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and be spent among this people, hope of Amherst becoming a town, and trusting in an Almighty arm since Mr Crawford has declined for protection. Be assured, we the government of these provfelt happy in our decision. We inces.” And on the 2d of Oct. he saw these wretched, deluded peo- adds: “We have lately been ple perishing in ignorance of the clearing up part of our ground Gospel; we thought of the love contiguous to the road with a of our Saviour to precious souls; view to building a house for brothwe cast a glance towards Geth- er Wade and myself, as we have semane and Calvary, and that now concluded to abandon Amwas sufficient. Shall we consult herst altogether.” It seems that our own ease and comfort ? we Amherst gradually declined as an said; or shall we be willing to inviting station, but was not retake joyfully the spoiling of our linquished till much precious seed goods? This was the question; of the Gospel had been sown and I trust the grace of God en- there, which promised to bear abled us to choose the latter. And fruit unto life eternal. The efthe spoiling of our goods we were forts of Mr Wade were unweari. called to take. About a month ed to the time of his leaving, and after our removal, we were awak- a close attention was given to the ened one morning just before day- Word preached every Sabbath, break. Mr B. called for a light, by forty or fifty hearers, some of and to our surprise, we saw every whom were occasionally deeply trunk and box in the room broken impressed. (See Journal kept at open and robbed of their contents. the place in Mag. for March, 1829.) After the first emotions had a lit- On the 14th of Nov. 1827, he jointle subsided, I raised my eyes to ed his brethren at Maulamying. the moscheto curtains surround- From this time, all their operaing our bed, and to my amaze- tions assumed a most encouraging ment saw two large holes cut, the aspect. They were together, and one at the head, and the other at the younger Missionaries had conthe foot of the place where my quered the language, and were husband had been sleeping. From able either to converse or preach that moment I quite forgot the in it, and an amount of influstolen goods. In imagination I ence before unexperienced, was saw the assassins standing by our brought to bear on the region of bed-side, ready to do the worst, darkness. It was conceived that had we been permitted to awake. places well located expressly deHow merciful was that watchful signed for preaching and converProvidence which prolonged the sation with the natives, would faslumbers of that night, not allow- cilitate their labors, and two ing even the infant at my bosom to zayats, 3 miles apart, N. and S. open its eyes at so critical a mo- were erected at suitable distances ment.”

After this fearful inva- from the Mission premises. The sion, their situation was rendered one intended for Mr Wade was more secure by a special guard, completed in December, and on which Sir Archibald, in the same the 20th he says: “Went to the spirit of kindness which has mark- zayat this morning with the ined all his conduct to the Mission- tention of spending a part of the aries, assigned to them.

day, together with Moung Ing, in On the 12th of August, follow- solemnly dedicating it to the sering, Mr Judson made a visit at vice of God by prayer; but bethe station, and appears not to fore the arrival of Moung Ing, have withdrawn from it after- eight or ten persons had gathered wards; for in his journal of Sept. around me, to whom I tried to 9, he says:

“ Still at Maulamying, preach the word of eternal truth as we have nearly given up all and life. Before these left me




others came, so that I had not a the excitement in favor of religion moment for retirement during the is evidently increasing." whole day.” The other being

Native Assistants. completed in a very populous part of the town, Mr Judson says in The first that offered himself to his journal, Jan. 11 : “Commenc- the service of the mission was ed operations in the Koung-zay- Moung Ing, who was cordially kyoon zayat, and had literally a accepted, and sent to Mergui and crowd of company without any Tavoy. At the close of his tour, intermission through the day.” Mr Judson speaks of him thusThe brethren spend nearly every “Had the pleasure of seeing day at these places respectively, Moung Ing, who has just returned giving instruction to all that visit from Mergui. The latter part of them. Some of their hearers at- his residence there, he daily octend regularly for many days to- cupied a zayat in a central part gether, others occasionally. Trav. of the town, and made pretty exellers on their journeys stop and tensive communications of the hear the word of life, among gospel. He is growing a most whom some from distant valuable assistant; takes up the provinces, so that no certain cal- business without instigation, and culation of the amount of good appears to be deeply interested done, can be made from the in the spread of truth.” When number who appear openly the brethren removed to Maula

themselves disciples. mying, he accompanied them, and Among those who, having heard, is to be continued in the service go on their way, many may of the Mission as an itinerant hereafter return to give glory to throughout the place. His manGod.

