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24718 CUSACK, History of the City and County of Cork, thick large 8vo. map and woodcuts, cloth gilt, 20s

Cork, 1875 24719 D'ALTON (John) History of the County of Dublin, and Memoirs

of the Archbishops of Dublin, 2 vols. thick impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, cloth, 368

1838 24720

History of Ireland to the year 1245, with notices of the Barony of Boyle, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 128

1844 24721

History of Drogheda, Vol. I, numerous plates of Views, cloth, 5s

1846 24722 DAVIES (Sir John) Discoverie of the true Canses why Ireland

was never entirely subdued, nor brought under Obedience of the Crowne of England, until the beginning of his Majesties raigne, sm. 4to. FIRST EDITION, vellum, £6. 6s

Jaggard, 1612 24723

the same, sm. 4to. with autograph of Thomas Bendishe, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by J. Clarke, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £9.98

1612 24724

the same, with new title, 1613, and the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, 1 vol. 4to. neatly written MS. of 80 leaves, probably presentation copy, in the original gilt vellum ; —together 2 vols. 4to. vellum, in a hf. morocco case, £12. 12s

“ A masterly work, containing much depth of knowledge in state matters

and settling of countries, in a rery short compass.”—Lord Chatham. 24725 Davies (Sir John) PRIMER REPORT des Casses et Matters en Ley,

resolves et adjudges en les Courts del Roy en Ireland, collect et

digest per Sir John Davys, sm. folio, calf, 24s Dublin, 1615 24726 DEBATES relative to the affairs of Ireland, 1763-74, taken by

a military officer [Sir James Caldwell], 2 vols. 8vo. beautiful copy in old English red morocco extra, gilt edges

1766 24727 DERRICK (Sam.), Master of the Ceremonies at Bath, Letters

written from the Lake of Killarney, Dublin, etc., 2 vol. in 1, 12mo. hf. morocco, 58

1767 24728 DERRY (William Nicholson, Lord Bishop of), the Irish Historical

Library, pointing at the authors and records, serviceable for a
History of Ireland, 8vo. hf. morocco, 58

1724 24729 DESCRIPTION (the) of Ireland, and the State thereof, 1598, now

first printed from an old MS. in Clongowes-Wood College, County of Kildare, with copious notes and illustrations, with a list of the present representatives of the old families, and a full record of the events in the year 1598, by the Rev. Father Edmund Hogan, S. J., 4to. 400 pp. cloth, 5s

1878 24730 DESCRIPTION of the Western Isle (poem), by W. M., 12mo. bd. ls 6d

1791 24731 DESIDERATA Curiosa Hibernica, or select State Papers, Royal

Instructions, etc., during the reigns of Eliz., James I, and
Charles I, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, 78 6d

1772 24732 DEWAR's Character, Customs, and Superstitions of the Irish, 8vo. hf. morocco, 5s

1812 24733 Down. Antient and Present State of the County of Down, 8vo. with large maps, hf. morocco, 158


24734 DRAPERS' COMPANY: REPORTS of Deputations from the Drapers'

Company, who visited the estates of the Company in Londonderry, Ireland, in 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, 1827, 4to. 9 views on India paper, and 2 plans, cloth, 5s

1829 24735

another edition, with the addition of Reports for 1839 and 1839, large 8vo. 11 plates, cloth, 78 6d

1841 24736 DUBLIN WEEKLY JOURNAL, 1725 to 1730, as described below, 1 vol.

thick sm. folio, with the autograph of the late Mr. Charles Reade in two places, and with a drawing of the Coat of Arms of the family of Carson in gold and colours, £2. 108 Dublin, 1725-30 VERY RARE.

