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the Spirit: and the Lord answered house, the most happy results are wittheir prayers.

In the beginning of nessed. The Wesleyan Magazine August last, nine persons offered themcontains the following intelligence from selves to be admitted members of the church; the deacons and members the Rev. Mr Foote, March 18, 1828. there, could not help weeping ·Many places have felt the gracious for joy, to see what they so earn- outpourings of the divine Spirit. It is estly prayed and longed for, coming to

encouraging beyond my most sanguine pass. From that day to this, every week, several persons have come for- hopes. Sinners are bowing before the ward seeking the way to Zion. From word of God, and many that were but the first week in August, to the present yesterday in open rebellion against the time, above eighty persons have joined themselves to the Church of Christ at Majesty of Heaven, have laid down Gwytheren. The work of the Lord their weapons of warfare, and are now is going on wonderfully and delight- arraying themselves under the banner fully-it is a little heaven below. You

of the cross.' can better imagine, than I can describe, the happy scenes;-rich and

The Baptist Irish Society in England, poor, parents and children, young and expend annually $3000 in supporting old, young men and maidens, sub- in Ireland nearly 90 day Schools, 53 scribing with their hands that they itinerant and Sunday readers of the shall be the Lord's. What a glorious spring and summer, after a long and Bible, and six ministers. dreary winter! Many of our ministers take a great pleasure in visiting this delightful spot, and are obliged to ex

With pleasure we present our readclaim, What hath God wrought! I have the happiness to inform you that

ers with the following extract of a this heavenly flame has caught two or communication from Rev. Adamson three of the neighbouring churches Bentley, a minister at the West. and congregations. The members of the church at Denbigh, about three

Warren, Trumbull Co. Ohio, hundred, assemble one night in every

Jan. 13, 1829. week, at the chapel, to pray for the Gentlemen, same outpouring of the Holy Spirit.' "As you are in the habit of noticing

in your Magazine, the very pleasing From an article in the London Bap- intelligence of revivals of religion, tist Magazine, we are happy to learn, wherever they may occur, and the that many of the Welch Baptist vanced, I have been induced to for

means by which they have been adchurches have been visited with revi- ward you the following intelligence. vals the last year, and 1752 have been The Mehoning Association, in the year baptized in the three Associations in 1827, after examining the returns of that Principality.

the churches, found only thirty four added by baptism among all the churches for that year. The number

of churches was 17, of members comPious and benevolent persons have posing the churches, 492; 34 only havlong wept over the misery of Ireland. ing been added as the result of our The prevalence of Roman Catholic

labors. The Association was led to darkness and superstitions, combined the practice of vital piety, or deficient

feel that we had been very remiss in with other causes, has entailed igno- in our liberality or exertions, to spread rance, irreligion, and poverty on its the knowledge of salvation amongst wretched population. But the various the destitute in our own neighbor

hood. Whilst efforts were making, to evangelical denominations in England, send the gospel to the heathen, hunare now zealously engaged in pouring dreds were perishing around us for light on this benighted land; and by lack of knowledge. The Association, circulating the Scriptures, opening

from these considerations, was induced schools, preaching the gospel, and read- in the limits of the Association, the en

to employ some person to preach withing the sacred oracles from house to suing year, to stir up the brethren by


way of remembrance, and find out, if son. On Thursday following I baptizpossible, the situation of the churches. ed four more. Thirty have been bapAccordingly Elder Walter Scott was


tized during the last month. solicited to accept the appointment, and he immediately entered upon the work is progressing, at Mill Creek; on labors connected with it.

last Sabbath, I baptized 15 for that He soon discovered that the mem

church; and at Little Union, 11 were bers had fallen into a kind of apathy and indifference truly alarming.' In- immersed last Sabbath, and several deed they were like lost sheep upon others are received for baptism. the mountains, they knew not where

