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24547 THOMSON (W.) Orpheus Caledonius, a collection of Scots Songs

set to Musick, 2 vols. 8vo. with the Music engraved to each Song, fine copy in calf gilt, £3. 16s

1733 24548 [THORNBOROUGH (John, Bishop of Bristol)] the Joiefull and

Blessed Reuniting the two mighty and famous Kingdomes,
England and Scotland, into their ancient name of Great
Britaine, sm. 4to. stained, hf. calf, 36s

Oxford (1603) 24549 TRACTS illustrative of the traditionary and historical antiquities of Scotland, 8vo. portrait, cloth, 6s

Edin. 1836 24550 TYLER (A.) Memoires of Ihon III, King of POLAND, with a

Relation of his Victories against the Turks and Tartars, in Verse, and other Poems, sm. 4to. fine copy in morocco extra, gilt edges, by W. Pratt, £3.

Edinburgh, A. Anderson, 1685 Rare. The additional poems (Siege of Vienna and Tempest on the Forth), which have separate title pages and are often deficient, were unknown

to Lowndes. 24551 UBALDINI (P.) Descrittione del Regno di Scotia, sm. folio,

FIRST EDITION, printed on paper stained straw-colour with saffron, tall copy, old calf, £7. 108

Anversa, 1588 An exceedingly rare and curious work. “ This book has been purposely stained with saffron. I have seen several books of the time of Elizabeth stained in a similar manner, perhaps with the idea of preserving them from

insects.' 24552 Union of England and Scotland. Proclamation of Queen Anne,

Proceedings of the Lords Commissioners for both Kingdoms,
Articles of Union, etc. no title, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. calf, 78 6d

(1707) 24553 VIRGIL. THE viii BUKES OF ENEADOS of the famose Poete

Virgill Translatet out of Latyne verses into Scottish metir, bi the Reuerend Father in God, Mayster Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkel, .... sm4to. a fine and perfect copy in red morocco

extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £80. London (W. Copland), 1553 24554 --- Eneados of Gawin Douglas, small 4to. title and part of

second leaf in facsimile and folios 371-2 and 375-6 wanting, stained but EXTREMELY TALL COPY, having the rare end leaves, old russia, EXCESSIVELY RARE, £12.

1553 24555 - -- new edition, corrected from a Manuscript, with a large

Glossary (by Ruddiman) and the Author's Life (by Rev. J.
Sage), folio, old calf, £2.

Edinburgh, 1710 24556 - -- Æneid, translated into Scottish Verse, by Gawin Douglas, edited by G. Dundas, 2 vols. bds. £4. 108

Bannatyne Club, 1839 24557 (WATSON'S) Choice Collection of comic and serious SCOTS

Poems, both ancient and modern, 3 parts in 1 vol. 12mno. title and contents of the last part reprinted, green marocco, extra, gilt edges, £5.

Edinburgh, J. Watson, 1706-9-11 24558 - Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems

3 parts, Edinb. 1713, 1709, 1711-A Specimen of a Book intituled ane compendious Booke of Godly and spiritual Sangs (edited with Glossary by Lord Hailes), ib. 1765—in 1 vol. 12mo. calf neat, with the autograph of John Jamieson, £6.

The first printed collection of old Scottish popular poetry; including Christ's Kirk on the Green, the Cherry and the Slae, the Flyting of Polwart and Montgomery, the original Auld Lang-Syne, and many other that have yielded familiar and favourite expressions in the every-day speech

of the people, 24559 WHITE (Capt. T. E.) Archæological Sketches in Scotland,

District of Kintyre, folio, map and 53 plates of Celtic Crosses,
Monuments, Ruins, etc. with letterpress, cloth, 38s

Edinburgh, 1873 24560

- Archæological Sketches of the District of Kintyre, and Knapdale, Argyllshire, from rubbings, 2 vols. in 1, folio, 2 maps and 102 plates of Celtic Crosses, Tombs, etc. with other plates

inserted, no letterpress, hf. Roxburghe, £2. 16s Edinburgh, 1874:5 24561 WILSON (Daniel) Archæology and Prehistoric Annals of

Scotland, royal 8vo. plates and woodcuts, cloth, 128 1851 24562 - -- Prehistoric Annals of Scotland, second edition, 2 vols.