ner of address is kind and persua. Far more beneficial results, sive, indicating distinctly, the love however, have already been as- of Christ, shed abroad the certained than could reasonably heart. be expected. Light is spreading Moung Shwa-ba who aids the around, and says Mr Wade, (in operations of the boarding school, a letter dated May 20,) “We has received a new direction for are happy and thankful to God, the employment of his powers a in being able to inform those who part of the time, which promises are praying and longing for the usefulness. In the vicinity of the salvation of the heathen, that a Station there is a class of people, number of precious souls, have, called Talaings, who understand we trust, been born of the Spirit, the Burman language, but cannot and translated out of the kingdom read it. They have shown an of darkness into the kingdom of equal inclination with others, to God's dear Son, since we came to attend worship and obtain instrúcthis place; six of whom have been tion; and it seemed highly imporbaptized, five men and one wo- tant they should be enlightened man. Among those baptized, we in the knowledge of the Bible. hope there are two at least whom The most direct way to do this, God has chosen to testify the gos- was to read to them, for which pel of his grace to others, and to Moung Shwa-ba

well be fellow laborers with us in our qualified. Accordingly a tempoMissionary work. Several who rary zayat has been procured for have not yet been baptized, are him, in which he reads the Sacred hopefully pious."... Says Mr Jud- Scriptures to this people, and to son, “The opposition throughout all who are inclined to hear. the district, and the whole place, Moung Thwa-a-too, though not is becoming more open ; at the recognized as a Missionary, exsame time the number of listeners hibits a spirit of cordial co-operaand inquirers is multiplying, and tion. He is at Rangoon, and la



are new cases.

boring to impart a knowledge of ing. He understands several lansalvation. In a letter written by guages, as the_Tamul, Telinga, him to Mr Judson, he gives the Hindosthanee, English and Burnames of thirteen men and three

On his being baptized, he women, who are disciples of instantly gave up a situation proJesus, but secretly at present, for ducing 50 or 60 rupees a month, fear of their enemies. Among because it required his attendance these are found a few, who were on Lord's-days, but chiefly because former inquirers; but most of them he was desirous above all things

of devoting himself entirely to Later information enables us Missionary work." Mr Judson to add two to the above, viz. Ko- renews the most pleasing testiMyat-Ryan, and Mc Donald. The mony respecting Moung Ing and former was baptized in March, Moung Shwa-ba, and says of 1828, and has been an assistant the latter," it was through a word in the Mission from that time. from him spoken to his daughter, “He is,” says Mr Judson, “a Mah-ree, that the revival combrother of the first native chief menced in the female school." in the place-possessed of a From these beginnings, how much clear mind, considerable native may be anticipated for the future eloquence-and an uncommon spread of the gospel through Burdegree of mental and bodily ac- mah by means of native converts! tivity. He has been an inquirer Its principles take a firm hold of after truth many years, and has their affections, inspiring them diligently investigated the systems with more than wonted ardor for of Boodha, -Brahma and of Ma- their diffusion. homet. At length he embraced the religion of Jesus Christ, with

Female Boarding School. all his heart and soul, manifesting more zeal and ardor than com- On the removal of the Mission monly characterize his cool, con- from Amherst to Maulamying, one siderate countrymen. He has of the first objects of Mr Wade's suffered as much persecution as attention, was to prepare a suitacan be openly inflicted under ble building for the accommodaBritish Government;—but bore tion of this school. Under the it with all the meekness of a lamb, skilful superintendence and care and conducted himself with such of Mrs Wade, it had grown in the forbearance and Christian love, confidence and esteem of the nathat the tide has begun to turn in tives, till more children were ofhis favor. He has given up all fered than could be received. But worldly business, and devoted when the school was about to himself to assisting us in our Mis- be removed, where the children sionary work.

could not frequently be seen and It gives us great pleasure to visited, some parents objected, see him sometimes sitting on a and withdrew nine of the number. level with some poor beggar wo- This was no less a source of grief man, endeavoring in language to the teacher, than to the pupils ; intelligible to her dark mind, to and led to the adoption of the communicate some idea of the resolution, that no child should mysteries of redeeming love." thereafter be received, but under

Mc Donald is a native Hindoo, a written contract to remain in 28 years of age. He renounced the Mission family a given numheathenism a few years ago ; ber of years. The beneficial conafterwards became perplexed, and sequences of this measure will be was thrown into darkness by easily imagined. The experiment Unitarian sentiments, in which already made

far state he remained, till he heard and strengthen and sustain the hopes embraced the truth at Maulamy- which were entertained at the