Contents : Nos. 28 and 37 to 200 (the last of the first volume--one or two Nos, missing), Vol. II, 47 Nos. (all), Vol. III, Nos. 1-14. 24737 DUFFERIN (Rt. Hon. Lord) State of Ireland, 8vo. sd. 1s 60 1866 24738 DURIGG, History of the King's Inns, 3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. bds. 58

1806 24739 DUNRAVEN (CAROLINE, Countess OF) MEMORIALS of

ADARE MANOR, with Historical Notes of Adare, by the
EARL OF DUNRAVEN, impl. 4to. 31 plates of views and numerous

woodcuts, cloth, £7. Oxford, printed for private circulation, 1865 24740 DUNRAVEN (Earl of) Notes on Irish Architecture, 2 vols. folio,

125 splendidly executed photographs and numerous woodcuts, introducing varied specimens of Celtic Art (pub. at £8. 88), cloth gilt, £5.

1875-1877 * The learned world is greatly irdebted to the Earl of Dunraven and Miss Stokes for producing and publishing so uoble a record of antiqnity.”

Athenaeum. 24741 DUNTON (J.) the Dublin Scuffie, a challenge sent to Patrick

Campbel, bookseller in Dublin ; with the Billet Doux sent him (Dunton) by a citizens wife in Dublin, etc. 8vo. with some US. notes and verses by Bishop Stock, hf. morocco, 10s

1699 24742 Dwyer (G.) Evidence on Tithes in Ireland, 8vo. hf. morocco, ls 6d

1833 24743 EACHARD. Exact Description of Ireland, 16mo. with 5 maps, calf, 20s

1691 24744 Ellis (George) Irish Ethnology socially and politically considered, 12mo. cloth, 2s 6d

1852 24645 ElstoB's Trip to Kilkenny, 12mo. hf. bd. 4s

1779 24746 ERCK (J. C.) the Ecclesiastical Establishment subsisting in Ireland, with an Écclesiastical Register, 8vo. calf gilt, 58


edited by J. T. GILBERT, and photozincographed by Sir HENRY JAMES, under the direction of the Right Hon. Sir Edward Sullivan, Master of the Rolls in Ireland, Parts I, II, III, IV, roy. folio, 243 facsimiles of Charters, Royal Letters, Heraldic anil Geneological Documents, the Miniatures of the originals being reproduced in gold and colours, with text, hf. bd. rare, £13. 13s

Southampton, Ordnance Survey, 1874-82 24748

the same, Part II, royal folio, 51 plates with text, hf. morocco, £2. 2s 24749

the same, Part III, royal folio, 86 plates, £2. 28 1879 24750 FACSIMILES of NATIONAL MANUSCRIPTS OF IRELAND, Part IV, 1, 60 plates, with text, hf. morocco, £5. 58

1882 24750*

the same, Vol. IV, part 2, being the conclusion of the work, 70 plates, with text, hf. morocco, £4. 10s

1884 24751 FALKLAND, Principal Characters of the Irish House of Commons, 8vo. hf. morocco, 58

1789 24752 FERGUSON (W. D.) and Vance (A.) Tenure and Improvement of Land in Ireland, 8vo. cloth, 58

1851 24753 FERMOY (Roche) the moral and physical force of Ireland to

support National Independence, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s 6d Paris, 1828 24754 FERRAR (J.) History of Limerick, 8vo. map, plans, and plates of views, hf. morocco, £2. 2s

Limerick, 1787 24755

the same, fine copy in calf extra, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £2. 12s

1787 24756 FITZGERALD (Rev. P.) and M'Gregor (J. J.) History, Topography

and Antiquities of Limerick, 2 vols. 8vo. map, hf. calf, 158 1826 24757 FOSTER (T. C.) Letters on the condition of the People of Ireland, 8vo. 771 pp.cloth, 4s

1846 24758 FRASER (R.) Domestic Fisheries of Gt. Britain and Ireland, 4to. map, hf. morocco, 78 6d

Edin. 1818 24759 [FRENCH (Nicholas)] the Unkind Desertor of Loyall Men and True Frinds, 12mo. hf. morocco, £10. 108

[Paris] Superiorum permissu, 1676 EXTREMELY RARE, there being only seven or eight copies known. The Unkind Deserter was the great Duke of Ormond, whose picture is drawn with such merciless vindictiveness in this little volume—the Secret History of the War in Ireland, 1645-47—that the powerful families of the Butlers bought up and destroyed every copy they could lay hands upon.