8vo. 25 plates and 240 woodcuts of the relics of Ancient Celtic and Pre-Celtic Art, cloth, 24s

1863 24563 WILSON'S (William) Thirty-four Water-colour Drawings of

REMAINS of Old BUILDINGS in SCOTLAND, oblong 4to. red morocco extra, with joints, silk linings, gilt edges, by Hering, from the library of George IV, with his arms on the sides, £15. circ. 1810-20

These drawings are taken from the most beautiful examples of Ancient Scottish Sculpture extant in the Abbeys of Melrose, Jedburgh, Pluscarden and Kelso, the High Church of Edinburgh, Glasgow Cathedral, and Linlithgow Palace. They were made for a picture painted for Colonel Rutherford

of Egerston. The binding alone cost 26. 68. 24564 [WISHART] I. G. de Rebus auspiciis Caroli Britt. Regis, sub

imperio Jacobi MONTISROSARUM Marchionis, anno 1644 et duobus sequentibus gestis Commentarius, interprete A. S. 12mo. vellum, 188

s. l. 1647 24565 - another issue, printed in larger type, thick sm. 8vo. vellum, from the Sunderland library, 25s

Paris, 1648 " A piece of paper is pasted over the date. 24566

– the same, sm. 4to. LARGE PAPER, fine copy in red morocco extra by Lewis, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £6. 6s

Paris, 1648 The initials I. G. with which the title commences, evidently imply that Montrose himself (James Graham) was the real author : the initials A. S. of the translator are usually taken to mean Agricola Sophocardius—the

second word being equivalent to Wishart. But this is doubtful. 24567 WYNTOWN ( Androw of) ORIGYNALE CRONYKIL OF

SCOTLAND, now first published, with Notes, GLOSSARY, etc. by David Macpherson, 2 vols. large 8vo. facsimile, calf, £2. 16s

1795 24568 Tracts on Scottish HISTORY: a Collection of thirty-seven rare

pieces relating to the Scottish Church, and the Share taken by the Scottish Army in the Civil Wars, in one vol. sm. 4to. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £10.

1646-9 Containing:--The Humble Petition of the Commissioners of the Generall Assembly of the Church of Scotland met at Edin. Jan. 4, 1642, Oxford, March 20–Generall Lesley's Direction and Order for the exercising of Horse and foot, Lond. 1642-An Unhappy Game at Scotch and English, or a full answer from England to the Papers of Scotland, Edinb. 1646-A Message sent from the Kingdom of Scotland to his Highnesse the Prince of Wales by the Earle of Lauderdale ; likewise a grcat victory obtained neer Kendall in Westmerland, etc. 1648-Copy of a Letter from the Committee of Estates in Scotland to the Prince of Wales (single sheet), 1648---Relation of the Great Victory of Lient. Gen. Cromwel against the whole Army of the Scots, 1648– His Majesties last answer to the papers and propositions of the Commissioners of Scotland (single sheet), 1649—A Letter from the Commissioners of the Kingdom of Scotland residing at London to Wm. Lenthall, Esq. 1649 ; and others.

2. Family History.

24569 Baird Family, Fraser's (W. N.) Account of the Surname of

Baird : the families of Auchmedden, Newbyth, and Sauchtonhall, 4to. plate of seals, cloth, 25s

Edinburgh (1857) 21570 Buchanan (Wm. of Auchmar) historical and genealogical Essay

upon the Family and Surname of Buchanan, with an enquiry into the Genealogy and present state of ancient Scotish Surnames, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. engraved front. bd, rarc, £3. 58

Glasgow, 1723 24571 Campbell. The Black Book of Taymonth, with other Papers

from the Breadalbane Charter Room (edited, with preface, by Cosmo INNES), 4to. plates, with nine coloured facsimiles of the Portraits of the Lords of Glenurquhay, 4to. cloth, rare, £30.

