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port of the Isle of France, which ran ashore ther with a feet of frigates, and other vessels, in attacking á squadron of the enemy ; but in the principal port. owing to the excellent management and good These islands are not only important acfortune of Captain Rowley, in a fourth fri- qusitions as affording relief to our trade from gate, he recovered his superiority again by the enemy's cruisers, but also as being more • captures from the enemy, even before he defensible positions thm our continental ter. was reinforced !

ritories in India. The time must come when In November an expedition sailed from the our only possessions in Asia will be the ma. Isle of Bourbon under Admiral Bertie and ritime positions of Ceylon, the Cape, and the General Abercrombie, and early in De. Mauritius, and other islands. cernber mate good a landing in the Isle of Since the arrival of the above intelligence, France: After a skirinish with some forces it appears that another detachment of the of the enemy, in which Colonel Campbell and British naval force has taken possession of , Major O'Keefe were killed, the island and Banda, and probably long ére this, of the all its dependencies were surrendered, toge. whole of the Moluccas.


the 2005 of January and the 20th of February, ectracted from the London Gazettes.. BANKRUPTCIES, (This Month 129.

Broute, C, Michown, Liverredge, York, buther. Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.

(Lvans, Hatton Garden, and Carr, Gome Mat. York DDS W. Lorking, linen draper. (Wilde, Warwick quare Brown J. jun. and G. Brown, Cannon ttreet, cheere. Ainsworth L, Wittnell, Lancaster, and P. Beonett, Wil.

opgers. (Willet and Annefley, Finsbury quare tori, cahie minufacturers. Dewhurtt, Blackburb, Buchanan R, Llyerpool, vender of medicines. (Chambre and Blacklock and Makina, Ternple

Chapel ftreet, Bedford row, and Stathain and Hughes, Alider W. Sewtraereet, Colwell trett, foda ma durer. Liverpool (Hindman, Dyer's court, Aldermanbury

Backley T. Kennisgron lané, moemaket. (Brown, Andrews W. Glocetter place, Newingtung paper banker. Blackman Areet, Borougts Watfon, cii Hord's indi

Bullen T. High treet, Newington, dealer. (Brown, Aplia G. C. Eat Budleigh. Derod, inilier. (Palmer, Blackman ftreet Barnard' inn, and sexcombt, Ereter

Bundy E. briđoi, brewer. (Stephens, Brikol, and Sweet Bagnold W. Liverpool, brewer. (Egerton, Gray's inn and stokes, Temple

fute, and Spurriér ant Ingleby, Birminztam * Burrows J. Hammersmith, vi Qualfer, ' (Cuppace and Bazter B. Piccadilly, upholderer. (Denton and Barker, Rice, Jermyn breat Gray's inn

Camp J. weit Smith feld, Aationer. (Bourdon, Temple Bainbridge G.C. and w. Cartwright, Liverpool, merchants, Atreet, white friars

(Tarriot and Co. Chancery labe, And Marley agd Care. Cannon S, Beckingham, Erex, carpentet. (Marvey, wright, Liverpool

Feering Houre, Kelvedon, Eltex, and Warne, Broad Barber w, and K. Cheapfide, warehousemen. (Wilde, Arcet Warwick fquare

Cantocht w. Hackney rond, carpenter. (Wilde and Barber J. and T. Hatron, Macclesfeld, liquor'merchants. Knight, Calle Arect, Falcon square

Norbury, Macclesfield, and sherwin,,ct. Jamés itreet, Carelef's J. These King court, Lombard Areet, merchant. * Bedford row

(Wiss. Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warnford court, and Beavad J. M. Kennington, four fador. (Keeks, well

Barrett and Wilruni, Manchester clole Square

Carter, T. Oxford free, upholdeter, (3 weet and Stokes, Bath T. Macheter. machine miker... (aufted and "Temple

Ainsworth, Manchoter, and Milne and Parry, Temple Cattel M. sun freet, Bistsopigare. (Hart, Pope's Head Bennet P. Downtrevd, Glocetter, meatmad. (Cox Or alley, Cornbill Geeft, Britta!, and Jarget, Gray's in

