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aid ;

righteous performances, and declared

the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, The friends of Missions have been

we became acquainted with them, and pleased in learning that several Bur- believed, and were baptized,-which man converts have become highly facts I testify and transmit in this letuseful as religious instructers to their ter, the result of a joyful mind.

As to my own circumstances, I forcountrymen, and thus present the merly lived at Bike, (Mergui,) where pleasing prospect of multiplying the the rulers grievously oppressed the heralds of the cross, from among those people, in consequence of which, I who have been involved in the dark- view to my present and future welfare,

removed to Rangoon. There, with a ness of heathenism. Moung Ing is I became a disciple of the great Salen well known by reputation to our read- teacher, a person well skilled in the ers, as a zealous friend to the pro, the grace of God sought and selected

sacred books. While thus situated, gress of the gospel, and a successful

One day, a person came with a laborer with the Missionaries. The missionary writing, which he said he Board have voted that some pecuniary received from teacher Judson. I aid shall be granted to native teachers, sire to know more. Early the next

heard his words, and had a strong deto enable them to devote their time to morning, I went to listen. I found the work, and render more efficient the teachers, heard the gospel, and ob

and already one hundred dollars tained a glimmering of light. After have been received by the Treasurer, tism. The teachers were not satisfied,

eight or nine days, I requested bapfrom a liberal friend, towards the sup- and declined baptizing me. I then port of Moung Ing. This convert has took the sacred writings, and returned recently addressed a letter to the Cor. to my former place of residence.

There I was variously employed, and responding Secretary, in the Burman

got no increase of light. But when character, a translation of which was the rains set in, not being able to go transmitted by Mr Judson. Although on as usual, I applied myself to study it details many events familiar to our

the Scriptures, and meditate on God and readers, yet we doubt not it will be ed. I saw my sins and repented of

pray to him. Then the light increas. read with interest, as it exhibits the them. I put my trust in the Lord Jetrain of thought and the mode of ex- sus Christ; and on returning to Ranpression of a Burman who is now de: goon, again requested baptism; and voted to the spread of the gospel.

after being examined, obtained that

favor. From that time, (except one MOUNG ING'S LETTER.

more visit to Bike,) I continued to re

main with the teachers; and I accomMoung Ing sends greeting to teach- panied them to Ava.

After we had been there a few er Bolles, Superintendant of the missionary affairs of the Lord Jesus months, great trouble and misery came Christ, agreeably to the will of God upon us. The English and Burmans the Father-in Salem, America-a re

went to war; and when the news of gion favored with the religion of the the taking of Rangoon reached Ava, Divine Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the the chief jailor and the executioners only way of eternal life, according to

came, and having tied the teacher's the will of God, most excellent, in the

arms behind him, carried him off. On highest heavens. Grace and peace be the way, in order to extort money, multiplied to thee, from God the Father, they threw him down, and trode upwho is willing to be so called by all on him, and drew the cords so tight, men, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, that when he could bear it no longer, who ever saves from sin and hell all we were obliged to give them money, who believe in and love him.

upon which they slackened the cords Certain teachers, acquainted with

a little and went forward. On arriv. the grace of God, the object of uni- ing at the court house, the governversal worship, having come from ment examined him, and put on three their own country, situated at an im- pair of fetters, and sent him to the inmense distance, and having labored in ner prison, to be treated with severity.

We were then obliged to conciliate the all went to Rangoon, and thence to jailers, and give them presents to get a Amherst. little relief. After eight or ten days, But the teacher made no stay in Amthey had recourse to their former se herst-he returned to accompany the verity, and got more presents. In this English Envoy to Ava, in hope of getmanner, for about a year, the jailers ting some permission to do missionary and executioners continued to abuse work in Burmah. the teacher, and extort money. Then The teacheress built her own house, he was taken away to Oung-pen-la, and two little school zayats-one for about six miles distant. The execu- boys and one for girls, and made me tioners stripped him of his shoes, and teach them to read. She herself came almost all his clothes, and carried bin and taught the girls to sew. On Sunoff in the middle of the day, when the days, Moung Shway-bay, inyself, Mah sun was very hot. In consequence of Men-lay and Mah Doke, with several this, the soles of his feet were as if of the neighbors, met at her house, burnt with fire; and all the skin came and had worship. After three months off, and they were one great wound. spent in this way, she was taken ill After remaining at that place about and sent for a doctor. In a few days five months, they took the teacher out the disease became violent, and she of fetters, and sent him to the head told us all to pray to God that she quarters of the army, to act as inter- might be wholly resigned to the divine preter.