Edinburgh, 1855 Privately printed for the Marquis of Breadalbane, for private circulation.

This copy was presented to Col. Sykes. 24572 Douglas. HUME (David, of Godscroft) History of the House and

Race of Douglas and Angus, 2 vols. 12mo. MS. notes by Mr.
Beckford, calf, scarce, £3. 3s

Edinburgh, 1748 24573 ---- Case of the Respondents in the Trial of “ Archibald

James Edward Stewart, alias Douglas, against the Duke of Hamilton, Lord Douglas Hamilton, Sir Hew Dalrymple and others," folio, bds. 6s

n. d. (ca. 1760) A very curious trial, in which a supposititious child of Lady Jave

Douglas set forth a claim to the Dukedom of Douglas. 24574 Forbes. Memoranda relating to the Family of Forbes of Waterton, Co. Aberdeen, 4to. pedigrees and plates, cloth, 14s

Aberdeen, 1857 “ Printed solely for the use of members of the Family.” 24575 Gordon, GORDON (William) History of the ancient, noble, and

illustrious family of GORDON, from their first arrival in Scotland in Malcolm III's time to the year 1690, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, £5. 15s

Edinburgh, 1726-27 24576 Hamilton. ANDERSON (J.) Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the House of Hamilton, 4to. frontispiece, boards, £2. 2s

Edinburgh, 1825 24577 - the same, roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, calf gilt, £10. 10s 1825

------ the same, roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, front, being a view of Cadyow Castle, MS. notes by Mr. Beckford, presentation copy


from the Duke of Hamilton to Mr. Beckford, red morocco superextra, broad leather joints with gold tooled borders, white flowered silk linings, gilt edges, £21.

1825 24579 Kennedy, Historical and Genealogical Account of the principal

Families of the Name of Kennedy, from an original MS. with notes and illustrations by R. Pitcairn, 4to. bds, only a small

number printed, 148 Edinburgh (Bannatyne Club), 1830 24580 Leslie. LAURUS LESLÆANA explicata, sive clarior Enumeratio

Personarum utriusque sexus cognominis Leslie per Patres
Societatis Jesu Missionis Scotiæ, large folio, clean, sound, and
complete, with the Genealogical Tree, and the rare Portrait of
James Count Leslie, by A. M. Wolffgang, in old calf, with the
Leslie arms on sides, and Dr. Laing's autograph, £6. 68

Grrecii, 1692 “ This genealogical work is dedicated to Count Lesly, one of the Emperor Leopold's most famous generals, whose portrait, extremely well engraved, is prefixed to it. The book contains an account of all the illustrious persons, of both sexes, appertaining to the noble family of Lesly, as also a gencalogical table of all the families, consisting of three or four sheets (a three-fold sheet), deducing their origin from Bertholdus, the great ancestor of the Leslies, who came out of Hungary with Queen Margaret into England about the year of our Lord 1067, and from thence went into Scotland in the reign of Malcolm III." - Brydges, Censura Litteraria, Vol. V, p. 74.

For this really very rare volume, Lowndes and his editor are content to preserve their own absurdly low valuation because of Crawford's depreciatory opinion, and in the face of that of Sir Egerton Brydges, the later and better genealogist. Be that as it may, the rarity of the work is certain, for not a copy is chronicled as sold. A copy, wanting the portrait, was in Laing's

catalogue, 1819. 24581 LESLIE-GRANT (Peter) against Count Leslie : a Collection of

