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6-18-30 Trans


A book without a preface is an anomaly. Custom demands a preface, even though it be as brief as the motto of the Author's crest, “ Deo non fortuna ;" and every writer finds, at least when his book is finished, if not before, the benefit and expediency in the paying the tax, and of availing himself of the opportunity thereby afforded to apologize for the omission and commission, inasmuch as he may have erred, and to conciliate, as far as possible, by a statement of what he intended should ensue, the favourable judgment of his fellow townsmen upon what he has actually accomplished !

If the Author has at all succeeded in the object at which he aims, he flatters himself that the Work may be found (with deference be it, however, spoken) instructive and useful to the young and rising manufacturers of the great commercial town of Birmingham, comprising those whose ambition and taste lead them to improve their works and resources by inventions protected by patent right; and the ambition of others, who seek for honours to be conferred by their Sovereign for improvements which application and study may have developed in the production of inventions novel and useful in science and the arts !

In the line of manufactures in which the Author was engaged for upwards of forty years, and which was con. fined to the highest class of the metallic arts, he is animated with the hope that he has succeeded in many inventions calculated to reflect some credit on the inventor, and in which opinion he conceives himself borne out by his having been honoured with the Order of Knighthood from his own Sovereign, as well as having been honoured with more than thirty distinguished tokens of approbation from Foreign Potentates, of decorative orders of knighthood, gold medals of merit, diamond rings, diamond snuff-boxes, and other foreign specimens of art, for which gratifying compliments he begs to avail himself of a line here to express his everlasting gratitude.

The Author filled, for a period of twenty years, for eight Foreign Governments, the honourable appointment of Vice-Consul for the town of Birmingham, which regularly introduced him to foreigners of the highest distinction—to princes, nobles, ambassadors, professors, &c.; thereby laying a foundation for a correspondence somewhat unique, and which may be found useful and instructive to the rising manufacturers of his native town.

The Author avails himself of these documents to enable him to arrange a series of events during so long a period, and to form therefrom a publication calculated, it will be said, to gratify the ambition of the Author ; but he humbly hopes it may be held amusing and instruc

tive to those into whose hands it may chance to fall, as it will be exemplified that, in the year 1830, the Author completed the laborious work of sixty large medals on the Bible, and that the Author has assumed the liberty of filling up the Sacred History from one medal to another to the best of his ability, which will present to the mind of the young reader an opportunity to inform himself, by the most concise and easy way, of “ the beauty of holiness,” and of the most important and sacred historical events, which will mend and improve the heart, and induce him, for his comfort, consolation, and salvation, to


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