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24414 HERON (Robert) Observations made in a journey through the

Western Counties of Scotland, 1792, 2 vols. 8vo. map and 13 plates, calf, 78 6d

Perth, 1799 24415 HISTORIANS OF SCOTLAND, edited by W. F. Skene, David

Laing, and W. Reeves, with translations by Felix J. H. Skene, 7 vols. 8vo. beautifully printed on fine ribbed paper, cloth, £3. 10s

Edinburgh, 1871-77 Contents : Vol. I, Fordun, Chronica Gentis Scotorum : II, III, Wyntoun's Cronykil of Scotland, by Laing, vols. I, II (vol. III not yet published); IV, Fordun's Chronicle, in English; V, Lives of S. Ninian and S. Kentigern; VI, Adamnan's Life of S. Columba, edited by Reeves ;

VII, Liber Pluscardensis. 24416 HOGG (James) Poetical Works, 4 vols. 12mo. boards, 10s

Edinburgh, 1822 24417

Jacobite Relics of Scotland : being the Songs, Airs and Legends of the Adherents of the House of Stuart, with the music, 2 vols. 8vo. half morocco, uncut, rare, £2. 108

Edinburgh, 1819-21 24418 HOLLAND (Sir Richard) BUKE OF THE HOWLAT

(in Verse) edited (with a valuable historical preface) and presented to the Bannatyne Club by David Laing, PRINTED ON VELLUM IN BLACK LETTER, UNIQUE, with MAGNIFICENT BORDERS AND VIGNETTES, exquisitely illuminated in gold and colours, by William Penney, of Mid-Calder, A BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN OF THE ARTIST'S SKILL, green morocco, super extra, £125.

Edinb. 1823 This allegorical Scottish poem was written about 1453, and preserves many peculiarities of ancient English metrical composition which were already obsolete. It is largely devoted to the expression of eulogies on the house of Douglas—"the lineage of the Bleeding Heart;" and has therefore been supposed to embody a satire on the King, James II, who had slain Earl William, and with whom the Douglases were at feud.

The name of the artist, William Penny, is almost unknown, but by the few who have seen his performances he is recognized as an extraordinary genius. Both in fancy and in execution, the drawings with which he has embellished “the Howlat” are

exquisitely perfect. 24419 INNES (Cosmo) Scotland in the Middle Ages ; Sketches of early

Scotch History, and social progress, 8vo. cloth, 6s 60 1860 24420 INNES (Thomas) Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of

the Northern parts of Britain, or Scotland, with an Appendix of Ancient MS. Pieces, 2 vols. 8vo. genealogical tables, calf, £2. 108

1729 24421

the same, 2 vols. 8vo. FINE PAPER, calf, £5. 1729 24422

the same, 2 vols. 4to. LARGEST PAPER, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, rare. £18.

1729 24423 INTEREST of Scotland considered with regard to its Police, Agri

culture, Trade, Manufactures, and Fisheries, Edinburgh (1733) --Reasons for encouraging the Linnen manufacture of Scotland,

1735—2 vols. sm. 8vo. one calf, the other sd. 4s 6d 1733-5 24424 Irvini (Christoph.) Historiæ Scoticæ nomenclatura Latino-vernacula, 12mo. calf, 7s 6d

Edinb. 1682 A geographical Dictionary, chiefly Scottish, and altogether in English, although arranged under Latin heads.

JAMES VI (I of England) Works-see p. 2238. 24425 JAMESON (W.) Nazianzeni, etc. The Fundamentals of the Hierarchy examined, sm. 4to. calf, £3. 168

Glasgow, A. Sanders, 1697 24426 JAMIESON (John) Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of

Iona, and of their settlements in Scotland, England, and Ireland, 4to. frontispiece, hf. morocco gilt, gilt top, uncut, £2. 168

Edinburgh, 1811 24427 JAMIESON (Robert) Popular Ballads and Songs, from tradition,

MSS. etc. with translations of similar pieces from Danish, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 188

Edinb. 1806 24428 JONSTONI (J.) Inscriptiones Historicæ Regum Scotorum.

Præfixus est Gathelus, sive de Gentis Origine Fragmentum A.
Melvini, with the engravings of arms and the 10 rare portraits,
Amst. 1602— Ejusdem Heroes ex omni Historia Scotica lectissimi,
Lugd. Bat. 1603—2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt
edges, £16.

A copy of the Inscriptiones only, sold for £13. 13s in the Roxburghe sale. 24429 JOHNSTON (T. B.) Historical Geography of the Clans of Scotland, 4to. large map on linen, cloth, 78 6d

1872 24430 KAY'S (J., the Scottish engraver) Works, consisting of the

Portraits of local celebrities, 4to. 303 engravings, early Proofs, the names written in pencil underneath, with a MS. Index, hf. bd. calf, £14.

