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dence in it, the more fellowship we shall have with him in its fruits-more wisdom to see the vanity of the world as he saw itmore grace to deliver us from the love of it -and more strength to subdue its temptations. These are some of the happy effects of his conquests, which he left us to enjoy here, as pledges of our being one day what he now is. He is more than conqueror, so shall we be, through him that loveth us. As our faith increases, we shall share more with him, and triumph more over the smiles and the frowns of the world.

Since this is the only way to conquer the world, art thou, O my soul, conquering it in this way, and hast thou faith in the victory of Jesus? Dost thou depend on him for the pardon of thy former love of the world, and for the crucifying the love of it. in thy heart? Art thou relying upon his victorious grace to make thee a daily conqueror over all its temptations? Examine thy warfare, and see whether it be carried on according to the scripture rule, and with the promised success? Look at some of the Lord's

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champions. Survey the triumphs of Moses, and remember the Lord's hand is not shortened-" By FAITH Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward." How great was this faith! How glorious its victories! It was a divine grace, and exercised by a divine operation--mighty through God. By it Moses saw the reality of heavenly things; by it he tasted their sweetness, enjoyed their blessedness, and had a hope full of glory and immortality. The world made him its highest offers, but he rejected them. His eye was kept single, his heart chaste towards his God. The honour of Pharaoh's alliance he despised. He preferred affliction with the people of God, to the pleasures of sin. He embraced reproach, when it came on him for following Christ, and he esteemed it beyond all the

treasures of Egypt. He saw the vanity and emptiness of earthly enjoyments, and he trampled upon them, having respect unto the recompense of the reward. Thus he was crucified to the world. What an exalted character! There is no such hero in the records of prophane history; but, thank God, there are great numbers in sacred, who followed the steps of his faith. Every soldier of Christ Jesus is called to war against the world, and every good soldier is a daily conqueror. The world is always present, and has its temptations ready to stop him, bút he meets them strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might, trusting to the whole armour of God. Then victory is certain. And in order that the Lord may have all the glory, he will keep him fighting and praying in this manner :

This world is not my portion. My happiness does not consist in loving and enjoying the things of it. It is an evil world-it lieth in wickedness-Satan has his seat and throne in it-and it is condemned to fire. Thank God, mine eyes are open to see a bet

ter world than this, and I am travelling to it. I believe it was the purpose and will of the eternal Three to choose me to be an heir of the world to come. Glory be to the Father for his free choice, and for all the blessings of his love. Glory be to the co-equal Son, for his complete and everlastingly perfect salvation. Glory be to the eternal Spirit, to whom I am indebted for what I believe of the Son's salvation, and for what I have experienced of the Father's love. On thee, O God the Holy Ghost, I place my dependence for carrying on the work which thou hast begun. I would be guided by thy counsel every step of my walk, and strengthened by thee for every part of my warfare. Keep me in the right way, and make me conqueror over all the enemies who would stop me in it, or turn me out of it: especially deliver me from this present evil world. While I am going through it to a better, preserve my heart from the love of it. O my God, give me a stranger's temper, and a pilgrim's frame. Let me live as a sojourner here below, that the good things I meet with

on my journey may not tempt me to make this my rest, and the evil things I meet with, may not lead me to fret and murmur, as if God was not my Father, and his heaven my home. O thou divine teacher, show me daily the glory of my Saviour's victory over the world, that I may share with him in it; and enable me to go forth conquering and to conquer, in his strength and to his praise. Help me to look upon the world, and

to treat it as he did; that, feeling the emptiness of its offered happiness, I may with a single heart cleave to my Father in

Jesus, and may be saved from the Spirit of

the world. Keep me waiting for my appointed time, sitting quite loose and free to -the things about me--and let heavenly and eternal things be always present to my faith, in their reality and blessedness, that I may grow more alive to them, and more Preserve my

dead to every thing else.

heart, O my gracious God, that I may be


simple with thee, when I am in my worldly

: business. Enable me to cast all my cares and burdens on thee, believing thou carest


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