The Chosen Ones: The politics of salvation in the Anglican Church

Allen & Unwin, 2005 - 272 sidor
The soldiers of Christ are on the march in the Australian Anglican Church. The appointment of Peter Jensen as Anglican Archbishop of Sydney was the triumphant culmination of a struggle for power within this influential diocese. He and his supporters are implementing reforms leading the Church away from traditional forms of worship and progressive policies, towards extreme conservative evangelism - not just in Sydney, but across Australia and internationally as well.

Chris McGillion tells the inside story of the take over of Sydney's Anglican Church, arguing it is nothing less than a new Reformation. He explains why the Sydney diocese has been receptive to the evangelical mission, the role of the brothers Jensen and other leading church figures, and how their aggressive proselytising could open up a deep cultural divide in this country. He also examines the international impact of these changes in the richest Anglican diocese in the world.

'Perceptive, incisive and absorbing. Quite the best study of the modern Anglican Church scene.' - Alan Gill, former religion writer and columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald

'McGillion describes the inner workings of one of the powerhouses of the Anglican Church - Sydney Diocese... Told with the clear eye of an outsider... this is a very readable story [with] a wider appeal to those who seek to understand a key player in this time when conservative Christianity is increasing its influence in Australia and elsewhere.' - From the Preface by Professor Gary D. Bouma

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The Chosen Ones

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As a Sydney Anglican but not a Jensenite, I found Chris McGillion book disturbing reading.The Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church is one of the richest & powerful in the world. That it has been ... Läs hela recensionen

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The politics of salvation

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Sida ii - But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
Sida 58 - THEY also are to be had accursed, that presume to say, that every man shall be saved by the law or sect which he professeth, so that he be diligent to frame his life according to that law, and the light of nature. For holy Scripture doth set out unto us only the name of Jesus Christ, whereby men must be saved.
Sida 36 - And yet, for all his faith could see, I would not the good bishop be.
Sida 169 - ... whatsoever, nor shall presume to consecrate and administer the holy sacrament of the Lord's supper before such time as he shall be ordained priest according to the form and manner in and by the said book prescribed, unless he have formerly been made priest by episcopal ordination...
Sida xv - Australians in the last quarter of the 20th century have become a nation of pioneers; some heroically, some reluctantly, some painfully. We have been plunged into a period of unprecedented, social, cultural, political, economic and technological change in which the Australian way of life is being radically redefined. (Mackay 1993: 6) The "accident" referred to in this quote is partly the accident of Australia's geographic location and its cultural history.
Sida 163 - England, consisting of a House of Bishops, a House of Clergy, and a House of Laymen, which has power to frame legislation regarding Church matters.
Sida 4 - Ritualists were proved, in the course of the inquiry, to be legal, and in accordance with the rubrics of the Church of England as expressed in the Book of Common Prayer.
Sida 116 - We believe in the three persons of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in such a way that we place in them our faith.
Sida 163 - ... if general synod should not so declare the synod of a diocese or the diocesan council may declare its opinion that the provisions of the said canon affect the order and good government of the Church within or the Church trust property of such diocese and notify the President within one month thereafter...

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Chris McGillion is the religious affairs commentator for the Sydney Morning Herald and senior lecturer in print journalism at Charles Sturt University. He is editor of A Long Way from Rome: Why the Australian Catholic Church is in Crisis.

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