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Mary, Queen of Scots : 24463 APOLOGIE ou Defense de l'honorable sentence et tres-juste

Execution de defuncte Marie Steuard derniere Royne d'Ecosse ... apres la fin du livre sont adjoustées les copies des lettres, qui servent à découvrir la trahison de ladite Royne, 12mo. with the two rare leaves of "Fautes survenues à lImpression,calf, £6. 68

Paris (1588) The leaves of Errata are extremely scarce. The work itself, which is both

rare and curious, is a translation from the book of M. Kyffin. 24464 BENGER (Miss) Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots, 2 vols. 8vo.

portrait, 5 pages of MS. notes by Mr. Beckford, half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £9. 10s

1823 Amongst the notes is the following," I wish, dear Miss Benger, that your

style was a little less ornate, and your information a little less inaccurate." 24465 [BLACKWOOD (Adam)] HISTOIRE ET MARTYRE DE LA ROYNE

D'ESCOSSE ... contenant les trahisons à elle faictes par Elizabet
Angloise, par où on cognoist les mensonges, calomnies & faulses
accusations enuers ceste bonne Princesse innocente. Auec in
petit liure de sa mort . . . Paris, pour Guillaume Bichon ...
woodcuts; at end : Acheué d'imprimer ce dernier jour de Decembre,
Mil cinq cens quatre-vingtz 8: huict
2 vols. in 1, 18mo, old calf, £30.

Paris, 1589.88 Jadis's copy of the second work with the four woodcuts was crroneously described as unique, bnt there are perhaps not more than three or four copies in which those engravings are found. This passsionate narrative of a pitiful tragedy is, when complete, one of the rarest books relating to Mary Queen of

Scots--a theme ever fresh and ever interesting. 24466 (BOISGUILBERT) MARIE STUART REYNE D'Escosse, nouvelle histo

rique, 3 parts in 1, 12mo. calf extra, gilt, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £6. 10s

Suivant la copie (avec la sfère), 1675. 24467 (BUCHANAN, G.) DE MARIA SCOTORUM REGINA, totaque eius

contra Regem conjuratione fædo cum Bothuelio adulterio, nefaria in maritum crudelitate et rabie horrendo insuper et deterrimo ejusdem parricidio : plena et tragica planè historia, - 12mo. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £12. 12s

S. a. et l. et nom. imp. A LARGE and CLEAN COPY of this ORIGINAL EDITION attributed to George Buchanan; VERY RARE. Besides the 122 pp. given by Lowndes, this copy has 2 unpaged II. at the end,'containing two satyres in Latin on the Queen, signed respectively “G. M." and " P. R. Scotus: the signatures are

A-Q in fours. 24468

- ANE DETECTIOVN OF THE DUINGS OF MARIE QUENE OF SCOTTES, touchand the murder of hir husband and hir conspiracie, adulterie, and pretensed mariage with the Erle Bothwell ... Translatit ont of the Latine quhilke was written by G. B. 12mo. black letter, title mended, old calf, from the Duke of Hamilton's library, £5. 58

Sine nota [? 1572]

Maey QUEEN OF Scots-continued.

QUENE OF SCOTTES, 12mo, old calf gilt, bound for the Earl of
Sunderland, £10. 108

[? 1572] VERY RARE, notwithstanding the appearance of two copies in this catalogue; only one other copy, very imperfect, has come into the market during the last twenty-three years. The book is generally supposed to have been printed in London by John Day about 1571-2. If that be correct, the death of Mary had been long resolved upon before it was brought about. Otherwise, John Day would never have dared to print, even under the shade of a penetrable anonymity such words as these (addressed to Englishmen on the last page of the book)

"Qahile your Quenis enemy liveth, hir danger continueth." 24470 - -- HISTOIRE DE MARIE ROYNE D’ESCOSSE ... traduicte

de Latin en François, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Padeloup, £10. 10s

Edimbourg, Thomas Waltem, 1572 A rare work, translated from George Buchanan's Detectio, and, therefore, bitterly hostile to Queen Mary. The imprint appears to be supposititious, the book having been probably printed in London. Brunet states that this trans

lation was made by Camuz, a French Huguenot. 24471 A DEFENCE of the honorable Sentence and Execution of the

Queene of Scots, exempled with analogies, and diverse presidents of Emperors, Kings, and Popes, sm. 4to. attributed to MAURICE Kyffin, with contemporary MS. notes, and the rare leaf of errata, calf neat, £12.

