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Expense of heathen worship. 8th, and permit me to assure you, that To-day, I attended the funeral of a its contents not only afforded “instrucChinese, who had become a Bood- tion,” but also gave me real pleasure. hist, and had expended 15000 rupees Fancy what it must be, to live here in in erecting and gilding pagodas in this this dark pagan land six months, withplace. When will Christians do as

out seeing the face of a single female, liberally for the true God, as these excepting these poor uncivilized Bur. heathens do for their gods of brick and mans, and you will form some idea of mortar ?

the joy with which again and again I

perused your very welcome letter. Macedonian cry from a Karen Con- But do not let me convey the idea that

I feel discontented, for I am really Aug. 27. After evening worship in happy in the station in which kind Burman, the Karen Christian having Providence has placed me, and can related the adventures of the day, said say with the greatest sincerity, that I to me," there is one subject on which was never more cheerful, and would I wish to await your decision: I wish not exchange my situation for any you would write to America, for more that my dear native country could preteachers to be sent out." It is not a little singular, that the same subject There are three women now learnhad rested with much weight on mying to read in the girl's school. One own mind nearly all the day. Indeed, of the number, is Mah Lah, who was we are in very great need of at least baptized some time since, and has two additional missionaries in the prov. made such proficiency in knowledge ince of Tavoy.

of divine things, as gives us a great

deal of pleasure. The other two, are Brief retrospect.

hopeful inquirers. Could you spend Aug. 30 and 31. We are not left one day with the young converts, or wholly without encouragement. Our even attend one of their little meetings, school is in a more flourishing state and hear them all pray, I am sure you than at any former period; and one of would feel delighted, and more than the boys appears somewhat impressed repaid for all your benevolent exertions with a sense of divine things ;-many to support the school. You will hear Karens have heard the gospel and from the journals, of Mai Nyo, who is professed to embrace it; and we hope upwards of eighty years old, and was that in the course of the last two baptized with Mary Hasseltine, and months, since the zayat was opened, Me A. She walks near a mile, three one or two persons have been savingly or four times every week, to see us converted, Several others appear to and get religious instruction. The be inquiring; and the gospel has been girls who have been baptized, are very heard, and the Scriptures read, by sev- much attached to her, and she is eral hundred persons. “God's word equally fond of them, and seems to rewill not return to him void.”

In the quire the same kind of instruction, so divine promises alone, our hopes are that she is always counted in the class fixed and firm. Whatever of good may of young converts. The delightful have been, or may hereafter be done, task of leadin forward these little should be wholly ascribed to the ones in the “ divine life," with the time operation of the Holy Spirit. To that usually devoted to the Christian woblessed Agent's care I commit the in- men and inquirers, together with the terests of truth in this place, and a- school, must, you will readily suppose, dopt the language of the praying pro- occupy all my time, so that I find it phet,

“O Lord, revive thy work; in necessary to exclude myself from all the midst of the years make known ; in English Society. I hardly need obwrath remember mercy.”

serve, that I every day feel my need GEO. D. BOARDMAN.

of the advice and assistance of our dear and much lamented sister Judson.

How dark the dispensation, and how LETTER FROM MRS WADE TO MRS mysterious the Providence which call

ed her away at this interesting period

But we all desire to Maulamying, Sept. 22, 1828. of the mission !

bow in humble and silent submission, Respected and very dear Mrs B.

resting assured that the salvation of Your kind and very acceptable let- souls is a cause infinitely dearer to ter of January last, was received July Christ than ourselves, and though his


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mind us,

he says,

throne is often surrounded with blindness, with regard to spiritual “clouds” and “thick darkness,” yet things, are now earnestly seeking the we know it is still accessible to sin- path of life. ners, and that all these dark scenes Yesterday, another full Cherokee will finally show forth his wisdom and female, gave a satisfactory account of glory, and enhance our eternal felicity. her faith in the Lord Jesus. She seemBut we have many things here to re- ed to be deeply sensible of the malig

that the days of our pilgrim- nant nature of sin, and her own total age will be very few, and that it is depravity, and expressed an humble extremely desirable that others should and grateful trust in the sufferings and be ready to take our place. Are not death of the Son of God.

