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FIRST EDITION, LARGE PAPER, DEDICATION COPY TO JAMES V OF SCOTLAND, title-page within an elegant woodcut border, and numerous large and handsome initial letters throughout the text, in the original stamped binding, impressed with thistle, rose, lily, bee and crown, gilt and goffered edges, UNIQUE, £84.

(Paris), Jodoci Badiï Ascensi typis (1526) 24324 BOETHII (Hectoris) SCOTORUM HISTORIE a prima gentis origine

lib. xix, accessit continuatio per Joan. Ferrerium (ad annum 1483), folio, calf, rare, from the Sunderland library, £12. 128

Paris, 1575 24325 BOECE (Hector). HEIR BEGINNIS THE HYSTORY

AND CRONIKLIS OF SCOTLAND. (On reverse of thirtysixth preliminary leaf: Heir efter followis the history and croniklis of Scotland compilit and newly correckit be the reuerend and noble clerke maister Hector Boece channon of Aberdene. Translatit laitly be maister Johne Bellenden Archedene of Murray, channon of Ros), sm. folio, black letter, woodcuts, the title and the top line of the last leaf in facsimile, otherwise PERFECT; a large circular woodcut of the Crucifixion at the end, at the bottom of which appears the autograph of Alexander Drummond, the owner about the middle of the seventeenth century; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by BEDFORD, £75.

Edinburgh, Thomas Davidson (1536) 24326

the same, small folio, the Dedication copy of King James V, with his autograph J. R. on the title; printed on Vellum, and bound for the King, in calf, re-backed, richly ornamented with gold tooling, and bearing impressed in letters of gold on obverse of cover IACOBVS QVINTVS, and on reverse REX SCOTORVM, with head of Dido, brass corners and clasps, gilt edges, £1000. (1536)

As a memorial of the gallant father of Mary Queen of Scots, as a rare book printed on vellum, as the editio princeps of a monumental work in Scottish literature, and as an example of Scottish bookbinding in 1536, this volume is one of extraordinary interest.

From the Hamilton Palace Library.

BOECE's CRONIKLIS-continued. 24327 BOECE (H.) Hystory and Croniklis of Scotland (1536), the woodcut

title, A i to Düi and the last leaf, folio ccl, 22 leaves, reprinted under the care of David Constable and Sir Alexander Boswell,

£2. 28

Boece—the same, A i to D iii, without C vi, 17 leaves, 21s 24328

History and Chronicles of Scotland, translated by John BELLENDEN, 2 vols. sm. 4to. red mor. gilt edges, £6. Edinb. 1821 24329

History of Scotland, 2 vols. 1821-TITUS LIVIUS, Roman History, translated by Bellenden, 1822-together 3 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, bds. uncut, £15.

Edinb. 1821-22 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, Scottish-see ante, p. 1785. 24330 Book of Scottish PASQUILS and Lampoons, 3 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. hf. morocco, uncut, £3.

Edinb. 1827-28 Only sixty copies printed. 24331 BRUCE (the) and WALLACE ; the former by Barbour, the latter

by Henry the Minstrel, from two ancient MSS. in the Advocates' Library, with notes, biographical Sketches, and a Glossary, by Dr. Jamieson, 2 vols. 4to. bds. £5.

Edinb. 1820 Two hundred and fifty copies printed. “The Bruce is a work not only remarkable for a copious circumstantial detail of the exploits of that illustrious prince and his brave companions in arms, Randolff, Earl of Moray, and the Lord James Douglas, but also for the beauty of style, which is not inferior to

that of Chaucer."—Henry's Great Britain. 24332 Tae Bruce or the metrical History of Robert I, King of Scots, by

Master John Barbour; Wallace, or the life and acts of Sir
William Wallace, by Henry the Minstrel ; edited with notes by

John Jamieson, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 12s Glasgow, 1869 24333 BUCHAN (Peter) Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of

Scotland, hitherto unpublished, with notes, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. portrait, bds. 308

Edinburgh, 1828 24334 BUCHANANI (Georgi) Rerum Scoticarum Historia, small folio, Editio Princeps, in the original calf, RARE, £5.

Edinburgi, apud Alexandrum Arbuthnetum, 1582 24335

another copy, wormed, in the original pigskin binding, with clasps and corners, £6.

1582 24336

Rerum Scoticarum Historia, auctore Georgio Buchanano

notas addidit Jacobus Man, 8vo. bound in old red morocco super extra, gilt edges, the sides and back richly ornamented with gold, the centre-piece on the sides being a large circular-fan-shaped design imitated apparently from some Le Gascon pattern, £30.

