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24274 POWYS-LAND CLUB. Collections, Historical and Archæo

logical, relating to Montgomeryshire, issued by the PowysLand Club, Vols. I to X, XII and XIII pt. 1, 8vo. plates and woodcuts of Seals, Arms, Churches, Ancient Utensils, etc. the first nine vols. in hf. calf gilt, the rest clean in parts, £2. 108 1868-80

Subscription price, unbound, £1. Is per volume. 24274*Price (Rev. Thomas, Carnhuanawc) Literary Remains, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits and cuts, cloth, rare, 20s

1854 REES (W. J.) Lives of the Cambro British Saints—see ante

Lives. 24275 REES (R.) Essay on the Welsh Saints, or the Primitive

Christians, usually considered to have been the founders of
Churches in Wales, 8vo. cloth, 24s

1836 24276 ROWLANDS (Henry), Mona Antiqua, the Supplement, with Memoirs of Owen Glendower, 4to. sd. 58

1775 24277 SCHULZ, the Influence of WELSH TRADITION upon the Literature

of Germany, France, and Scandinavia, which obtained the Prize of Eighty Guineas at the Abergavenny Eisteddvod, 1840 : translated from the German of Albert Schulz, Author of the Life of Wolfram von Eschenbach, etc. By Mrs. Berrington,

8vo. (sells, sewed, 68), hf. bd. 48 6d 24278 SKENE (W. F.) The Four Ancient Books of Wales, containing

the Cymric Poems attributed to the Bards of the 6th Century, 2 vols. 8vo. facsimiles and maps (pub. 368), cloth, 30s

Edinburgh, 1868 24279 SOUTH WALES INSTITUTE of Engineers, Transactions, from the

beginning in 1857 to November, 1882, being Vols. I.XII and XIII parts 1-3, royal 8vo. with an immense number of plates, twelve vols. hf. calf neat, uncut, and three parts, £13. 108

Merthyr-Tydfil and London, 1859-82 24280 the same, Vol. I, III and IV, hf. calf, scarce, £3. 108

1859-65 24281 THOMAS (D. R.) Esgobaeth Llanelwy: A History of the Diocese of St. Asaph, thick 8vo. plates, hf. calf gilt, £1. 88

1870 24282 VAUGHAN (Robert) British Antiquities revived, or a friendly

contest touching the Soveraignty of the Three Princes of Wales in ancient times, with Pedegree of the Earl of Carbery and Account of the five Royall Tribes of Cambria, small 4to. vellum, £4. 48

Oxford, 1662 24283

the same, sm. 4to. very fine tall copy in blue morocco, £5. 58

1662 24284

the reprint, with a Memoir of the Author, 4to. with pedigrees, cloth, 12s

Bala, 1834 24285 Warrington (W.) History of Wales, with Appendix, 4to. calf, 68

1781 24286 WELSH PEDIGREES, sm. 4to. a clearly written MANUSCRIPT, green morocco, £18. 18s

1644 This is no ordinary compilation of scattered notes, but evidently a work of original rescarch and great value by an antiquary of the first mark. The year 1644 was evidently that in which a large portion of the book was written, but there are additions of later date. There are also some historical notices and a few transcripts of old Welsh poetry, all written down about 1650.

The autograph of "William Phillips his booke" at the end, represents the name of the owner, about 1680-90.

WELSH MSS. Society—see ante p. 2072. 24287 WESTWOOD (J. O.) Lapidarium Walliæ ; the Early Inscribed

and Sculptured Stones of Wales delineated and described, 4to. pp. viii and 248, with 101 plates of Crosses, Pillars, and other Monuments, besides numerous woodcuts, cloth, £3. 88

Oxford, 1876-79 24288 WILKINS (C.) Tales and Sketches of Wales, 2 series, in 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

Cardiff, 1879-80 24289 WILLIAMS'S ENWOGION CYMRU: A Biographical Dictionary of

Eminent Welshmen; from the earliest times to the present, and

including every name connected with the Ancient History of Wales; by the Rev. Robert WILLIAMS, M.A. (Author of the Cornish Dictionary), thick 8vo. 568 pp. (sells 168), cloth, 10s

1825 24290 Williams' (D.) History of Monmouthshire, 4to. map and 36 views, with several additional engravings inserted, half calf gilt, £3. 88

1796 24291 WILLIS (Browne) Surveys of the Welsh Cathedrals of St.

David's, Landaff, St. Asaph and Bangor, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, fine copy in old calf gilt, £4. 158

1717-18-20-21 24292

Welsh Cathedrals: Survey of the Cathedral Churches of St. David's, LANDAFF, and BANGOR, 3 vols. 8vo. folding plans, calf, £2. 168

1717-19-21 24293 WOODWARD (B. B.) History of Wales, 2 vols. royal 8vo. full of

pretty plates of Scenery and Architecture, russia extra, 188 1857 24294 WYNNE (Sir John) History of the GWEDIR FAMILY (edited by the Hon. Daines Barrington), sm. 8vo. first edition, £1.