She was other Missionaries already on their baptized in the river Hiwassee, in the way to join us ? May they come to presence of a great number of her us with such feelings as the great people. A considerable number from Apostle to the Gentiles expresses when her own town (35 or 40 miles distant,

And I am sure that when in the mountains,) came with her, to I come unto you, I shall come in the witness the ordinance. Several of fulness of the blessing of the gospel of these persons are under serious impresChrist.” Should any Society or indi- sions, which I trust will issue in a vidual like to make up a box for the sound conversion. The inquirers are school, I would observe, that needles, very anxious to become acquainted thimbles, scissors, sewing cotton of all with the word of God, and read, with kinds, ink-powder, slates and pencils, eagerness, any portion they can get together with work bags, all kinds of hold of. I am glad to find, that this de. boxes, &c. &c. not forgetting emory sire is likely to be gratified in some debags which are indispensable in these gree, by the publication of the Gospel hot countries, would be very valuable of Matthew, in the Cherokee lanand acceptable. The number of schol. guage. It is translated by Mr Elias ars is now sixteen, besides the three Boudinot, under the direction of the women, and Moung Shwa-ba, their Rev. S. A. Worcester, and printed at teacher, which makes the number of the expense of the American Board. my Burman family twenty. I am hap- I have received from Mr Worcester, py, and I trust, thankful, that I can a copy as far as the 27th chapter, and I say that my health was never more presume the remainder is struck off by perfect than at present. I think I feel this time. I trust the Lord will put it some desires to give up the world, and into the hearts of his people, to furnish take up my cross daily and follow after us with the means of circulating this Christ. Pray much for me, my dear portion of his word, among those who sister, that my feeble exertions may be are perishing for lack of knowledge. owned by Christ, and that the remain

We have this morning commenced der of my life may be entirely devoted

a little Society, for the purchase and to him. That the choicest of Heaven's distribution of Cherokee books. But blessings may rest upon you yours,

the people being generally poor, in this until we shall meet in a happier state, region, we cannot expect much more is the sincere prayer of your affection than a manifestation of their disposition ate friend,

to receive and distribute the word of DEBORAH B. L. WADE. God.

Through the liberality of some Christian friends in Kentucky, transmit

ted by our late excellent brother, the INDIAN STATION.

Rev. Sugg Fort, and brother John
Pendleton, we have been furnished

with two hundred Cherokee Hymn CORRES- books, which are so highly prized,

that many of the Hymns are already

become as familiar as some of the more Valley Towns, Aug. 17, 1829. popular English Hymns of Watts and Rev. and dear Sir,

others. I have great pleasure to inform you

Our school is full; and the pupils that the work of the Lord is going on appear to be more interested in their among the Cherokees. The divine in- learning than usual, especially the fluence is producing powerful and rad- females. We are frequently obliged, ical effects on many minds.

Numbers with painful sensations, to reject apwho, a short time ago, were in total plications for admission.




If some kind friends should be dis- published. Mr Tomlin remarks, posed to send us some of the improved ihat the barrier to a truly sound and aids for Sunday School and Bible Class scriptural education seems to be cruminstructions, they would be very ac- bling away. Indeed, in some places, ceptable. And also, any plain practi- Penang for instance, parents have cal works, calculated to enlighten and come forward to request that schools establish oung Christians and others which had been shut for a season, of limited information, in the doctrines might be re-opened for the instruction and duties of the gospel. Books are of their children. May the day soon extremely scarce in this country. dawn and the day star arise in this Yours, &c. EVAN JONES.

dark region.


BURNING OF WIDOWS IN BENGAL. The immense empire of China, con- As the English Government is pertaining millions of souls, enveloped in manently established in Bengal, the thick darkness, has long occupied the long protracted and murderous pracanxieties of the church of Christ, and tice of burning widows with the bodies called forth their fervent supplications. of their deceased husbands, might well Various efforts have been made to dif- excite surprise through the civilized fuse the light of truth among them; world, were we not enured to existing but they have generally concealed evils in every land. It is believed by themselves from its brightness. We competent judges, that very little opare pleased to learn, that the American position would now be made by the Board of Foreign Missions, which held natives of India, if the English governits annual meeting at Albany, October ment were to prohibit the practice, 7, have made arrangements for com- which humanity and duty imperiously mencing a mission to China, and that urge. Petitions are presented to ParMr Bridgeman is about to sail from liament for legislative interference. Dr New York as the first American Mis William Johns, who resided several sionary to China.

years in India, in a letter to the Editor The American Seamen's Friend So- of the London Baptist Magazine, re. ciety, of New York, have also appoint- marks : To extinguish the dreadful ed Mr Abeel, to be located at Canton, fires which burn throughout the whole as a preacher to the many seamen year in Bengal, and its adjacent provinvisiting that port, and to the resi- ces—fires which are kindled to desdents there. İt is stated that an A- troy the bodies of the dead, and to immerican missionary may preach to A- molate the surviving widows, requires merican seamen at Canton, without but a word, the breath of an enlightenany molestation from the government, ed government.