Edinburgh, 1780-1800 From the library of Sir Robert Peel. The first issue of the plates had

no title. 24431 Keith's Catalogue of Scottish Bishops down to the year 1688, 4to. calf, 78

Edinburgh, 1755 24432 KELLY (James) Collection of Scotish Proverbs, 8vo. FIRST EDITION, old calf, good copy, 258

1721 24433 KENNEDY (Mathew) Chronological, Genealogical and Historical

dissertation of the royal family of the Stuarts, sm. 8vo.
numerous MS. notes in a contemporary hand on the margin, calf
gilt, scarce,

Paris, 1705 24434 KIRKWOOD (Ja.) Rhetoricæ compendium ; de Analysi trac

tatiuncula authore Jacobo Kirkwodo, 18mo. bound in reil morocco, gilt edges, the sides covered with gold tooling, £3. 3s

Edinburgi, 1678 Probably bound for presentation to the Duke of Lauderdaile, to whom the

dedication is addressed. 21435 [KNOX (John)] THE HISTORIE OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND,

12mo. FIRST EDITION, fine copy, with autograph of “D. Uxbridge, November 14th, 1677," in vellum, from the Hamilton Palace library, £31. 108

(Vautrollier, 1584) The excessive rarity of this first edition is too well known to require any comment. Being unable to get the work printed in Scotland it was confided to Vantrollier in London, who had set up sheets B to M m (pages 17 to 560) when by order of the Archbishop of Canterbury the entire impression was seized and destroyed, with the exception of the very few copies sent away

previously as the sheets were finished. 24436 Knox (John) Psalmes of David and Liturgy, with Calvin's Cate

chisme, 3 vols. in 1, 12mo. with Music, title mended, morocco extra, gilt edges, £20.

Edinburgh, Andro Hart, 1611 24437 Knox (James) Topography of the Basin of the Tay, 12mo. 3 plates, Uds. 3s 6d

1831 With historical and antiquarian disquisitions. 24438 [LAING (David)] Early Metrical Tales, including the history of

Sir Egeir, Sir Gryme, and Sir Gray-Steill, 12mo. 2 plates, bds.
Uncut, £2. 16s

Edinburgh, 1836 24439 the same, Thick Paper, green morocco extra, gilt edges, £10.

1836 Contents : Sir Gray Steill ; Priests of Peblis; King Estmere; Roswall and

Lilian; and other pieces; all from old Scottish impressions or MSS. 24440

Select Remains of the early POPULAR Poetry of Scotland, complete, with the suppressed fourth leaf of "ane Ballat of Matrymonie,” sm. 4to. calf gilt, £6.

Edinb. 1822 24441

another copy, sm. 4to. with the fourth leaf of ane Ballat of Matrymonie," half morocco, uncut, £7.

1822 Only 108 copies printed, of which many were destroyed by fire.

This is a curious collection of twenty-five poetical pieces, valuable philologically, and for their sketches of manners and customs. It includes the stories of True Thomas of Ercildoune, Orfeo and Henrodis, the Awntyrs of

King Arthur, the Nine Worthies, etc. 24442

Various Pieces of Fugitive Scottish Poetry, principally of the seventeenth century, morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hayday (1825)-SECOND SERIES, calf extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford, 1853 ; —2 vols. sm. 8vo. fronts. by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, £12.

Edinburgh (1825)-53 Of the first series only 72 copies were printed ; of the second 70. 24443 LAING (H.) Descriptive Catalogue of Impressions from Ancient

Scottish Seals, from 1094 to the Commonwealth, 4to. 30 plates, bds. £2. 10s

Edinburgh, 1850 24444

the same, printed on fine paper for the Members of the Maitland Club, 4to. bis. £2. 16s

1850 24414*

Supplementary Catalogue of Ancient SCOTTISH SEALS, from 1150 to the 18th Century, 4to. 15 plates, and numerous woodcuts, cloth

Edinburgh, 1866 24445 LAING (Malcolm) History of Scotland from the Union under

James I to the time of Queen Anne, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, 158 1804 24446 Lanarkshire. GREENSHIELDS (J. B.) Annals of the Parish of Lesmahagow, 4to. plates, cloth, 36s

Edinburgh, printed for Subscribers only, 1864 24447 LAUDER (William) Ane compendious And breue Tractate, con

cernung ye Office and dewtie of Kyngis, Spirituall Pastoris, and temporall Jugis Laitlie Compulit be Túilliam Lauder. For the

faithfüll Instructioun of Kyngis, and Prencis, sm. 4to. 2 woodcuts, red morocco, by Bedford, £84.

Imprentit, in the zeir of God Ane M.V.C.LVJ. (1556) An excessively rare poem, addressed by the maker to all Catholyke Kyngis and Prencis. Only one other copy is known: that in the Britwell library, which is the identical copy recorded by Lowndes as having fetched £25. 10s. This one, formerly Leckie's and more recently Laing's, furnished the text of the Early English Text Society's reprint. John Scot is supposed to have printed it at Edinburgh; but for the same reason which impelled him to conceal his name in the St. Andrew's edition of Lyndsay's Dialogue he also withheld it here. The two woodcuts are curious early specimens of Scottish engraving. The first is a standing figure of a crowned King in armour, on the title, the other on the last page represents Christ sitting in

judgment on the last day, with the words “ Respice finem." 24448 Leith. ENGLISH (Peter) Survey of Policy, a free vindication of

the Commonwealth of England, against Salmasius and other royalists, sm. 4to. in the original black morocco, gilt edges, £2.168

Leith, 1653 EXTREMELY RARE ; being probably the first book printed at Leith after Cromwell had established the printing-press in that town, from which the first Scottish newspaper issued in 1653. It has been said that Evan Tyler, of Edinburgh printed at Leith in 1652, but this is more than unlikely: he may

have had a shop in Leith.

