Sidor som bilder

annorum ordinem distributa, notis illustrata, et sociorum elogiis aucta. Tomus I, 1540-1607, 4to. 250 pp. and an autotype portrait of St. Ignatius, s. 158

Societas Typographica Dubliniensis, 1880 Contains about 300 letters and documents, the originals of which are in the Archives of Rome, now printed for the first time. Only 200 copies

printed. 24786 HOLMES (G.) Sketches of some of the Southern Counties of

Ireland, 8vo. front, and 6 mezzotint plates of views, hf. morocco, 3s 6d

1801 24787 HOWARD (G. E.) Exchequer and Revenue of Ireland, 2 vols. 4to. whole bd. gilt, 10s

1776 24788 (HUTCHINSON) Francis, Bishop of Down and Connor, Defence of

the Antient Historians, with application to Ireland, 1734– Parsons (Sir L.) Defence of the Ancient History of Ireland,

1794-in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. morocco, 58 24789 Inchiquin Peerage. Minutes of Evidence on the Petition of

Lucius, Lord Inchiquin, claiming a right to vote at the elections

of representative Peers for Ireland, folio, hf. bd. 58 1861 24790 IRELAND and its rulers since 1829, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d

1843 24791 Irish Archæological and Celtic Society. PUBLICATIONS

printed at the University Press, Dublin, a complete set, 26 vols. in 29, 4to. (cost to subscribers, £31. 4s), cloth, £20.

Dublin, 1841-80 24792

another set, 26 vols. in 29, thirteen neatly hf. bd. the rest in cloth, £20.

1841-80 24793 Irish SOCIETY (the) Origin, Constitution, and Proceedings of the Hon. Society

called the Irish Society, 8vo. cloth, 58 1842 24794 JONES (Henry D. D.) A Remonstrance of divers remarkable

passages, concerning the Church and Kingdome of Ireland, recommended by Letters from the Lords Justices and Counsell of Ireland and presented to the House of Commons in England, smallest 4to. olive morocco, 14s

1642 A rare and curious little book relating to the Rebellion in 1641. 24795 JOYCE (P. W.) Origin and history of Irish Names of Places, 12mo. cloth, 5s

Dublin, 1869 24796

the same, second edition, 1870-SECOND SERIES, 1875 ;2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 10s

1870-75 24797 KANE (R.) Industrial Resources of Ireland, 8vo. pp. 438, 4 maps, cloth, 2s 6d

1845 24798 KEATING (J.) General History of Ireland, with the lives and

reigns of 124 succeeding monarchs of the Milesian Race, third edition, with an Appendix, folio, portrait, map, and 40 plates of Pedigrees and Arms, fine copy in calf, £4. 108

1738 " Dr. Keating was an Irish priest, who probably graduated at Salamanca. He was born about 1570, and died about 1640; and it is a local tradition that he wrote his history while concealed in the woods of Aherlow, in 'Tipperary. The history extends from the earliest times to the Norman invasion of Ireland, and its value is rather literary than historical. It contains an extraordinary collection of old verses, of historical legends, and of personal and local names. Some events and persons are merely named, while others are the occasion of pages of amusing narration in exceļlent Irish. It has much of the ring of an old bardic composition, while its dates and occasional short positive statements give it to uncritical readers the appearance of well ascertained history. The profession of its author, the persecution he was known to have suffered, his warm affection for Ireland, and his thorough belief in his own statements were additional grounds for the popularity which the book soon acquired."— The

Athenæum, Feb. 12, 1881. 24799 KENDALL (E. A.) Letters on the state of Ireland, the Roman Catholic Question, etc. 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 128

1826 24800 Kerry. Indes to the Townland Survey of Kerry, a large coloured map, on linen, in 8vo. case, 2s

1846 24801 KILKENNY ARCHÆOLOGICAL Society: Journal, First

Series, complete, 3 vols. 1849-55—New Series, I-V, 1856-66Third Series, nos. 1.7 (of 8), 1868-9—Fourth Series, vol. I-V or nos. 1-52 (wanting nos. 1, 4 to 8, 11, 12, 19, 25 to 28, 30 to 6, 42), 1870-82, roy, 8vo. very extensively illustrated with maps, plates, and woodcuts of Coins, Seals, and other Antiquities, five vols. in hf. green calf, the rest in parts, £7. lās

