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States. Chs. Min. Bpd. Total. Date.
N. C. 19 10 98 793 1826

9 5 18 449 do
25 18 227 1668 1825
16 8 10


10 5

384 1827
S.C. 33 27 130 2147 1825
do 43 47 726 4757 1828

36 28 84 2145 1826

12 14 64 799 1825
do 28 21 91 1044 1828

23 24 425 3951 do
29 13 200 1196 do
89 25 1716 5405 do
36 17 310 1757 do
62 29 1712 4685

11 5

267 1825
32 15

1366 do


9 278 5886 1827 23 9 142 1172 1828

20 12 619 1281 do Ala. 22 8 159

874 1825 do

17 6 49 481 do do

9 8 199 549 1828 do

33 28 102 1431 1827 23 IS 89 1206 1828

17 12 85 544 do do

21 12 57 798 Tenn. 19 9 33 776

do do

14 8 38 914 do
II 11

879 1825
17 29 81 1806 do
II 10

633 do
22 27 97

1149 do
19 10 41 853 1928
28 17 119 2001 1825
29 16 17 1500

19 20

44 902 1825 Mise

14 8 14 1883 1827

Pearl River

Little Rock
Cap. Girardieu
Fishing River
Mount Pleasant
Salt River
Fort Humanity
Little Wabash
Muddy River
Wabash District
Blue River
Coffee Creek
Flat Rock
Little Pidgeon
Silver Creek
White Water
Baptist Association
Burning Spring
Gasper River

Associations States. Che. Min. Bpd. Total. Date.
Green River

30 18

23 1532 1828 Highland


15 8 12 405 1825 Licking

27 14 79 1215

Little River

do 33 15

1369 1825
Long Run

31 20

8CO 3277 1827
North Bend


17 15 57 1194 1828 North District

do 23 IB

649 2093 do
Russel's Creek

20 8 35 944



23 15 158 1655 do South District


21 IO 39 1568 1825 South Union

do 10 7 80

340 do
Stocktons V.

15 9

68 690 1828
Tate's Creek


25 17 1395 3046 do Union


IS 8 292 875 1827

17 12 19

475 1825
Eagle Creek

3 2

3 176 do
East Fork of L. Mia. do

IS 13 195 982 1828
Grand River


18 8 89 761 do Huron


16 $ 21 262 do

8 6 17 248

Little Miami

do 16 8 195 382

do Mad River


23 IS 95 885 do Mahoning


14 307 1003 do Meig's Creek

17 13


do Mobecan


17 15 30 615 7825 Muskingum

28 20 47 1050

do Miami


24 12 228 1031 1827 Ohio


II 9

435 1825

14 II

508 đo

12 6 17

249 1828
M. Ter. 4 3

108 do Seventh-day Con. U. S. 24 25 295 3171


States Chs. Min. Bpd. Total. Date. Miss. 17 9 45 551

i825 do

38 19 132 1303 1828 do

6 37 522 1825 La.

10 I 2 32 225 1827 A. Ter.


17 88 do 9 10

277 do 13

7 350 do 14 14 9 354 1827 6 S

175 1825 IS 12 26 406 1827

5 45 248 1828 do

31 IS 00 1248 1827 do

12 6 19 281 de do 13 12 136 661



8 14 47 275 do

1828 do 14 14

406 1825 do

9 14 26 232 do is 12


do Ind.

29 28 79 987 do 19 IS 57 743

II 10 21 298

24 II IIS 755 1828


17 30 584 do 16 20

50 505 1825 12


1826 do



232 1825 23 II

37 1005 do 8 142 952

1828 16 14


1282 do 17 10 28 1366

1825 do 14

439 do do 8

347 1827 12

40 081 1828

1676 4346 do
18 12 285 1738 do
14 TO 35 1048 do
19 14 39 1025 1827


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do Ky.




Pee Dee
Sandy Creek
Savannah River,
Yellow River
Flint River
Mount Zion
Muscle Schoals
Caney Fork
Elk River
Powell's Valley
Red River






[blocks in formation]

THE total numbers of 1828 are believed to be considerably short of the truth, as the year past has been distinguished by great displays of divine power and grace in the conversion of
sinners. The materials for making up the account, were indeed more ample than the last year's, but still there was a great deficiency. The Minutes of some Associations have never been for-
warded, and in other instances the total of 1825, 1826, or 1827, have from necessity been inserted. The Corresponding Secretary of each Association is requested to forward a copy of the
Minutes to the Rey. Noah Davis, Agent of the Tract Society, at Philadelphia, that the annual tables published in future may be accurately stated from the last printed Minutes.