London, 1770 24295 the same, sm. 8vo. calf neat, 25s

1770 24296

History of the Gwydir Family (edited by Askew Roberts), 4to. portraits and plates, pedigrees and woodcuts, cloth, 21s

Oswestry, 1878 " The History of the Gwydir Family is the only one that gives any account of the state of society in North Wales in the 15th and the earlier part

of the 16th centuries." - Preface. 24297 YORKE (Philip) Royal Tribes of Wales, 4to. 12 fine portraits, hf. bd. 258

Wrexham, 1799 List of PORTRAITS :-Lord Charles Ellesmere, Sir Thomas Myddleton, Sir John Wynn, Humphrey Duke of Buckingham, Catherine of Beren, George Lord Jefferies, Chief Justice Vaughan, Sir John Trevor, Sir Orlando

Bridgman, Humphrey Llwyd, Sir Thomas Hanmer, Sir William Williams. 24298

Royal Tribes of Wales, 4to. ILLUSTRATED with 110 ADDITIONAL engravings of portraits, views, 8c., by Bartolozzi, Basire, Holloway, Marshall

, Picart, Vertue, etc., half russia, uncut, from the Comerford library, £12.

Wreacham, 1799 The extra illustrations include some very interesting and scarce portraits and views.

1. Literature, History, Antiquities.

ABBOTSFORD CLUB.— see ante p. 2192. 24301 Aberdeenshire. Hay (Sir Andrew Leith), Castellated Archi

tecture of Aberdeenshire, folio, LARGE PAPER, 40 fine large lithographic plates on India Paper, cloth, rare, 36s


Parliaments haldin by the rycht excellent, hie and mychtie Princeis Kingis James the first, second, third, feird, fyft, and in tyme of Marie now Quene of Scottis, viseit, correctit, and extractit furth of the Registers be the Lordis deputie be hir Majesties speciall commissioun thairto, anno Do. 1566—The Actis of Parliament of the maist hie . . . Prince James the Sext begun at Edinburgh xv Dec. 1567; 2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, black letter, old panelled calf, margin of title cut off, from the Sunderland library, £6. 6s Edinburgh, R. Lekpreuik, 1566-7

The collection commonly known as the BLACK ACTS, VERY RARE. The first contains 14 prel. leaves ; and 185 leaves numbered to clxxxii. The second contains xxiii numbered leaves ; a portion of the last leaf (the table)


Parliamentis haldin be the rycht excellent, hie and mychtie Princeis Kingis James I, II, III, IV, V, and in tyme of Marie now Quene of Scottis, black letter, title as usual cut close, Edinburgh, R. Lekpreuik, 1566— ACTIS OF JAMES VI, black letter, 3 vols. ib. J. Ros, 1575-79, 4 vols. in 1, sm. folio, fine copy in old calf, £12.

1566-79 COLLATION: 14 preliminary leaves, and 185 numbered leaves ; Actis of the Parliament of James the Sext, Edinburgh, xvth December, 1567, 24 numbered leaves-Actis of the Parliament at Striviling, xxviiith August, 1571, 16 leaves-Actis of the Parliament haldin at Striviling, 25th July, 1578, 23 leaves ; Table, 3 leaves--Ane Proclamation for publishing the Actis, I leaf ---Colophon, 1 leaf.

This edition of James the Sixth's Acts, by Ross, is twelve years later

than Lekpreuik's, and includes the Acts passed in the interval. 24304 ADAM (WILLIAM) VITRUVIUS Scoticus, being a collection of

plans, elevations and sections of Public Buildings, Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Houses in Scotland, principally from the designs by the late William Adam, royal folio, 180 plates, hf. bd. from the Hamilton Palace library, £5. Edinburgh, 1809-10

The number of 180 plates is thus made up : In the series of 160 numbers, as given in the list of plates, nineteen numbers are repeated ; and the book to be perfect must therefore contain 179 plates. But in this copy, there is,

further, a second plate to No. 15, which is not mentioned in the list. 24305 ALEXANDER (William) [Earl of Stirling] The Tragedie of

Darius, 1604—The Alexandraean Tragedy, 1607-Tragedie of Julius Cæsar, 1607—Tragedie of Creesus, no title, 71607— Paraenesis to the Prince, 1604-Aurora, containing the first fancies of the Author's youth (Sonnets), 1604-in 1 vol. sm. 4to. hf. russia, rare, £7. 10s

Elde and Field, 1604-7

These beautiful Poems are so very rare that but few collections contain them. They are scarcely Scottish Literature, but as the work of a Scottish poet, may take their place here. In the Darius, Act iii, Sc. 3, some lines of the Persian king's soliloqay bear a strong resemblance to the celebrated passage in the Tempest, beginning with “ The cloud-capped towers." The Tempest, in all probability, was written subsequently to Darius, so that Shakspeare appears to have borrowed the idea from Lord Stirling. The lines

in Darius begin with “ Let greatnesse of her glascie scepters vaunt." 24307 ANCIENT SCULPTURED MONUMENTS of the County of

Angus, including those at Meigle in Perthshire and one at
Fordoun in the Mearns, with descriptive Letterpress by Patrick
Chalmers, elephant folio, 24 fine plates in tints, hf. bd. 26. 158

Edinburgh, 1848
Only one hundred copies were printed for presentation to the members of

the Bannatyne Club. 24308 ANDERSON (Joseph)Scotland in Early Christian Times, the Rhind

Lectures on Archæology, 1879-80, both series, 2 vols. 8vo. plates and woodcuts of Facsimiles of MSS., Sculptured monuments and other remains of Celtic Art, cloth, £1.