Towneley's copy fetched £31. 108; Lord Landsdowne's, £21. ; Hanrott's, £15. ; Gardner's, in 1854, £12. ; and the last one sold, which was disposed of

at Sotheby's in 1863, brought £13. 13s. 24760 GAFFNEY (Rev. J.) the Ancient Irish Church, was it catholic or protestant, 12mo. cloth, 2s

1863 24761 GAMBLE (J.) Sketches of History, Politics and Manners taken in

Dublin, 1811–View of Society and Manners in the North of

Ireland, 1813–in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. morocco, 68 24762 GIBSON (Rev. C. B.) History of the County and City of Cork, 2 vols. 8vo. map, calf gilt, 10s

1861 24763 GILBERT (J. Ť.) History of the Viceroys of Ireland; with

notices of the Castle of Dublin, thick 8vo. 650 pp. (published at 16s), cloth, 108

1865 24764

CONTEMPORARY HISTORY OF AFFAIRS IN IRELAND from A.D. 1641 to 1652, now for the first time published. With an appendix containing numerous original Letters and Documents, hitherto unprinted,

from the Archives of the House of Lords, illustrated with portraits and facsimiles. Edited by John S. GILBERT, 3 vols. in 6, £4. 48 Irish Archæol. Society, 1880

Only a very small number of copies has been printed. 24765

Historic Literature of Ireland, 1851–Fictions of our
Forefathers : Fion Mac Cumhail and his warriors (by Patrick
Kenealy), cir. 1861—in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. bd. 58

24766 GODKIN (James) Education in Ireland, its history, etc. 8vo, cloth, 2s

1862 24767 GRACE (Jacobi) Kilkenniensis, Annales Hiberniae, ed. with transla

tion by R. Butler, sm. 4to. cloth, 5s Irish Arch. Soc. 1842 24768 GRADY (Thomas) The Nosegay, large 8vo. second and best

edition, having portrait, 4 plates, and the music of a song, morocco, gilt edges, presentation copy to Sir Robert Peel, £4. 4s

Dublin, 1816 “A most violent satire, and the most indignant piece of invective that the history of literature can furnish. Dedicated to Thomas Moore, the poet.”

Lowndes. The first edition had no plates. 24769 GRAVES (Rev. James) Three privately printed Works, royal 8vo. cloth, together, £1. lls 6d

Dublin, 1864-75
Sold separately:
1. Anonymous Account of the Early Life and Marriage of

James, first Duke of Ormonde, with notes and appendix by
Graves, 21s

Only twenty-five copies printed. The original MS. of this very interest-
ing narrative was discovered by the editor in the Evidence Chamber at
Kilkenny Castle.
2. A brief Memoir of the Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald, known as

the Fair Geraldine, with portrait and facsimile of her handwriting, 16s

1874 Only fifty copies printed. The Fair Geraldine is for ever famous in English literature as the goddess of Lord Surrey's poetical idolatry. 3. The Church and Shrine of St. Manchán, 14 engravings, illus

trating the Shrine, groups of figures, and bosses from it, etc. 16s

1875 Only fifty copies printed. The shrine is an Irish work in bronze and

enamel, executed in the twelfth century. 24770 GreviLLE (Chas.) Past and present Policy of England towards Ireland, 8vo. half calf, 4s

1845 24771 Griffith (R.) Geological and Mining Survey of the Connaught Coal district, 8vo. large coloured map, bds. 2s 60

1818 24772

the same, 1818-Report on the Leinster Coal district, 1814, 1 vol. 8vo. half morocco, 3s 6d 24773 Hall (Rev. James) Tour through Ireland, a view of the parties, politics and improvements, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. half morocco, 5s

1813 24774 HAMILTON (Rev. W.) Letters on the Northern Coast of Antrim,

the antiquities, manners, and customs of that country, etc. 8vo. map and plates, half morocco, 5s

