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M'Donnell Oge within his tent holds par'ey with O'Neill ;
But Master Piers erewhile arrived an envoy from the Pale ;
He urged upon the Western Scot O'Neill's foul deeds of yore,
When ravaging green Antrim’s glens, he left them red with gore.


“M'Donnell, he is in thy toils— let not that wild wolf free;
Ilave thou a banquet spread for him—Shane loveth revelry.
He and his hungry kernes will drink-ply thou the Spanish wine ;
And, should a deadly feud arise-three hundred marks are thine.


« Cead mille failte Shane O'Neill," the toast surged round and round :
Strong usquebagh and good red wine left many on the ground.
Then boastful deeds of bygone raids were bandied to and fio-
The wine worked well and, see, doth tell—“Who struck that craven blow ?”


“ Ha! traitor !" cried the wounded chief, as with a furious spring,
He smote his fierce encircling foesa lion in a ring ;-
In grim array his clansmen lay, all butchered at a sign,
Alone Shane stood, ʼmid gory flood, of mingled blood and wine !


No word spake he, as on his breast he took their dastard blows :
One look of high imperial pride he cast upon his foes :
One rush, and in a caitiff's heart his trusty skene he sped-
Then falling like the riven oak, he rested with the dead !


St. George! what high rejoicings swell throughont the English Pale,
And junketings, and dance and song, from Derry to Kinsale!
In Dublin Castle, Sydney holds a feast of royal state,
Pledying with coward mockery Shane's head upon its gate !


REMINISCENCE OF A CI-DEVANT MEDICAL muffled myself carefully, I descended to the hall, where STUDENT.

I found a poorly-clad female in waiting. In answer to

my inquiry, she stated that the patient in need of asONE gloomy night in the month of November, 18, sistance was within a few minutes' walk of the Coombe, (the precise year is unimportant) I was seated before a and that it was a sudden and unexpected case, in concheerful fire, enjoying the solace of my pipe, and build- sequence of which there had been no previous commuing at intervals various and magnificent air castles, (for nication with the hospital. Notwithstanding this latter I was both young and inexperienced, and rather prided fact, I directed her to lead the way as quickly as posmyself on being, as I thought, of "an imaginative turn sible, determined to lose no time in rendering any serof mind”) in the little room, the right to an exclusive vice of which I might be capable. It was at this time possession of which I rejoiced in, as resident pupil at about half-past twelve o'clock, a drizzling rain fell the Coombe Hospital. I was engaged thus profitably thickly, the streets were wet and miry, and the exterior for more than an hour, and had gradually settled down aspect of affairs altogether most uncomfortable. I reto the hope of an uninterrupted night, when the porter quired therefore all the philosophy derivable from a rudely broke in upon my dreaming, with the intelligence consciousness of the humave mission upon which I was that a messenger had just arrived, with a request that bent, to keep me from regretting the warm, if not lus“one of the gentlemen" would at once proceed to a case urious quarters which I had just quitted. My comof extreme urgency, to which the person in attendance panion evinced no inclination for conversation, and there would conduct him. Although I was not supposed to was nothing either in her appearance or the circumbe responsible for extern cases as “resident," I made stances which brought us together, to induce any effort no delay in preparing to accompany the messenger, as on my part to “draw her out." We proceeded, our Cerberus gave me to understand that I was the only silently for some minutes through the dingy streets pupil, intern or otherwise, then in the house. Ilaving and byways which lead from the Coombe to the neighbourhood of Newra ket, upon reaching wbich, the wo- me to find my way out, became momentarily intensified, man stopped abruptly in front of one of the large old- when I experienced a sense of inexpressible relief on fasbioned houses so fr: quently met with in that quarter hearing a watchman call the hour, and the next instant of the city. In the days when Dublin was the metro- saw the gleam of his lantern through the crevices of polis of a nation, this bou:e might have been the resi- the doorway, as he marched lazily past the house. I dence of some distinguished, or at least of some opulent became at once completely re-assured-felt convinced citizen, for it bore many outward indications of by gone im- thrt the apparent mystery of the bolted door was caportance. The doorway was lofty, with portals of sculp-pable of simple explanation, and that my uneasy sensatured stone, and a flight of steps, which raised it con- tions were the combined effects of the darkness, my siderably above the level of the nighbouring footpath, loneliness, and the lateness of the hour. I thus stood while the door itself (e idently co-eval with the erectiou quietly awaiting the return of the woman. of the house,) was a massive and pretentious affair also. Five minutes I seemed to stand fruitlessly expectant, My conductor, as I have already stated, stopped here, when the sound—aint at first, but soon more distinctand gave me to understand that we had reached our of a descending foot caught my ear, and the moment destination. Ascending the stips, the door gave way after a sickly light gradually displayed itself, as the to a slight push, and we stood the next moment in the bearer appeared on the last flight of' stairs, and gaining hall, and in total darkn, ss. I say we, stood, because the hall, came towards me, with a miserable rushlight immediately on entering the hall the female turned, and inserted in a bottle, extended before her. It was the placing her hand gently agaiust me, as if to retard my same woman who had conducted me from the hospital, further progress, she muttered, in a soft under tone- and I bad now for the first time an opportunity of scru“ Doctor, you must wait here wbile I go up and let tinizing her features. It struck me that they were of them know you are come." I, of course, gave her to the most repulsive cast I had ever seen in a womnar, understand that I would do as she required, and in an and as she approached I inquired in a stern tone, instant I was alone with my reflections. I will confess how it was that the door came to be fastened ? Slie they were on the whole rather disagreeable. I had not answered promptly, that there was a latch on it, which been much accustomed to these nightly excursions, and she supposed had “ shot.” At the same moment she I could not contemplate the possibility of being obliged raised the candle to the outer edye of the upper comto remain some hours, perhaps, in close attendance partment of the door, where I perceived, truly enough, upon a patient in a squalid apartment, wi h anything a small iron projection, to which she applied her thumb like pleasurable sensations. The ball in which I stood and pushed back the latch with which it communicated, seemed, from the distance between the door and the whereupon the door stood at once ajar. This, coupled stair-case (as indicated by the reverberations of the wo- with a cưrtain quiet self-confidence of manner which man's footsteps), of considerable dimensions, both in she displayed, satisfied me, and I inquired if the patient length and elevation ; and I could feel that it was were ready to receive me? She replied in the affirmapanelled in wood, after the fa-hion of most houses of tive, and intimated that I would have to proceed to the the period to which it belonged. I have already stated two-pa ir back room, and that she would go bảfore in that on entering from the street we had passed into order to show me light. complete darkness. There was nothing extraordinary She suited the action to the word, and walked slowly in this, as the night exterually was dark and cheerless before me up the wide staircase, shading the weakly as it well could be, and one does not expect to find a flame of the candle with her hollowed hand, for a chillamp burning in the ball of a domicile lec in tene- liug air stirred through the house as we went.

