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ings eternal, that we may indeed live 1 strangers and pilgrims on earth, and ek a heavenly inheritance with our armest affections, and the most pervering diligence. May the thoughts of ath and judgment be so familiar to'bur inds, and so impressed on our hearts, at they may excite fervency in prayer, id earnestness in using all the means of ace : that we máy renounce every evil, id so act in all things as to be prepared r a dying hour. O give us such a knowledge of thy holy w, and of its spiritual and reasonable delands, that we may be deeply sensible of ar exceeding sinfulness, and truly humled before thee in unfeigned repentance,

thou heart-searching God, the sins and nperfections of the past day, and of our hole lives, are all open to thy view! our ain thoughts, idle words, and wrong temers. Our selfish desires and motives, and nanifold omissions of duty, leave us speechess and self condemned before thce. Help , we earnestly entreat thee, that, under sense of our guilt and danger, we may fee to the only refuge and hope set before 15, the atoning blood of Jesus, which leanseth from all sin. May we receive thy Gospel with a lively faith: and con.


tinually come unto thee, as the fountain, life and blessedness. , give unto us thu well grounded confidence in thy pardonin, mercy, and that love, gratitude, and zea which may excite us to unreserved obedi ence; and make us steadfast, unmoveabl and always abounding in the work of Lord.

Be graciously pleased, O merciful ther, to prosper by thy blessing whatev we have attempted this day in accordan with thy will : and prevent any ill conse quences arising from our errors and offer ces. Sanctify to us all thy dispensation and our own experience: and help us thank thee with unfeigned hearts for th mercies and comforts with which tho hast favoured us. Bless, O Lord, all en deavours to spread thy Gospel, and to pro mote the peace and happiness of mankind and remember with peculiar regard thos who are laboring in distant and inhospite blc regions to make known thy salvatios among poor benighted heathen.

We desire to commend to thy graciou protection ourselves, and all connecte with us by the ties of kindred and fellow ship. Preserve us from outward calami ties, and defend us against our spiritua enemies." May, we be prepared to meet u God, should we be called 'hence this sight. If spared to awake in peace, and rise with the returning day, may we devote yurselves afresh to thy service : and may re wait all the days of our appointed time n earth in calm submission, careful watchulness, and patient continuance in well oing. Vouchsafe us, O heavenly Father, hese and all other mercies for the sake f thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.



For Friday Morning. Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.” Matt. vi. 28.

Look upon the lilies,' and learn to trust fod for raiment. They toil not as men or clothing, neither do they spin; and yet re beauteously 'arrayed. But it does not herefore follow that we may neglect, or arelessly pursue our worldly callings.' It the praise of the virtuous woman, that he lays her hand to the spindle. Idleness empts God instead of trusting him. He, lowever, who provides for the inferior reatures without their labour, will much sore provide for us, by vouchsafing his

blessing upon our diligence in those da bours which he has appointed us. And il through sickness or other providential im pediment, we should be unable to toile spin, God can still furnish our table. Con sider how frail the lilies are; they are th grass of the field, Lilies, though distil guished by their colour, yet still are bil grass. Thus all flesh is grass. Though son in the endowments of body and mind a as lilies much admired, yet still they a grass : the grass of the field in nature an constitution : they stand upon the san level as others. Men's days at best are grass, as the flower of the grass. TI grass to-day is, and to-morrow is cast in the oven; in a little while the place th now seeth us shall see us no more.

“ Consider how they grow.”. In winter lost and buried under ground ;) ) when spring returns they spring up a look gay: so that even Soloinon in all glory was not arrayed like one of the Let us be more ambitious of the wisde of Solomon, in which he was exceed by none;

rather than of his glo in which he was surpassed by the lili Knowledge and grace are the perfecti of man, not beauty; much less gay clot ing. All the excellences of the creatu

ww, from God, the fountain and spring of em all. How instruetive is all this to us! As for le clothing, this teaches us not to covet

not to be proud of it; not to make the itting on of apparel our adorning! For, ter all our care, the lilies will outdo us. hy then should we vie with them? Their lorning will soon perish, and so will ours; ey fade ere to-day, and to-morrow are st into the oven. And the raiment we ay be glorying in is fading; the garment jelf will wear out. Such is man in all s pomp :: especially those who trust in Icertain riches : they fade away in their áys. As to necessary clothing, this teaches $ to cast the care of it upon God, Jehoth-jireh. Trust him that clothes the lilies provide for you what ye shall put on.

. lhe so clothe the short lived grass, much Tore will he clothe you that are made for nmortality. 1,50 ye of little faith.” This may be aken as an encouragement to true faith, hough it be but weak. It insures to us the livine care, and the promise of suitable supply. To. great faith -there shall be awarded great things. But even little faith shall not be rejected: even to that shall

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