LEAGUE and COVENANT-see p. 1688. 24449 LENNOX GARLAND; gleaned from divers fields of Scottish

Poesy, sm. 8vo. black letter (only 50 copies reprinted), red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £4.

Glasgow, 1860 24450 LESLÆUS (Joannes) Episcopus Rossensis. De Origine, moribus

et rebus regis Scotorum; accessit nova et accurata regionum et insularum Scotiæ, cum vera eiusdem tabula topographica, descriptio, sm. 4to. map and 9 genealogical plates with portraits, and 2 other plates, fine copy in old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, £12.

Romæ, 1578 24451

- the same, sm. 4to. FIRST EDITION, with the rare map and portraits, fine copy in olive morocco, rich gold tooling, gilt gaufré edges, with Arms of John III, King of Sweden, painted in centre on sides, from the Beckford library, £35.

Romce, 1578 Bound in Rome and sent to the King (whose secret adoption of the Catholic religion in 1580 perhaps suggested the presentation of this copy).

- See post Mary QUEEN OF Scots. 24452 [LIVINGSTON (Michael)] Patronus Redux; or our Protectour

is return'd safe again, an historicall poem containing the Earl of Calandar's departure, his stay in England, and the effects thereof upon the town of Falkirk, composed by M. L., sm. 4to. blue morocco, the sides and back elaborately ornamented with gold, £9. 9s

Edinburgh, 1682 Only two copies of this curious poem appear to be known. 24453 Live's First Five Books of Roman History, translated by John Bellenden, 4to. bds. 12s

Edin. 1822 24454 LYNDSAY (Sir David, Lion King of Arms) Works, corrected

and enlarged, with Life and GLOSSARY, by Chalmers, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. boards, uncut, £2. 2s,


[blocks in formation]

24455 LYNDSAY [Ane Dialog betuix Experience and ane Courtiour] smallest 4to. imperfect, bd. £10.

[St. Andrews, John Scot, about 1554] Only two other copies seem to be known at the present time. One is in Mr. Christie-Millar's library, and the other fetched £121 at David Laing's first

sale. There is perhaps another in the Bodleian collection. 24456

A DIALOGUE betweene Experience and a .Courtier, of the miserable state of the Worlde, Compiled in the Scottish tung, by Syr Dauid Lindsey ; first turned and made perfect Englishe; and now the seconde time corrected, ... Hereunto also are annexed certain other workes inuented by the saide Knight (all in verse), smallest 4to. black letter (title and 14 leaves mounted), olive morocco extra, gilt edges, from J. Maidment's library, RARE, £12.

Thomas Purfoote, 1581 24457

Dialogus eller en samtale Imellom Forfarenhed oc en
Hofftienere om Verdens elendige voesen oc begribus udi fire
Böger om Monarchier . .. transfererit aff Skotske maal paa
Latine . . . oc fiden aff Latine paa Danske Rijm ved Jacob
Mattssön, sm. 4to. printed within woodcut borders, fine copy in the
original stamped calf, £12. 12s

Kiobenhaffn, 1591
Very rare. It is a translation into Danish verse of Lyndsay's poetical

works. 24458

Ane Satyre of the thrie Estaits in commendation of vertew and vituperation of vyce, sm. 4to. old calf, 358

Edinburgh, R. Charteris, 1602
The first seven and the last leaves are in MS.

illustrated by appropriate Figures, displaying their Dress,
Tartans, Arms, Armorial Insignia, and Social Occupations,
from Original Sketches by R. R. McIan, 2 vols. royal folio,
LARGE PAPER, 72 beautifully COLOURED plates, with Descrip-
tions by JAMES Logan, half MOROCCO, emblematic tooling on the
back and sides, gilt edges, £18.

1845 24460 MACKENZIE (Sir G.) Defence of the Antiquity of the Royal

Line of Scotland, sm. 8vo. numerous manuscript notes by David
Macpherson on the margin, calf gilt, fine copy, 30s

1685 24461 -Antiquity of the Royal Line of Scotland, farther cleared and defended, sm. 8vo. THICK PAPER, fine copy, calf, £2.

1686 This copy contains the folding Table giving the Genealogy of Alexander III, as it was repeated by a High-land Gentleman at that King's Coronation,

Ann, 1249, to which is added the succession to Alexander.
24462 [MAIDMENT (J.) AND R. PITCAIRN], Nugæ derelicta, quas

colligerunt (sic) J. M. & R. P., 18 pieces in 1 vol. roy. 8vo.
frontispiece, a complete Collection of the 18 Tracts on the History
and Antiquities of Scotland, of which only 6 complete copies are
known (see Mr. Pitcairn's autograph note at end), maroon morocco
extra, gilt edges, with Nicolas Arms in gold on sides, from the
Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £27.

Edinb. 1822

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