J. Windet (1587) Extremely rare. The leaf of Errata is followed by Anthony Babington's

Letter to Mary and the Queen's Answer, dated 12th July, 1586. 24472 INNOCENCE de la très illustre, très chaste et debonnaire

Princesse, MADAME MARIE, ROYNE D’Escosse, ou sont amplement refuteés les Calomnies publiées par un livre secretement divulgué en France l'an 1572, touchant tant la mort du Seigneur d'Arley son espoux et autres Crimes, etc. 12mo. front margin slightly cropped, old calf, very rare, £4.

(Paris) 1572 A refutation of the celebrated work of Geo. Buchanan, attributed by

La Croix du Maine to Belleforest. Sold, Girard, 140 fr., Veinant, 129 fr. 24473 [JEBB (Sam.)] History of the life and reign of Mary Queen

of Scots, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, portrait by Vertue, red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 108

1725 24474 [LESLIE (John, Bishop of Ross)] A defence of the honour of

the right highe, mightye and noble Princesse Marie Quene of
Scotlande and dowager of France, with a declaration as well of
her right, title & intereste to the succession of the crowne
of Englande, as that the regimente of women ys conformable
to the lawe of God and nature, 12mo. fine copy in red morocco
extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £50.
Imprinted at London in Flete strete, at the signe of Justice
Royall against the Blacke bell, by Eusebius Dicæophile,

Anno Dom. 1569 Excessively rare original edition of a famous treatise which had no small influence on Mary's fate. It was so little known formerly that tho Latin edition of 1580 was usually considered the original from which the English

book of Edinburgh 1584 had been translated. It was however the fact that
Leslie from his cell in the Tower contrived to get this little volume printed
(probably by Jean Foigny at Reims) in 1569.-The work being printed
anonymously, and without a printer's' name, was more difficult to suppress
than the second edition which was printed at Liege in 1571, but it has
become nevertheless one of the rarest volumes relating to Mary Queen of
Scots. I bought David Laing's copy in 1879 for £53. and sold it soon

afterwards for £63. 24476 [LESLIE] A Treatise concerning the defence of the honovr of

the right high, mightie and noble princesse, Marie Queene of Scotland, with a Declaration as wel of her Right, Title and Interest to the Succession of the Cronne of England, etc. ... made by Morgan Philippes, Bachelor of Divinitie, An. 1570, 12mo. old calf, £20.

Leodii, G. Morberius, 1571 Second edition, which was immediately suppressed at the demand of Queen Elizabeth, and which has become excessively rare. It has consider

able variations from the original edition of 1569. 24477 LESLEY, Treatise touching the Right, Title and Interest of

Princesse Marie. The genealogical tree in absolute facsimile, 218

(1584-1884) 24478 LESSELIE (Jean, Evesque de Rosse) du Droict et Tiltre de

Marie Royne d'Escosse et de Jaques VI à la Succession du Royaume d'Angleterre, 12mo. with genealogical table, woodcut border to title, sd. €6.