will. We then continued diligently As to the teacheress, from the day to pray and take care of her. After six the trouble came, she went about to or seven days more, she said that she the houses of governinent people, and could stay with us no longer; and havthough she could not procure the re- ing given us directions how to remain, lease of the teacher, she got permis- and told us to take care of her little sion sometimes to visit him in prison. daughter and all the things, until the After two or three months, however, teacher should return, she died. that was prohibited. She then concil- One month after the teacheress died, iated the governor of the city, and ob- teacher Wade arrived from Bengal ; tained an order to go about the town and in two months more, teacher Judand enter the prison occasionally, son returned from Ava. dressed like a Burman woman. Soon Afterwards I went to Bike, (Mergui) after, she was confined with a daugh- from a desire to preach the gospel to ter, and having somewhat recovered, those who had never heard, and io glothe prison being at a great distance rify the Lord Jesus Christ; and I from her house, she moved into a shed made a little beginning-I went about in the governor's yard, that she might to the houses and places of assembling, be near the prison; and there she and preached to all I met. I found cooked food for the teacher and took four or five who considered and desircare of him. When he was carried ed to believe: Others were not only off to Oung-pen-la, she followed for indisposed to believe, but desirous of the same purposes, and there re- abusing and beating me. Afterwards mained. On the teacher's being re- I returned, and with teachers Judson leased and sent to the army, she went and Wade, removed altogether to Mauback to her own house. There she lamying, where the inhabitants are became dreadfully ill, and lost her more numerous; and at this place, we mind, so that she talked at random. are laboring in missionary work. The As this crisis, through the mercy of teachers Wade and Judson have built God, teacher Price was released ; and a zayat each, in suitable places, and on his giving her medicine, she recove preach to all they meet. I go about

here and there, and try to do as well When the teacher was sent back as I can. Moung Shway-bay teaches from the army, he was not allowed to the girls to read, and at leisure times, live in his house ; but the north com- goes about in the same way. Teacher mandant of the palace took charge of Boardman has gone to Tavoy, and is him in his own house, to which the preaching there. teacheress also was removed, as soon

There are seven disciples living, as she was able; and there they lived who did not come with us to Amherst, comfortably for about a inonth; after two of whom are women. Of the four which, the Burman government being that came, three are here; one of beaten and forced to pay money, we them, Maha Men-lay, is dead. The


ligion ? "

following are new disciples :-Mah began to loathe bad company, drunkLoon-byay, Mah Lah, May Nyo, enness, &c. He became much troubabove eighty years old ; Mee Aa, about led in mind, and commenced praying. thirteen, Moung Shway-bay's daugh- Thinks much about the Son of God, ter; Mah-ree, about twelve; Mee Nen-, and says he loves him. Is grieved to yay, Mee Nen-mah and Mee Tan- see men go on in sin. He loves the goung,

a little younger; Moung missionaries as God's people, and wishShway-pwen, and Moung Thah-pyoo, es to follow their ways. who have gone to Tavoy; Moung En, Oct. 6. Had a very interesting Moung lan-loon, Moung Shway-pan, conversation with Kaneeda : he seems Mah Doke's husband, Moung Dwah, to feel the depravity of his hoart, and Mc Donald, a Hindoo; little Moung to appreciate the value of the atoneIan-loon, and Ko Myat-kyau—in all ment of Jesus. Says he can trust in seventeen. And there are many oth- the Saviour, loves him, and wishes to ers who are considering, and who will know all his will, that he may serve become disciples. Ko Myat-kyau's el- him more exactly. He says he has der brother, and wife, and o‘her rela- talked with his sisters about the ways tions, were opposed to it, and persecuted of God. They were willing to hear, him greatly; but he bore it patiently; and thought it good. and now they are somewhat reconcil


1829. Received a letter ed. Two of the girls have been beat- from Sugg Fort, of Port Royal, enen by their mothers. Mee Nen-mah's closing sixteen dollars, to be applied mother said, when she beat her, “Ha, towards circulating portions of scripyou, a religion in which you cannot ture, hymns, &c. in the Cherokee lantell lies, what you take for ? Our race guage. I hope this example will be must buy and sell and get their living followed, that the poor Cherokees may by telling lies.” Mee lan-goung's read, in their own tongue, the wonmother said, “ Ha, I put you to learn derful works of God. to read and to sew only. Did I put Feb. 2. Kaneeda brought back a you with the teachers to take their re- little book I lent him, for two weeks,

And then she dragged her with a few chapters and some hyinns by the hair and beat her. The Hin- in Cherokee. He said he had scarcedoo, Mc Donald, when he was bap- ly got a sight of it; his wife, and sister, tized, having in his possession certain and some others, had been so engaged books which are contrary to the Scrip- in reading it, as to keep it constantly tures of the Lord Jesus Christ, brought occupied. There are many more who them all and threw them into the water. are equally desirous to read the word

But if I should write about all things of God. I trust the Lord will give it particularly, my letter would be too to them by some

means. A small long; so I write a summary only. portion of the Scriptures will soon be Teacher Judson will translate into printed; and I trust the friends of the English. In the year of Christ 1828, Redeemer will furnish ụs the means the Burman year 1190, on the 10th of to circulate it in the dark recesses of the decrease of Wah-goung (Aug. 5th) these mountains. I could circulate at this letter is finished.

least a thousand copies, to persons who Translated from the original, which

would rejoice to receive them. is forwarded herewith. A. JUDSON. The following letter to the CorresRev. Dr Bolles.

ponding Sec'ry, has just come to hand.

