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24369 DALYELL (J. G.) Scottish Poems of the 16th Century, LARGE

PAPER, 8vo. with a printed foot-note on p. 66, which is found in no other copy, and the autograph note of the editor giving instructions on the subject to the printer, and adding This note is to be put to only one copy to render it UNIQUE, therefore it should be of large paper,calf gilt, £9.

1801 This copy belonged to the Duke of Roxburgbe. 24370

Fragments of Scottish History, 4to. facsimile, a few MS. notes, half calf, 288

Edinlnırgh, 1798 24371

Fragments of Scottish History, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, portrait, facsimile, and three plans of battles, half morocco, uncut, the author's own copy, with his autograph, £10. Edinburgh, 1798

Only eight copies were printed on Large Paper, and the only copy sold by

auction was the Duke of Roxburghe's for £7.78 24372 DARIEN SCHEME. Collection of Addresses, Memorials, Proclama

tions, Letters, and other publick papers, relating to the Company of Scotland trading to Africa, and the Indies, since June, 1695, till November, 1700, 12mo. old red morocco, gilt edges, rare, £4.

1700 24373 DEMPSTERI (T.) Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Scotorum, small

4to. 4 leaves of preliminary matter reprinted, otherwise a fine copy in old calf, £3.

Bononiæ, 1627 Very scarce. Dr. Constable's copy sold for £15. 158.

Notwithstanding the mendacity of which Dempster has been convicted, this work from the pen of a Scotchman to whom no one can deny the possession of great learning and brilliant gifts of intellect, still remains an

indispensable proof of reference in every Scottish library. 24374 DICK (Sir W.) LAMENTABLE ESTATE AND DISTRESSED Case, with

one of the three rare engravings by R. Vaughan (the other two supplied by manuscript facsimiles), il. (1666)—Petition of W. Dick, Heir to Sir W. Dick, Broadside (1682)-Coppie of ye Accompt and Assignment of Capt. Lewis Dick to his Father Sir Wm. Dicke, with the Resolution of Counsell, touching the same, MANUSCRIPT---Manuscript Deed with autograph signature of Sir W. Dick, 1632—in 1 vol. folio, hf. morocco, £8. 1832-56

A volume of extraordinary rarity, a copy of which sold for £52. 10s in

General Dowdeswell's sale. 24375 DOUGLAS (Sir Robert) BARONAGE of SCOTLAND, containing

an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Gentry of that Kingdom, with Continuation and Introduction by Morrison, Vol. I (all published), folio, coats of arms, title mended, and a few leaves stained, signature of Sir David Dundas, half calf gilt, £4. 10s

1798 24376

the same, folio, boards, UNCUT, fine copy, £5. 108 1798 “ This work is intended to delineate the Genealogies of the Baronets, and

the lesser Barons or landed Gentry of Scotland.” 24377

PEERAGE OF SCOTLAND, continued by J. P. Wood, 2 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, 17 plates of coats of arms, hf. calf, £8.

Edinburgh, 1813 Douglas (Gawin) Virgil's Æneid-see post VIRGIL. 24378 DRUMMOND'S (Jas.) Ancient Scottish Weapons, with Intro

duction and descriptive Notes by Joseph Anderson, Custodier of the National Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh, atlas 4to. 54 plates in colours (subscription price, £5 58.) hf. bd. morocco, £5. 58

Edinburgh, 1881 The plates comprise :-Targets, Swords, Dirks, Powder Horns, Pistols, Muskets, Glaives, Lochaber Axes, War Axes, Halbards, Sporrans and Belt Purses, Pouches, Brooches, the Ballochyle Brooch and Clach Dearg, Bagpipes, Queen Mary's Harp, the Lamont Harp, Irish Harp, Methers, Spades, and

Implements. 24379 DRUMMOND (Wm. of Hawthornden) Works, folio, portrait, old calf, £2.