Dublin, 1849-82 24802 KING (R.) Memoir on the Early History of the Primacy of Armagh, sm. folio, cloth, 10s

Armagh, 1854 24803 [King (William) Bishop of Derry, afterwards Archbishop of

Dublin] State of the Protestants in Ireland under King James' Government, in which their carriage towards him is justified, sm. 4to. old calf, from the Sunderland library, 14s

1691 24804 Knox (Rev. R.) Ecclesiastical Index (Ireland); the Rectories,

Vicarages, Curacies, with their value, glebe lands, etc. 8vo. cloth, 38 6d

1839 24805 LAST (the) and BEST NEWES from Ireland : declaring the

warlike and cruell proceeding of the Rebels , . . secondly the entrance of some English and Scottish companies into the North-parts of Ireland under Lord Grandison, Lord Chichester, Lord Conway (and) Lord Cromwell . . . how the Rebels would have fired and burnt up the City of Dublin, etc. etc. sm. 4to. 4 leaves, hf. morocco, £2. 2s

London, 1641 24806 LATOCNAYE (De) Promenade d'un Français dans l'Irlande, 8vo. hf. morocco, 58

Brunswick, 1801 24807 LAWRENCE (R.) the Interest of Ireland in its Trade and Wealth stated, 12mo. hf. morocco, 158

Dublin, 1682 24808 LEDWICH (E.) Antiquities of Ireland, 4to. numerous plates of

Church, Ruins, and Ancient Remains, hf. morocco, 25s 1804 24809 LELAND (Thomas) History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry II, 3 vols. 4to. hf. morocco, 36s

1773 24810 LETTERS from the Irish Highlands, 8vo. pp. 359, calf gilt, 3s 6d

1825 24811 LEWIS (Geo. Cornewall) Local Disturbances in Ireland, and the

Irish Church question, 8vo. bds. 38 6d, or hf. calf, 58 1836 24812 LIBER MUNERUM Publicorum Hiberniæ, or the Establishments

of Ireland, 1152-1827, being the Report of R. Lascelles, 7 parts in 2 thick vols. roy. folio, hf. russia, neat, the O'Kelly's copy, £6. 10s

(1852) Issued for presents only by the Record Commission. The collection

constitutes a storehouse of information relating to the history of Ireland, and containing the digest of an enormous mass of valuable documents. Copies

have fetched £20 at Irish sales. 24813 List of the Castles of Ireland, folio, Unpublished Manuscript of

117 leaves, newly whole bound calf gilt, £3. 88. Sæc. XVII

The work is arranged in counties, and to each castle (so far as could be learned) is given the date of its erection, its situation, proprietors' names and

historical and antiquarian remarks. 24814 LIST OF THE CLAIMS, as they are entered with the Trustees

at Chichester House on College Green, Dublin, on or before the tenth of August, 1700, folio, with printed index and the rare slip (Memorandum dated March 3rd, 1700), and with the

DECISIONS ON THE Claims in MS. calf, £8. 10s Dublin, 1701 24815

the same, folio, LARGE PAPER, with additional list of claimants, THE DECISION ON THE CLAIMS, and a new index, all in MANUSCRIPT, calf, £17.

Dublin, 1701 The DOMESDAY BOOK OF IRELAND, compiled immediately after the final subjugation of that country, and the obliteration from her political system of all elements derived from her ancient nationality. It is, however, EXCESSIVELY RARE, and was never published. As soon as it was printed the Claimants became so alarmed that Government, to allay the excitement, was compelled to suppress and destroy the entire impression with the exception of the few copies already given to the Trustees. A copy sold at Christie's in

1840 for £15. 24816 LODGE'S PEERAGE OF IRELAND, or a genealogical history of the

Nobility of that Kingdom, revised and enlarged by M. Archdall, 7 vols. 8vo. 86 plates of Coats of Arms, hf. morocco, £2. 2s

1789 24817 LOMBARDUS (Petrus) Hibernus, Archiep. Ardmachanus, De

Regno Hibernia, sanctorum Insula commentarius, sm. 4to. vellum, from the Sunderland library, £10.