Grim menis to the poor.

The sound of the woman's and desolate the place loobed, I remember, in that unfeet in ascending the stairs had, however, scarcely certain and partially-diffused light. The panelling of C'a-ed, when a feeling came over me, the precise nature the walls, which I could judge were once of a dark of which it would perhaps be difficult to define, but green, “picked out with wbite mouldings, were now which had certainly doubt, and the anticipation of some mostly of a greasy black, as though the accumulated evil, largely commingled with it. Iustinctively almust, dust of years had become stratified upon them through I did that which I think wou d have been done by any the action of damp, On reaching the two-pair landing, person similarly situated- I turned to the door, in ad- the woman turning, requested me, in the same quiet tone, vance of which I stood a pace or two only, and selt and with the same confidential manner, 10 wait in the about for something by which to pull it back, and let front room for a few minutes, until she saw that everymyself again into the open air. My search was a vain thing was ready for me inside.” Opening the door of one. There appeared to be none of the ordinary appur- The apartment indicated, she stepped aside that I tenances of lock, bolt, screw, or chain present; and yet, might pass in before her, which I did without besistrange to say, by a closer digital investigation, I found tation. The appearance of the

contrasted that the door was fastened by some means or other, strongly with what I had already seen. A cheerful and no longer lay to unsecured, as must bave been its fire burned in the old-fashioned grate, and although the condition, when a sight push had sufficed to throw it furniture was both scanty and of the rudest kind, it was open a lew moments previously. This discovery at first arranged in such a way as to give an air of comparative startled me a good deal, and the feeling which impe led comfort to the place. A small deal table, bearing it decanter, one or two bottles, and some glasses, stood at He looked at me with a meaning expression for a a short distance from the fire-place, near which were few secouds without replying, when wheeling his chair also placed-at opposite sides, as though they had been round so as to bring himself perfectly opposite me, he recen ily occupied two chairs, of the same common said in a deliberate measured accent: “It's not a womaterial and rough construction as the table. Two man you have come to attend at all, Doctorthat I other chairs at a different side of the roɔm, a cupboard may as well tell you before we go farther." in the corner immediately opposite the door, and an “ Not a woman !" I exclaimed. " What is the meanold-fasbioned, high-backed sofa, fitting into the space ing of this deception? Who are you, sir, and why have between the windows (which had their shutters closed I been led here on a false representation ?” and barred), completed the fittings of the room, which, A smile of that peculiar character described by I should also mention, had a second door on a line with novelists as the “sardonic," overcame his features that opening on the lobby. I drew over one of the at this outburst, and after another brief pause, he redistant chairs, and placing it in front of this door, and plied: "You'll know everything soon enough, only considerably to the right of the table, sat down in ex- just don't get into a passion—you'll not be delayed pectation of the female's return.


