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VI. WALES. For books in and on the Cymric language, see Catulogue of

European Philology. 24201 Act for the better propagation and preaching the Gospel in Wales, and redress of some grievances, sm. 4to. calf, 10s

1650 24202 ARCHÆOLOGIA CĂMBRENSIS, 1840 to 1878, with the Sup.

plement to the First Series, and 3 extra works bound at the end of certain annual vols.—36 vols. 8vo. thirty-three vols. hf. calf, and three unbound, ALL UNCUT, £37. 108

1846-78 The three extra volumes are “ the Lordship of Gower,''

3 parts ; Gesta Regum Britanniæ, edited by Fr. Michel, Bordeauv, 1862; and Brüt y Tywysogion. 24203 BARDDAS; or BARDISM, a Collection of Original Documents, illus

trative of the Theology, discipline and usages of the BardoDruidic System of the Isle of Britain, with translations and notes, by J. Williams ab Ithel, Vol. I, all published, thick 8vo. xxxv and 425 pp. with a portion of the second volume, containing “Privilege and usage," pp. 9-168, being all ever printed -together 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108

1862-72 24204 BATTY (Capt.) Welsh Scenery, 8vo. 35 plates, engraved by E. Finden, with text, gilt roan, 5s

1823 24205 BERGAVENNY ESTATES : fifteen large plans of Lord Bergavenny's

Estates near Abergavenny in the County of Monmouth, at Ewas
Herold in the County of Hereford, and Inchborough in the
County of Worcester, drawn in colours on vellum by Benjamin
Fallowes of Maldon, Essex, atlas folio, boards, £10. 1718

Carefully made Land Surveys are very rare in this country, especially as

far back as 1718. 24206 Bible, Parry's Version, first edition.

Y BIBL cyssegr-lan sef yr HEN DESTAMENT ar NEWYDD, 2 vols. in 1, stout large folio, a magnificently large and fine copy, quite perfect, with the autograph of Sir Richard Yonge, gentleman in ordinary to Kings James I and Charles I, dated 1630, and notes in English by him on fly-leaves, his initials R. Y. stamped on the sides of the old calf binding, £40.

Llundain, Bonham Norton ar Iohn Bill, 1620 The only indication of the translator's name appears in the signature “Richardus Asaphen.” printed at foot of the dedication. This is the Editio Princeps of the standard Welsh Bible, having superseded the older version of Bishop Morgan. Perfect copies are singularly rare, although the book in a defective con

dition is not infrequently met with. 24206* BRIDGMAN (Rev. the Hon. G. T. O.) History of the Princes of South Wales, royal 8vo. (subscription price 218), cloth, 18s

Wigan, 1876

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24207 BUSHELL (Thos.) A Just and True Remonstrance of His Maiesties

Mines-Royall in the Principality of Wales by T. Bushell, Farmer of the said Mines Royall, small 4to. clean copy in original vellum wrapper, £5.

1641 A rare and curious Tract, mentioning the discovery of Gold and Silver in Wales, and giving the names of the adventurers and miners ; it also contains

a memorial to the King praying him to employ convict labour in the mines. 24208 CAMBRIAN Directory (the) cursory sketches of the Welsh territories, 8vo. bds. 2s

1801 24209 CAMBRO-BRITON (The), 3 vols. complete, 8vo. hf. calf, £2. 2s

1820-22 24210 CAMBRIAN JOURNAL (The), published under the auspices of the

CAMBRIAN INSTITUTE, from the beginning in 1854 to its close in 1864, 11 vols. 8vo. bds. uncut, £5.

Tenby, 1854-64 Very scarce. This Journal contains papers on the Archæology and history of Wales, unedited legendary records of the ancient Cymry, the poetical

and musical compositions of their bards, with music noted, etc. 24211 CAMBRIAN REGISTER, 3 vols. 8vo. complete, front and maps, hf. calf, rare, £2. 16s

1795-1818 A valuable periodical full of important contributions illustrating the

Language, Literature, Antiquities and History of Wales. 24212 [CARADOC of Llancarvan] HISTORIE OF CAMBRIA, now

called Wales; a part of the most famous Yland of Brytaine written in the Brytish Language above two hundreth yeares past, translated by H. LHOYd; corrected, augmented, and continued out of Records and best approved Authors by David Powel, very sm. 4to. black letter, Coats of Arms and woodcut portraits of the kings, without the Table, title mounted, bound in old English red morocco, gilt edges, from Ormerod's library, £5.

London, printed by Rafe Newberie and Henry Denham (1584) 24213

the same, sm. 4to. very fine and large copy, in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £6. 10s

(1584) A rare and valuable work.

Collation : Title with woodcut border, dedication to Sir Philip Sydney and to the Reader, 8 leaves ; Description of Cambria, A B, 12 leaves, the last blank; the History, Ci to Ff 1; Table Ff ii to Gg iii, 6 leaves ; on the reverse

of the last leaf is the printer's mark. 24214 CARTER (J.) ECCLESIASTICAL, MONU

MENTAL, AND CASTELLATED ANTIQUITIES OF SOUTH WALES, a collection of 208 MAGNIFICENT DRAWINGS IN SEPIA, by this celebrated architectural draughtsman, executed for Sir Richard Colt Hoare, in 4 vols. folio, russia extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by H. Walther, £200.