Chalfonts. Edware. cord dealer. (Vincent. Bedford Bennett To took Acre, ronmonger. ' (Aonerley and &reet, Bedford fquare Beusett, Angel court, Thrugmorton rect

Clayton J. Horbury, Yoik, clothier. (Scholefield, Hor. Beswell J. Frcha furg, merlet, innholdet. (Williams, Dury, and Battye. Chancery lane

Red Lion square, and Williams and Butt, Truwo Coerwell'w. Trowbridge wiits, clothier. Williams. dridge

Red Lion Square, and Williams and Bull, Truwe Berry J. Norwich, printer. (Simpson and Rackham,

Norwich, and windu and Holidway, Chancery lane Collins R. Union court, Broad freet, builder. (Euroa, Derry R. Sboreditch, top merchant. (Ciutton, St.

White Hart court, Lombard reet Thoma's's kreer, Southwark

Colvin J. Liverpool. merch D (Windle, John street. Birkipshaw J. Newton upon Oure, York, brewer. (Lam

Bedford row, and Griffith and Hinde, Liverpool bert, Gray's inn fquare, aud Lockwood, jun. Eafing.

Cooke J. Houghton Drayton, Hants, millet. (Sremridge. word, York

Inner Temple, and Footner. Andover BIO G. C. Maid one, foop manufacturer. (Bovill and Cooper J. Oxford Areet, umbrella maker. (Alpinall, Tutin, New Bridge treet

Quality court, Chaucery lane Blass w. R. Great Grimsby, corn merchant. (Daubney, Couper Ni Pemberton row, G oh juare, China Bilder. Great Grimsby, and Grey, Rolborn court, Cray's

i Matthews and Randall, Catle street, Holburn

Corri D. Alt free!. Piccauilly, proteilwr of music. (Tur. Blakely A. Dewabisty, York, clora manufacturer (Ry ner and Pike, Elekm-bury fure lah, Dewsbury, and Crossley, Kolborn court, Gray's Cousing ). Bread streel, merchant. (Lowless and Croffe.

St. Mildred s court, Toultry * Blaylock J. Carlide, mallin manufacturer." (MounteyCreed J. Weymou:). Dörfer, ualler. Illenning, wey. - and Ches, Carlife, and Morprey, Staple's inu

mouth, and Alexander, New fquare, Linelissinn Plafe J. Dover ftreet, Piccadilly, upholfeier. (Wedd Crippen C. Limehouse, hoop bolder. (Thomas. Pea and Day, Gerard Areet, Soho

court, Fenchurch treet Blow w. Hertford, fauner, (white and son, New Crouk A B. Colna, Lancaster. calico manufacturer. fqvire, Lincoln's Inn

(Hardaere, Colne, And Wiplerworth, Gray's ina Blowers T. Tottenham Court road, linen draper. (Sweet syuare and Stoke Temple

Cutien R. and J. Peers, Cheapride, factors. (Pulien, Rodran w. Voo. Queta Areet, Southwark, vidual er, Fype treet. Crippl. gate Jodafon. Charlotre areet, Fitzroy square

Curgenren 2. ju. P u h. linea draper. (To'er. Eowen P. Neath, Glasnorgan, akiber, (Cardale and Temple, and Pricnain, nuuth Speur, Gray's in, and Pdwell Neath

Dallas Ai Tower hill wine merch2o1. (Whitton, Great Boye B. Prekon, Lancatter, builder (Ellia, Chancery James irect, Medford ruw lane, and Diron, Preitun

Daw fou T.High fireet, Wappi 13. grocer. (Clutton), St. Brade R.,8. Nurcolt, and Joel, Manchener, coach ma. 'Ibnosas's ariet, Southwark

'kers. W polé, John ireet, Braford row, Maualley, Deform caur L. GiCat Tirchheld Areet, apo he.ary. (Col. Nirmiogbana, and Yord, Manchetter

111s and Waller, spitai fquate Brain . eritrol,

C CT (Whitcombe and Xing, SerJeant's Dicewall P. Ludgate bat, groei. Rubinson, Obarterhou to inn, Pleat ftrvers and Prunkis, Bristol Badgens, w. Great wild ftreet,' Lincoln't tou nerds, ric Ditchian J. Sherborne line, Carpenter. (Fitches and tualer. (Borill, New Bridge #reet

Samprua, Swiibin's lanc MONTHLY MAG. No. 210.