Lovanii, 1632 24818 -- the same, small 4to. title mended, morocco, gilt edges, by 0. Lewis, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £6. 68

Lovanii, 1632 Very rare, having been rigidly suppressed and the Author prosecuted by

Lord Deputy Strafford. Bp. Daly's copy sold for £9. 58 24819 [LYNCH (Jo.) Tuamensis Archidiac.] GRATIANI LUCII HIBERNI

CAMBRENSIS EVERSUS, seu potius historica Fides in Rebus Hibernicis Giraldo Cambrensi abrogata, folio, calf, from the library of the Marquis of Hastings, RARE, £10. 1662

This book was written by John Lynch, titular Archdeacon of Tuam (who takes upon himself the fictitious name of Gratianus Lucius). He wrote it in France whither he fled after Galway was surrendered to the arms of Cromwell. Many copies are supposed to have perished in the Great Fire of London, which would account for its excessive rarity.

Copies have been priced as follows: Payne and Foss, 1848, £25; Thorpe,

1834, £18. 188. In 1854, Gardner's copy fetched £12. 128. 24820 MacGEOGHEGAN (Abbé J.) Histoire d'Irlande, ancienne et moderne, 3 vols. 4to. calf, scarce, 18s

Paris, 1758-62 24821 MACPHERSON (Jas.) Introduction to the History of Great Britain

and Ireland, third and best edition, 4to. hf. morocco, 6s 1773 24822 M’SKIMIN (S.) History and Antiquities of Carrickfergus, 12mo. plans and plates, hf. morocco, 58

Belfast, 1811

24823 MARTIN (R. M.) Ireland before and after the Union, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

1848 24824 MASON (W. Monck) History and Antiquities of the Collegiate

and Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, near Dublin, 1190-1819,

large 4to. front. and plates, hf. morocco, 188 Dublin, 1820 24825

copy, russia gilt, 218

1820 " Displays much antiquarian research, and contains a very able defence of the character of Dean Swift against the attacks of Sir Walter Scott and the

Edinburgh Reviewers."-Shaw Mason. 24826 [MASON (William Shaw)] Bibliotheca Hibernica; a descriptive

catalogue of a Select Irish Library Collected for the Right Hon. ROBERT Peel, sm. 8vo. facsimile, bds. 158

1823 24827

the same, 4to. LARGE PAPER, green morocco, blind tooled with Architectural design, gilt edges, Sir Robert's own copy, 36s

1823 The Library here described is offered for sale in this section of my catalogue. The facsimile is of a part of the MS. of Sir J. Davies'

“Discoverie,” etc. (number 24724 of this catalogue). 24828 MEMOIRS of Ireland from the Restoration, 8vo. hf. bd. 58 1716 24829 Milner (Rev. J.) Vulgar Opinions on the Catholic Inhabitants

and Antiquities of Ireland, 8vo. bds. 2s 6d; hf. morocco, 4s 1808 24830 Mitchel (John) His tory of Ireland from the Treaty of Limerick, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 58

1869 24831 MOLYNÈAUX (Sir T.) Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland to

Queen Elizabeth, Account of his family and Descendants (edited by Sir T. Phillipps), 4to. bds. uncut, £3. 38 Evessham, 1820

Only 20 copies privately printed. 24832 MONTEATH (R.) System of Draining and Reclaiming the Bogs and Marshes of Ireland, 8vo. hf. morocco, 38

1829 24833 MORAN (Rev. P. F.) Spicilegium Ossoriense; a collection of original

letters and papers illustrative of the history of the Irish Church, second series, 4to. hf. bd. 208

1878 24834 MORYSON'S (Fynes) Ten Yeeres Travell through the Twelve

Dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland, and IRELAND, folio, without the first leaf but with MS. ADDITIONS on the margins, bright gilt calf, £5.

1617 24834*

the same, the author's own copysee ante No. 22968. The very copious notes and additions were made by Dr. Abrm. Lionel Jenkins, a learned Physician of Dublin of the last century, who possessed an intimate knowledge of Irish History. They abound in Historical and Biographical information.

