Otaheite. Society for :* •• Norway. i United States - Great Bri
Christializing Jews. • Society for Sunday. tain: Parliament ; Speeches of Speaker

and Prince Regent.. Dorbestic Affairs
Pos. An... Peace with France French


Slave Trade St. Domingo, &c. *. Africa, OBIT. Rev. Robert Storry''... 540

'&c .. Petition 10 Parliament.. Thanks-

giving Day, &c.2...1. p. 397_-408


NUMBER VII. whit" RELIG. COM. • Account of a Lady deceased

- East-India Missions. Penn's View of
• East-India Missions : Penn's Gog and Magog.. Family Serimon. Ou
Pillecting 'Gog.. Omission in Arad

Rom. viii

... Dr. Blaney's Edition of the
bic Testamento. Conduct 10 Patents.. Bible

.. 5434563
Family Sermun. On Josh. xxiv. 22- MISCEL... Ou Equity in Wills, • Emulation
... 409-427

nr. 1


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Rex.:08. Lauronov ion Griesbach's Class Steam Boats, &c. Meteoric Stones, &c.
sification of M38. Abridgment of Law's .. New Publications

730, 731

Serious Calluitbe Velvet Cushion .. 573 Retic. INTELI-B. and R Bible Society a

" .. ;. 4

ojosari) bat 596 Surinam , United States ; Sweden;; Ice-

Lat. INTEL... New Worke..Oxford, &c... land; Netherlands; Lusatia; Hacover ;

France : Croup, ké..sluly: Pompeji''. Prussia; Saxony; Polaud; Russia; Per-
Greece--Rassia.. Cappadocia - NewPub- sia ; Letter of the King of Persja ; China;
lications ...

4596-599 Java.. Church Mission Society; Abdyol
Retro. IXTBL Church Missionary Suci- Messee - Baptist Mission ju ludia .. Lon.
fety Report; Sermon of Dean of Wellgo. don Fever Institution ... 732-743

Cape of Good Hope...... 599–602 Pud. AFP. - United States, President's
Pub. Art. French Slave Trades Hayti: Message ; . Failure at Plattsburgh and

is State; Christophe's Livre Rouge, Let- Fort Erie; Negociations.. Congress at
ter of Compte de Limonade, &c.; Fed. Vienna. Padiament ... 744-745
ings of Colonists; Malenfant; Times; Oert.--Rev. John Waltham. Major-Gen.
Peltier, &c. • Parliament: Unitect States: Burn.


Buenos Ayres: Norway: The Pope:

- France : Capture of Washington 603-614


Obrt.. Rev. Dr. Brunnniark ... 615

RELIG. Com... East-Jodia Missions. Ca-


ninghame's Review

of his work. . Family:

Sermon. On 1 Cor. xv. 51–57..On
RELIG. Con... East-India Missions.. D.W. D. W.'s Observations on the crude Thiep.
on certaiu Theological Errors. Mr. Scott, logy of the Day


on his Bibler.Omission in Arabic Testa- Miscel... English Catholics - Society for

ment.. Family Servjon. On Psalm cxix. Christian Knowledge. On private Lot-


... 617--636 teries.. Ou the occasional State Prayecs...

MISCEL. » Defence of Ladies in India, Maria Graluam ou atrican, Missionaries

against Maria Graham.. Inquiry respecto Prussian Preparations for Campaigo 768

ing Society for promoting Christian Know.



637-645 Rev. or.. Franck's Guide to Study of

Rev. 07.. Beresford on Faith and Works Scripture.. Whitaker's Visitation Sermon

• Montgomery's World before the Flood Wilson's Missionary Sermon .. 778–797

- Noel's Sermon .......... 645–671. LIT. INTEL...Great Britain: New Works;
LIT. INTEL.. New Works. Slave Trade.. Cambridge; Revenue, &c... France: Li-

Coal Gas.. East Indies.. Java New Pabia berty of Press Germany.. New Publi.

671, 672
cations ...

799, 800
Kalig. Ixtil Church Missionary So- RELIG. INTEL Church Mission. Societys
ciety: Abdool Messee . • Harwich_Bible Abdool Messec; Letter of Rev. D. Cor.
Suciety : Letter of Chancellor of Exche- rie, &e,

qner - Bentinck Chapel District Commit. Pub. Ark... Peace with. United States..
fees, African and Asiatic Society 673-679 Vienna France • Parlianient : Hayti:

Pun. dry. Congress of Vienna.. France.. Manifesto of Christophie

..., 806

Spain, Switzerland.. America: Cnplure

of Wasbingtun, &c.; Bahimore; Penub.



scot; Plattsburgh, &c. , Parliament 679,

680 Relio. Con... British and Foreign Bible

OBIT.. Rev. Dr. Lane. Mr. Henry Tuke.. Society: Sweden; Portugal; Java; Isle

Margaret George.....

681 of France; Philadelphia, Massachu.

setts ; New York; Jamaica ... 813


Church Missionary Society, New Zea-

land; Africa; Levant, &c.


Ragio. Com East-Iodia, Missions. On Baptist Mission in India...


the Authority of Josephus..

Extracts from London, Missionary Society, Annual

Writings of Luther.. On Subjection to Report


4, the Moral Law.. Homilies, on the Merit National Education Society


of Alms-deeds. Family Sermon. ,: On Society for the Relief of poor pious,

Psalms xix. 12

685-702 Clergy


MISCEL.-On Cultivating Confidence of Naval and Military Bible Society 842

Children - Rev. Mokephor Alphery.. Hibernian Sunday-school Society


Emnlation, from Dr. Julinson-Expenses Mission to Tartary


of a College Education, On Last Wills.. African Institution


Grace of ihe Gospel illustrated 703-709 Ecclesiastical Preferments

Rev. or..Pensées de Blaise Pascal 210-750 Index la Essays, &c, Reviews, Nanes,

Lat, INTEL.. New Works.. Gas Liglils: Texts, and Signatures


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