Let us hear no more as all foreigners are allowed the en- of our philanthrophy and Christian joyment of their religion.

zeal, until, by presenting our respectAn American Mission to China is ful petition to Parliament, we shall have highly interesting, and will engage wiped off the stain of blood which atthe prayers of the disciples of Christ taches to us as a nation. In vain do of every name. The labors of the we disguise the fact; we palliate a estimable Dr Morrison have long been crime, and are partakers of it, if indefatigably directed to this portion of when in our power we do not use the the heathen world. Some encourag- only means at command to do away ing statements occasionally reach us with the responsibility, the odium, and in relation to the efforts which have the guilt.” been made in this empire. A letter At a Quarterly General Court of from Mr Jacob Tomlin, which has Proprietors of East India Stock, in Lonappeared in several of the periodicals, don, Dec. 17, 1828, the subject was dated Singapore, Sept. 4, 1827, re- introduced. It appeared from the remarks, that the translation of the ports presented, that on an average, Scriptures into Chinese, and their dis- about fifty widows had been burned a persion through various channels, af- month in the Presidency of Bengal, ford a sure pledge that the labor of the during the years 1824, 1825, and 1826. servants of the Lord shall not be in Mr Poynder remarked, that he thought vain ; that the prejudices of the peo- the attention of that court, and of the ple arè diminishing; and that they public at large, ought to be called to the have a readiness to receive and can- continuance of this iniquitous and undidly read the books which have been necessary system. Mr Hume obsery

ed, that it behoved the East India ORDINATIONS.
Company to put an end to it; and his
decided feeling was, that no danger

Sept. 8. Mr Washington Christian

was ordained to the work of the miniswhatever would arise in India, if the Company interfered to abolish the prac. try, in New York. Sermon by Rev.

D. Dunbar. tice. Notwithstanding the intelligence

Sept. 10. Rev. Thomas B. Ripley which Missionaries have imparted on

was installed Pastor of the Baptist this subject, multitudes in Christian church at Bangor, Maine. Sermon by lands appear not to be sensible of the Rev. A. King. extent of the evil at present existing:

Sept. 10. Mr Joshua Fletcher, a Persons un friendly to Missionary ef graduate from the Hamilton Seminary, forts have represented the evil of a few

was ordained at Saratoga Springs. Serwidows being burnt as not of sufficient

mon by Elder E. D. Hubbel. magnitude to call forth the strenuous

Sept. 14. Mr John Middletown was efforts which have been urged on

ordained as Pastor of the East Baptist the religious community for evangel. Rev. John Stanford.

Church in New York. Sermon by izing the world. But the extent of this barbarous practice is very ap- dained to the work of the ministry, at

Sept. 24. Mr Levi Walker was orpalling, as will appear from the number of Suttees in the Presidency of Ben

Hubbardton, Vt. Sermon by Rev. gal alone for ten years, viz. from 1815

R. Sawyer. Po 1824, published in the New Baptist dained missionaries and evangelists, at

Oct. 1. Sixteen young men were orMiscellany for Jan. 1829.

Park Street Meeting House, Boston. 1815–378 1821-655

Messrs C. M. Putnam, P. W. War1816—442


riner, C. W. Babbit, H. Shedd, J. M. 1817-707


Wead, J. M. Rowland, H.O. Higley, 1818-839


A. H. Reed, and M. M. Post, who are 1819–650

expected to become missionaries in the 1820—598 Total, 5997 Western States, under the patronage

of the American Home Missionary SoREVIVAL IN PAWTUCKET.

ciety: Messrs. Harrison Allen, William

Harvey, Cutting March, and Hollis Letter to the Editors.

Reed, as Missionaries to the heathen,

Oct. 1829. under the direction of the American “ It is a time of revival in this place. Board of Foreign Missions; and Messrs. We received about 20 into our church A. R. Clark, H. Little, and J. K. Young yesterday. About as many have late- expected to become agents of the jy been received into the other Baptist American Education Society. Messrs. Church in this place; perhaps as many Allen and Marsh are expected to join have, or are about uniting with the some of the Indian Missionaries among Episcopal Church, and a number with the Indians of this continent. Messrs. the Congregational Church.”

Harvey and Hollis Reed will probably join the mission at Bombay.

The introductory prayer was by the THE SALEM ASSOCIATION

Rev. Dr Spring of the city of New Second Baptist Church in Haverhill, from Luke xiv. 21, 23 ; the consecratHeld its annual meeting with the York; the sermon by the Rev. Dr.

