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county of ... and state of New York and to certify the same to be said parties or either of them under his hand and seal in his ministerial or official capacity and thereupon he is required to return his certificate in the form hereto annexed. The statements endorsed hereon or annexed hereto, by me subscribed, contain a full and true abstract of all of the facts concerning such parties disclosed by their affidavits or verified statements presented to me upon the application for this license.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said town or city at ..... this.... day of ....



The form of the certificate annexed to said license and therein referred to shall be as follows:


.., a

in the county of ..

of New York do hereby certify that I did on this
day of..
in the year A. D., 19.

the rites of matrimony between
of ....
state of New York, and

in the county of of New York in the presence of and

therefor is hereto annexed.

Witness my hand at

A. D., 19....

In the presence of

... in the county of





day of

.., residing at

and state

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and of

and state

as witness, and the license

in the county of

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There shall be endorsed upon the license or annexed thereto at the end thereof, subscribed by the clerk, an abstract of the facts concerning the parties as disclosed in their affidavits or verified statements at the time of the application for the license made in conformity to the provisions of section fifteen of this chapter.

The license issued, including the abstract of facts, and the certificate duly signed by the person who shall have solemnized the marriage. therein authorized shall be returned by him to the office of the town or city clerk who issued the same on or before the tenth day of the month next succeeding the date of the solemnizing of the marriage therein authorized and any person or persons who shall willfully neglect to make such return within the time above required shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars or more than fifty dollars for each and every offense. (Amended by L. 1912, ch. 216, in effect Apr. 8, 1912.)

Derivation: Domestio Relations Law, § 9, as added by L. 1907, ch. 742, § 6.

15. Duty of town and city clerks.

It shall be the duty of the town or city clerk when an application for a marriage license is made to him to require each of the contracting parties to sign and verify a statement or affidavit before such clerk or one of his deputies, containing the following information. From the groom: Full name of husband, color, place of residence, age, occupation, place of birth, name of father, country of birth, maiden name of mother, country of birth, number of marriage. From the bride: Full name of bride, place of residence, color, age, occupation, place of birth, name of father, country of birth, maiden name of mother, country of birth, number of marriage. From each: A statement in the following words: "I have not to my knowledge been infected with any venereal disease, or if I have been so infected within five years I have had a laboratory test within that period which shows that I am now free from infection from any such disease." The said clerk shall also embody in the statement if either or both of the applicants have been previously married, a statement as to whether the former husband or husbands or the former wife or 'wives of the respective applicants are living or dead and as to whether either or both of said applicants are divorced persons, if so, when and where the divorce or divorces were granted and shall also embody therein a statement that no legal impediment exists as to the right of each of the applicants to enter into the marriage state, the town or city clerk is hereby given full power and authority to administer oaths and may require the applicants to produce witnesses to identify them or either of them and may also examine under oath or otherwise other witnesses as to any material inquiry pertaining to the issuing of the license; provided, however, that in cities of the first class the verified statements and affidavits may be made before any regular clerk of the city clerk's office designated for that purpose by the city clerk. If it appears from the affidavits and statements so taken, that the persons for whose marriage the license in question is demanded are legally competent to marry, the said clerk shall issue such license, except in the following cases. If it shall appear upon an application of the applicants as provided in this section that the man is under twenty-one years of age, or that the woman is under the age of eighteen years, then the town or city clerk before he shall issue a license shall require the written consent to the marriage from both parents of the minor or minors or