NEW YORK BAPTIST MISS. SOCIETY. tian knowledge, and the gospel of

Mark, and also spelling, writing, geogThe New York Baptist Missionary raphy, &c. Several schools have reSociety held its annual meeting in the ceived names from patrons in the Unitcity of New York, at the Oliver Street ed States; as the Salem, New York, Baptist meeting house, June 2. We are Philadelphia, &c. and among the items gratified to learn from the Report of its of donations for their support, is an acproceedings the last year, that it is ren

knowledgment of eight hundred and dering efficient aid in advancing the Re

In deemer's kingdom. Several churches twenty dollars from America.

some instances, children read with recently formed, have been materially aided in supporting the ministry of the great facility, any book used in the

schools. Mothers, who have received word, and missionaries have been ap- instruction, have also commenced inpointed to labor in different sections. structing their female children, which, We notice with pleasure, that several in its progress, may be expected soon churches, who have received assistance, have in return formed missiona- tion which females occupy in society

to effect a happy revolution in the stary societies, and made encouraging re

in Bengal. mittances, to replenish the funds ad

The Committee state the numerous vanced for their assistance.

difficulties which still impede their progress, with a view to bespeak the

patience of their patrons in Great CALCUTTA BAPTIST FEMALE

Britain and America. The prejudices

of the people, the frequent recurrence The prophet Zephaniah affirms that of disease, the numerous holidays, and the Lord will famish all the gods of the the injurious effect of exposure to the earth. As idol worship is supported by ig- weather on the health of the superinnorance, superstition, cruelty and vice, tendants, all contribute to hinder thein it is apparent that the diffusion of light, in their exertions. Disappointment is and the prevalence of truth, must ne

sometimes experienced by patrons, cessarily famish the heathen gods. when the particular school to which The various efforts which are

their funds are appropriated does not making to evangelize the world, will prosper. On this and other accounts, therefore possess a deep interest in ev- the Committee suggest to their friends ery benevolent mind.

the propriety of allowing their contriAmong the means employed, the in- butions to be appropriated to aid the struction of children holds a prominent object generally, rather than to the place, and will, undoubtedly, soon ex. support of particular schools; which hibit the most happy results.

would relieve the minds of the ComWe have received from Calcutta, mittee from considerable anxiety, and the seventh and eighth Reports of the leave them more at liberty to proseCalcutta Baptist Female School Socie

cute the work as favorable opportunity, from which we with much pleas- ties might invite. We extract the ure select the following intelligence.

conclusion of the seventh Report, deThe Baptists and Independents had scriptive of the efforts of the Board. been united in conducting the schools; but at the seventh annual meeting, it

• Difficulties have not diminished was resolved, that the union, having their zeal in the work allotted to been found necessarily to involve some

them; and the most impressive mopecuniary and other difficulties, be tive for perseverance is found in the dissolved. But the Committee re- enlarged acquaintance, which every cord, that this measure has been adopt- successive year supplies, with the ed with the kindest feelings on both condition and necessities of the people. sides, and with affectionate wishes The work of superintendence necesthat the most abundant success may sarily leads those engaged in it into attend the labors of each denomina- the midst of their abodes, and domestion.

tic circles. Here they see things as The seventh Report, 1828, stated they are; but the knowledge gained, the number of Schools under the care yields, alas ! little satisfaction. It of the Society, to be seventeen, com

causes them to feel, that wretchedprising about three hundred and fifty ness is the Hindoo female's "condition; children, superintended by Mrs Ca- that, destitute of knowledge, deprived rey, Mrs Pearce, and Mrs Yates. of liberty, living without respect, They are taught a catechism of Chris doomed to idleness or drudgery, she is


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the slave, and not the companion of are having their daughters instructed
man. But the necessity of their ex- at home.
ertions is not the only motive : labor
has not been in vain; success is lifting

By the eighth Report we perceive up her head, and saying, “Go for that the schools are increased to twenward.” Year after year witnesses ty. The following is a statement of six the increase of knowledge, the subju- schools, supported by funds from the gation of prejudice, the alteration of

United States. opinion, and a growing regard for instruction among females. Let it be

The Boston School. hoped, therefore, from what is to be seen, and from what we know of the This was formerly the Doorgapore operation of knowledge on the mind, school on the mission premises there. that the time for the education of In- It contains twenty-two children, posdian Females is come.'

sesses an excellent teacher, and is in a The eighth Report, published in

prosperous condition. 1829, is also highly encouraging. In

The Boardman School. relation to the general progress

of The formation of this school was efmissionary enterprises, the Committee fected early in the present year. It ask,

The contains twenty-four scholars.

master is diligent, and the school is go• Who that witnessed the rise of ing on well. these things a few years since, con. The Newburyport School. templated half of that which has been

