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who were born of the Hand-maid, that with Bowels Chap. 1.
of Mercy fhe feeks and invites them continually. Queft.3.
In the fame Age S. Gregory: [24] The Holy
Univerfal Church preaches, that OUT OF HER
none are truly Sav'd.

He applies to the Catholick Church these words of Job, There is a Vein for Silver, and a Place where Gold is refin'd, Job. xxviii. v. 1. For, as it was also faid formerly, fays S. [25] Gregory, whoever is perfecuted, if he be not in the Unity of the Church, may be a Sufferer, but he cannot be a MARTYR. There is one Church, in which he who is willing to be refin'd,may be cleans'd from all Drofs of Sin. Out of thisChurch, if you Suffer any Troubles, any Bitterness for the Honour of God, you may be burn'd, but YOU CANNOT


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VI. This Doctrine of the Catholick Church in all Ages is fo unquestionable; that fome of our Adverfaries, who faw themselves visibly Separated from all the ancient Churches in the World, chofe rather to incur the Danger of being Self-condemn'd, than to contradict, in this, the universal Tradition of all Ages.

Calvin fays of the visible Church: [26] Out of its Bofom, no Remiffion of Sins, no "Salvation


[24] Sancta autem univerfalis Ecclefia prædicat, Salvari veraciter, nifi intra fe, non poffe, L, xiv. Moral. C. ii. [25] Nam juxta hoc, quod jam et ante nos di&um eft,Quif quis extra unitatem Ecclefie patitur, pænas pati potest, Martyr fieri non poteft. Una eft Ecclefia, in qua qui conflari voluerit, ab omni etiam poterit peccatorum forde purgari. Si quid pro Deo amaritudinis, fi quid tribulationis, extra hanc pofiti fuftinetis, incendi poteftis tantummodo, non purgari, L. xviii. Moral. C. xiv.[26] Extra ejus gremium nulla eft Speranda peccatorum remiffio, nec ulla

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Chap. 1. is to be HOP'D FOR, according to Ifaias, Joel,
So that it is always HIGHLY PI
Queft.3. Ezechiel
NICIOUS to depart from the Church.

His great Difciple, and Succeffor [27] Bez fays: There is only one true Church. And [2 there always was and always will be a Church out of which THERE IS NO SALVATION.

Bucanus fays, [29] Out of it there is NO SAI VATION. But this is to be understood of the Ca tholick Church.

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Trelcatius fays, [30] 'Tis a thing of ABSOLUTI NECESSITY, if we will be Sav'd, to imbrace the Communion of the Catholick Church, out of which there is NO SALVATION.

And Bishop [31] Pearfon, the neceffity, fays he, of believing the Holy Catholick Church, appears first in this, that Chrift has appointed it AS THE ONLY WAY UNTO ETERNAL LIFE. We read at the first, Acts ii, 47. that the Lord added to the Church daily fuch as fhould be Sav'd: and what was then daily done, has been done fince continually. Chrift never appointed TWO WAYS TO HEAVEN. Nor did he build a Church to Save fome, and make ANOTHER INSTITUTION FOR OTHER MEN'S SALVATION. There

la falus, tefte Ifaia, & Joel, quibus Subfcribit Ezechiel ;Ut femper exitialis fit ab Ecclefia difceffio. L. iv. Inft. C. i. §. 4. [27] Unam duntaxat effe veram Ecclefiam. In confeff. fidei. C. v. §. 2. [28] Semper fuiffe & fore aliquam Ecclefiam, extra quam non fit falus. Ib. §. 1. [29] Extra eam non eft falus, fed hoc de Ecclefia Catholica intelligendum eft, Loco xli. §. 23. [30] Neceffitas eft abfoluta, fi falvi effe volumus, ut nos adjungamus Ecclefia Catholica, extra quam nulla est Salus, L. ii. Inftit. de Ecclefia. Par. ii. §. 10. [31] Expofit. of the Creed. p.

There is no other Name under Heaven given Chap. 1. among Men, whereby we must be Sav'd, but Quest.3. the Name of Jefus, Acts iv, 12. And that Name is NO OTHERWISE GIVEN UNDER HEAVEN THAN IN THE CHURCH. As none were fav'd from the Deluge, but fuch as were within the Ark of Noah; as none of the first born of Egypt liv'd, but fuch as were within thofe Habitations, whofe Doorpofts were sprinkled with Blood; as none of the Inhabitants of Jericho, could efcape the Fire or Sword, but fuch as were within the House of Rahab; fo none SHALL EVER escape the eternal Wrath of God, which belong not to the Church of God.

So King James [32] the I. (or Cafaubon in his Name) in his Letter to Cardinal Perron: The King plainly believes, without fallacy or deceit, that there is only one Church of God, call'd, as it truly is, Catholick or Univerfal, fpread over all the World. Out of which Church he holds, that NO SALVATION ought to be expected.