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biworth W. Welbury, Gloceller. dealer, Whitcombe Ingram 8. Oid Atreet, bedHead maker.. (Collin. 100 And King, Serjéant's inn and Frankis, Brittu

Waller, Spital square Eddiron T. Romford, linen draper, (Towntheud, Rom. Itherwood J. Manchetter, manufacturer. (Willis, Taisford, and Jones, Martin's lane

Thorbe, and Clark, Warnford court, and Hefiop, MinPrerbar 0. C. Brydges Arnet, Covent Garden, tailor. (Prior, chetter Cupthall couit, Throgmortan Areet

Yves J. Cawton, Norfolk, grocer. (Boyce and Deacon Fairicis E. T. Staples ini, uoney fcrivener (Watfbo Norwich. and Windus and Holtaway. Chaucery Jane ard Plumptree. Temple

Jack fou W. Sherbourne lane, merchant (Higl.toci, Falows H. Verleton, Manchester, Jealer and chapinan. Buth lace, Cauruna-eet

(Buckley, Manchefter, and Mihie and Parry Temple Jefferies ). Sudbury, Suffolk, miller (Stedman, Sudbury, Yougon H, Trimfarall, Carmarthen, cualinercbant. (Pop. atid Megrifon and Fairbank, Hattun Garden kin, Dean irtet, Soho, and Seynatur, Mere

Jerment R. Old Change, fa&ur. (Hackett, Bearbinder Tetras R. York, grocer. (Brook and Bulner, York, and .. lape Ben and Brodrick, Bowlane

'Jones J. Rochdale, oil dealer. (Manenall, Warwick Thith E. Hatton Garden, turner (Kenrick, Hatfield fquare Areet, Chriftchurch. Surry

Jones s. Wardour freet, grocer. (Blake and Son, Fither J. Weeley, Effex, thupkeeper (Nettleip, Gro. Cook's ourt, Carey ftreet cer's Hall

· Jones C. and B, Loadsinan, Sheffield, druteiks. (Lawless Flask J. Layfall freet, Liquorpond freet, coach (mith. und Cruie, St. Mildred's court, Poultry (Huiley. Furnival's inn

Josephs M. Great Prescot Rrect, Goodma's fields, er. Floyd G. Liverpool, liquor merchant. (Shepherd and chant. (Pearce and son, Swithin's lane 'Adhington, Bedford row, and Plumbe, Liverpool

Joyce, A. D. Fordingbrioge, Hants, tick manfacture. Fotter T. Doncafter, buecher. (Pearson, Doucaker, and (Kinsey, Furnival's inn Bleaftale, Alexander, and Home, New inn

Karby w. Stratford. Efex, plumber and glazier. (Stratton Tuller J jun. grocer, Manchemeri (Hewitt and Kirk, And allport, Shoreditch Manchetter. and Ellis, Chancery lane

Keating J. Manchelier, dealer. (Hewitt and Kirk, Man Garman W. Bristol, merchant. (James, Gray's inn clieiter, and Ellis. Chancery lane Quare, and Cornit, Bristol

Kelly J. Great Pulteney Areer Colden fquare, ritualler Gates T. Robert Atreet, Chriftchurch, Surry, Maualler. Kent T. K. Cannon areet road, St. George'sia tbe Late (Evans, Kenningion Cross

siinber dealer. (Reeks, Wellclore square Gibbs J. A. Worihin, plunber. (Stratton and Allport, King J. Hampdead. top keeper. (Bryant, Copthal Choreditch

cout, Throgmorton Greet Gibson E. Great St. Helen's, merchant. (Dawes, Angel Kirk J. Leeds, tin plale worker. (Atkinson and Bole court, Throerurton Area

lant, Leeds Gibron W. Eugwarc road, cheesemonger.' (Richardfod, Knight W. Wells Areet, carpenter. (Turner rod Pike, Fitier, and Lake, Bury frett, St. James's

