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vii bilerary's Commentary contains rich matewinde for Bibte meditations 5t some of them will be found in the Pocket Prayer Boole. The devotional parts of Baxter's writings,

particularly his Christian Directory,) afund eačetlent materials for prayet, as well bess

se pruetical divinity. Bishop Patrick, and Jeiks, give some of our most spiritual models of prayers to each of these authors the Pocket Prayer Book is highly indebtede tosios

-06 Should the expense of printing a volume deter some of her young friends from making miattempt, she wishes to remind them, that

is by no means difficult to epitomize a book into a tract, and for a sample begs leave to

refer to the Saint Indeed," from Flavel. : 3735039 14.

The union of a few friends might with pose defray the expense of one tract, espepially if the edition be large. If only one important tract be selected, the good which may be accomplished is incalculable. 10

After so much experience of the Divine goodness, the Editor can with cheerfulness Heave her plan with Him who witnessed her Searnest request in early life for its success. He has not turned away her prayer, nor his mercy from her: and she indulges the pleasing hope that in some distant land, (perhaps far from her native shores) or in some distant period of time, this placed in more hands; still under without


a Paul plant, and an Apollos water in vain.

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To Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that she could ask Tor think, to Him alone be all the praise of the unworthy Editor,

Rebecca Wilkinson.

Vorm Clapham Common, Surrey, Jan. 20th, 1826.

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Prants The favourable reception of the Poeket Prayer Book by the public, added to the evident blessing which God has in his mercy vouchsafed to its widely extended circulation, render it both unnecessary and inexpedient to attempt any thing further in the present Edition, than to remedy some few defects which have been noticed in those preceding it.

As the Services for the Lord's Day were not always sufficiently appropriate, it has been endeavoured to render them more so. To effect this, recourse has been had to the earlier Editions of the Work, and to the hvorite Authors of its original and pious Compiler. Afurther attempt has been made

to relieve the abruptness of the commencement of some of the prayers, and generally to equalize their length.

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horal An addition has also been made to the Sacramental Exercises ; and the Index has been thrown into a more convenient form.

These, with a few other subordinate alterations, while they do not in the least interfere with the original character and spirit of the Work, will it is hoped render it more generally useful.

That it may please the great Head of the Church to continue his blessing on the free-will offering of his departed servant, inrendering it subservient to the devotional exercises of prayer and praise, is the earnest and humble petition of


Clapham Common, 1834.

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xü. 1. I beseech you therefore brethren, &c

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