Rouen, 1587 24479 LETTERS of Mary, Queen of Scots, now first published from the

originals, with notes by AGNES STRICKLAND, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. portrait and facsimiles, hf. calf gilt, 108

1844 24480 LETTRES, Instructions et Mémoires de Marie Staart Reine

d'Ecosse, publiés sur les originaux, par le Prince Alexandre Labanoff, 7 vols. 8vo. (pub. £4. 4s), cloth, 24s

1844 24481 MIGNET, Histoire de Marie Stuart, 2 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 5s

Bruxelles, 1851 24482 NAU (Claude) History of Mary Stewart, from the murder of

Riccio until her flight into England, from the original MSS. with illustrative papers from the secret archives of the Vatican, etc. with preface (of 214 pp.) by the Rev. J. Stevenson (with appendix of Nau's narrative in the original French), 8vo. with 4 pp. of facsimile of Nau's MS. cloth, 128

Edin. 1883 24483 PETIT (Prof. J. A.) History of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots,

translated from the unpublished MS. by Charles de Flandre, 2 vols. 4to. 2 portraits, and facsimiles of the Queen's autograph, cloth, 30s

Edinburgh, printed for the translator, 1873 24484 SKELTON (J.) the Impeachment of Mary Stuart, and other

· papers, historical and biographical, 8vo. portrait, 58 1876 24485 [STRANGUAGE (W.)] Historie of the Life and Death of

Mary Stuart, Queene of Scotland, sm. folio, portrait of Mary by
R. Elstracke, vellum, fine copy, £2. 10s

1624 With the bookplate of The Right Hon. Philip Sydney, Earl of Leicester, Viscount Lisle and Baron Sydney of Penshurst, 1704.

This work was afterwards published under the name of W. Udall, whose name is appended to the preface of this edition.

24486 MELVIL (Sir James) Memoires; containing an impartial account

of the most remarkable affairs of State relating to England and Scotland, published by G. Scott, folio, old calf, from the Sunderlandl library, £1. 16s

London, 1683 24487 [MENTETH DE SALMONET (Robert) ] Histoire des Troubles

de la Grand' Bretagne, 4to. LARGE PAPER, in the original red morocco, sides plain, but the back decorated with fine gold tooling, somewhat faded, gilt edges, £15. 15s

Paris, 1649 This is a very rare book on the reign and death of Charles I) by a Scottish writer resident in France, whose initials, R. D. M. S., appear at foot of the dedicatory epistle. He seems to have ennobled himself gratuitously by the addition of de Salmonet to his name (for which, as David Laing maliciously asserted, he had no other reason than that his father was a salmon-fisher). The binding is contemporaneous with the book, and was done by one of Le

Gascon's successors. 24188 MISCELLANEA Scotica, Tracts relating to the History, Antiquities,

Topography and Literature of Scotland, 4 vols. sm. 8vo. hf. calf, £3.

Glasgow, 1818-20 CONTEXTS : Maule's History of the Picts-History of the ClansMassacre of Glenco-Navigation of James V round Scotland-Letter of the Nobility in 1320 to Pope John--On Second Sight-Buchanan's Family of Buchanan-Earl of Glencairn's Expedition into the Highlands of Scotland,

1653-4 ; etc. 21489 MONRO his Expedition with the worthy Scots REGIMENT (called

MacKeyes Regiment), levied in August, 1626, by Sir Donald Mac Key Lord Rhees, and reduced after the Battailo of Nerling to one Company in September, 1634, at Wormes in the Paltz, small folio, calf neat, £2. 10s

1637 24490 - the same, LARGE PAPER, original calf, £22. 10s 1837

I never before saw a copy on Large Paper,

One of the best contributions to the history of the Thirty Years' War in Germany. It details the Scottish services first under the King of Denmark, afterwards under GustavUS ADOLPHUS of Sweden, and the Chancellor

Oxenstjerna and his generals. 24491 MONTGOMERY (Alexander) Poems [edited by David Laing]:

with biographical notices by David Irving, small 8vo. green morocco extra, rough gilt edges, £3. 38

Edinburgh, 1821 As the writer of the Cherry and the Slae, and part author of the Flyting with Polwart, Montgomery is entitled to a place here. He is supposed to

have died soon after 1605. 24492 - The Flyting betwixt Montgomery and Polwart (in

verse), sm. 4to. green morocco extra, gilt edges, excessively rare, £60..