Bloomsbury Touare Godart P. Wilmut Atreet, Brunswick square, Oilman, Krauss J. Manchetter, merchant. (Tarrant, Clarke, and (hind, Throrinurton treet

Richards, Chancery lane, and By held, Manchetter Gudden G. Danasy Farin, Dorset, malster. Bremridge, Lay. JOetord Aretty hacier. (Tucker Bartlett's Temple, and Yogirer. Anduver

Buildings Goodman G, Marchmuar freel, builder. (Toone, Clifford's Lee 2 and D. Payne. Cheapfide, thawl printeri (Presse

land and Munn, Bruniwick square Gossins S. Brath hell, Cheter, muflis Dandfa duter. Leech H. Bury St Edmund's merchant (Sparte, (Baddeley Stuckport, and Milne asd Parry, Temple

Graham R. 'Liverpool. Ir.erchant. (Cooper and Lowe, Lewis, J. Worectter, vintner. (Becke, Bream's buildings,

Southampton buildings, and Oried and Baiucsor Chancery lane, and Allen, Worcenter
Crutop and Lodge, Liverpool

Lewis W, Abingdon. Hanker. (Falcon. Temple
Granger T, LUIS Acre, braci founder. (Truwhitt, Llewillen W. Bristol, toy dealer. (Shephard and ndlington,
Lyon's inn

Bedford row, London, and James, Brifol • Greaves T. Oldkam, Lancaster, grocer. (Barlow, Old Lockley J. J. Tooley Areet, dealer in foap and candles, hain, and Milne and Parry, Temple.

(Harding, Primrose Areet, Bifhopfgate Brobecker W. A. Great St. Helen's, Aipowner. (Settree; Malle fon J. K. Smeerine's allsy, Curnhill, bill broker. St. Mary Axe

(Wiiny, Buckingham åreet, Strand Hain wort J. Pudrey, York, clothier. (Upton, Nichol. Mason J. Heywood, Lancalter, thopkeeper (Parker,

fun, and Hemingway, Leeds, and Lambert and Sons, Bury, Lancater, and Wiglesworth, Gray's inn fuace Bedford row .

Maser: R. Manchester, grocer. (Ellis, Chancery lane, Waley c. Wigmore freer, watchmaker. (Kibblewhite, and Johnson and LondSoale, Manchelter Rowland, and Robinsons Gray's in place

Mellor 1. Burlem, Stafford pofter. (Barber, Fetter Hall J. Bletchingly, brewer. (Williams sad Wilno, lane, and Fenton, Newcastle, Stafford New inn

Mettam J. old Bailey, dealer and chapman. (Parton, Hamaod s. B. Plymout, linen draper. (Rood, jun. Py. Walbrook inouth Dock, and Drewe and Lotham, Nawian

M'Guflie A. Liverpool, merchant. (Tarrant, Clarke, and Xarriott T. Bithopspate Atreet, chinaman. (Wartaud and Richards, Chancery lane, and Malley and Cartwrigat Wood, Caitle court, Budre row

Kart B. Plymouth, tavern keeper. (Williams and Darke, Midwood' T. H. Bow lane, Cheapfide, warehou fe mas.

Prince's a rect, Bedford row, and Bozoa, Plymouth (Benbow and Hope, Stone buildings. Linson's ina

Milts J. Holywell Qimi, Strand, nierchant. (Mayher, Xarily c. and w. Bingley, York, worted spinnert. Symonu's ino (Eveus. Hatton Garden, and Crufey. Bradford

Monnet L. Spring Garden, tavern keeper (Walter Hawkins I. Queen street, Liin noure, Suilder (

Girdler's Ball, Basinghall Areet abc Rixon, Haydon nare, Miroties

Morley J. Stewardltone, Edex, filk thrower. (Grcgfus Haywood J. 8. and J. Phaser, Caine, wüts, and Coleman and Dixon, Angel court, Twoenorton ftreet

miect, cluthiers. ' Debary, Derby, and Scudamore, Molgrove W. Honiton, Devon, furgeon and apothecary. Ten pie