1790 24775 HANMER. Two Histories of Ireland, the one written by Edmund

Campion, the other by Meredith Hanmer (with that of Henry
Marleburrough, and Spenser's state of Ireland) (published by
Sir James Ware), sm. folio, old rough calf, from the Sunderland
library, £2. 28

Dublin Soc. of Stationers, 1633 24776 HANSBROW (Rev. G.) Topographical and Historical (Hibernian Gazetteer, with appendix of ancient names, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

Dublin, 1835 24777 HARDIMAN (J.) History of the Town and County of the Town of

GALWAY from the earliest period to the present, with Appendix of Charters, etc. 4to. map and views, plan of the town in 1651, etc. neatly half bound, £2. 168

Dublin, 1820 24778 Harris (Walter) History and Antiquities of the City of Dublin,

8vo. 2 plans, and plates of the principal buildings, half morocco, 78 6d

1766 24779

Hibernica : some antient pieces relating to Ireland, folio, half morocco, 24s

1757 Besides ten pieces, all (except one) previously unpublished, the volume contains an essay on the defects in the histories of Ireland, by the editor, which Shaw Masons pronounces to be an excellent performance, and also two treatises showing how the laws and statutes of England became of force in

Ireland. 24780 HAY (E.) History of the Insurrection of the County of Wexford, 1798, 8vo. no map, morocco, 58

Dublin, 1803 24781 HERON (D. C.) Constitutional History of the University of Dublin, 8vo. front. cloth, 58

1847 24782 HISTORICAL ATLAS OF IRELAND: Atlas of Ulster,

executed about the year 1609, in 31 Maps, each on a sheet measuring 28 in. by 22, coloured, an extremely important series of maps

1862 1. A Generalle description of Ulster ; | Garvie ; 21. Clanchy ; 22. Castle Rahin ; 2. Tyrone ; 3. Tyrconnelle ; 4 and 5. 23. Clonmahowne ; 24. Tollachconco; 25. Baronie of Knockninnie ; 6. Clancally ; 7. Orier ; 27. Fues ; 28 and 29. Onellan ; 30. Clinawley ; 8. Maghery Steffanah ; 9. Mab- Ardmagh ; 31. Toghrany. hery Roy ; 10. Lurgh and Cole Mackernan ; These Maps possess much interest, as 11 and 12. Donganon ; 13 and 14 ; Loghin- exhibiting the titles from the Crown of the isholin ; 15 and 16. Strabane ; 17. Omey ; landed proprietary of the present day in 18. Clogher; 19. Loghtie ; 20. Tollagh | Ulster.

NOWELL (Dean) Two Ancient Maps of Ireland (ca. 1566) 1,5 tood

and dir,000, facsimiled from the original MS. in the British Museum, coloured round the margins, on a single sheet 1862

Copy of a portion of an Ancient Manuscript in the British Museum, by Lawrence Nowell, Dean of Lichfield, who died in 1576 ; being the text to illustrate the above Maps, folio, of 20 pp. lithographed, sewed

1862 Containing an authentic description of giving the princes and chiefs, with details Ireland, from the time of Henry II, and of their troops, resources, etc.

View of the Siege of Enniskillen 1592, taken from McGuire by
Captain Dowdall

, facsimile of the original plan "made and dun by John Thomas Solder," a very curious plan on a large sheet, representing an episode of Elizabeth's Wars in Ireland, plain; or coloured

1862 ROCQUE (John) Four large Maps of Armagh

1760 The above Maps and text, bound together in 1 vol. large folio, green morocco extra, from Lord Gosford's Library, £10.

1862 24783 HOARE (Sir Rich. Colt) Journal of a Tour in Ireland, 8vo. hf. morocco, 58

1807 24784 the same, impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, frontispiece, uncut, 188

1807 Only twenty-five copies printed. Baker's copy sold for £4. 24785 HOGAN (Edmundus) IBERNIA IGNATIANA seu Ibernorum

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