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McCue, Packet Company v.
Magwire, Tyler v.
Manhattan Life Insurance Company v. Francisco,
Manufacturing Company v. United States,
Marin v. Lalley,
Mason v. United States,
Massey, Allen v.
Merritt, The,
Michigan Insurance Bank, Eldred v.
Miller v. Joseph et al., .
Missouri, Rea v..
Moore v. Huntington, .
Murray v. The United States (The Merritt),

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Nock, Philp et al. v.
Nuestra Señora du Regla, T

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Packet Company v. McCue,
Paul v. Shoemaker,
Philp et al. v. Nock,
Public Works, Board of, v. Columbia College,

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Railroad Company, Bailey v.

Barnes v.
v. Brown,
v. Fort,
v. Fuller,
Harwood v.
Homestead Company v.
v. Lockwood,
v. Stout,

United States v.
Ray v. Smith,
Rea v. Missouri,
Reed v. Gardner, .
Rochereau, Lasere v.
Rodd v. Heartt,
Ryan v. Koch,


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Savings Institution, Oulton v.
Sawyer v. Hoag, Assignee,
Shoemaker, Smiths v..
Smith, Averill v. .

Ray v.

v. Shoemaker,
Sohn v. Waterson,
Souder, The Emily,
South Carolina, State of, ex relatione v. Stoll,
Stannard, Conway v.
Star of Hope, The,
State v. Stoll,
State Harbor Commissioners, The, Walker v.
Stevenson v. Beggs,
Stitt v. II uidekopers,
Stoll, State v.
Stout, Railroad Company v.
Sweeny v. United States,

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The Collector v. Beggs,
" Emily Souder,

Nuestra Señora de Regla,
Star of Hope,

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The State Harbor Commissioners, Walker v.
Tyler v. Magwire,

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United States, Allen v.

v. Boutwell,
Carpenter v.
u Cooke,
Cutner v.
Goodwin v.
v. Henry,
v. Hickey,
v. Isham,
v. Lapene,
Lapeyre v.
Manufacturing Company v.
Mason v.
Murray v. (The Merritt),
v. Railroad Company, .
Sweeny v.

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Valley Railroad, Homestead Company o. .


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Walker v. Tbe State Harbor Commissioners,
Warmouth, Ex parte,
Warner v. Joy,
Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown Railroad Com-

pany v. Brown,
Waterson, Sohn v.
W bartenby, Daniel v.
Williams v. Baker,
Williamson, Knode v.
Wilson v. City Bank,
Wirth, Branson v.

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CORDOVA v. Hood.

1. Where a deed of land shows on its face that the consideration is yet “to

be paid,” a second purchaser (that is to say, a purchaser from the vendee), who has notice of the deed, takes the land in those States (of which Texas is one) where the English chancery doctrine of a vendor's lien prevails, subject to the vendor's lien, unless such lien has been in

some way waived. 2. In the case of such a deed it is the duty of the new purchaser to inquire;

and where inquiry is a duty, the party bound to make inquiry is affected

with all the knowledge which he would have got had he inquired. 8. Though it is true that taking a note with a surety from the vendee is

generally evidence of an intention to rely exclusively upon the personal security taken, and therefore, presumptively, is an abandonment or waiver of a lien, yet this raises only a presumption, and as a presumption only it may be rebutted by evidence that such was not the intention

of the parties. 4. The testimony of the vendor received to rebut, and being positive, held

sufficient to do so. 6. Where a vendor already has a lien, evidenced by a note for the payment

of all and every part of the purchase-money so long as it remains un. paid, the lien for any purchase-money afterwards still unpaid is not lost by the fact of his receiving part payrnent of the note before its maturity, taking a new note payable at the same time and in the same way and

place as the original note, and a destruction of such original one. 6. By the laws of Texas (which in a matter connected with real estate was

respected by this court in a suit coming from Texas) an assignment of a note given for the purchase-money of real estate carries the vendor's lien.

APPEAL from the Circuit Court for the Western District of Texas, on a decree dismissing a bill filed to enforce a vendor's lien. The case was thus: On the 4th of March, 1859, B. G. Shields, by instrument of




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