M’Dowell, of Elizabethtown, N. J. Mass. Sept. 23 and 24. Rev. Lucius Bolles was chosen Moderator, and Rev. ing prayer by the Rev. Mr. Perry, of C. 0. Kimball, Clerk. The introduc: Bradford; the charge by the Rev. Dr. tory serinon was preached by Rev.

Dana, of Newburyport; the right hand Rufus Babcock, jr. from 1 Cor. xv. 58.

of fellowship by the Rev. Mr. Proudfit The contributions were 351 dollars for of Newburyport; and the concluding Foreign Missions, 92 for Domestic, and prayer by the Rev. Mr. White, of John's 293 for Education.

The Association Island, S. C. consists of 19 churches, has 16 ordain- Oct. 7, Mr Harvey Fittz was ordained ministers, received by baptism the ed at Waterville, Me.

Sermon by last year 168, and contains 2460 mem- Professor Ripley. bers. The churches at Lowell, Ames- Oct. 21. Mr Elijah Foster was orbury, and Marblehead are enjoying dained Pastor of the Baptist Church at seasons of refreshing, and the general Dover, N. H. Sermon by Rev. N. W. prospects of the churches are gratifying. Williams.

MEETING-HOUSES OPENED. Sept. 22, a new Baptist meeting- Oct. 21, the new Baptist meeting. house was opened at Brockport, N. Y. house at Dover, N. H. was dedicated. Sermon by Dr Comstock.

Sermon by Rev. Mr Stow. Oct. 14, a new Baptist Meeting- Oct. 22, the Baptist church at New House, erected in Brunswick, Me. Bedford opened a new and commodi. was dedicated to the service of God. ous place of worship. Sermon by Rev. Sermon by Rev. Mr Titcomb. Dr Sharp, of Boston.


Account of Moneys received by the Treasurer of the General Convention of

the Baptist denomination in the United States, for Foreign Missions, from

Sept. 22, to Oct. 20, 1829. By cash from a professed Christian,' for the Burman mission, 10,00 From Levi Farwell, Esq. Treasurer of the Boston Baptist Associ..

ation, it having been received by him at the late annual meeting

in Boston, and was contributed as follows, viz. From the Female Prayer Meeting, Cambridge,

3,28 Monthly Concert, Dedham,

35,50 A friend in Dedham, for Burman Bible,

3,00 Baptist Church and Soc. Woburn,

3,00 Female Primary Society, Charlestown,

42,41 Lord's day School Mission Soc. do.

4,00 J. S. (Wendall,) for Burman Mission,

1,11 Concert of Prayer at Littleton,

11,55 Dedham Female Mite Society,

25,50 Missionary and Education box, kept by Mrs Aldrich, Dedham, 2,50 Brother Joshua Tucker, for Burman mission,

10,00 Miss. and Education Soc. connected with the Sturbridge Association, by Rev. Mr Parker,

Mary Buckman, Lexington,
Monthly Concert, Chelmsford, by C. Blanchard, Treas. 53,37
Seekonk Female Baptist Foreign Mission Soc.

30,70 Sharon Female Bap. Burman Miss. Soc.

7,25 Mrs. Norcross, Cambridge,

1,00 Master Daniel Sharp Bird, for education of heathen children, ,50 Bible Class in the Baptist Soc. Canton,

46,84 Sabbath School,


Per Rev. Moses Curtis, for Burman Bible, -50,00
Female Missionary Society, Medfield,

11,80 Cambridge Female Benevolent Society,


-341,97 Philadelphia Bible Society, to aid in printing the Scriptures in Burmah, per Rev. Dr Staughton,

100,00 Miss Hannah E. Fowler,

,25 Miss Hannah Morrill,

2,00 Miss Mary Mulliken,

,50 Eastern Maine Association, a collection,

23,00 Penobscot


17,65 Lincoln


Baptist Aux. Soc. Maine, by Hezekiah Prince, Esq. Treas. 100,00
Lincoln Bap. Cent Soc. Maine, in aid of Foreign Missions,
by Mrs Isabella Prince, Treas.

23,00 Per Rev. Dr Bolles,

178,77 Rev. Hadley Proctor, it having been received by him from the Ex

ecutor of the Estate of Eleanor Blakely, of Paulet, Vt. being one

year's interest on 50 dollars, bequeathed by her to the Convention, 3,00 From Mission box kept by a friend, per Rev. Mr Knowles,

2,11 Young Men's Bap. Tract Soc. Cambridge, per Mr Stephen Brown, Treas. for publishing Tracts in Burmah,

10,00 Calvin Blanchard, Treas. of the Middlesex Bap. Miss. Soc. for Foreign Missions, per Mr E. Lincoln,

54,75 H. LINCOLN, Treas.

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