Abredoniæ, 1762 Bound at the same time as the date of the book. 24337 de Jure Regni apud Scotos, Dialogus, sm. 8vo. cloth, 188

8. 1. (Edinburgh ?) 1580 see post under MARY QUEEN OF Scors. 24338 BURNE (Nicol) DISPUTATION concerning the Controversit Headdis

of Religion haldin in the Realme of Scotland, Pareis, 1581-Ane Admonition to the Antichristian Ministers in the deformit Kirk of Scotland (in Scottish verse), ib. 1581—2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. calf, EXTREMELY RARE, £30.

1581 The author, who had been Professor of Philosophy at St. Leonard's College in St. Andrews, and originally à Calvinist, was now turned Roman Catholic, The obscene translation of T. Beza de sua in Candidam et Audebertum Benevolentia (folio 103-4)—so daintily Catulline in its Latin form, but so hideous in the plain Scottish rhymes-is often torn out, and the metrical Admonition unknown to Lowndes is so rare that it has sold separately at high prices, and probably not more than three or four copies of it are known to be extant.

This book is a curious source of information concerning the private lives of the Reformers, and must not be neglected by students of the history of the

sixteenth century: 24339 BURNS (E.) Catalogue of Coins illustrative of Scottish History of Thos. Coats, LARGE PAPER, 4to. sd. 58

Glasgow, 1876 24340 Burns (Robert) THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN

BURNS AND CLARINDA, with a Memoir of Mrs.
McLehose (Clarinda), arranged and edited by her
Grandson, W. C. McLehose, sm. 8vo. illustrated copy
in brown morocco, uncut, gilt top, £24. Edinburgh, 1843

A most interesting copy, in which are inserted the
BURNS' autograph verses to Clarinda, beginning

“Fair Empress of the Poet's soul,” finishing with a fourth stanza which does not appear in printed editions.

Burns' autograph letter to Clarinda, signed “Sylvander,” -a very characteristic production.

MRS. McLEHOSE's autograph letter concerning scraps of Burps' writing

Burns' autograph letter to Mrs. Riddell, a very curious piece beginning

“Fate seems determined, Madam, to set you and I at

cross purposes." There are some portraits and other illustrations likewise

inserted in the volume. 24341 BURNS (Robert, Poet) The Brigs of Ayr. A true

Story, inscribed to John Ballantine, Esq., Ayr. Autograph of the entire Poem, as first printed in the Edinburgh edition of 1787, in the well-known handwriting of the poet, comprising about 240 lines, one of the longest and best of Burns' Poems, filling 7 full foolscap folio pages, perfect and in good condition, being interleaved and bound in red morocco extra, thin boards, and enclosed in a morocco pull-off case, very handsome, £63.

As a Memorial of Scotland's great Poet, nothing can exceed the interest of this beautiful volume. In coming years (and not far distant) we predict that, of all the many known relics of Burns, this will take a very high rank. “Scots wha' hae wi' Wallace bled,” “ Auld Lang Syne," and the long letter to Mrs. Dunlop of Dec. 15-25, 1793, recently sold by auction for £95, have all gone, with many other memorials of Burns, to America.

24342 BURNS (Robert) Works, with Life and criticism (hy J. Currie), second edition, 4 vols. 8vo. portrait, bds. 158

1801 24343

Works, with Life, by A. Cunningham, 8 vols. 12mo. port. front. and vignettes, cloth, 30s

1834 24344

POEMS, CHIEFLY IN THE Scottish DIALECT, by Robert Burns, 8vo. the famous first edition, having the last leaf of Glossary supplied by reprint, calf, £72.

Kilmarnock, 1318. With the autograph MS. of Burns' poem, “Fair fa’s the

e'en on Craigieburn," loosely inserted. 24344*.

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, 8vo. reprint of the first edition, boards, 5s

Kilmarnock, 1786 (1870) 24345

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, 8vo. SECOND EDITION, with portrait after Nasmyth, calf, £4.48

Edinburgh, printed for the Author, 1787

Laings' copy sold for £5. 10s. 24346

The Jolly Beggars, facsimile of the MS., 4to. front. after W. Allan, ods. 38 6d

Glasgow, ca. 1840 24347

Common Place Book, from the original MS., 8vo. bds. privately printed, 218

Edinburgh, 1872 24348 [BURT (Capt. E.)] Letters from a Gentleman in the North of

Scotland to his friend in London, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, including the two usually wanting, calf, £4. 108

1754 24349 another edition, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 12s

1815 24350 BURTON (John Hill) History of Scotland from Agricola's Invasion

to the extinction of the last Jacobite Insurrection, second edition, 8 vols. and Index-9 vols. sm. 8vo. (published at £3. 38) cloth, 368

1873 24351 Caithness. LAING (S.) Pre-historic remains of Caithness, with

Notes on the Human Remains by T. H. HUXLEY, 8vo. woodcuts, stamp on title, cloth, 2s

1866 24352 CHALMERS (G.) CALEDONIA ; an Historical and Topogra

phical Account of North Britain, 3 vols. 4to. map, russia extra, marbled edges, £9.