Elder J. A. M'Guire, Sulphur Fork, to go themselves, and of course it could not be expected that they could Henry Co. Jan. 19, thus writes to the inform others. He also found as great Publishers of the Recorder : “Since a diversity of feeling and sentiment my last to you 51 have been added to existing among the professors of relig. us by baptism. We may well say with ion, as might be found in the height of their stature, or in their countenances. David, The Lord has done great things This led him to deep reflection con- for us, whereof we are glad. Since cerning the duties of his appointment, our October meeting, we have receive and caused him to resolve in his own

ed 125 by experience.' mind, that he would commence where the gospel commenced, and pursue it

Mr Daniel Smith writes— Brother without regard to the sentiments or Warder is now on a visit to Glasgow, feelings of men.

where I am told there is the greatest While pursuing his labors, an astonishing accession has been made to the revival of religion which was ever church of God, the last year; and all known in this part of the country. who have received the truth, and are Nearly every individual in the town now pursuing it, have the pleasure of has made a profession of religion. The seeing the word of God operating like a fire and a hammer, to break the hard Cumberland Presbyterians and Methohearts of sinners, and bring them to dists immersed nearly all who joined bow to the mild and peaceable sceptre their Societies.' of our dear Redeemer.

Mr Isaac D. Newell, a student The Association, during the last year, had added to her number, 512— from Hamilton, has been recently and upwards of 500 more were baptiz- preaching at Warren, N. Y. and ed, who are constituted into the Lord has granted a season of churches, but not yet connected with the Association. Yours, &c.'

refreshing; it is supposed about 100 have become the sons of God.


PRESBYTERIANS IN OHIO. We are pleased also to learn, that the Lord is reviving his work in Belcher- The Richmond Visitor and Tele. town and Palmer Baptist church and graph states that five presbyteries and Society, Mass. Five or six have become about thirty congregations in Ohio have the subjects of hopeful conversion; enjoyed seasons of refreshing during others are inquiring what they shall do the last year. The number added to to be saved. Meetings are well at- the churches under the care of the tended, and the church engaged.' synod, during the year, is nearly 2000.

Late numbers of the Kentucky Bap. The writer remarks, “This work of tist Recorder, contain several addition- grace furnishes occasion for the exeral relations of revivais in that state, cise of devout and fervent gratitude to from which we select the following: the great Head of the church. But Elder D. Thurm Harden County, how many are still in the gall of bit

“ With great pleasure, 1 terness and the bonds of iniquity! give you information of a revival in This is a distressing thought. Many Nolin church. On Sabbath I baptiz- have come out from the world; but ed 14, one of whom was my second many, very many, are yet in their sins,

Jan. 22, says,


and enemies to God. They are daily tion to the efforts of the Episcopalians passing from this world without hope, in India, that the result of their labors or by persevering in the rejection of at the different Missionary Stations the the Saviour, are treasuring up wrath past year, h ad yielded forty one adult against the day of wrath, and the converts, and nineteen of their offrevelation of the righteous judgment spring.' A candid reader of the Acts of God.'

of the Apostles can scarcely fail to WATERFORD, VT.

contrast this statement with the sacred Rev. Silas Davison, of Waterford, records. We read of those who'gladly Vt. Dec. 5, furnishes a pleasing state- received the word;' that the number ment of a revival of religion among of the men' was about five thousand; the people of his charge.

that believers' were added to the • The first Saturday in March, at our Lord, multitudes both men and covenant meeting, there was an unusual women;' but where does Luke include solemnity. Coldness gave way to en

the number of their offspring ? This gagedness in the cause of religion. Serious inquiry commenced among

was left for the records of modern missinners. About this time we received a sionary efforts. The primitive converts supply of tracts.

These silent preach- were such as repented, believed, and ers carried conviction to the minds of

were baptized. some of our youth, and led to the serious inquiry what they should do to be saved. By the first of April the work was general in our society; meetings were crowded, the penitential tear was We have received the Third Annual on the cheek of many. We appointed Report of the Hudson Baptist Maternal a two-days' meeting, at which we had the assistance of several ministering Society, from which we make the folbrethren, whose coming was like that lowing extracts: of Titus. Previous to this meeting a

For the most part of the year, our number had related their experience, meetings have been but thinly attendand on the first day of May I had the ed; but for the last two months, more pleasure of leading down into the water and baptizing 17 persons. From and through the blessing of God, some

of a spirit of prayer has been manifest, this time we had a conference on Sat- good, we hope, has resulted from our urdays; and for a season attended bap; endeavors. One little boy, about nine tism on Sabbath. Fifty have united with the church during this season ;

years of age, has, as we have good rea

son to hope, been brought to a saving forty-seven by baptism, and three by letter. We feel as though we could knowledge of the truth; and is now in say, Come, magnify the Lord with us, above, in praising that Saviour, who,

glory uniting with all the redeemed and let us exalt his name together.'

