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for thee to others. Hath God inclined and thereby fitted thee for action ? take the sea son for doing good in which thou cans best shew thy love to that Saviour whe loved us and gave himself for us.


For Monday Morning.

Our God is love; and all his saints

His image bear below:
The heart with love to God inspir’d

With love to man will glow.

O may we love each other, Lord,

As we are lov'd of thee :
For none are truly born of God
Who live in enmity.

Heirs of the same immortal bliss,

Our hopes and fears the same;
The cords of love our hearts should bind,

The law of love inflame.

So shall the vain contentious world

Our peaceful lives approve;
And wond’ring say, as they of old,

“ See how these christians love."

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For Monday Morning.

A FAMILY THANKSGIVING. Bless the Lord, O our souls! O Lord ir God, thou art very great, and cloth| with honour and majesty ! Thou verest thyself with light as with a garent! Thou stretchest out the heavens te a curtain! Thou hast laid the founitions of the earth, that they should not $ moved. The world is thine, O Lord, d the fulness thereof ! Thou hast unded it on the seas, and established it

the floods! And all that dwell, not uy on this earth, but in all places of thy undless dominion, are thine; the creares of thy power, the children of thy tovidence, and the subjects of thy gornment! We, who are but a small part 'thy family on earth, are met together ith the return of another day, to adore ad magnify, to bless and praise thy holy ame!

We have lain us down and slept, ad are again awaked the living to praise hee;

because thou, O Lord, hast susained us. Thine we are, and thee would le serve.. We will praise thee, O Lord, s long as we live : yea, as long as we have ur being, we will sing praises to our God !

We commit ourselves and all belonging to us to thy special care, protection, and guidance through this day. We are entering on a day of business ; be with us, O Lord, we beseech thee, in all our honest and lawful undertakings. Enable us to be diligent upright, and faithful in our several emplor ments and stations ! Let not our hearts en vy sinners, but may we be in the fear of th Lord all the day long. And do thou, wh art wonderful in counsel and excellent working, give us that wisdom which is pro fitable to direct us in our affairs, ane crown all with thy blessing:

We are entering on another day of com mon service and usefulness in life : 0 teae us to employ our talents and capacitie more and more for thy honour, and to thi benefit of mankind. May we more habi tually glorify thee in our bodies and spi rits, which are thine.

We are commencing a day of trial : hel us, Lord, we beseech thee, to acquit our selves well through the whole of it; tha our hearts may not justly reproach condemn us for any allowed sin.

We are entering on a day of care, an quite ignorant about the events of it: bu known unto God are all its events : the are under thy direction, and subject to th

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atroul. Help us that we may be careful nothing. If it please thee may we pass in a comfortable manner. But, whatir may be thy will, may we in patience i thankfulness possess our souls; and ve the peace of God, which passeth all derstanding, keeping our hearts and nds through Christ Jesus. We are entering another day that brings so much nearer to our last day, and to awful unchangeable eternity! O Lord, teach us to number our days, that we may ply our hearts unto wisdom. May we found discharging the duties of every y in its season, and thus wait all the days our appointed time till our change comes. ad now, O Lord, hear, accept, and bless 1; and do for us above all we can ask or ink, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.



For Monday Evening.

Come magnify the Lord with me,

Come, let us all exalt his name:
I sought the eternal God, and he

Has not expos'd my hope to shame.

I told him all my secret grief,

My secret groanings reach'd his ears;
He gave my inward pains relief,

And calm'd the tumult of my fears.

their eyes;

To him the



On them his love delights to shine:
A beam of mercy from the skies

Fills them with light and joy divine.

His holy angels pitch their tents

Around the men that serve the Lord;
O fear and love him, all his saints ;

Taste of his grace, and trust his word.

Lord, we will bless thee all our days,

Thy praise shall dwell upon our tongue; Our souls shall glory in thy grace,

While saints rejoice to hear our song.


For Monday Evening. O most holy Lord God Almighty, who is a God like unto thee! Thou art infinitely blessed in thyself; and the gracious author of all our blessings. Thou art the only sovereign Lord, who canst do what thou pleasest in heaven and earth. Thou alone hast everlasting life in thyself, and thou only canst bestow it upon others.

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