World Politics at the End of the Nineteenth Century: As Influenced by the Oriental Situation

MacMillan, 1900 - 366 sidor

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Sida 325 - Animated with all the avarice of age and all the impetuosity of youth, they roll in one after another, wave after wave, and there is nothing before the eyes of the natives but an endless, hopeless prospect of new flights of birds of prey and passage, with appetites continually renewing for a food that is continually wasting.
Sida 172 - First, will in no way interfere with any treaty port or any vested interest within any so-called sphere of interest or leased territory it may have in China. Second, that the Chinese treaty tariff of the time being shall apply to all merchandise landed or shipped to all such ports as are within said "sphere of interest...
Sida 172 - free ports"), no matter to what nationality it may belong, and that, duties so leviable shall be collected by the Chinese government. Third. That it will levy no higher harbor dues on vessels of another nationality frequenting any port in such "sphere...
Sida 342 - It is thoroughly intelligent, independent, suggestive, and manifests an unaffected enthusiasm for social progress, and on the whole a just and sober apprehension of the conditions and essential features of such progress.
Sida 341 - THE CITIZEN'S LIBRARY OF ECONOMICS, POLITICS, AND SOCIOLOGY Under the General Editorship of RICHARD T. ELY, PH.D., LL.D., Director of the School of Economics and Political Science: Professor of Political Economy at the University of Wisconsin 12mo.
Sida 173 - In so far as the territory leased by China to Russia is concerned, the Imperial Government has already demonstrated its firm intention to follow the policy of
Sida 176 - The two Contracting Parties, having nowise in view to infringe in any way the sovereign rights of China or existing Treaties, will not fail to communicate to the Chinese Government the present arrangement, which, by averting all cause of complications between them, is of a nature to consolidate peace in the Far East, and to serve the primordial interests of China herself.
Sida 341 - Monopolies and Trusts. By RICHARD T. ELY, PH.D., LL.D. " It is admirable. It is the soundest contribution on the subject that has appeared.

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