Edinburgh, Heires of Andro Hart, 1629 This is the earliest edition of this singular production known, although one dated 1621 (probably by an error) is mentioned in the Harleian Catalogue. The time of its Composition must have been previous to 1584, as some verses are quoted from it in that year by James VI in his Essayes of a Prentise in the Divine Art of Poesie. Montgomery's invectives are equally distinguished by their virulence and ingenuity, and those of his antagonist, Sir Patrick Hume of Polwarth, can scarcely be considered as inferior. Many of the terms which they employ are highly offensive to delicate ears.

24493 Moray. LAUDER (Sir T. D.) Account of the Great Floods of

August, 1829, in the Province of Moray, etc. 8vo. 430 pp. maps and illustrations, boards, 12s; or hf. calf, 14s Edinb. 1830

“Full of Sir Thomas Lauder's characteristic genius. It has his descriptive

power, his humour, his sense of the picturesque.”—Atheneum, Aug. 15, 1874. 24494 Morris (T.) the Provosts of METHYEN : biographical notices of

the Provosts, with Charters and other Documents, 4to. plates,

cloth, 36s Edinburgh, printed for private circulation, 1875 24495 (MUIR “ Unda ") Characteristics of Old Church Architecture in

the Mainland and Western Islands of Scotland, 4to. maps and woodcuts of Crosses and other Antiquities, bds. 188

Edinburgh, printed for private circulation, 1861 24496 MUNRO (Robert) Ancient Scottish Lake-Dwellings or Crannogs,

with a supplementary paper on remains in England, 8vo. plates and woodcuts (pub. 21s), cloth, 14s

Edinb. 1882 24497 NICOLAY (NICOLAS DE, Sieur d' Arfeville) LA

NAVIGATION DU Roy d'EsCOSSE LAQUES CINQUIESME de nom, autour de son Royaume, et Isles Hebrides et Orchades, soubz la Conduicte d'Alexandre Lyndsay, excellent Pilote Escossois, sm. 4to. with the ExCESSIVELY RARE MAP OF SCOTLAND, and the woodcut slip, Figure ou Roue pour cognoistre tous le long de l'année," with woodcuts of Compasses in the text, very fine copy in limp vellum, £52. Paris, 1583

- Livre rare, curieux et fort recherché."Brunet.

Extremely rare. Mr. Beckford's copy sold for £140, and

a very inferior copy in Dr. Laing's sale for £47. 24498 -- " Vraye et exacte description Hydrographique des

costes maritimes d'Escosse et des Iles Orchades et Hebrides avec partie d'Angleterre et d'Irlande servant a la navigation, par N. de Nicolay Daulphinois Sieur d'Arfeville et de Belair, pmier Cosmographe du Roy,” 1583, a facsimile from the excessively rare original, executed by the Autotype process, 10s 6d

There is no facsimile of this map in the reprint of the book issued in the series entitled “Miscellanca Scotica."

The map was really drawn by Alexander Lyndsay, an excellent navigator

and Hydrographer. 24499 PATTON (D.) Dialogue betuext the Old and New Burgar Kirk

of Dunfermlne over hard by a bnighted Travler, to which is aded an eledgie on the much lamented death of the R'v. Mr. Campblle, 18mo. woodcuts, extremely rare, but first leaf in facsimile, bds. £1.

(Dunfermline, D. Patton) 1811 24500

-- Dialogue between the Old and New Light Burghar Kirks of Dunfermline (in Verse) with savral Answers and Epistels (in Prose) to Willy [Smith), concluding in a most serious Battle, 12mo. curious cuts, half morocco, very rare, £4. 4s

Dunfermline, printed by D. Patton, 1815 An extraordinary specimen of Typography successively presented to R. Chapman by J. Lumsden, to the Rev. T. F. Dibdin by J. Kerr, and by Dr. Dibdin to Sir G. H. Freeling.

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