This school has been established achieved ? Into whose mind did the

about six months. The master is a thought enter, that within forty years respectable man; and the children, there would leave different Christian about eighteen in number, are advanccountries several hundreds of mission

ing in their learning. aries, having solely in view the glory of God and the salvation of the heath- The Philadelphia School en,—that the holy Scriptures would Contains twenty pupils. On account be translated and printed in more than of the conduct of the mistress, its protwo hundred different languages and gress has not been so good as that of dialects,—that millions of Bibles and

some others. It is intended to appoint religious tracts would be circulated,

another teacher. that many myriads of the rising generation would be gratuitously instruct

The Salem School. ed, and read in their own tongues the The condition of this, which has wonderful works of God,—that tens of been long established, is very satisfacthousands of idolaters of various na- tory. About twenty children are attions, polite and rude, would abandon tached to it. the worship of the creature, and be

The New York School. come with joy the devoted servants of the great Creator? Who then imag- The character of this school is equalined that the inconsiderable rill of a ly good with that of the former one. tew pounds in aid of Christian benev. It contains about twenty children. olence, would have swollen to the ma- Mrs CAREY, of Cutwa, having statjestic stream that is now volling annu

ed that an opening now presents itself ally more than half a million sterling there, she has been requested by the to fertilize the steril regions of the Committee to establish another school, heathen world?'.

to be called the Bacheller School.

This measure will add another to the The prejudices of the natives in Cal- list of the American schools. cutta, in relation to female education,

The following incidents, which

have occurred in the past year, will be are so manifestly subsiding, that several

read with pleasure. respectable Brahmins are now instruc

A little girl in one of the schools reters in these humble seminaries; the marked to her superintendent: “Since obtaining of scholars is compara- you told me that it was sinful to tell a

lie, I have never told one.” tively easy, and several of the most

The undermentioned case is one of a respectable in the Hindoo community decided and encouraging nature.


. With the hope of obtaining a school the metropolis, and its vicinity. In for a native Christian female, a person Islington we have had a day much to was employed by the Society at a be remembered. It was overwhelmsmall expense, to teach her to read. ing to see the numbers that focked By her diligence, the good woinan together for prayer at 7 in the mornwas soon qualified, but did not suc- ing, at noon, and again at night. The ceed in raising a school. She, how- good fruit has already begun to apever, being desirous of doing good, pear, and most of our churches have employed her talents in reading, as been favored with accessions since she found opportunity, the word of that time. In my own, nearly all the God to her neighbors. After a short members of one family were impresstime her labors were blessed to one of ed at that season, which impression, I them, who became a very serious in- trust, has issued in true conversion. quirer; and eventually, being convinc. We have just received, as members of ed that there was salvation in none the church, the father and mother, other than the Son of God, was bap- one son and two daughters. tized a few months ago, and has since Rev. H. F. Burder, of Hackney, lived in a very consistent manner. (England) writes: 'In several of our

“ The husband of this individual has churches—and I am thankful to be also abandoned idolatry, in conse- able to say in my own—we have much quence of the conversation and exam- cause for gratitude and encourageple of his wife; attends Christian wor- ment. I do hope that the spirit of ship regularly in company with her, prayer for the heavenly gift, and of and furnishes, by his general deport- increased exertion, is beginning to ment, good reason to hope, that event- prevail here, and that it will be folually he will become a genuine Chris- lowed by a corresponding conveyance tian character. These persons are of the “unction of the Holy One.". now instructing their little boy, a child of seven years of age, in the knowl. An extract of a letter from the Rev. edge of evangelical principles. Hence Jesse Hartwell, jr. Sumter District, it appears, that a whole fainily have S. C. dated June 29, 1829, to a been rescued from Hindooism by the

Friend in the Newton Theological instrumentality of this Society.

Seminary. To their respected American friends, the Committee present also their sin- state. In the lower part of this dis

“ The Lord is doing wonders in our cere thanks, for the very liberal and trict, many have recently made a prodisinterested manner in which they session of their faith in the Lord Jesus have helped forward this good cause; Christ. and beg to inform them, that another three at the Moriah church in one

In April, I baptized forty remittance, amounting to seven hundred day. I have baptized there since the and fifty dollars, or one thousand five Charleston Association, one hundred hundred and fifty-seven rupees, has and twenty persons. Truly may we recently been received by thé Liver

say, What hath God wrought! pool packet.'

A good work is going on in a number of other churches. Brother Mallo

ry is enjoying a good harvest of souls. REVIVALS.

