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His Gospel throughout the long year,

From Sabbath to Sabbath he gave;
How oft has he met with us here,

And shewn himself mighty to save!
His candlestick has been remov'd

From churches once privileg'd thus ;
But though we unworthy have prov'd,

It still is continued to us.

For so many mercies receiv’d,

Alas! what returns have we made !
His Spirit we often have griey'd,

And evil for good have re-paid.
How well it becomes us to cry,

Oh! who is a God like to thee!
Who passest iniquities by,

And plungest them deep in the sea !

To Jesus, who sits on the throne,

Our best hallelujahs we bring : To thee it is owing alone,

That we are permitted to sing.
Assist us, we pray, to lament

The sins of the year that is past :
And grant that the next may be spent

Far more to thy praise than the last.

A Prayer under Spiritual Decay. P'tamol and unchangeable Jehovah! thy

and thy glories are like thy itabie ! Jesus, thy Son, is the e yesterday, to-day, and for ever. The nal world, to which we are hastening, lways equally important. But, alas! views, and our affections, and our best lutions are continually varying. ence, O Lord ! whence this sad change ch we now experience in the frame

temper of our minds towards thee? ence this alienation of our souls from e ? Why cannot we come to thee with

the endearments of filial love, as we e could ? Why is thy service so remissittended, if attended at all? And why

the exercises of it, which were once · greatest pleasure, become a burden to

Alas! Lord, whither are we fallen ! ine eye sees us still; but Oh! unlike what once saw us ! Cold and insensible as we , we must blush at the reflection. Thou est us in secret; and seest us, perhaps, ten amusing Ourselves with trifles in ose seasons which we used solemnly to vote to thine immediate service. Thou est us coming into thy presence as by onstraint! and when we are before thee,

straitened in our spirit, that we hardly now what to say to thee; though thou art je 'God with whom we have to do; and hough the keeping up an humble and utiful correspondence with thee, is beyond all comparison the most important business of our lives. And even when we are speaking to thee, with how much coldness and formality is it! It is perhaps the work of the imagination, the labour of the lips; but where are those ardent desires, those intense breathings after God, which we once felt? Where is that pleasing repose in thee which we were once conscious of, as being near our divine rest, a being happy in that nearness, and resolving, if possible, we would no more be removed from it? But Oh! how far are we now removed ! When these short devetions are over, in what long intervals do we forget thee!. Thou callest us to thine house, O Lord, on thine own day; but how heartless are our services there! We offer thee only an empty form. Our thoughts and affections are engrossed with other objects, while we draw near to thee with our mouth, and honour thee with our lips Thou callest us to thy table; but our hearts are so frozen, that they hardly melt, even at the foot of the cross ! Hardly feel any efficacy in the blood of Jesus! Is this Lord, the service we once promised ; and which thou hast such manifold reasons to expect ? Are these the returns we are making for thy daily providential care ; for the sacrifice of thy Son; for the com

inications of thy spirit; for the pardon

our numberless aggravated sins; for 2 hopes of eternal glory? Lord, we are lamed to kneel before thee! but pity us,

beseech thee, and help us. “ Our souls ave unto the dust,” and lay as in the st before thee: but, “ O quicken us, acrding to thy word!” Let us trifle no iger

for we are on the brink of a previce ! O give us grace to turn our feet to thy testimonies. Search us, O Lord, d try us; go to the root of this dismper which spreads itself over our souls; d recover us from it. So represent sin to us, O Lord, we pray thee, that we may e it with abhorrence : and represent the ord Jesus Christ to us in such a light, at we may look upon him and mourn; at we may look upon him and love. ay we awake from our stupid lethargy to which we are sinking. And may Christ ve us more abundant degrees of spiritual fe and activity than we have ever yet reived. May we be so quickened and nimated by him, that we may more than ecover the ground we have lost. Send own upon us, O Lord, in a more rich and bundant effusion, thy good Spirit : may e dwell in us as a temple which he has onsecrated to himself: and may the joy of the Lord be our strength. Amen.

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O most just and holy, most gracious and merciful Lord God, I am a wretched ukdone sinner, and had been undone for ever, if thou hadst not pulled me as a brand out of the fire. I have been sinning grievously, practising almost every youthful lust, I have broken through the restraints of principle and education, forced conscience, stified conviction, and hardened my neck against reproof. I have stopped my ear against thy word, slighted and neglected prayer, and rejected all the offers of thy love. But thine eye has pitied me, and thy hand touched my heart. Thy word and thy rod have awakened me. I now begin to see my folly and my danger. I see thy flaming sword hanging over me. All the terror of thy Law and Gospel belong to

But I fly to thy mercy. I see thy


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