Edinburgh, 1711 24330

-- Poems, 12mo. with two title pages (1656 and 1659), 4 portraits (Gaywood's, a re-touched one of ditto, one unknown to Granger, and another by Birch) and a Life by P. Neve prefixell, interleaved with numerous notes in the autograph of T. Park, russia, UNIQUE, £24.

1656-59 - POLEMO-MIDDINIA—see Collection (Select) of Scots Poems

above. 23481 Dundee, MACKIE (C.) Historical Description of the Town of Dundee. 4to. plates, cloth, 36s

Glasgow, 1836 24382 EARLY RECORDS relating to MINING IN SCOTLAND: collected

by R. W. Cochran-Patrick of Woodside, LL.B. Cantab. B.A. Edin. F.S.A. Scot. etc. 4to. hf. 1d. morocco, 25$

Edinb. 1878 24384 Edinburgh. History of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh from its institution in 1764, cloth, 20s

Edinb. 1845 This interesting volume gives a biographical account of nearly 1000

eminent Scotchmen. 24385 SIMPSON (J. Y.) the Cat-Stane, Edinburghshire, is it not the

Tombstone of the Grandfather of Hengist and Horsa ? sm. 4to. plate, cloth, 78 6d


the Isle of May, edited by John Stuart, sm. 4to. front. and plates of facsimiles of Charters, cloth, 12s

1868 24387 EGLINTON Tournament (described by John Richardson), royal folio,

the plates finely coloured (after the designs of John Henry Nixon), half morocco, uncut, from the Hamilton Palace library, £6. 6s

1843 A curious record of folly. About forty-five years ago a real tournament was celebrated, combining a variety of elements, customs of the fourteenth century and arms and costumes of the fifteenth and the sixteenth ; with the

smug and trim-whiskered visages of the first half of the nineteenth century. 24388 EXCERPTA SCOTICA (a Collection of 29 excessively rare or

inedited curious Pieces illustrative of Scottish Affairs, edited by J. Maidment), 8vo. half morocco, uncut, £24. Edinb. 1825

In consequence of the very limited impressions of these privately printed Tracts only six complete sets could be made up. The above is a presentation

copy to Mr. David Laing with an autograph note of the Editor. 24389 FACSIMILES OF ANCIENT CHARTERS in the British Museum,

4 vols. complete, folio, near 150 large photographic facsimiles, with printed transcripts (published at £6. 3s), cloth, £3. 10s

1873-78 24390 — the same, Vol. II, folio (published at 30s), cloth, 10s


24391 FERGUSSON (D.) Scottish Proverbs, sm. 4to. FIRST EDITION, a very fine copy with uncut leaves, morocco extra, gilt edges, £22. 10s

Edinb. 1641 VERY RARE. Lowndes erroneously asserts “ The first Edition of these Proverbs is said to have been published about 1598." The Author died in that year, and his Collection was first published in 1641. This first edition of “Scottish Proverbs ” is of the greatest scarcity, and the above is probably

the finest copy known. 24392 Fifeshire. MARTINE (G.) Reliquiæ Divi Andreæ, or the State of

the venerable and primitiall See of St. Andrews, with Memoirs

of most famous Prelates, 4to. plates, bds. 158 St. Andrews, 1797 24393 FORBES, of Corse (Patrick, Bishop of Aberdene) Funerals (with a

Collection of Poetical Epitaphs in Latin or English by eminent Scotchmen of the day], sm. 4to. with the rare PORTRAIT, “ R. G. sculp." and the copy, calf, gilt edges, very scarce, £6.

Aberdene, E. Raban, 1635 24394 the same, no portrait, old calf, 25s

1635 A Collection of Sermons, Orations, Poems, etc. in English and Latin, of great rarity.

At the end of this interesting volume are nearly one hundred pages of Latin and English Funeral Poems on the death of this distinguished prelate, by Robert Gordon, James Sandilands, Patrick Panter, George Wishart, William Lesly, Arthur Johnston, William Johnston, W. Gordon, R. Watson, David Wedderburn, Taylor the Water-Poet, J. Ray, John Hamilton, William · Lauder, P. Jamison, John Forbes, the son of the Bishop, Sir A. Cummin, P.