He has baptized nearly a hundred

since the South Carolina Convention. The deep interest which is at pres- Brother Burdett has also baptized one ent apparent in the English churches hundred since that time. Brother relative to revivals of religion, has fre- Dossey of Society Hill, has baptized quently been adverted to in our pages about fifty in the course of the last The means employed for obtaining this

month.” inestimable blessing, have in many instances been crowned with success. By a letter from J. H. Dwyer, dat

Rev. Mr Lewis, of Islington, Lon- ed Moriah, N. Y. June 1, 1829, we don, writes: The shower of divine learn that the revival of religion in influence, we trust, is approaching us. this place continues. On the 3d of In Wales, thousands have been brought May, ten candidates were baptized; to the knowledge of the truth, and and the season was peculiarly refreshadded to the church, within the lasting. On the fourth Sabbath in May, few months; and we are praying and the church met at the lake, at Port expecting that something like it may Henry; heard experiences in the take place amongst the churches in morning, and attended baptism at 12

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o'clock. The day was fair, and the MIDDLESEX BAPTIST MISSIONARY spectators numerous. On the last

SOCIETY Sabbath in May, twelve individuals The sixth Anniversary of this socifollowed their Lord in the ordinance ety was holden at the Baptist church of his appointment: and the season is in Lowell, on the 10th of June, 1829. described to have been peculiarly grat

An appropriate discourse was delivifying. Since this work of grace com- ered by Rev. Bartlett Pease, of Dunmenced, fifty-five have been baptized. stable, N. H. from the words of John

the Baptist—“ He must increase," afExtract of a letter from Rev. Mr Stubbs, Marlboro' District, S. C.

ter which the Society transacted its

annual business. April 16, 1829.

Rev. JOHN PARKHURST, was chosen Pres. « In November last, some tokens of E. W. FREEMAN, Cor. Sec.

AMASA SANDERSON, Rec. Sec. mercy began to appear, vital godli

Bro. CALVIN BLANCHARD, Treas. ness seemed to revive in the hearts of

Erecutive Committee. God's children, and a few of the

Deacon Eliakim Hutchings, Dea. John Farthoughtless were hopefully converted well, Dea. Joseph Douse, Dea. William Blodget, to God, and followed hiin in his way Brother Josiah Kendall, and Brother J. O. Mor

rill. rejoicing. In December, the work seemed to increase; and from that

Renewed the following resolution, time till the present, our churches which was adopted at our last Annihave been enjoying the outpouring of versary, viz. the blessed Spirit of God. For such Resolved, That we will use our enmercy may every power

of our souls deavors individually to have paid into arise in thanksgiving to God. As the the Treasury at our next annual meetresult of this revival, ninety-six have ing, at least double the amount receive been added to four of our Baptisted by the Treasurer at this meeting.* churches. I had the pleasure to bap

The next Anniversary is to be holdtize two old revolutionary soldiers, one

en with the newly formed church at of whom is seventy-six years of age. Tyngsboro', on the second Wednesday In another case, I baptized a house- in June, 1830, at 2 o'clock, P. M. hold on one day, consisting of nine The meeting was conducted with professed believers.” Col. Star. much harmony of feeling. It is hop

ed this Society will continue to inA season of refreshing is enjoyed by crease, and that its measures will be the church in Broadalbin, N. Y. Twen- so efficient, as that distant and dark ty-two have been baptized and added places of the earth may be made to the church, principally young per- abundantly joyful by its efforts. sons, three or four only being heads of In behalf of the Society, families.

E. W. FREEMAN, Car. Sec. We are pleased to learn, that a re

* The Society felt encouraged to renew

this resolution, in consequence of the favorable: vival of religion is now enjoyed in

consequences of its adoption at our meeting in Olammon, a settlement in Penobscot 1828. We have been enabled, by the blessing of county, Maine, under the labors, of God, to raise an amount during the past year near-Rev. Jacob Hatch, of Dexter, who ly triple that which was raised the year before..

The Treasurer's account sho that he has rewill be recognized as an acceptableceived, during the past year, one hundred and and useful missionary.

seven dollars. It is hoped that four times this.

amount will be exhibited in his account at the: sons have been baptized, and the organization of a church is soon antici

next Anniversary. pated.

“ The wilderness and solitary place are glad, and the desert blossoms as the rose.”

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Fifteen per



From the 10th Report of the Calcutta We learn from our western papers,

Bap. Miss. Soc. 1828. that the Kentucky Baptist Education

Eight natives have been baptized Society have agreed to locate a College following account is given :

at Doorgapore, of one of whom the in Georgetown in that State, and that • From the simple and pleasing acthe Corporation are already Trustees of count she gave, it appears that the about fifty thousand dollars for the ob- Christian deportment of one of the fe

male members of the church, and ject, without having made solicitations who had been

taught to read at the for donations.

expense of the Female School Society,

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