longer than is necessary for the safety of the person in Scarcely three minutes had elapsed when the lobby- whose behalf your assistance is required—that you may door opened, and a decently-dressed, but vulgar-looking rely on.” man, rather powerfully built, and seemingly about fifty “ You mistake very much,” said I, “ if you think I years of age, entered the apartment. He closed the can be trifled with in this way, with impunity;" and doar firmly behind bim, and advancing towards me, rising, I approached the door with the view of quitting said, in a quiet but decided voice— " You are the sur- the room. Imagine my dismay on finding that we geon, I believe, sir?"

were locked in. “Not a sargeon yet," I replied, “though I have come “ I suspected such a movement on your part, doctor, here for the purpose of attending on a patient who, as and provided for it," was bis cool remark, as I turned I learn, is in want of immediate help,"

towards him on making this discovery. “ But you are all the same,


suppose," said he, “as Then I am your prisoner ?" I said. if you were a surgeon—you know what to do in caso “Well, it is my intention” he resumed, “that you of accident-if a man got a bad wound, or — .?" remain in these apartments, until the purpose for which

“ My good man,” I interrupted, rather sharply—for I I brought you here is accomplished. That is all. If did not perceive what right a person in his position, and it pleases you to consider yourself a prisoner, you are, under the circumstances, bad to question me in such a of conrse, at liberty to gratify your inclinations in that way—“I have not come here to answer an examina- respect—indeed, it is only right to tell you, that you tion for my diploma, but to attend on a sick woman, are completely in my power, and that any attempt at and I do not wish to be delayed unnecessarily."

escape or resistance can only prove dangerous, if not He seemed taken aback somewhat by this reply, for, fatal, to yourself.” Here he drew from his pocket a turning from me with some nuttered exclamation, the small double-barrelled pistol, which he tapped siguifipurport of which I failed to catch, be threw himself on cantly, and then returned to its resting-place. one of the chairs beside the table, and filling a glass of There was a determination in the fellow's air, and a whiskey, drank it off at a gulp, and with great ap- coolness and precision in his style of expressing himparept relish. This accomplished, he said with the same self, which impressed me forcibly with the conviction, easy confidence as before : “A drop of this”—pointing that my best course was to submit, and I accordingly reto a decanter" will do you good before you go to your sumed my seat without further remark,

-come over to the fire and make yourself com. The time occupied in the highly satisfactory explanafortable while you wait."

tion just detailed, was little more than a minute, and The unpleasant feeling which the man's appearance in less than half that time after its conclusion, a tap and manner had induced from the first, was so great, was given at the door communicating between the two that even had I been disposed towards conviviality, I

My gaoler immediately answered it by parshould have declined bis invitation. As it was, being tially opening the door, and standing midway between in an opposite mood, I refused abruptly, stating that it both apartments, his eyes directed to me, while he was not my custom to drink anythiug stronger than tea listened to something which was being said in a subwhen abroad professionally.

dued voice by some one inside-(the woman who hd “Well, every one to his taste ;" said he, refilling his brought me to the house, as well as I could judge from glass, " if you were after as long a journey, and as hard the indistinct mutterings which reached me). The coma day's work as myself, perhaps you'd prefer a drop of muuication ended, he approached me, saying: the native too. Here's to your good health, at all “Your intended patient is now ready to receive yon. events!”