such as shall then be living, or if the parents of both are dead, then the written consent of the guardian or guardians of such minor or minors. If one of the parents has been missing and has not been seen or heard from for a period of one year preceding the time of the application for the license, although diligent inquiry has been made to learn the whereabouts of such parent, the town or city clerk may issue a license to such minor upon the sworn statement and consent of the other parent. If the marriage of the parents of such minor has been dissolved by decree of divorce or annulment, the consent of the parent to whom the court which granted the decree has awarded the custody of such minor shall be sufficient. If there is no parent or guardian of the minor or minors living to their knowledge then the town or city clerk shall require the written consent to the marriage of the person under whose care or government the minor or minors may be before a license shall be issued. The parents, guardians or other persons whose consents it shall be necessary to obtain before the license shall issue, shall peronally appear before the town or city clerk and execute the same if they are residents of the state of New York and physically able so to do. If they are non-residents of the state the required consents may be executed and duly acknowledged without the state, but the consent with a certificate attached showing the authority of the officer to take acknowledgments must be duly filed with the town or city clerk before a license shall issue. Before issuing any license herein, provided for, the town or city clerk shall be entitled to a fee of one dollar, which sum shall be paid by the applicants before or at the time the license is issued; and all such fees so received by the clerks of cities shall be paid monthly to the treasurer of the city wherein such license is issued. Any town or city clerk who shall issue a license to marry any persons one or both of whom shall not be at the time of the marriage under such license legally competent to marry without first requiring the parties to such marriage to make such affidavits and statements or who shall not require the procuring of the consents provided for by this article, which shall show that the parties authorized by said license to be married are legally

competent to marry shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be fined in the sum of one hundred dollars for


each and every offense. In any city the fees collected for the issuing of a marriage license, or for solemnizing a marriage, so far as collected for services rendered by any officer or employee of such city, shall be paid into the city treasury and may by ordi

nance be credited to any fund therein designated, and said ordinance, when duly enacted, shall have the force of law in such city. (Amended by L. 1912. ch. 241; L. 1917, ch. 503, in effect May 16, 1917.)

Derivation: Domestic Relations Law, § 10, as added by L. 1907, ch. 74%, § 6, and amended by L. 1908, ch. 73, § 2.

16. False statements and affidavits.

Any person who shall in any affidavit or statement required or provided for in this article wilfully and falsely swear in regard to any material fact as to the competency of any person for whose marriage the license in question or concerning the procuring or issuing of which such affidavit or statement may be made shall be deemed guilty of perjury and on conviction thereof shall be punished as provided by the statutes of this state.

Domestic Relations Law, § 11, as added by L. 1907, ch.

Derivation: 742, § 6.

§ 17. Clergyman or officer violating article; penalty.

If any clergyman or other person authorized by the laws of this state to perform marriage ceremonies shall solemnize or presume to solemnize any marriage between any parties without a license

being presented to him or them as herein provided or with knowledge that either party is legally incompetent to contract matrimony as is provided for in this article he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.

Derivation: Domestic Relations Law, § 12, as added by L. 1907, ch. 742,

§ 6.

§ 18. Clergymen or officer, when protected.

Any such clergymen or officer as aforesaid to whom any such license duly issued may come and not having personal knowledge of the incompetency of either party therein named to contract matrimony, may lawfully solemnize matrimony between them.

Derivation: Domestic Relations Law, § 13, as added by L. 1907, ch. 742,


19. Records to be kept by town and city clerks.

Each town and city clerk hereby empowered to issue marriage licenses, together with the certificate attached showing the performance of the marriage ceremony, which book shall be kept and preserved as a part of the public records of his office. Whenever an application is made for a search of such records the city or town clerk may make such search and furnish a certificate of the result to the applicant upon the payment of a fee of fifty cents for a search of one year and a further fee of ten cents for each additional year, which fees shall be paid in advance of such search. All such affidavits, statements and consents, immediately upon the taking or receiving of the same by the town or city clerk, shall be recorded and indexed and shall be public records and open to public inspection. On or before the fifteenth day of each month the said town and city clerk shall file in the office of the county clerk of the county in which said town or city is situated the original and except in the city of New York one copy of each affidavit, statement, consent, license and certificate, which have been filed or made before him during the preceding month. He shall not be required to file of said documents with the county clerk until the license is returned with the certificate showing that the marriage to which they refer has been actually performed. (Amended by L 1912,


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