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Art. VII.-Chancellor Kent,

Commentaries on American Law. By James Kent.
Proceedings of the New York Historical Society, January 4th,

1848, with Resolutions on the death of the Hon. James Kent,

their late President.
Critical Notices,

1. Jarvis's Reply to Milner's End of Controversy.-2. Adam's

Mercy to Babes.—3. Wilson's Horæ Liturgicæ.—4. Short's
History of the Church of England.-5. Stanley's Conversa-
tions on the Parables.-6. Moore's Power of the Soul over
the Body.—7. Trench's Notes on the Parables of our LORD.—
8. Melvill's Sermons.-9. Anstel's Ancient World.-10. La-
martine's History of the Girondists.-11. Reminiscences of
Coleridye and Southey.-12. Remains of Rev. W. Jackson.
13. The Psalter or Psalms of David figured for Chanting.-
14. Half hours with the best Authors.-15. Mant's Happi-
ness of the Blessed.–16. Spencer’s Gospels and Acts in
Greek.-17. Hoffinan's Pioneers of New York.-18. Ho-
bart's Festivals and Fasts.—19. Hobart's Companion for the
Altar.--20. Jenk's Prayers.--21. The Vast Army.-22.
The Boys' Autumn Book.—23. The Devout Churchman's
Companion.—21. Hoyt's Sketches.—25. Webster's Quarto
American Dictionary.-26. Hawkstone.—27. Seventy Years
Since.—28. The Merchant's Clerk.-29. Will and Doom.
30. The Conquest of California and New Mexico.-31. Win-
nebrenner's History of Religious Denominations.—32. Tur-

ner’s Biographical Notices of Jewish Rabbies.

Summary of Home Intelligence,

Summary of Foreign Intelligence,




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Art. I.-“Kenrick on the Primacy,"

The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated. By Francis Pat-

rick Kenrick, Bishop of Philadelphia.
Art. II.- Form and Spirit,
Art. III.—Primates of All England,

The History of the Church of England to the Revolution in 1688.

By Rt. Rev. Thomas Vowler Short, D. D., Bishop of Sodor
and Man, (now of St. Asapi.) First American, from the

third English edition.
Art. IV.-The Rock of the Church,



Art. V.-Bushnell's Christian Nurture,

Views of Christian Nurture, and of Subjects adjacent thereto.

By Horace Bushnell.

Art. VI.--Dr. Hampden and Church and State,

1. A Concise History of the Hampden Controversy, &c., &c.

With all the Documents, &c. By the Rev. Henry Christ-

2. The Christian Remembrancer, for January, 1848.

3. Remains of the Rev. Richard Hurrell Froude, M. A. Late

Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Part the Second.

Art. VII.—Hoyt's Sketches of Life and Landscape,

Sketches of Life and Landscape, in Ten Poems. By Rev. R.


Critical Notices,

1. Schott's Augsburg Confession.—2. Gayarre's Early History

of Louisiana.-3. Haskin's Poetical Works.—4. White's Com-

mentaries, suited to Occasions of Ordination.-5. Sismondi's

Literature of Southern Europe.-6. Webster's Octavo 'Ameri-

can Dictionarv.-7. Turner's Parallel References.-8. Horne's

Works.-9. Memoirs of the Class of 1797.-10. American

Journal of Science and Arts.-11. Lyon's Christian Songs.-

12. Christian Ballads.—13. Saul a Mystery.—14. Shuttle-

worth's Consistency of Revelation.—15. Jones on the Trinity.

16. Odenheimer's True Catholic no Romanist.–17. Food for

Lambs.-18. Anthon's De Senectute, etc. of Cicero.-19.

Wanderings and Fortunes of German Emigants.-20. Duer's

Discourse on Chancellor Kent.—21. Ancient Hymns of Holy

Church.-22. Form of Self-Examination.-23. Odenheimer's

Young Churchman Catechised.—24. First Lessons in Geol-

ogy.-25. Williams' Thoughts on the Gospel Miracles.-

26. Catechism for Romanists and Protestants.-27. Bush-

nell's Christian Nurture.—28. Johnson's Examination of

Snodgrass.—29. The School Fund Perverted.-30. Potter's

Sermon and Address.-31. Vinton's and Clark's Sermons.

English Words from the Celtic,


Art, I.—“Kenrick on the Primacy,"

The Primacy of the Apostolical See Vindicated. By Francis

Patrick Kenrick, Bishop of Philadelphia. Ipsa est petra quam

non vincunt superbæ interorum portæ. Augustinus in Ps.

contra partem Donati. Third edition.