Sessions Papers, etc. relating to the Estate of Balquhain, including the Petition of P. Leslie-Grant, late of Ballendalloch ; Answers to Anthony Leslie of Balquhain; Second Petition of P. Leslie-Grant, Aug. 6, 1759; Third Petition. Aug. 1760; Depositions relative to the Title-Deeds of Balquhain ; Replies to Count Leslie, Petition of Anthony Leslie ; Answers for Peter Leslie-Grant; Memorial of Charles Cajetan, Count Leslie ; Petition of Peter Leslie Grant, Dec. 14, 1761 ; State of the Process Peter Grant against Count Leslie, copious MS. notes in the margins; Information for Peter Leslie-Grant; Information for Count Leslie ; Further Petitions, Answers, Memorials, etc. official copies of scarce privately printed papers, with MS. notes and opinions, bound in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, from the library of Lord Eliock, £12.

This collection is probably unique. 24582 Lindsay LINDSAY (Lord) Lives of the Lindsays; or a Memoir

of the Houses of Crawford and Balcarres, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s

1849 24583 - the same, second edition, 3 vols. 8vo. half morocco, 36s


24584 Maxwell. FRASER (W.) The Book of Carlaverock: Memoirs of

the Maxwells, Earls of Nithsdale, Lords Maxwell and Herries,

2 thick vols. 4to. portraits, views, facsimiles of Charters, and woodcuts of autographs, arms and seals, cloth, £35.

Edinburgh, 1873 Only one hundred and fifty copies were printed for William Lord

Herries, for private circulation. 24585 Scot, Scott. HISTORY of several Families of the name of

Scot, in the shires of Roxburghe and Selkirk, and others adjacent, by Captain Walter Scot - Satchels's Pastoral presented to his friends of the names of Scot and Eliott, 2 parts in ] vol. 4to. boards, uncut, £6. Edinburgh, 1688, reprinted 1776

For some account of this whimsical volume, written partly in prose and partly in doggrel verse, see Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott, Vol. I, p. 36.

Fetched at the sale of Lord Eliock's books, at Puttick and Simpson's in 1874, £8.

3. Peerage Cases.

24586 Airth, Minutes of Evidence on the Claim of Robert Barclay

Allardice, of Urie to the Earldom of Airth, folio, pedigrees, hf. bd. 78

1839 24587 Balfour Minutes of Evidence on the Claim of Robert Bruce

of Kennet to the Dignities of Lord Balfour of Burley and Lord Kilwinning, folio, hf. bd. 88

1861-68 24588 Crawfurd. Minutes of Evidence on the Petitions of James,

Earl of Balcarres, and Robert Lindsay Crawfurd, Esq. claiming the Dignities of Earl and Crawfurd and Lindsay, folio, bds. 10s

1845-48 24589 Herries. Minutes of Evidence on the Petition of William

Constable Maxwell claiming to be Lord Herries of Terregles, folio, hf. bd. 78 6d

1849-58 24590 Huntly. Minutes of Evidence on the Petition of George, Earl

of Aboyne, claiming the Titles of Marquess of Huntly, Earl of

Enzie, and Lord Gordon and Badenoch, folio, hf. bd. 58 1838 24591 Kinloss. Case of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Buckingham,

to the Dignity of Lord Kinloss in the Peerage of Scotland, with

Petitions of other Claimants, in one vol. folio, 78 68 1867 24592 Montrose. Case of James, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres,

claiming the Honour and Dignity of Duke of Montrose, as created in 1488, 1851–Supplemental Case, with Addenda of James, Earl of Crawford— Case of James, Duke of Montrose, and Supplemental Case-in 1 vol. large folio, facsimiles and pedigrees, half morocco, 30s

1851-2 24593 Newburgh. Evidence on the Petitions of Thomas Eyre,

claiming the Honours of Earl of Newburgh, Visct. Kinnaird and Baron Livingstone, and of the Marchioness Bandini to the same, folio, hf. bd. 78

1857 24594 Perth, Minutes of Evidence on the Petition of George Drum

mond, Duke de Melfort, to the Earldom of Perth, folio, plates and pedigrees, hf. bd. 10s


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