formation of the school. The additional letters and a journal children exhibit an amiable and were received from Mr Judson, tractable disposition, are easily bringing intelligence of most ingoverned, and inclined to give a teresting character, down to Sept. profound attention to the religious 21, 1828, assuring us that our instructions they receive. Moral fondest anticipations respecting principle is taking a firm hold up- the boarding school are more than on their feelings, and becoming an realized. Soon after their former object of attraction. Several of communications were forwarded, the pupils have at different times a revival of religion commenced, evinced much tenderness of spirit; and the first child taken, was the and one of them has deceased, only survivor of the school which leaving a full conviction in the the lamented Mrs Judson began minds of all the Missionaries, of in Ava. The work spread, and her genuine piety. Her history in a few weeks Eight, having is deeply affecting throughout; furnished the most satisfactory and her rescue from both natural evidence of their conversion to and moral slavery and degrada- God, were admitted to baptism. tion, is matter of devout thanks- Of the exact number of the school, giving to God; and, as an early since its removal to Maulamying, triumph, won by the instrumen- we are not informed; but have no tality of this Mission, should en- reason to suppose from those that courage them in future labors. were then withdrawn, that it Of this child, Mrs Wade thus amounts to twenty. How generspeaks: “We found her a poor al and powerful must that religious little slave, about seven years old, influenoe have been which has so in the hands of a cruel wretch, happily subjected to Christ, nearly, who had by a series of unheard of (perhaps more than) one half of barbarities, reduced her to the last the whole. Nor has the work extremity. My heart bleeds even been limited to the school, or idennow, to think what she suffered tified itself with class of when we first saw her. But she means; but as in our country, so recovered, and enjoyed pretty there, every instrumentality bowgood health, till she was taken ever humble, which went to exdown with her last illness, which hibit salvation by Christ, has been terminated in about six weeks. blessed.

The preaching of the About a month before her depar- word by the brethren at the zayture, she gave pleasing evidence ats, having proved the power and of a work of grace upon her heart, wisdom of God to the saving of and died enjoying in an eminent some of the heathen, they in turn degree, all the sweet consolations have been useful to others. It is of a hope in Christ. But it is a fact worthy of consideration, only those who heard her from and of the highest gratitude, that day to day lisp her prayers and so many of the converts have inpraises to God; who caught with stantly imbibed the spirit of primia joy unfelt before, the first dawn tive Christianity, and entered with of light which beamed upon her zeal into the work of turning dark mind; who watched with others from idols; and that they hearts raised to God its gentle moreover, seem so providentially progress, that can realize what a fitted for extending their usefulprecious and heavenly scene the ness, being themselves of different death bed of little Mee Shway-ee nations, and able each, to address presented.”

his countrymen in his native lan

guage. “She sleeps in Jesus, and is blest,

From the 1st of January, 1828,

to the date of our last information, We had proceeded thus far in twenty-one had been baptized at the report of this Station, when this station; and at a late season


How sweet her slumbers are."


of communion, twenty native dis- disposition of Mr Cephas Benciples were at the table. A specta- nett of Utica, early in November, cle in view of which, the bosoms they had a personal interview of all the redeemed might swell with him, and on the 14th by solwith holy joy. It was probably emn resolutions, accepted him

to be expected that such and Mrs Bennett as their Misconquests should be made from sionaries. This interesting family the ranks of deluded idolaters relinquish a favored situation and without opposition. Their hos- a prosperous business, making an tility has been aroused and direct- unreserved consecration of themed to its extent against the dis- selves and property to the cause ciples, but they have stood firm of the heathen, and anticipating amidst its virulence, and the word no other temporal reward, than of the Lord has been magnified. the satisfaction of being useful to

them. They are expected to leave Printing Establishment.

this country by an early ship, for To the accomplishment of their the field of their labors. wishes in relation to this establish- The prospect that sufficient ment, the Board have directed un means will be secured to carry wearied exertions. They have through an edition of the Scripgiven the necessary instructions tures, is now encouraging. On to the brethren in India to carry application of a committee of your forward to a happy completion Board, the American Bible Societhe remaining translation of the ty with great unanimity and appaScriptures, and to

prepare for rent pleasure, appropriated 1200 publication religious Tracts and dollars to the object. Generous elementary works, which they individuals, about the first of Jan. have no doubt will be ready in 1829, came forward with offers of season. Indeed, they are already $50 each, provided others would assured that their wishes have do the same, making up according been anticipated in part, as the to one proposal, the sum of $1000 following extract from Mr Jud- by April 1st; and according to the son's Journal will show. July, other, $5000 in five years. The 1827. “I have been chiefly em- first has been promptly met, and ployed for a month past, in revis, considerable progress made in the ing the New Testament, in several second, so that little doubt repoints that were not satisfactorily mains, that by persevering efforts, settled, when the translation was both will be realized. made. Have also completed two A printing press of ample dicatechisms for the use of the Bur- mensions and finished workmanman schools ; the one Astronom- ship, is prepared, and ready to be ical, in 38 questions and answers; taken out. the other Geographical, in 89,

Tracts. accompanied with a map of the world, with Burman names. Com- At the last Anniversary, a Commenced a translation of the Book mittee of the Board was instructof Psalms." While directions were ed to apply to the Baptist Genesent abroad, corresponding meas- ral Tract Society at Philadelphia, ures were adopted at home, to and to the American Tract Sociprovide a competent printer for ety in New York, for assistance so important a situation; and the to publish Tracts in Burman, means of successfully prosecuting They delayed their request till the design. The Board trust they about the time a printer should have been directed to one, whose go out. Those benevolent Socieheart the Lord has inclined to ties, however, being unofficially take this service upon himself. apprised of the design, gave earBeing made acquainted with the ly notice of their disposition to

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