Valley Towns, June 17, 1829.

Rev. Sir, VALLEY TOWNS. Journals have been received from that the poor Cherokees, amidst the

I have much pleasure to inform you Rev. Evan Jones, of the Valley Towns, lowerings of Providence, as regards detailing events relative to that station; temporal prospects, are daily manifestextracts from which follow.

ing a more decided disposition to listen

to the overtures of grace. July 29, 1828. Kaneeda gave a

On Sabbath day, June 14, two of very refreshing account of a change them, Kaneeda and his wife, neither which was taken place in his mind. of whom have any knowledge whatThe first thing that excited his atten- ever of the English language, gave us tion was hearing of the sufferings of an account of a work of grace on their the Son of God, for men. Then he minds, and the happy change it had

produced in their views, and feelings, mented missionary, Mrs Ann H. Judand prospects, which caused a thrill of son, and which has since been conwonder and joy to pass through the ducted by her worthy associates in the

audience. A great number of people Burman Mission :-accordingly, it is • were present. The worldling was as- the wish of the Society, that the mon

tonished and confounded, and the saint eys forwarded by them, be still apexulted in the efficacy of the gospel. plied to this object.

Two white females also professed It is with deep regret, that we find faith in the blessed Redeemer. One our annual contribution so much diof these was peculiarly interesting. minished—yet would not thence be The meek and entire dependence on discouraged. We trust that the Misthe atoning sacrifice which was man- sionary spirit will no longer languish ifested in her experience, connected among us. Indeed, since the recent with the propriety of her conduct, encouraging accounts have reached produced a lively sensation in the con- us, relative to the progress of the eastgregation.

ern mission, an increased interest has They were all baptized, and after- apparently been excited in this truly wards we sat down to commemorate noble cause. It has become the more the death of our blessed Redeemer. It earnest prayer of many friends of Zion was the most interesting day we have here, that the light of the glorious ever witnessed at this place.

gospel may quickly be spread over naThere have now been twenty bap- tions who are now enveloped in moral tized at this station. There are a great darkness and death-that our missionnumber more whose minds are agitat- ary brethren may be sustained and ed about the concerns of eternity, and prospered in their labors of love, and who are inquiring after the way of that through their instrumentality, the truth. I hope the Holy Spirit will whole heathen world may ere long be lead them to trust in the sacrifice of converted to God. the blessed Jesus.

To every Christian heart, it is truly I am, Rev. Sir, your obedient ser

grateful to hear of the advancement

of the Saviour's kingdom; among igvant in the Gospel, EVAN JONES.

norant and degraded heathen. But to Rev. L. Bolles.

the female breast, this cause appeals with peculiar power. It is anxiously hoped, that this impulse will not be felt in vain; but that it will be uni

versally attended with correspondent THE BAPTIST BOARD OF FOREIGN efforts, in behalf of that large portion

of our miserable fellow beings who

are “perishing for lack of knowledge.” Richmond, April 25, 1829.

Yours, very respectfully, Dear Sir,

JANE N. DANIEL, Cor. S.C. In compliance with a late resolution

FRANCES B. GREENHOW, Dir. of the “ Richmond Female Judson Society," the sum of fourteen dollars is now remitted to you, as Treasurer of the “ Baptist General Convention for Missionary purposes, in the United FROM REV. JOHN PECK, CAZENOStates.” This suin, which is the an- VIA, N. Y. JUNE 30, 1829. nual contribution of the “ Judson Society,” you will receive by the hand

“I have received about one hundred of the Rev. James B. Taylor, pastor of dollars for the Foreign Mission within the second Baptist church in this city ;

a short time, and liberal contributions and agreeably to the wish of the above for our State Convention, to the amount named Society, will place it to the of one thousand dollars. It has done credit of the “ Virginia Baptist Mis

me good to see the zeal manifested sionary Society.”

among God's dear children for the The design of the “ Judson Jociety,” spread of the gospel among the destiit is generally known, is to assist in tute. May the blessing of many ready supporting the native female school, to perish come upon them.” established by the late useful and la- Dea. H. Lincoln. Sept. 1829.






