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by innumerable multitudes of worms, as if they would destroy the grain when in the blade; and sometimes by hail, frost, blast, and mildew, even when it has come to greater perfection. And after we have gathered it into our stack-yards and barns, how is it permitted to be destroyed by mighty swarms of flies, which sometimes rise off the grain with such a cloud as it is awful to behold.

All which clearly points out to me that heaven is displeased with the inhabitants of this land for their ungodly deeds, and for disobeying the known principle of Truth in their own hearts.

Even the bread for upholding of our mortal tabernacles is often threatened to be taken from our mouths; and now, at this very time, the sword is permitted to be unsheathed, to the destruction of thousands. Á

Are not these things, and many more, of sufficient weight to bow the proud spirit of man to the dust? And, instead of letting the mind be carried away through the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life, and walking in the evil imagination of their own hearts, that they might be covered with shame, and lay their mouths as in the dust before the Most High.

By thus coming to a sincere acknowledgment and forsaking of our sins, we might have a wellgrounded hope that the Lord, in his own time, would withdraw his judgments,-send his mighty armies of insects from amongst us,--sheath the sword that has been dyed with blood, and spare his land, and pity his people.

If this should be our happy lot, a remnant of the Lord's truly begotten children might have cause to

say, "Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice, for the Lord will do great things.” Beglad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice all ye that fear the Lord, for he will do great things ; for great is the eternal arm of our God, and we will trust in his mighty power.

A Lamentation for Pennsylvania. O Pennsylvania ! how art thou to be lamented! how hast thou broken thy covenant, and departed from thy first love! When thou wast young and little in thine own eyes, and willing to serve the Lord, thou wast greatly beloved of him, and he planted thee as his pleasant plant among the lovely streams, and by the water brooks.

And thou wast as the garden of America, yea, as Eden, the garden of the Lord; and his salvation was as walls and bulwarks round about thee. Thy land and thy fruit-trées produced their increase, and thou was beloved among the nations. How did thousands and tens of thousands of their inhabitants leave fathers and mothers, and the land of their nativity, and flock unto thee as the doves to the windows! So glorious was thy name in foreign countries, and thy fame spread from sea to sea.

Thou wast blest as with the dew of heaven, and filled with the fatness of the earth, and the Lord thy God whom thou served, took delight to dwell in thee.. Yea, thou didst sit under thine own vine, and under the shadow of thy own fig-tree, and there was none to make thee afraid ; but even the heathen did administer unto thee.

There was no nation, country, or kingdom, to be compared to thee for the excellency of thy privileges ;-justice and equity being the frame of thy


government, by which it was first established and

set up:

This was thy situation in the days of thy youth; when thou sucked sweetly at the breasts of consolation, and partook of the living streams of life that flowed from the city of thy God, thou wast dandled upon the knee, and brought up as a tender child.

Yet, notwithstanding thou wast sown with good seed, while men slept, or in a season of unwatchfulness and darkness, the enemy that envied the prosperity of Truth, and the peaceable habitation of God's people, sowed tares also among the wheat. As thou grew in years, and became advanced with the blessings of heaven, then began the tares to appear among the wheat; then began pride to sprout in thee, and covetousness and haughtiness took deep root; then began the spirit of worldly grandeur to covet heavenly places, --even God's habitation ; then didst thou forget the Lord, that had done so much for thee, and praised the gift more than the giver, and worshipped the gods of gold and silver, the work of man's hands, as did Israel of old.

Oh! Pennsylvania ! thou degenerate plant-take thee a view of thy lamentable condition ; turn over the leaves of thy life, and see how thou art degenerated ; how thou art separated from thy first love, and from that almighty arm of power, that first settled thee, and planted thee in this wilderness land ! Read over the lines of thy beginning, and take a view how thou flourished in the days of thy youth,

nd in the spring of thy year! How green and beautiful was thy appearance in the eyes of other nations, when thy delight was in the law of thy God, and his delight was in thee!

But now, is there not a lamentable change in thee ? Is not thy lovely spring season turned into a dismal winter storm ? Is not thy beautiful greenness withered away, and thy rejoicing turned into mourning?

Oh! thou province of Pennsylvania ! that was so much exalted, how art thou fallen ! how art thou to be lamented! how is thy pure gold become corrupted, and thy choice silver become dross ! Is not thy beauty withered away, and thy glory become as a fading flower? Is not the roaring of the cannon and the rattling of the drum often heard in thy bor. ders? Yea, sounds that would have been despised in thy once peaceful land.

Oh! Pennsylvania! and thou city of Philadelphia, thy metropolis! how beautiful didst thou appear in days past! how didst thou flourish, for a few years, like a willow by the water brook ; a pleasant and delightful situation ; thy buildings high, and thy streets broad. But now, take a view of thy inhabitants, and many of those that dwell within thy walls, and behold their common conversation and conduct among one another, how they are imitating other nations in grandeur and superfluity, many running into extravagancy beyond their ability, to appear great in the world, and making others suffer on their account.

Are not the female sex, who ought to be adorned with modesty, and clothed with a meek and quiet spirit, continually looking after and bowing to some new fashion or other; spending their precious time in fitting and dressing off the poor body, in order, as they may think, to look amiable in the eyes of others? Are they not going from house to house, and from one sumptuous table to another, eating and drinking, and too much spending their precious time, in fulfilling the lustful desires of the flesh ? And when they walk out into the streets, their dress and address is such as would astonish a humble mind to behold; for they appear to aim at such grandeur as if the earth, the Lord's footstool, was scarcely fit for them to tread upon.

And is it not too customary for thy men to drink wine and other mixed liquors in bowls, even to excess ? which is an inroad to all gross wickedness. Thus are they caught in the devil's net, and give up to perforın his service, in cursing, swearing, lying, defrauding, speaking evil one of another, horseracing and gaming of many kinds.

Oh! Philadelphia, and thou province of Pennsylvania! hast thou not been guilty of all these, and many more grievous and abominable sins ? so that the blackness thereof has reached, as it were, to heaven, and thy iniquities have been brought into remembrance before the Most High?

Look now, in the day of thy distress, and consider how thou art spending thy-days, and whether thou art serving God, or serving the prince of the power of the air, that works in the hearts of the children of disobedience-for his servant thou art, to whom thou yields thy members servants to obey.

Hast thou not seen many of thy rich and spacious dwellings become desolate, and the people like a prey ? Doth not thy land mourn to see so many of her young men slain by the sword, thy fine buildings plundered, and many burned with fire, and thy widows and fatherless children mourning? Are not thy horses forcibly taken from the stalls, and thy

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