[Vermont Tel.

when upon earth, said, 'Suffer little

children to come unto me, and forbid LOUISIANA.

them not, for of such is the kingdom of Nathaniel Holley, Cherryville,

heaven.' Another circumstance which Louisiana, Nov. 1828, remarks, that which we believe to be in answer to

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it is our privilege to mention, and one, seventeen years ago, when he first prayer, is that of a young man who has landed on the banks of the Bayou Boeuf, settled in business far from home, but there was no Baptist Church on the has been followed by the intercessions

of a pious mother, and is now earnestly west of the Mississippi in Louisiana ; seeking the salvation of his soul. In but now there are twelve Churches, a letter to his mother, a short time and fifteen ministers.

since, he mentions that while on a recent journey from home, he had attended a Sabbath school, for the first time in his life, and while there was so struck

with the importance of the object, that Archdeacon Corrie, in a recent let- he resolved to establish one in the ter from near Calcutta, states, in rela-. neighborhood where he resided as soon



as he returned home. He begged that or sentiment, the School Society was she would not only pray for the pros- established in '1826. At the time this perity of the school, but also that it might be the means of leading him to Report was closed, there were thirtya knowledge of the truths of the gospel; seven schools, under the care of fortythat it was his earnest desire and pray- four teachers, and forty-six assistants, er that he might be brought to em- embracing 2309 scholars, boys and brace the religion of the blessed Saviour. We fondly hope that ere long girls; since which, sixteen schools of we shall hear that he is ranked among one hundred each, have been added. the number of those whose names are

The schools are both week-day and written in the Lamb's book of life.

“Some of us have been made to drink Sabbath, and combine elementary indeep of the bitter cup of affliction. Two struction and Christian knowledge. of our number, who for many years One thousand, who have received inhad been blessed with affectionate and struction, have been dismisseil, many pious companions, who not only esteemed it a duty but also a delight to

of whom are employed as teachers, or unite their prayers and efforts with have been appointed by his majesty to ours, in training up our children for a fill important official stations in the serglorious immortality, have, in the past vice of their country. Eight of the year, been called to part with them by first students were appointed in Februdeath, thus leaving a double responsibility resting upon us. But we would ary, 1827, to visit the schools every bow with humble submission to the month, and make report to the Comwill of our heavenly Father, and taking mittee. At the close of the visit in our precious orphans in the arms of faith, dedicate them and ourselves re

each village, a prayer-meeting is held, newedly and unreservedly to him who and an address delivered to the scholhas promised to be the widow's God

The diligence and improvement and the orphan's father.

of all the visiters and teachers are subHULDAH ADSITT, Directress.

ject to the constant inspection of the MisREBECCA GIFFORD, Secretary.' sionaries at the capital, where a care

ful monthly examination is instituted.

A powerful and beneficial effect must soon be produced by the dispersion of hundreds of intelligent youth through

the island. The happiest results may be antici- Towards the close of the year 1827, pated from missionary efforts among the the London Missionary Society set up heathen, in the establishment of schools a printing press, which has enabled the for instructing children. This object is Missionaries to print many elementary every year receiving increased atten- works and portions of the Holy Scription, and is attended with increased success. We have received the Second An- The report notices with high comnual Report of the Madagascar Mission- mendation the efforts of Radama, for ary School Society, 1828, which is un- diffusing knowledge among his people. der the patronage of his majesty Rada- But under the most favourable cir. ma, the reigning monarch, from which cumstances, multiplied difficulties atwe select the following particulars. tend Christian efforts in heathen lands.