Maitlan, J. Keyth, J. Johnston, E. Raban the printer, and many others. 24395 FORDUN (Johannis de) Scotichronicon genuinum, una cum

ejusdem supplemento ac continuatione, edit. T. HEARNIUS, 5 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, portrait of Hearne by Virtue, calf, £12.

Oxonii, 1722 24396 FORME (The) and Maner of Examination befoir the admission to

ye tabill of ye Lord, vsit be ye Ministerie of Edinburge: And gevin to ye Maisteris of euerie familie yat be oft reiding yairof yai may be ye better instructit in ye groundis & principall heidis of Religion, 12mo. black letter, Tif. bd. believed to be UNIQUE, £80.

Edinburgh, Henrie Charteris, 1581 24397 Foster (Joseph) Members of Parliament (Scotland), including

the minor Barons, the Commissioners for the Shires, and the Commissioners for the Burghs, 1357-1882; on the basis of the Parliainentary Return, 1880, with Genealogical and Biographical Notices, SECOND EDITION, REVISED AND CORRECTED, in one Volume, imp. 8vo. 360 pp. handsomely printed (Subscription price two Guineas), cloth, 158

Privately printed, 1882 24398 FOULIS (James) Jacobi follisii Edinburgensis calamitose pestis

Elega deploratio. Eiusdem ad diuam Margaritam reginam sapphicum carmen. De mercatorum facilitate aesclepiadeum ité et alia quedam carmina, sm. 4to. with woodcut Device of Gilles de Gourmout, half morocco, £2.

Apuul Egidium Gourmotium, 8. a. (cir. 1520) An excessively rare Tract dedicated to Archbp. Alex. Steuart, but has she B supplied in Manuscript. The only other copy known is that in the British Museum.

This Foulis was a student in theology at Paris and Orleans. In the dedication he mentions a recent pestilence among his fellow-students as having given him the occasion for this Latin poem ; just twelve years, as he

states, after the occurrence of a great plague in Scotland. 24399 FULLER (J.) History of Berwick upon Tweed, 8vo. map and plates

of Views, fine copy, tree-marbled calf extra, gilt marbled edges, by Kalthoeber, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £8. 8s

Edinb. 1799 24400 Gaelic Society of Inverness, Transactions of, Vol. VI, 1876-7, 8vo. cloth, 6s

1878 Including : The Authenticity of Ossian-Remains of Ancient Religion in the North - The Collecting of Highland Legends- The Cosmos of Ancient

Gaels ; etc. 24401 Gilchrist's Collection of Ancient and Modern Scottish Ballads,

Tales, and Songs, with explanatory notes, 2 vols. 12mo. half calf, 20s

Edinb. 1815 24402 GILLESPIE (George, Minister at Glasgow) Treatise of Miscellany

Questions: wherein many usefull Questions and Cases of
Conscience are discussed and resolved : sm. 4to. old calj, 10s

Edinburgh, 1619 24403 Glasgow. McURE (John, alias Campbell) View of the City of

Glasgow, its Origin, Rise, and Progress, sm. 8vo. complete, with the Portrait, Coat of Arms, North-West and South-West Views, und Dedication to the Duke of Argyle, calf extra, £10. 10s

Glasgow, James Duncan, 1736 A rare and curious work by the Clerk to the Registration of Scisins and other Evidents, containing accounts of the Hospitals, Halls, Fairs, the several Corporations, the Rise of Trade, etc. collected from private MSS. and other


AND GAwans, and other ancient Poems (reprinted from the originals, printed by W. Chepman and A. Myllar in 1508, and edited by David Laing], 4to. black letter, woodcuts, some leaves as usual inlaid, morocco extra, gilt edges, £8.