1881 24309

the same (First Series, 1879) 8vo. woodcuts and plates, cloth, 108

1881 ARCHÆOLOGIA SCOTICA-see p. 491. 24310 PROCEEDINGS of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a complete

set from the beginning in 1851 to 1876, being vols. I-IX, with Appendix to the sixth volume, 26 thick parts, small 4to. profusely illustrated throughout with fine plates, portraits and

woodcuts, some of the plates coloured, sd. €10. Edin. 1852-76 24311 Atlas. ARMSTRONG (Mostyn John) Scotch Atlas, or description

of the Kingdom of Scotland, engraved title and table, and 30 coloured maps, 1787-SCALE (Bernard) Hibernian Atlas, or general description of the kingdom of Ireland, engraved title, dedication, preface, and table, 37 coloured maps and 37 engraved leaves of text, 1788—2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. old russia extra, gilt edges, fine copies, £2. 16s

1787-88 see post LESLÆUS and NICOLAY. 24312 BALFOUR (Sir J.) Ballads and other fugitive poetical pieces,

chiefly Scottish, from the collections of Sir James Balfour, sm. 4to. woodcuts, only forty-eight copies printed, bds. £2. 28

Edinburgh, 1834 BANNATYNE CLUB--see ante, p. 2196. 24313 BANNATYNE MS. Ancient Scottish Poems, published from the MS.

of George Bannatyne, 1568, 8vo. with Notes and Glossary, half red morocco extra, uncut, 20s (Edinb. 1770; Leeds, 1815)

Published by David Dalrymple, afterwards Lord Hailes. 24314 BARBOUR (John) (The Actes and Life of the most victorious

Conquerour, Robert Bruce, King of Scotland), small 8vo. (12mo.), blark letter, without title and eighth leaf of preliminary matter, vellum, extremely rare, £8. 108

[Edinburgh, Andro Hart, 1620] 24315

The Bruce, or the History of Robert I, King of Scot

rare, 368

land, written in Scottish verse, with Notes and Glossary, by J. Pinkerton, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. vignettes on titles, cloth, 258

1790 24316 BARBOUR (John) THE BRUCE, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. calf neat, £2. 28

1790 Barbour was the first great poet in the English language ; he is not so distinctively and locally Scottish as later writers from beyond the Tweed, and he enjoys as an author some chronological priority to his contemporary Chaucer.

see also BRUCE. 24317 BARONII (R.) ad Georgii Turnebulli Tetragonismum Pseudo

graphum Apodixis Catholica, sive Apologia pro Disputatione de Formali Objecto Fidei, 12mo. a very fine clean copy in old calf,

Aberdoniæ, Edw. Rabanus, 1631 Turnbull was a Roman Catholic who disputed with Baronius on the difference of dogma between the Roman and the Reformed Churches. The complete discussion on both sides is contained in the volume, although the title only indicates Baron's Answer. Dr. Baron was Divinity Professor at the

Mareschal College. 24318 BEAUTIES of Scotland, an Account of the Agriculture, Commerce,

Mines, and Manufactures of the Population, Cities, Towns, etc. by Forsyth, 5 vols. 8vo. numerous plates, half russia, fine copy, 368

Edinb. 1805-8 24319 BELLENDENI (Gul.) de Statu libri tres (with the elaborate and

learned preface by Dr. Parr), with some MS. notes, 1787–A Free Translation of the Preface to Bellendenus, containing animated strictures on the great political characters of the present time (by W. Beloe), 1788—in 1 vol. 8vo. with portraits of Burke, Fox and North, hf. russia, 20s


or SCOTLAND, 4 vols. 4to. 240 beautiful plates of Baronial Halls, Castles, Abbeys, etc. with descriptive text, relating the History, Legends, etc. of each, and numerous woodcuts, half morocco, uncut, £10. 10s

Edinburgh, for the Author by Blackwood and Sons (1845-52) 24321

the same, 4 vols. 4to. blue morocco extra, £10. (1845-52) see also ante, p.

1197. 24322 BODRUGAN OTHERWISE ADAMS (Nicholas) An Epitome of the title

that the Kynges Maiestie of England, hath to the souereigntie of Scotlande, 12mo. black letter, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £32.

R. Grafton, 1548 EXCESSIVELY RARE ; the only copies I can trace being the White Knight's copy (1820) now in the Grenville library, and Hibbert's, sold in 1829, It was written just before the declaration of war against Scotland, and while it was still uncertain whether Edward VI might not break down the opposition to his union with the youthful Mary Queen of Scots ; which, according to the author, would, 'if effected, only confirm a pre-existing supremacy and not create one.

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