1803 24215 CHURCHYARD (Th.) the Worthines of Wales, a poem of the auncient Castles, famous Monuments, etc. 12mo. calf, 128

1776 24216 COLLECTION of Welsh Travels and Memoirs of Wales, containing :

The Briton described, or a Journey through Wales, frontispiece; a Trip to North-Wales by a Barrister, frontispiece; a Funeral Sermon preached by the Parson of Langwillin ; Muscipula, or the Welsh Mouse-Trap, a Poem ; in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. morocco, 15$


2 vols. 4to. maps and 90 plates, being portraits and plans of ancient Castles, Encampments, Abbeys, and Ruins, by Sir R. C. Hoare, calf, £4.

1801 24218

the same, 2 vols. imperial folio, LARGEST PAPER, UNIQUE, ILLUSTRATED WITH 96 MAGNIFICENT DRAWINGS IN SEPIA BY SIR R. C. HOARE, without the map, russia super extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by H. Walther, £250.

1801 “This Single Impression on Imperial Paper was printed for the use of Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart."-Note on back of

title. 24219 CYMMRODOR (Yr) embodying the Transactions of the Honourable

Society of Cymmrodorion, Vols. I-IV, part 1, in 9 parts, 8vo. sd. £3. 38

1877-81 24220 DODRIDGE (Sir John) History of the Principality of Wales, Dùtcliy

of Cornewalle and Earldome of Chester, sm. 4to. first edition,
painting on vellum of the arms of the Duchy of Cornwall inserted,
calf, gilt
edges, 208

1631 24221 DOSPĂRTH EDEYRN Davod Aur: Ancient Welsh Grammar,

compiled in the 13th Century by Edeyrn, the Golden-tongued ; with y Pum Llyfr Kerddwriaeth, or Rules of Welsh Poetry, and translation and notes by the Rev. J. Williams, ab Ithel, 8vo. cloth, £1.

Llandovery, 1856 24222 ENDERBIE'S (Percy) CAMBRIA TRIUMPIANS, or Brittain in its

perfect Lustro, showing the Origin and Antiquity of that illustrious Nation, folio, ORIGINAL EDITION, three engraved plates of Arms, fine copy, old calf, rare, £6.

1661 Such was the rarity of this old book, and the estimation in which it was formerly held, that Bryant's copy sold for £30. 98 ; Heathcote's, for

£29. 188 6d ; and Montolieu's for £32. 108 ; 1881, Comerford's, £8. 88. 24223

Cambria Triumphans, or Britain in its perfect lustre, large folio, coats of arms, fine copy in tree-marbled calf extra, gilt top, uncut, £2. 168

1661--reprint 1810 24224 Evans (E.) yr Adgyfodiad, 1851-Davies (R.) Arweinydd i'r

Anllythyrenog, Dinbych, 1820—Catecism yr Eglwys, Ngwrecsam, 1794—Joan Tegyd, Traethawd-Knight (W. B.) on Welsh, and

its Orthography, 1830-an 8vo. parcel, sd. 68 24225 Evans (Rev. J.) Letters written during a Tour through North and

South Wales, views of the history, antiquities and customs, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 6s

1804 24226 FENTON'S (Richard) Historical Tour through PEMBROKESHIRE, 4to. portrait and 30 plates, boards, uncut, £2.

1811 24227 GIRALDI CAMBRENSIS Itinerarium Cambriæ : Balduini Can

tuarensis Archiepiscopi per Walliam legationis descriptio ; cum annotationibus D. Poweli, 4to. portrait, £2. 2s


24229 GIRALDI CAMBRENSIS, Itinerary of Abp. Baldwin through

Wales, A.D. 1188, translated into English, and illustrated with
Views, Annotations and a Life of Giraldus, by Sir R. C. Hoare,

2 vols. 4to. maps, plates of Roman Inscriptions, etc. £2. 10s 1806 24230 HERALDIC VISITATIONS OF WALES, and the Marches, in the

time of Queen Elizabeth and James I, by Lewys Dwnn, Deputy Herald at Arms for Wales: from original Manuscripts, together with an Introduction and numerous explanatory notes ; edited by Sir SAMUEL RUSH METRICK, 2 vols. impl. 4to. facsimiles, pedigrees, and coats of arms, NOW OUT OF PRINT AND RARE, cloth, £12. 16s

Welsh MSS. Society, 1846 These volumes are most important and interesting to the ancient Families of the Principality, and to those who claim a Welsh descent; as they embody an inexhaustible stock of genealogical History from the earliest ages to the time of James I, and in many instances the descents are, in the notes, continued to the present representatives.