Edinburgh, 1827 24405

the same, 4to. printed on vellum, half morocco, uncut, £80.

1827 24406 GORDON (A.) Itinerarium Septentrionale ; Journey through Scot

land and the North of England, with the SUPPLEMENT containing an account of all the Monuments, Roman, Scoto-Danish, etc. folio, numerous plates, wanting No. 24, Castle Cary Fort at page 57, calf, 24s

1726-32 24407 GORDON (J.) Memoirs of John Gordon, of Glencat, Aberdeen, who

was thirteen years in the Scotch College at Paris, among the secular clergy, wherein the absurdities and delusions of Popery are laid open and the history of Baianism, Jansenism, and the constitution Unigenitus, 12mo. calf, 78 60

1734 24408 GORDON (Rev. J.F.S.) Scotichronicon: comprising Bishop Keith's

Catalogue of Scottish Bishops enlarged; with Reeves and
Goodall's Treatises on the Culdees, 2 vols. 1867-Monas-
ticon: an Account (based on Spottiswoode's) of all the
Abbeys, Priories and Collegiate Churches and Hospitals in
Scotland at the Reformation, Vol. I, 1868—Journal and

Appendix to Scotichronicon and Monasticon, Vol. I, 1867— together 4 vols. in 12 parts, 4to. (all published), numerous portraits of eminent Scottish Theologians, cloth, 36s

Glasgow, 1867-8 The Appendix contains a history of the Roman Catholic Church in

Scotland since the Reformation, with Lives of the Clergy. 24409 HAMMILTONII (A.) Calvinianæ Confusionis Demonstratio contra

maledicam Ministrorum Scotiæ Responsionem, sm. 8vo. title mended, fine copy, blue morocco extra, £5.

Paris, 1581 Lowndes was unable to quote any copy sold by auction. 24410 HAMILTON (Archp. John) THE CATECHISME. That

is to say, ane comone and catholik instruction of the
christin people in materis of our catholik faith and
religioun, quhilk na gud christin man or woman suld
misknaw; set furth be ye maist reuerend father in
God Johne Aschbischop of sanct Androus Legatuait
and primat of ye kirk of Scotland, in his prouincial
counsale haldin at Edinburgh the xxvi day of
Januarie, the zeir of our Lord 1551, sm. 4to. BLACK
LETTER, some leaves mended, olive morocco extra, gilt
edges, £160.
Prentit at sanct Androus, be the command and expesis

of ..
.. Johne. Primat of the hail Kirk of

Scotland, xxix day of August, 1552 THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED AT ST. ANDREW'S, AND EXCESSIVELY RARE. There are only three or four copies in existence. It would not, however, bave been surprising if all had perished under the destructive rage of the triumphant party of Reform. Religious animosities burned as fiercely in Scotland as in any other country of the age. The Archbishop was taken prisoner

by his enemies in 1571, and immediately hanged. 24411 (HARRY THE MINSTREL) Life and Acts of the most Famous and

valiant Champion, Sir William Wallace, Knight of Ellerslie, Maintainer of the Liberty of Scotland (turned from the Latin of J. Blair into Scots Meeter by Blind Harry), 12mo. black letter,

morocco, gilt edges, RARE, £7.78 Edinb. Gideon Lithgow, 1661 24412 (HARRY THE MINSTREL) The metrical History of Sir William

Wallace, Knight of Ellerslie, by Henry commonly called Blind
Harry, carefully transcribed from the MS. in the Advocates'
Library, 3 vols. 12mo. frontispieces, calf, 20s Perth, 1790

Blind Harry flourished after the middle of the fifteenth century. His poem is said to be based on materials of real historical value. This was the

first edition of the veritable text. 24413 HERD (David) Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, Heroic

Ballads, etc.—a page for page reprint of the 1776 edition, with memoir by Sidney Gilpin, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 18s Edinburgh, 1870

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