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hink upon thy name; and speak often of hee one to another. And oh ! may we I be thine in that day when thou shalt jake up thy jewels; when thou shalt turn and discern between the righteous ad the wicked, between him that serveth od, and him that serveth him not. And

length may we all meet around thy rone, and unite in praising, loving, and joying Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, for er and ever.



For the Lord's Day Evening.

Blest Jesus, source of grace divine,
What soul refreshing streams are thine !
O bring these healing waters nigh,
Or we must faint, and fall, and die.

No traveller through desert lands,
'Midst scorching suns and burning sands,
More eager longs for cooling rain;
Or pants the living spring to gain.

Our longing souls aloud would sing,
Spring up, celestial fountain, spring ;
To a redundant river flow,
And cheer this thirsty land below.

May these blest waters near my side,
Through all the desert gently glide;
Then, in Emanuel's land above,
Spread to a sea of joy and love.

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PRAYER For the Lord's Day Evening. O almighty God, and heavenly Fathe from whom cometh down every good perfect gift! we come to thee as God and Father of our Lord Jesus Chris and in him the God of all comfort au the source of all blessedness. and mercy hast thou bestowed on us sia ful dust and ashes! Who, and what an we, that the Lord of Hosts should conde scend to draw us nigh unto himself! tha thou shouldest permit us to find a place thy house, and number us amongst tly worshippers ! How great is our privilege in being allowed to hear and read the word; to join with thy people in prayer and praise; and in having the unsearchable riches of Christ opened to our im, poverished souls !

But, O Lord, we lament that we have been so unworthy of thy goodness towards us; so vain and thoughtless, so dull and lifeless, so wandering and distracted. How le of thy word has been treasured up in • hearts ! how little have we delighted the truths of Christ; or felt the power his grace and love ; or perceived the I of sin and the beauty of holiness! Fore, we beseech thee, the iniquities of our y things; and sprinkle our persons and vices with the all-atoning blood of Jesus. We are drawing near to the close of

blessed day; but O let not the means grace which it has afforded us be altoher lost. O that we may long retain

holy savour. May the good seed thy word take root in our hearts, and ng forth the fruits of righteousness in ř tempers, lives, and conversation. O ve us more love to thyself, and to Jesus irist the Son of thy love; and more love

our fellow creatures for Jesu's sake. ay we hate sin more than ever; be ore watchful against every temptation of itan and the world, and more resolute in ortifying every corruption of our hearts. et us find thy grace sufficient for us, and y strength to be made perfect in our eakness. Blessed be thy name, O Lord, that thou ast not forsaken thine ordinances. We raise thee for any breathings of soul toards thee which thou hast excited, for


every holy exercise of faith and love, ol submission and obedience, of repentanci and self-dedication and for any deligh we have experienced in thy worship ant service, both in the solemn assembly thy saints and in devout retirement. carry on in us thy good work, till at lengt it be finished in heavenly joy and praise i thy immediate presence.

o let the Saviour become increasing precious to us all for that great love wher with he loved us, and the inestimab benefits he has by his blood-shedding o tained to us. May his name be know and his salvation rejoiced in through the earth.

May all who are dear to us partake this great salvation. Othou Shephe and Bishop of souls, bring back to thi own self those who are still as sheep goi astray. Teach trangressors thy ways, a let sinners be converted unto thee.

We bless thee, O Lord, that thy tabt nacle is still amongst us; and that the still remains the keeping of a sabbath thy people. May thy day be more devou hallowed, and thy sanctuary increasing reverenced. And hasten, we humbly seech thee, the fulfilment of thy gracio promise, that “ all the ends of the wor

I remember and turn unto the Lord, be all the kindreds of the nations woril before thee." Hear, O Lord, these i supplications and intercessions, for the e of Jesus Christ, our only Mediator I Redeemer. Amen.



For Monday Morning.

Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and th them, I will liken him unto a wise man ich built his house upon a rock: and the rain cended, and the floods came, and the winds w; and beat upon that house: and it fell not,

it was founded upon a rock. And every one At heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth em not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, ich built his house upon the sand : and the in descended, and the floods came, and the nds blew, and beat upon that house: and it fell, Id great was the fall of it.” Matt. vii. 24, 27. We have every one of us a house to uild, and that house is our hope for heaen, Our great business is to secure a itle to the happiness of heaven; that when ve fail, we may be received into everlastng habitations. There is a rock provided or us to build upon, and that rock is Christ. The Church is built upon this rock; and so

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