Moryson,” says Dr. Drake," is a sober-minded and veracious traveller, and that part of his book which relates to the manners and customs of England and Scotland is particularly interesting.” “ He began his travels," relates Fuller, “May 1st, 1591, over a great prrt of Christendome, and no small share of Turkey, even to Jerusalem, and afterwards printed his observations in a large book, which, for the truth thereof, is in good reputation, for of so great a traveller, he had nothing of a traveller in him, as to stretch, in his reports. At last he was secretary to Charles Blunt, Deputy of Ireland, saw and wroto the conflicts with, and conquest of Tyrone ; a discoures which deserveth credit, because the writer's eye guides his pen, and the privacy of his place acquainted him with many secret passages of importance."


24835 MORYSON (Fynes) An History of Ireland, 1599-1603, with a

description of Ireland, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s Dublin, 1735 24836 MOUNTMORRES (Lord) History of the principal transactions of the Irish Parliament, 1634-66, 2 vols. 8vo. bound, 78 6d 1792

An important work. 24837 MOUNTNORRIS (F. Annesley, Baron) Sentence of the Councell of

Warre Pronounced against the Lord Mountnorris in Ireland, the 12th Dec. 1635, with his petition to parliament, sm. 4to. 9 leaves 78 6d

1641 24838 MUSGRAVE (Sir R.) the Rebellions in Ireland, particularly that of 1798, 4to. maps, plans and views, hf. calf, 158

1801 24839 NEWENHAM (T.) Natural, Political and Commercial Circumstances of Ireland, 4to. hf. morocco, 6s

1809 24839*. the same, 4to. whole calf neat, 78 60

1809 24840 NICHOLLS (Sir George) History of the Irish Poor Law, 8vo. cloth, 28 60; calf extra, gilt edges, 7s 6d

1856 24841 Three Reports on the Poor Laws, Ireland, 8vo. calf, 2s

1838 NICHOLSON (William)- see DERRY (Bishop of). 24842 O'BRIEN (H.) Round Towers of Ireland, or the Mysteries of

Freemasonry, of Sabaism, and of Budhism, for the first time unveiled, 8vo. with the rare PREFACE (of 36 pages), cloth, 358

1834 24843

copy, also with the Preface, hf. morocco neat, 36s

1834 This work of a mad enthusiast, who looked upon the Round Towers as Phallic emblems, and who traced everything in ancient mythologies to an Irish origin,- being in fact as half-learned as his friend Higgins,—is still greatly in request ; especially with the long preface which details his

squabbles with the Irish Academy. 24844 O'CONNELL (John) An Argument for Ireland, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1847 24845 [O'CONOR (Charles)] Dissertations on the Ancient History of

Ireland, Dublin, 1753—The Ogygia Vindicated against the objections of Sir Geo. Mackenzie, by C. O'Conor, Dublin, 1775 ; - in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. morocco, £2. 28

Heber's copy of the “ Ogygia Vindicated” fetched £2, 12s 6d. 24846

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of, by the Rev. C. O’Conor, Vol. I (all printed), 8vo. boards, uncut, £2. 10

Dublin, 1796 " This biographical and genealogical work is of great rarity, a few copies only having been printed for circulation amongst the friends of the author. By some it is said to have been suppressed. Sir M. M. Sykes, morocco, £14.

resold Heber, £6. No second volume appeared.”—Lowndes. 24847 O'CONNOR (C.) RERUM HIBERNICARUM SCRIPTORES veteres,

quibus Editor præfixit: de Fontibus Historie genuine Hibernorum, eorumque Chronologia, deque antiquissimis Codicibus literis Hibernicis ante Sæculum X exaratis; Græcorum Roman. orum Testimonia, itemque S. Patricii Epistolæ, Ficci Hymnus, et Gildæ Modudii Carmen de Regibus Hiberniæ; domesticorum Annalium chronologicæ rationes, etc. 4 vols. 4to. facsimiles of Irish MSS., boards, £25.

Buckinghamice, 1814-26

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