Turner, Exeter. and Collett, Chaucery lane. Weath ). Wilmer, Chethire, chcete fa&tor, (Wilton, Mundy A. BarewrowW a Viftualler. (Swayne, Temple, and Sparrow, Newcale, Stafford

Wilton refil w Gray's leo lane, grocer. (Morgan, Old City · Nicholson G. Queen treet, Bloomsbury, dealer. (Tooky, Dambers

Watwick court, Ho bora
Neady W. Swansea. victualler. (Blea (dale, Alexander Norris T. Mancheiter, mercbant Cooper and Lowe,

asid folrue, New iun, and Berrington and Jenkins, Soutarnpton buildings, Chancery lane

Pailethorpe J. Nuctingham, merchant. (Blackluck me Xeywova J. Manchefer. machine maker. (Foulkes and Makin ton, Temple, and Sanders, Nottingham

Creswall, Mancheher, *d Longdill and Beckit, Paine E. Dow.cate hill, Derchant. Bovill, New Bridco
Gray's inn

treet 50 J. Axminder. Deron, innholder. (Pearson and son, Parker S. Greit Saffron null, iron founder. ( Jones and Temple and Taupot, Amister

Reynali, Mayor's Court Office, Royal Exchange Hobo Lev bulme, Lancaiter, dyer (Nabb, Man Parkhäuse E. Brixhamn, lineu draper. (Burton, New cheber

Millmad Arect, and Mortimer Exeter Moers A. Fenchurch free! Chambert, mercbant. (At. Pukin J. w. Ecclesfield, York, Cobacconia. (willings CD for and Murrame Winchelter treet

200 Darke, l'rince'. Arect, Bedford row, and Burbeary, hoide). Hull tailor. It aley. Stocker. and Dawson, Sheffield Furnival's in it, and Codd And Garland, Hui

Parr). Mancheater, merchant Ellis, Chancery lads, and Xoc E; Marsden, Lancisire, cotton nauufacturer, Knight and Hadi eld, Manchetter Ha n d Brumell, Aldersgate Street, and Delafate, Parry J. Neptford, potter. (Wavefog, Bulor, 126

(W Krianicy. Verk

Crufvenor, Aunin Friars Horner I Sti l , vitualer. (Widtibire, Bolton, and Patrick J. Mary je done Areet, Piccadilly, linen draper. wer. OIJ Broad free

(Sweet ang cokes, Temple HerOS R. Writur, York. tancer. (Smith fon and son, Pearkes J. St. Paul's Church yard, silk wearer. Comlth, Ew Malton and Robinson. Ellexitreet, London

Barber's Hall Big X. kiersbury, warehouteman (Caton and Peck S. Liserpool. merchant. Williamson, Liverpool, Brumell, Aiderry are there

and Windle, John ireetBedford row Huick G. Andover, spirit dealer. (Neale, New inn, Petersdorff y. Hatton Gardeu, furrier. (Stratton and Bird, Aldover

Allport, Shoreditch. fryce, J310). Ciem fun. Mancheter, dyers. (Buckley, Puelps R. and T. Preidee, Newulam, Glocetter, linen dit Marchet, and Milne and Party, Temple

pers. [hilcon, Lincoln's inn, and Ward, Glocefter Lagi.D . ) ywein, un C. Tugleby, Soughtan Phiihps D. Walibrook, tailor. (Courtees, Walbrook.

8. Quite. ead merchant! Roberts, hivywell Pitt C. Southamptub, tatuary.
Suis ..UMstae and Yasty, Temple

(LY, Touk's court Chancery IINS

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Welon R. and J. and J. Dufton, Berry couri, factors,

Pullen, Fore areet. Cripplerace write L. B. Chainber treci, Cuod mao's field Rutsoa

Wellcluse fare wbize J. Gloceder, barge owner. (James, Gray's ina.