I have only to request that you will do your best for “I wish to know," said I, “ when I am to be shown his relief. We had an ugly adventure this morning, to the patient ? I understood from the messenger who and he got a ball in his arm which causes him a great came for me, that she was in a state l'equiring im- deal of suffering. You will be well paid for your mediate attention,”

trouble; but remember what I have already said,” (and

work ;


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bere he pointed to the pocket in which the pistol was his breath—“Not a word now, or you are ruined. If deposited); “no atteinpt at escape or alarm, if you value you stir an inch, I'll shoot you dead !” and be drew the your life."

pistol from his pocket as before, This said, he opened the door, and we entered the The tapping was repeated, and this time with greater back room together. It was less comfortable in aspect loudness than before. than the other, probably because of the absence of tire, He stepped back softly towards the inner room ; ani and at the end farthest from the door by which we had as he opened the door, shook his arm at me in a menacentered, it assumed a semi-circular form. Here, stretched ing way, as if to siguify, “miud what I have said, or on an old partially dilapidated four-post bed, outside

elsethe coverlet, and in his clothes, was a man, seemingly The door then closed behind him, and I never saw many years younger than my friend of the pistol, but bim afterwards. still bearing a marked resemblance to him otherwise. The police—for it was the police-after tapping unHis face presented traces of great suffering, and when successfully for perhaps three or four minntes, comI proceeded to examine the injured arm (his left), which menced pushing at the door, with the view of driving it was rudely bandaged outside the coat-sleeve, it was in. But it was of sounder material, and more strongly with evident difficulty that he restrained himself from secured than the room doors of dwelling-houses usually crying aloud so great was the torture which he endured, are, and it resisted their efforts most obstinately. My The arm, I found, was not broken; the ball had entered a position-as the reader may imagine-was, to say the short distance above the elbow-joint, and taking an least of it, an embarrassing one. What was I to do? obliqne direction upwards, lodged in the large muscular If I stirred a step or rai:ed my voice, my eccentric portion of the arm, lacerating the parts severely in its friend might spring in upon me-I still supposed him progress. Its extraction I accomplished without very to be in the adjoining room—and carry his threat in to much tronble to myself, but the wounded man suffered execution summarily : whereas, if I rewained quiescent acutely during the process, as was, of course, to be ex- while the officers of justice were endeavouring to effect pected. The bullet was a small one, not very much the capture of a criminal, as I naturally assumed the fellow larger than a swan-drop, and when I held it up for the to be, I might not only be captured myself, but treated as an inspection of the two friends, I could perceive an ex- accomplice after the fact, into the bargain. I concluded, pression of relief and gratification strongly depicted in however, that, on the whole, my best polivy was to reunin the countenance of the elder.

perfectly neutral, and this policy I adhered to most consci"You have done your work well and expeditiously," entiously, until the officers, of whom there were three, be said, addressing me," and shall be at no loss for at last succeeded in obtaining an entry. They saw at your trouble.”

once I was not the person of whom they were in searchi, I made no reply to this observation, but proceoled and by a series of mute signals--for I was still afraid 10 to bandage up the injured arm, recommending the speak--- gave them to understand that they should diowner to get into bed and have some sleep, of which rect their attention to the next room, One of the felhe appeared to stand in need, for he was both nervous lows was accordingly placed in charge of me,

while the and febrile,

others proceeded to force open the door, between the A look of “mute intelligence" between the two men apartments, for it also was locked. The result of was the only response to my advice. When I had com- their investigation was to find tie room unoccupied pleted my task, the elder motioned me to the front by any human being. I in-isted on being permitied room, where he again invited me to have something to to view the apartment, and great indeed was my drink, which invitation I again declined.

astonishment at fiuding it empty.

Huw had my “Well," said he, "you'll never have it to say that gaoler and his wounded companion--in whom he I was not a min of my word at any vate." Ilere he seemed 10 feel so great an interest-made their espulled from his breast pocket a dark leather purse- cape? The particulars are known only to themselves ; apparently well filled—from which he took five sove- but the only apparent means of egress, save the door reigns, counting them out on the table near which I stood. leading to the lobby (and that was out of the question),

" Toere's your fee, Doc:or, and I hope you'll never and the chimney—almost equally impossible-was the be worse paid for as bad a job.”

window—a bay one and the fall from this to the yard I took up the money complacently enough-why beneath, fas scarcely less than thirty feet. Out of the should I not ?--and put it into my pocket, after which windows, therefore, they must have gone, unless their I ventured to inquire if I was then at liberty to take escape was aided by supernatural agency; but of the parmy leave.

ticularz, as I have already stated, I know nothing definite. “Not yet exactly," was tbe reply. “I am still un- No time was lost in searching the other rooms in the der the necessity of keeping you my prisoner for some house, as well as the yard at the back. It was found, tine; bot

however, that no portion of the premises was occupied, He broke off thus suddenly on hearing a short deci- save the two apartments described : in the yard, which sive tap at the door leading to the lobby ; then looking was unpaved, we found traces of recently-imprinted footstraight into my face with a bold, penetrating gaze, he steps, extending from the space immediately underneath leaned over to me, and whispered, in a voice scarcely abuve the window to a door at the farther end, which opened



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