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These first tokens of our desires to reform, reanimated the zeal of our good friend De Marcillac, and he was desired to exhort our friend Majolier, the son-one of us. This young man, aged about twenty, was wholly plunged in the licentiousness of the age; and, judging by the sight.of his eyes, that had been led astray by worldly passions, he had left off acknowledging the Divine Spirit for his chief director, and was dead in his sins. Our friend Marcillac took pains to administer remedies to him, capable of restoring him to the heavenly life. But he met, at first, with an obstinate resistance from him. But, it having pleased God to touch his soul, and to afford him a ray of light,-causing him to open his eyes with admiration, he could no longer resist: but betook himself diligently to give heed to it, with faithfulness. Divesting himself of those tyrannical passions, which till then had held him in the bonds of death, he forsook, at once, all that most gratified his sensual desires, and embraced a life, retired from all the trifles of the world, in order to submit entirely to the Divine law,—to follow, and observe it attentively.

Our friend, Marcillac, being the instrument which God was pleased to make use of, to effect this heavenly work, his zeal was doubly excited. He made us a third visit; which afforded us great encouragement in our reformation. All our young people, who have been addicted to the depravities of the world, at once separated themselves therefrom, wholly to lead a regular and upright life before God. It was they who then exhorted us to embrace this new life, so necessary to a true christian.

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We often met together in the spirit of the Lord, and soon found that he alone had condescended to touch us with his gracious hand, in order to form of us a small flock of children, subject to himself. "All those who are led by the spirit of God are the children of God;" as Paul says. It was this same spirit that we sought, for our director; and this we incessantly implore for our everlasting leader.

Since that time, our good friend, Marcillac, notwithstanding his rank in the world, his riches, and all the snares which continually surround him,-has often visited us, and has constantly given an example of humility, lowliness, modesty, and a great num. ber of christian virtues.

Having made some steps towards reformation, we had presently many enemies, slanderers, and persecutors. But, knowing that we must be hated and despised of the world, for the name of Christ; we have always rejoiced in soul, and thanked God that he had condescended to give us proofs of our being his true children. And we have often been livingly encouraged, in seeing the happy progress in Truth and good works, which are daily multiplied-amongst us, especially, as the Supreme Being has vouchsafed to give us still more striking proofs of his omnipotence, in gathering into his bosom many, even of our persecutors, and enlightening them suddenly, with his Divine light. Yea, dear brethren, we have been witnesses of these Divine wonders. Whole families have been united to us, without any other means, than convictions of their own hearts, or by the rays of that Divine spark, which they had smothered under the ashes of their iniquities.

Animated more and more by all these Divine virtues, by the good example and continued encouragement of our good friend, Marcillac, all our adversaries have looked upon us with eyes of astonishment, and have tried many ways to disturb our happiness; especially the protestant Calvinists. One of their pretended ministers, a man instructed in human wisdom, but entirely ignorant of the Divine,-thought he could destroy the way of happiness, embraced by us, by proposing objections against our religious principles, to our young Majolier;—thinking, no doubt, to overturn his faith, and invade ours. But he was greatly mistaken; for this young man, though in the first stage of reformation, being obliged to render a reason of his faith, had strength and courage enough to resist the imposture of this presumptuous adversary, and bring him to profound silence. And how could we do otherwise, than succeed in stopping his mouth, when Truth and the Divine power was on our side!

Since the Divine Being has vouchsafed to make us feel our miseries, and to cleanse us from the principal defilements with which we were infected, we have no greater desire or view, than to exhort one another to watch without ceasing in the light of the Divinity, and to confirm our faith by all the works of beneficence we are capable of. But, we must confess to you, dear brethren, that we are not yet arrived to that height in virtue which our Creator requires of us; and that there is still much weakness among us. However, our good friend, Marcillac, encouraged by the first fruits of our reformation, and our good will to purify ourselves perfectly, has been livingly excited in his mind to visit you, to be a mediator between you and us,—to procure us all the spiritual assistance, which brethren wholly reformed can give to a handful of scattered sheep; who, being surrounded with weakness, have a great desire to be strengthened, and to come still nearer to the Divine Light, as that which is alone able to lead to eternal felicity.

To communicate to you written testimonials of our first steps towards christian virtue,-to ask your opinion, and know if we have hitherto conducted ourselves according to the spirit of the Lord ; and whether we have followed the true christian doctrine in the manner you profess it, and as we desire to imitate it perfectly : we unite thus in heart and soul, in recommending to you our good friend, Marcillac, as an endeared friend, who only aspires after our happiness, and the full manifestation of the Supreme Omnipotence. We ardently desire that his happy journey may produce all the fruits that we may expect from it. And in the same unity, we earnestly 'request you to communicate to us all your knowledge, to enlighten us. further,—to strengthen us in the faith,-encourage us in works, and finish the regeneration of our souls,-to the end that, although separated from each other at a great distance, we may worship the Divine Being in one and the same spirit, and serve him in the same way.

This is what we wish and desire from the bottom of our hearts, and declare ourselves sincerely to be your brethren and friends, in christian love, wish, ing you all peace and happiness of soul. Sonzols, father,


MUTUAL, son,


E. BOUSQUET, son, MUTUAL, father, E. CAAVAGNAC, uncle, ARNIER,

MAJOLIER, the son,

MARIGNAN, father,

Louis BENEZET, RABINAL, the elder,




MAJOLIER, the father,
J. MAILLE, son,



MARIGNAN, the son, E. LOREL,


BENEZET, aged, A. MAILLE, son,

COUDOGNAN, father.

The following is a copy of the Answer returned by Friends of London :

“ To the Friends at Congenies, Calvisson, and elsewhere, in Languedoc. DEAR FRIENDS,

Your letter of 4th of 10th month last, brought us by our friend, J. De Marcillac, hath been read amongst a number of us, at two different times, at one of which he was present; and many Friends expressed much sympathy and affection for you, situated as you are, among those combined enemies

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