1807-24 “It is impossible to speak too highly of the excellencies of this elaborate work—more elaborate, indeed, and copious, more abounding with origina) information, than any work on British history or antiquities which ever came

from one author."-Quarterly Review. 24353 [CHALMERS (Patrick)]-see ANCIENT SCULPTURED MONUMENTS,

No. 24307. 24354 CHAMBERS (Robert) Scottish Ballads, 1 vol.; Scottish Songs,

2 vols.; together 3 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, 30s Edinburgh, 1829 24355

Lives of illustrious Scotsmen alphabetically arranged, 4 vols. 8vo. portraits, bds. 168

Glasgow, 1833-35 24356

Domestic Annals of Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution, 3 vols. 8vo. woodcuts (pub. at £2.), cloth, 21s


24357 CHARLES I. Declaration concerning the late tumults in Scot

land, with a deduction of the seditious practices of the prime leaders of the Covenanters, by the King, sm. folio, fine portrait of Charles I, old calf, 32s

1639 Said to have been written by Dr. Balcanquhal. 24358 CHARLES II. Declaration by the King's Majesty to his subjects

of the kingdomes of Scotland, England, and Ireland (with the Forme and Order of the Coronation at Scoone), sm. 4to. £4.

According to the copie printed 1651 Probably an Edinburgh reprint of 1651 or 1652. There are other pieces in the volume, including “Appendix to the History of the Church of Scotland," 1677; “ Apology for a younger Brother by I. A" Oxford, 1641 ; and “the London Cuckolds, a comedy by Edward Ravenscroft,” 1708—one of the most

licentious and shameless plays ever performed on the stage. 24359 CHRONICLE. Ane addicioun of Scottis Corniklis and Deidis,

(edited by David Laing from a MS. of the year 1550), 4to. 28 pp. printed on vellum, hf. morocco, 25s

no place or date (Edinburgh, circa 1840) 24360 COLLECTION (Select) of Scor's Poems, chiefly in the broad

Buchan Dialect; to which is added, FERGUSON'S (David) Collec

tion of Scot's Proverbs, sm. 8vo. bds. £2. Edinburgh, 1785 24361 COMPLAYNT OF SCOTLAND, written in 1548, with a Dissertation and Glossary, by J. Leyden, large 8vo. old calf, £2.

Edinburgh, 1801 24362

the same, large 8vo. a very fine copy, hf. morocco extra, UNCUT, £4.

1801 This political treatise on the relations between the “Three Estates” in Scotland, at the end of the first half of the XVIth century, is generally

attributed to Sir D. Lyndsay. 24363 Conxus (G.) de duplici Statu Religionis apud Scotos, sm. 4to. russia extra, gilt edges, £6. 15s

Romæ, 1628 Very rare. Haprott's copy sold for £6. 6s. 24364 CORDINER (Charles) REMARKABLE RUINS ROMANTIC

PROSPECTS OF NORTH BRITAIN, with ancient Monuments and singular subjects of Natural History, 4to. 75 unlettered Views and Monuments, with 24 plates of Natural History in two states (unlettered proofs and finely COLOURED), altogether 123 plates, engraved by P. Mazell, russia extra, gilt edges, by: C. Lewis,

UNIQUE, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £36. 1788 24365

the same 4to. 100 lettered plates, calf gilt, £7.78 1795 In the second issue there is one engraving more than in the first one. It forms the title or frontispiece of Vol. II, the work having been re-arranged

and divided into two volumes. 23366 CRAGII (Thomæ) de Riccarton, Jus Feudale, tribus libris compre

hensum, quibus ... consuetudines Feudales et Prædiorum jura quæ in Scotia Anglia et plerisque locis obtinent, continentur, sm. folio, calf, 208

Edinburgi, 1732 24367 CUNNINGHAM (A.) the Songs of Scotland, ancient and modern,

with introduction and notes, 4 vols. sm. 8vo. boards, £2. 2s 1825 24368 DALRYMPLE (Sir James) Collections concerning the Scottish

History preceding the Death of King David I, 1153, sm. 8vo. calf neat, 178

Edinburgh, 1705


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