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coming manner of living bowed my mind with awful desires to the Lord, that if it was consistent with his will that I should alter my condition, he might be pleased to provide me a suitable companion. As I spread my cause before him under a deep exercise, so I was willing to wait his time. The consideration of such a weighty undertaking, which I apprehended was one of the greatest in this life, often engaged my desires to know the Divine will, whether to proceed any further on that account or not. So after about three months remaining at home, he was pleased to open my way, and I found a freedom to acquaint her with my proposals. And from that time forth we proceeded in an orderly manner, until we were joined together in marriage...

Ever blessed be the name of the Most High, who was pleased to hear my petitions, and to answer my request in this matter, far beyond my expectation, or what I could ask for: She has since told me, that it was much after the same manner with her, that she had desired she might never alter her condition, unless it was the Lord's will to provide her a suitable help meet. And I have a full assurance that the Lord will hear the petitions of those that truly look unto him for counsel; and whether they be joined in that weighty affair of marriage or not, he will be their director.

As my dear wife and I came together in love, so we remained and lived in love until the day of her death, which was upwards of twenty years, and the Almighty blessed our endeavours both spiritually and temporally. She was a dutiful and loving wife, tenderly sympathizing with me in times of probation, affliction or distress, either inwardly or out

wardly, often giving me a word of comfort in the needful time. To, her offspring she was a tenderhearted mother, and their eternal happiness was often her request. She loved all, would do good to all, and her charity abounded to all, but in a particular manner to the household of faith. Her affections seemed to be bound in love, and nearly united to her friends. . She was very serviceable in the neighbourhood, not thinking hard at any time, if health permitted, to go to any who were in distress, if she could be of any service; and her endeavours, under Providence, often proved successful, for she often made use of many things which were helpful to the relief of her fellow-creatures. When at home, she was very industrious and careful about her law. ful business, hoth of her own and of my concerns, that nothing might go to loss.

She was a diligent attender of meetings, both on first and other days of the week, as also monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Meetings, when she was of ability; being of a deep, weighty and grave deportment when there, and often, in reverent fear, concerned in public for the welfare and prosperity of the church and people of God. She was also active in the discipline, having a godly care that nothing might be wanting, through her neglect, in order for the cleansing of the church, and promoting the glory of God. She was likewise a lover of the unity of the brethren in the bond of peace.

Towards her latter end she would often give me hints, that she thought her time here would not be long; but as she saw it so nearly affected me, she seldom said much; yet it was, in some measure, a weaning time to me. For some months, she appeared to

have had a clear sight of her dissolution being at hand, by her making all necessary provisions, and giving directions to her sister what should be done ; as likewise by a writing under her own hand, by way of a will, of which she informed me, about two or three days before her last illness, and that she thought she should not get over it, but said she was resigned to the will of God, whether life or death. She continued satisfied and cheerful until she was taken ill on fifth day afternoon, the 6th of the 8th month, 1761. She remained in a weak, low condition, until third day evening following, when the fever seemed to affect her head, so that she became somewhat delirious; yet, through the mercy of God, I do not remember that any unbecoming expressions dropped from her lips ; but the tenor of her discourse, even when her natural understanding was thus somewhat impaired, was in a great degree tending towards her future happiness, and the salvation of mankind generally. A short time after, she seemed to get some ease, and fell into a sleep till near three o'clock, when she quietly departed without sigh or groan; and I have no doubt she has entered into endless joy and peace with God, "where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary be atrest.” “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth; yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them."

She departed this life the 12th of the 8th month, 1761, and was buried on the evening of the day following, in Friends' burying ground at Sadsbury, aged forty-three years and a half.

I have particularly mentioned the manner of our coming together, principally, that if this account should fall into the hands of any that are, or may be about to engage in that weighty affair of marriage, they may not rashly, or inconsiderately join together: but when any thing of that nature is in view, that they may maturely and weightily consider it, and lay it before the Almighty, while it is yet in the bud. And to such, whether male or female, I may say, let not thy affections be drawn away, until thou hast the mind of Truth, uniting with thee in thy proceedings. As thou art careful thus to put thy confidence and trust in God, I am persuaded he will open thy way, and enlighten thy understanding, to see whether thy undertaking is agreeable to his will or not; and if not, then it will be more easy to nip the bud, than to break off a strong branch.

But if the Almighty approves of thy undertaking, and thou art sensible in thy mind, that it is consist, ent with his will for thee to proceed, then, in the next place, see that thou hast consent of parents or guardians; and if it is the Lord's will to join you together, the consent of godly, parents or guardians will be readily granted, which may be to you a great comfort in times of exercises or trials that may afterwards attend you.

In the next place, take care that thou proceeds orderly in the fear and counsel of God, in the accomplishment of thy undertaking, agreeable to the good rules and order of the church; that so thy marriage may not be in or by the will of man only, but of the Lord that hath joined you together. So may your last days be your most comfortable and best days; that, when you are summoned home, being clothed with the robes of righteousness, your souls may ever live to praise the Lord God and the Lamb, over all blessed for ever and ever more. So be it saith the soul of one who wisheth for the salvation of mankind universally. JAMES MOORE.

8th mo. 24th, 1761.

The following letter was sent me by my loving wife, when I was on a religious visit to Friends in Virginia and Maryland, to wit:

My dear heart,-In the bowels of unfeigned love and tender affection, I at this time salute thee, and hereby give thee to understand that, through Divine Providence, I have hitherto been preserved in health beyond expectation, and likewise our children have had their health; for which I have reason to be humbly thankful to Almighty God. Therefore, my dear husband, I hope these may find thee in the same condition ; but, my dear, through Divine assistance, I have resigned thee up as much as possible ; 'so I hope the Lord, who is ever merciful to his obedient children, will keep thee near to himself, and preserve thee in every needful time; for we have an unwearied adversary to war with. Hoping this may be satisfactory to thee to hear of my welfare, I conclude, and remain as I have reason to be, thy affectionate wife,

ANN MOORE. Sadsbury, 2d of 5th mo. 1758.

Another letter, written when on her last visit to Friends in Lancaster, as follows:

Dear heart,- In love I salute thee, and hereby give thee to understand, that I got to Peter Worrow's the night after I left thee, and am in health,

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