Art. II.—— The Origin and Uses of the Creeds,

An Exposition of the Creed. By John Pearson, D. D., late Lord

Bishop of Chester. With an Appendix, containing the prin-

cipal Greek and Latin Creeds.

The Chii.tian Faith explained and vindicated, in several Ser.

mons on the chief Articles of it contained in the Apostles'

Creed. By Isaac Barrow, D.D., Vice Chancellor of the Uni-

versity of Cambridge.

The Primitive Creed, examined and explained ; in two parts.

The first part containing sixteen discourses on the Apostles'

Creed; designed for popular use. The second part contain-

ing a dissertation on the Testimony of the Early Councils and

the Fathers, from the Apostolic Aye to the end of the Fourth

Century, with observations on certain Theological Errors of

the present day. By John Henry Hopkins, D. D., Bishop of

the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Vermont.

Art. III.- Primates of all England. (Continued.)

Art. IV.—Bishop Chase's Reminiscences,

An Autobiography. Second Edition, in two volumes.

Art. V.--Oliver Cromwell,

The Life of Oliver Cromwell. By J. T. Headley.

The Protector, a Vindication. By J. H. Merle D'Aubigne, D. D.

The History of the English Revolution of 1640, commonly

called the Great Rebellion. By F. Guizot, (late) Prime Min-

ister of France, &c., &c. Translated by William Hazlitt.

History of the Commonwealth of England, from its commence-

ment to the restoration of Charles II. By William Godwin.

Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell. By Thomas Carlyle.

Art. VI.—The Catacombs of Rome,

The Church in the Catacombs : a description of the Primitive

Church of Rome, illustrated by Sepulchral Remains. By

Charles Mailland, M. D.

Critical Notices,

1. Nevin's Anti-Christ.–2. Neander's History of the Christian

Religion and the Church.—3. The Saint's Tragedy, by Kings-

ley.-4. The Works of Washing on Irving.–5. Lamb's Lit-

erary Sketches and Letters.—6, Chase’s Apostolic Constitu,

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1. The Life of Christ. By Strauss.

2. The Last Incarnation. Translated from the French.

3. Eureka : a Prose Poem. By Edgar A. Poe.


Art. VI.—The Syriac Ignatius,

The Antient Syriac Version of the Epistles of Saint Ignatius to

St. Polycarp, the Ephesians, and the Romans : Together with

Extracis from his Epistles, collected from the Writings of

Severus of Antioch, Timotheus of Alexandria, and others,

edited with an English translation, and notes ; also the Greek

text of three Epistles, corrected according to the authority of

the Syriac version. By William Cureton, M. A.

Art. VII.—The Jesuits, ·

Constitutiones Societatis Iesu. Anno. 1558. Reprinted from

the original edition ; with an Appendix, containing a Transla-

tion and several important Documents.

History of the Jesuits, from the foundation of their Society to its

suppression by Pope Clement XIV; their Missions throughout

the world; their Educational System and Literature; with

their revival and present state. By Andrew Steinmetz, Au-

thor of the Noviciate, &c. Two volumes.

Editorial, .

Critical Notices,

1. Bishop Boone's Essay on the rendering of the Words ELOHIM

and Theos into the Chinese Language.—2. The Women of

the Bible.—3. The Sacred Poets of England and America.-

4. Steinmetz History of the Jesuits.—5. Irving's Sketch

Book.–6. Irving's Life of Columbus.—7. Silliman's Journal

of Science and Arts.-8. Kerfoot's Commencement Ad-

dresses.-9. Evidences of Natural and Revealed Religion.-

10. The Aged Christian's Companion.-11. Totten's Analogy
of Truth.-12. Kirwan Unmasked.-13. Fable for Critics.-
14. Infidelity and Benevolent Societies.-15. The True Cath-
olic.—16. The Literary World.—17. The Ministers of Christ.
18. A Pastoral.-19. Southard's “Mystery of Godliness."
20. Barnard's Social System.—21. The Boy and the Birds :
The Dark River: The Combatants : Bessie Gray: Luke
Sharp: George Austin: The Widow's Son: The Dog : The
Little Mountaineer : Bear and Forbear.–22. English Mission-

ary Reports.—23. Journals of Conventions.


Summary of Home Intelligence,

Summary of Foreign Intelligence,

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