Schools were formed in Madagascar The Society state, that “the experience as early as 1820, and 1821, by the of years has powerfully demonstrated agents of the London Missionary Soci- the immense importance of cultivating ety ; but to provide for the extended the decision of Ruth, the patience of field of labor, and embrace the co-op. Job, the perseverance of Paul, and the eration of friends, of whatever party wisdom of Solomon; while to strength. APRIL, 1829.





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en and adorn every other virtue, the desired him to furnish her with twenaffection of John should be superadded.' ty dollars, to procure a certain article

of clothing. The money was provided, p Since preparing the above ar

but for some reason not appropriated. ticle for the press, intelligence has pended for the purpose for which it

It was put to interest, and never exarrived of the decease of Radama, the was raised. Some eighteen months king of Madagascar, which must be since, Mrs died. Our aged brothan immense loss to his subjects, as they

er now feels that the above sum, as it was raised particularly for her

behad rapidly approximated to civiliza- longs to Him, who he trusts has taken tion during his reign. But the queen her to himself. Believing, from what has kindly assured the Missionaries, he knows to have been her feelings, that all the benevolent objects patroniz- particularly in her last hours, that

were she now living, it would be her ed by the late king, shall receive her desire to appropriate the sum, with cordial support.

what it has since gained, for the benefit of Foreign Missions, he cannot be satisfied to apply it to any other use.

Having noticed with peculiar pleasure, BIBLE FOR BURMANS.

the efforts now making in New York,

and the vicinity of Boston, to give the Two propositions are before the pub- Bible to the benighted Burmans, he lic; the one for raising 1000 dollars to feels that this specific object, claims print the New Testament in the Bur- 50 dollars of his consecrated sun. man language, and the other for rais- May many others find it in their hearts, ing 5000 dollars to print the whole to go and do likewise.Bible.

Extract of a letter to the Treasurer, Mr Thomas Hill, Louisville, Ken. from Rev. Spencer H. Cone, pastor of thus writes the Treasurer. “Having the Oliver Street Baptist Church, New learnt that two gentlemen wish to York, March 12. “ I have seen the unite with eighteen others, in present notice in the Magazine, calling for 20 ing 50 dollars each, as a New Year's. subscribers of 50 dollars each, to help present to the heathen, for the pur- print the Burman Bible; and as our pose of printing the sacred Scriptures friends have given their names on conin the Burman language, as an expres- dition that the whole number shall be sion of my gratitude to my Creator made up by the 1st of April, it affords and preserver, and the Giver of all my me great pleasure to say, that if the mercies, I wish to unite in this heav. balance of this most desirable stock enly work, and have enclosed fifty does not amount to more than 500 doldollars.”

lars, you are hereby authorized to put A friend in Greensboro' Geo. has down Oliver Street for ten fifties." enclosed 50 dollars to the Treasurer This accomplishes the object of the for this object. Mr F. P. Browning of New Year's present, by securing the Detroit, and John Withers, Esq. of Vir- thousand dollars for the New Testaginia, engage to be fifty dollar subscri- ment. But our brethren, we doubt bers; and friends in the Federal Street not, will vigorously prosecute the obcongregation, Boston, have furnished ject of raising the 5000 dollars for the 50 dollars, to enable their pastor, Rev. whole Bible: because, though it will Howard Malcom to become a subscri- be highly necessary extensively to disber.

tribute the New Testament, yet nothExtract of a letter from a gentleman ing short of giving the sacred volume in New Hampshire, to the Treasurer, to the Burmans, can satisfy the wishes March 12, 1829. Enclosed I for- of the friends of Missions. ward to your care, 50 dollars for pub- We are also gratified in receiving, Jishing the Scriptures in the Burman by the letter from Mr. Cone, noticed language. This is the generous dona- above, the following pleasing intellition of Mr

a venerable mem- gence: “At the meeting of the ber of the Baptist Church in this place, Board of Managers of the American who has more than numbered his Bible Society, on Thursday last, the three score years and ten. This sum, sum of 1200 dollars was voted the BapSir, has come unto the Treasury of the tist General Convention, to assist in Lord, in the following manner. Some printing the sacred Scriptures in Burg years since, the companion of Mr mah.'

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