* The work is one of those standard books of reference without which the Welsh antiquary can hardly prosecute his genealogical researches.”—

Archæologia Cambrensis. 24231 Hughes (J.) Horæ Britannicæ; or Studies in Ancient British

History and Antiquities, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 168 1818-19 24232 IOLO MANUSCRIPTS. A selection of Ancient Manuscripts in

Prose and Verse, from the Collection made by E. Williams,
Iolo Morganwg, with English translation and notes by his Son,
Taliesin Williams ab Iolo, roy. 8vo. plates and facsimile, £4. 4s

1848 24233 Johnson (Dr. Samuel) Diary of a Journey into North Wales in 1774, 8vo. bds. 2s

1816 24234 JONES (Theophilus) History of the County of BRECKNOCK,

2 vols. in 3, royal 4to. 31 plates, including map, numerous portraits and fine engravings by Sir R. Colt Hoare, and many coloured Coats of Arms, £12. 128

Brecknock, 1805-9 24235 Jones (Sir T.) Rise and Progress of the Society of Ancient

Britons, established March 1, 1714-5, 8vo. portraits of George II and St. David, hf. russia, 14s

1717 LUUID (Edward) Archæologia Britannica—see ante p. 2061.

LAUYD (Humfrey) History of Cambria-see Caradoc. 24236 LIBER LANDAVENSIS; or Ancient Register of the Cathedral Church

of LLANDAFF, edited with English Translations and Notes; by W. J. Rees, royal 8vo. nearly 700 pp. facsimiles of MSS. cloth,

Welsh MSS. Society, 1840 24237 LIPSCOMB (G.) Journey into South Wales, 8vo. front, bds. 2s 6d

1802 24238 LIVES of the CAMBRO British Saints, from Ancient Welsh and

Latin Manuscripts, with English Translations and Notes; by
W. J. Rees, royal 8vo. 680 pp. facsimiles, cloth, 25s

1853 Containing the Lives of the following British Saints :-Bernacus (Brynach), Beuno, Cadoc Carantocus (Carannog), David (Dewi), Gundleus (Gwynllyw), Iltutus (Illtyd), Kebius (Cybi), Paternus (Padarn), and Winifred' (Gwenfrewi).-Also an Appendix, containing the Lives of Saints


Catherine, Margaret, Aidus, Breudanus, and Tatheus.—Achau y Saint ; Pedigrees of several British Saints, Account of Brychan, Prince of Brecknock, Ancient British History, etc. Together with Supplementary notes to

Liber Landavensis. 24239 MABINOGION (The) from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest, and other

ancient Welsh MSS. with English translation and Notes, by Lady Charlotte Guest, 7 parts in 3 vols. royal 8vo. numerous woodcuts and facsimiles of the old Welsh and other MSS. hf. morocco, gilt top, £4. 108

1838-49 24240

the same, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, woodcuts, fine copy in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £21.

1838-49 24241

a new edition of the English Version only, with all the valuable Archæological notes, one handsome volume, royal 8vo. with the woodcuts of the large edition (pub. at 218), hf. morocco, 188

1877 24242 MARSH (J. F.) Annals of Chepstow Castle, or six Centuries of the

Lords of Striguil from the Conquest to the Revolution, edited by Sir John Maclean, 4to. woodcuts of arms, cloth, 32s

Exeter, privately printed, 1883 Containing the Histories of the Families of Fitz-Osbern, Clare, Marshal, Bigod, Plantagenet, Manny, Hastings, Herbert, Tudor, Somerset, Cromwell,

and Mowbray. 24243 MEDDYGON MYDDFAI, Medical Practice of Rhiwallon and his Sons ;

with the Legend of the Lady of Llyn-y-Fan; edited by Williams ab Ithel, with notes and translations by John Pughe, 8vo. cloth, 10s

1862 24244 MEDWIN (Th.) the Angler in Wales, 2 vols. 8vo. fine fronts, and woodcuts, bds. 14s

1834 24245 MORGAN (Mrs.) Tour to Milford Haven in 1791, 8vo. bds. 3s 6d 1795 24246 MYVYRIAN (The) ARCHAIOLOGY of Wales, being a collection of

Historical Documents from Ancient MSS. (by OWEN JONES, edited by Williams and W. O. Pughe), 3 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, £7. 108; or, calf extra, £8. 108

1801 24246*MYVYRIAN ARCHAIOLOGY of Wales, new issue, thick roy. 8vo. cloth, 358

Denbigh, 1861-70 24247 Nash (D. W.) Taliesin, or the Bards and Druids, a translation of

the Remains of the earliest Welsh Bards and an examination of the Bardic Mysteries, 8vo. cloth, 158

1858 24248 OWEN (W.) Cambrian Biography; or historical notices of cele

brated men among the Ancient Britons, 12mo. bds. 2s 6d 1803 23249 Parry (J. H.) Cambrian Plutarch; comprising memoirs of some

of the most eminent Welshmen, from the earliest times to the present, 8vo. calf gilt, 4s

1824 24250 PENNANT (Thos.) A Tour in Wales, 4to. FIRST Edition, 25 plates of Views and Antiquities, morocco, £2. 10s

1778 24251 Tour in Wales, 8vo. calf, 2s

1779 24252

Tour in Wales (with the Continuation), 2 vols. 4to. 62 portraits and views, calf, 308

1784-83 24253 PHILLIPS (Sir T.) Wales, the Language, Social Condition, Moral Character and Religious Opinions of the People, 8vo. cloth, 4s

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