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For Thursday Evening.
Ye humble souls rejoice,

And cheerful triumphs sing ; ;
Wake all your harmony of voice,

For Jesus is your King.

That meek and lowly Lord,

Whom here your souls have known,
Pledges the honour of his word,

Tavow you for his own.

He brings salvation near,

For which his blood was paid;
How beauteous shall your souls appear,

Thus sumptuously array'd!

Salvation, Lord, is thine;

And all thy saints confess,
The royal robes in which they shine,

Were wrought by sovereign grace,


For Thursday Evening, O Lord, the infinite, incomprehensi God; thou hast heaven for thy thro and earth for thy footstool; and all thi are in thy sight and at thy disposal. Th it the searcher of our hearts, and the bserver of our lives, here and every where resent. Thou compassest our path, and ir lying down, and art acquainted with

our ways. Lord, put our hearts into a bly frame, fit to attend upon thy glorious, 1-seeing Majesty. Work in us, by the pwer of thy grace, that change which we innot work in ourselves. Justly mightest. lou withdraw thy tender mercies from us, ad pour out thy wrath and indignation pon us to the uttermost; making us to nd, and feel, by dreadful experience, that is an evil and bitter thing to depart from nee, the living God. But thy patience is onderful, thy goodness is infinite; and, s is thy majesty, so is thy mercy. We herefore humbly beseech thee to stretch orth the hand of thy power and grace, chich alone is able to set us at liberty, who are tied and bound with the chain of jur sins. Cause us to feel, to abhor, and to forsake our iniquities : and, O! give is a well-grounded apprehension of our being justified through the redemption that is in Jesus. For his sake, vouchsafe us the sanctifying influences of thy Spirit, to transform us into thine own image, and to strengthen us for all the duties of thy service. Perfect, O Lord, that which con


cerneth us: and make us such, both i our hearts and lives, that we may enjo thy peace here below, and be meet for th inheritance of thy heavenly glory abov O satisfy us with thy favour; and enabl us to rejoice in a sense of thy graciou acceptance of us, and merciful intentio towards us.

And as thou hast been goe and kind to us through the day past, ! may we experience the continuance of ti fatherly care over us this night, Presery and defend, bless and keep us, that no ev may happen to us. Vouchsafe to favo us with such needful repose as may refres and strengthen us for our respective dutie And prepare us, we earnestly intreat the O most holy God, for the final sleep death; and the solemn account we mu shortly give at the judgment-seat of Chris When our souls are required of us, and w are unelothed of the body, may we ! found in him; clothed with the robe his righteousness; and adorned with th graces of thy sanctifying Spirit. O caus us, in this our day, the day of life, the on) season of preparation, to know and follos after the things pertaining to our everlast ing peace, before they are for ever hidde from our eyes. Accomplish the work thy grace upon our hearts, and cause us to finish the work thou hast given us to do. And whenever thou shalt be pleased to send for us away, may we have nothing to do but to depart in peace, according to thy word; to quit the body with cheerfulness

; and in faith fearlessly to commend our spirits into thy gracious hands, trusting in the riches of thy grace, and the saving merits of thy blessed Son. And for all that he has so wonderfully effected to recover us, and to obtain eternal redemption for us : for whatever good thou hast wrought in us; and for the hope of glory thou hast given us: to thy name, O blessed God of our salvation, we desire to ascribe all praise and glory, now and for evermore. Amen.

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** Therefore I

say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what

ye shall eat, or what ye shall trink, nor yet for your bodies, what ye shall put

Matt. vi. 25.

" I say unto you.What is it that Jesus saith? Take no thought for your life.He saith it as our lawgiver, and the sovereign

of our hearts : he saith it as our comforter and the helper of our joy.

The care he forbids is, a disquieting, tor menting care, which distracts the mind and causes it to hang in suspense; whic] disturbs our joy in God, and casts a damy upon our hope in him ; which hinders ou enjoyment of what God has given us. H forbids distrustful, unbelieving thoughts and commands us to cast all our care upo him, and let our souls dwell at ease, be lieving his gracious assurance, that h careth for us. Take no thought abou the continuance of life; refer it to God t lengthen or shorten it as he pleases, saying “My times are in thy hand.”

And with respect to the comforts of this life; refe them also to God, to embitter or sweeter as he pleases. He has maintained our live hitherto ; he has protected us and kept u alive. He that guards us against all evi will supply us with every necessary good If he had been pleased to let us perish, bu would not have given his angels charg concerning us to keep us. Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, peithei do they reap, nor gather into barns; yel your heavenly Father feedeth them: ari ye not much better than they? Look upon them, and learn to trust in God, Consider

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