The Proteftants of Swifferland fay in their [33] Profeffion of Faith, an. 1566: We have fo great a value for being in Communion with the true Church of Christ, that we say, thofe CANNOT HAVE LIFE in the fight of God, who are not in Communion with the true Church of God, but Separate themselves from it.


[32] Credit Rex fimpliciter, fine fuco & fallaciis,unicam effe Ecclefiam Dei, re & nomine Catholicam five univerfalem, toto diffufam Mundo. Extra quam ipfe quoq; nullam falutem debere fperari affirmat. In Refp. ad Perr. [33] Communionem vero cum Ecclefia Christi vera tanti facimus, ut negemus eos coram Deo vivere poffe, qui cum vera Dei Ecclefia non communicant, fed ab ea fe fepa rant. Confeflio Helvetica, Cap. 17. in Syntag. Confeff. Fidei. Geneve. an. 1654. pag. 34.

Chap. 1. The Proteftants of Scotland, in their Pro Queft.3. feffion of Faith, an 1568, fay: [34] As we be lieve in one God, the Father, the Son, and the H. Spirit: So we firmly believe, that there was from the Beginning, that there now is, and that to the end of the World there will allways be one Church -which is the Catholick, that is, the univerfal Church-out of which Church there is neither LIFE, nor EVERLASTING HAPPINESS.

The Netherland Proteftants, in their Profeffion of Faith, an 1561, approved by the Dutch Synod of Dort, an 1619, fay in the 27th Article, [35] We believe and confefs one only Catholick or Univerfal Church- This Church was from the Beginning of the World, and will continue to the End of it. And in the 28th [36] Since this Holy Society and Congregation is the Society of those who are to be Sav'd, and that there is NO SALVATION OUT OF IT; we believe, that no one, of what Place or Dignity foever be be, ought to Separate himself from it, that he may live apart by himself: but that ALL are equally bound to joyn themfelves to it, and to be united with it,


[34] Sicut in unum Deum, Patrem, Filium, & Spiritum San&tum credimus ; ita etiam ab initio fuiffe, & nunc fe, & in confummationem ufq; mundi futuram unam Ecclefiam conftanter credimus quæ Ecclefia eft Ca-. tholica, id eft univerfalis Extra quam Ecclefiam nec eft vita, nec æterna felicitas. Conf. Scot. Cap. 16. Ib. pag.118. [35] Credimus et confitemur unicam Ecclefiam Catholicam feu Univerfalem &c. Hæc porro Ecclefia et ab initio mundi fuit, et ufq; ad ejus finem perdurabit. Conf. Belg. Art. 27. ibid. pag. 140, 141. [36] Credimus quod cum San&us Hic coetus et Congregatio, fervandorum fit Coetus, atq; extra eam nulla fit Salus, neminem, cujufcunq; ordinis aut Dignitatis fuerit, fefe ab ea


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to preferve the Church's Unity, to fubmit to its Chap. 1.
Doctrine and Difcipline, and to Subject their Necks Quelt.3.
to the Yoke of Chrift. The Profeffion of the
Proteftants of [37] Saxony ART. xi. an 1551,
is of the fame Nature.

The French Huguenots, in their Catechism, on the tenth Article of the Creed, fay: [38] Why is this Article, of Forgiveness of Sins, ut after that of the Church? Anf. Because no one obtains Pardon of his Sins, unless he be first incorporated with the People of God, and continue in Unity and Communion with the Body of Chrift, and fo be a Member of the Church. M. So that out of the Church there is nothing but DEATH AND DAMNATION. Anf. IT IS CERTAIN. For none of thofe, who withdraw themfelves from the Communion of the Faithful, to make a fect apart, ought to hope for Salvation, AS LONG AS THEY CONTINUE SEPARATED FROM THEM.



Subducere debere, ut feipfo contentus Separatim degat: Sed
omnes pariter teneri huic fe adjungere, eiq; uniri, Ecclefia
unitatem confervare, fefeq;illius do&rinæ et difciplinæ fub-
jecere, collum Jefu Chrifti jugo Submittere. Art. 28. ib.
pag. 141. (37) In Syntag. Par. 2. pag. 68.

(38) M. Pourquoy met on cet Article apres l'Eglife?
Pour ce que nul n'obtient Pardon de fes Pechez, que pre-
mierement il ne foit incorporé au Peuple de Dieu, & perfe
Unité & Communion avec le Corps de Chrift, &
ainfi qu'il foit membre de l'Eglife.

vere en

M. Ainfi, bors de l'Eglife il n'y a que Damnation & Mort. E. Il eft certain. Car tous ceux, qui fe feparent de la Communauté des Fideles, pour faire Set apart, ne doivent efperer falut, cependant qu'ils font en Divifion.

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