Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England: Taken Down from Oral Recitation and Transcribed from Private Manuscripts, Rare Broadsides and Scarce Publications

J. W. Parker and son, 1857 - 252 sidor

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Sida 40 - Though green at noon, cut down at night, Shows thy decay ; All flesh is hay, Thus think, and smoke tobacco.
Sida 62 - Come, fetch me some of your father's gold, And some of your mother's fee; And two of the best nags out of the stable, Where they stand thirty and three.' She fetched him some of her father's gold, And some of her mother's fee; And two of the best nags out of the stable, Where they stood thirty and three. She mounted her on her milk-white steed, He on the dapple grey; They rode till they came unto the sea side, Three hours before it was day.
Sida 234 - FAREWELL, and adieu to you Spanish ladies, Farewell, and adieu to you ladies of Spain ! For we've received orders for to sail for old England, But we hope in a short time to see you again.
Sida 166 - For that's a Maiden's fee!" But they, instead of three, did give them half a score; And they, in kindness, gave them, gave them, gave them as many more. Then after an hour They went to a bower, And played for Ale and Cakes ; And kisses too ! Until they were due, The Lasses kept the stakes. The Girls did then begin to quarrel with the men, And bid them take their kisses back ; and give them their own again.
Sida 41 - The pipe, so lily-like and weak, Does thus thy mortal state bespeak; Thou art e'en such, — Gone with a touch : Thus think, and smoke tobacco. And when the smoke ascends on high, Then thou behold'st the vanity Of worldly stuff, Gone with a puff: Thus think, and smoke tobacco.
Sida 167 - The life of man is but a span, It nourishes like a flower ; We are here to-day and gone to-morrow, And we are dead in an hour. The moon shines bright, and the stars give a light, A little before it is day: So God bless you all, both great and small, And send you a joyful May...
Sida 164 - Willie has gotten his Jill, And Johnny has got his Joan, To jig it, jig it, jig it, Jig it up and down. Strike up, says Wat, Agreed, says Kate, And I prithee, fiddler, play; Content, says Hodge, And so says Madge, For this is a holiday.
Sida 183 - God send our measter a happy new year: A happy new year as e'er he did see, With my wassailing bowl I drink to thee. Here's to our mare, and to her right eye, God send our mistress a good Christmas pie; A good Christmas pie as e'er I did see, With my wassailing bowl I...
Sida 145 - A country life is sweet ! In moderate cold and heat, To walk in the air, how pleasant and fair, In every field of wheat, The fairest of flowers adorning the bowers, And every meadow's brow ; So that I say, no courtier may Compare with them who clothe in grey, And follow the useful plough.
Sida 125 - To Sir Ryalas, the jovial hunter. Then the wild boar, being so stout and so strong, Wind well thy horn, good hunter; Thrashed down the trees as he ramped him along, To Sir Ryalas, the jovial hunter. 'Oh, what dost thee want of me?' wild boar, said he.'t Wind well thy horn, good hunter ; ' Oh, I think in my heart I can do enough forthee, For I am the jovial hunter.

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