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Rev. Noah Davis, Agent of the Baptist General Tract Society, with much industry and care, compiled from the Minutes of Associations,
and published in the Tract Magazine, for January last, a statistical table of the Baptists in the United States and British Provinces, as correctly as
could be ascertained. This table is very convenient for reference, and it is desirable to extend its circulation. For some considerable time we have
had it in type ; but other matter has prevented its insertion in the Magazine. As the anniversaries of many Associations will be held the present and
following months, its publication at this time will be appropriate, and we doubt not it will be welcome to our readers.

Associations. States. Chş. Min. Bpd. Total. Date. Associations. States. Chs. Min. Bpd. Total. Date. Associations. States. Chs. Min. Bpd, Total. Date.
Upper Canada U.C. 15 11

855 1828
N. Y. 12 7 55 750 1827 Northumberland Pa.

5 2 3 133 1828
New-Brunswick N. B.
30 8 140 1341 do

Black River
do 33 22 114 2159 1828 Philadelphia

do 24 28 149 2815 do
Nova Scotia
N. S. 27 23 334 1772 do Cayuga
do 26 18 112 2214 1827 Redstone

do 28 24 36 1047 1826

Me. 45 34

74 3005 do Chautauque do 25 19 144 1337 1828 Susquehannah


4 4 2 210 1828 Cumberland do 33 26 167 2214 do Chemung do 19 12 8 756 1826 Washington


9 6 18 305 1827 Eastern Maine

31 18 229 2320 do Cortlandt
do 17 15 114 2052 1828 Delaware

Del. 9 9 15 538 do

45 27 371 2930 do Essex

22 605 1827 Baltimore

Md. 14 16 48 588 do

25 18 240 1269 do Franklin
do 22 18 138 1896 1828 Salisbury

do 16 9 22 433 1828 York do SO 19 63 1299 do

Genessee 19 12 102 1085 do Accomac


6 5 50 520 1827 Dublin N.H. 18 10 82 908 1826 Holland Purchase

52 25 148 1634 do Albermarle


18 8 68 1641 1828 Meredith do 15 18 49 1193 1828 Hudson River

20 22 183 2450 Appomattox

20 9 150 1789 1827

20 12 143 1296

Lake George

9 6 486 1825 Columbia

18 8 68 1641 1828 Leyden

Vt. 20 20 77 1489 do Madison 32 25 168 3046 1828 Dover

48 37 1437 14403

13 7 2

10 11 59 882 do Goshen

31 17

302 4485 do Danville

do 18 5 70

701 Niagara 12 12 58 604 do Green Briar

10 4 4 243 1825 Fairfield 17 8 33 1018 1826 Ontario do 42 27 193 3202 1827 Ketocton

do 21 6 109 1556 1828 Manchester

do 7 5 35 506 1828 Oneida 19 16 64 2344 1828 Meherin

14 8 97 905 do Vermont do 24 13 28 1523

do Otsego

do 22 22

171 1718 do Middle District


1300 1827
Woodstock Vt. & N. H. 27 26 142 2682 do Onondago

2012 51 1210 do

s 1 83 141 do Shaftsbury Vt. & N. Y. 26 27 167

2545 1826 Rensella erville

do 21
41 2035 1827 Portsmouth

27 12 1096 3722 1828
Mass. 14 10 107 861 1828 Saratoga

23 12 85 2364 1828 Roanoke

31 22

2412 1825
do 24 33 346 3223 do


do 16 85 1036 1827 Shiloh

28 12 96 2386 1828 Salem do 19 23 325 2264 do Steuben

do 19 17 117 1216 do Strawberry

16 do

9 92 1048 1827 Sturbridge

do 12 22 918 do St. Lawrence do 21 13 251 1875 1827 Tease's Valley do


257 1825 Old Colony

do 16 13
10 1050 do Union

15 14 49 1117 do Union

do 16 11

570 do Wendell

57 756 9 do Washington

153 1312 1828 Cape Fear

N.O. 13 4 124 843 1828
do 17 18 153 1655 do Warwick
N. Y. & N.J. 21 14 79 1371 do Catawba

do 14 11

512 1827


New York

do 27 26
98 1888 1827

do 28

246 3200 18

28 18 192 3498 do

N. J. 34 21
130 2292 1828 County Line


12 30 127 1240 1825 Ashford

27 1216 do Abington

Pa. 10 26 633 1827 French Broad

do 24 10 83 926 1828

25 18 111 1894


do 14 26 412 1828 Flat River do 15 14

1841 1825 New Haven

do 14 20 192 1275 do

Bridgewater do

652 1826 10


do 19 8 23 568 1827 New-London

do 19 24 120 1922 do. French Creek

10. 28 366 1827 Kehukee

do 85 17 160 1506 1825 Stonington Union do 14 16 82 2677

do Juniata do 11 10 38 456 1828

Mountain do 19 7

794 do









do 8

do 17


New Jersey


15 10

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