Square, sud Okey, Glucefter White T. Liverpool, merchant. (Windle, Joh @ree',

Bedford row, and Griffith and Hinde Liverpool Whitwell, Bethnall Green, roap manufacturer. Hins

MED. Dyer's court, Aldermanbury Williati. A. Runney, Monmoutti, mhopkeeper. (Dani i

and Sons, Bristol and Pearson au Son, Temple Wilton E. Hi Liverpool, merchane. (Cooper and lowe,

Southampton buildings, and Urred Lud Baines, Li.

verpool Withers J. Freshford, Somerset, corn factor. (Highmoor,

Bunlane, London, and Wingate, Bath Woodward W. Tottenhamn, salesman. (Taylor, 017

ftrect road, Woolle R. Lane End, Stafford, potter. [Barber, Tetter

lane, and Fenton, Newcerle uuder Luis


Fortell W. Cow lane. Carpenter. [Primrose, Southampton

buildings, Chancery lane Potter J. Mancheter, grocer. (Cooper and Lowe,

Southampton buildings, and Sepron, Manchester Price J. Coventry, ribbon manufacturer. (Alexander

New Rycare, Lincoln's Inn, and Minter. Coventry rice J. Birmingham, brais founder. (Swain Stevens,

and Maples, old Jewry, and whately, Birmingham Tochter E. Lidgate hill, corn dealer. (Smith, Dorset

ftreet, Salisbury square Proctor T. Shoreditch: brewere. (Mayo 204 Berkley,

Lincoln's iun feids Reddall J. Great St. Helen's, merchant. (Bellamy, Ciif.

ford's inn Reanards R. and T. Hull. merchants. (Courtcen, Wap

book Richaras H. Strand, fun maker. (Murphy and Cameron,

Beuverie ftreet, Fleet #roet Richardfon J. Slaa ne treet, apothecary, (Swain, Stevens,

20 Maples, old Jewry Richardron T. Cadoxton juxta Neeth, Glamorgan, chemin.

Blealdals, Alexander, and Helme, New inn, aud

Berrington and Jenkins, Swansea Xigdon R. Hatton freet, blacking maker. (Edwards,

Catle freet, Holboro Ruberis E. and J. Welfa, Suffolk lanc, cotton brokers.

( Wilde, Warwick fiquare Roboots T. Liverpool, woollen draper. (Windle, Joho

Areet, Bedford row, and Griffith and Hinde, Liver.

pool Sains C. Norwich, thawl manntacturer. (Abbott, Chan.

cery love, and Bygrave and Goodwin, Norwich Salisbury J. Highgate, victualler. [Price and Williams,

Lincoln's in Sanderson w. Liverpool, timber merchant. [Windle,

John Arect, Bedford row, and Griffith and Hinde, Li.

verpool Bankey c. James Arect. Covent Garden, cheesemonger.

(willere and Annefley, Finsbury Square Seed J. Frekun, Lancaiter, corn merchant (Windle,

Johg freut, Becord row, and Suxith, Preton Sells. J. Brixtap hull, Surry, carpenter (Benton, Union

rect, Southwark Senjor RBrittoi, clortier. (Strickland, Britol, and

Price and Williams, Liacoln's inn Sills J., J., and J. W. Pidgeon, Hambrowharf, London,

merchants. (Yalcon, Temple Simp.On T. Lancaster, merchant (Blacklock and Ma.

kinfo, Temple, and yikinfou, Lancaster Simpron N. Jur Ely, Cambridge, carrier. (Pickering

Staple's inn, and Archer, Miidenhall, Suffolk Smith A. c. Kensington green, merchant, (Srowa,

Blackman & reet, Borough * Sunith L. Greenwich, Brucer. Richardson, New ina Sowter R. Andr. H. Payne, Cullum threet, London, mer

chants. (Corfworth Hall, and Exley, Stocker, and

Das fun, Furnival', un Stephens L. feo, and Junr. Oxford Qrect, carvers and

Bilders. Hall. Coleman freet ephens w. c. Weftbiry-topoa Trym, Glocefter, Jobber.

(Daniel and Sons, Bristol, and Pearsons, Temple Stonehewer w, and J. Bailey, Manchester, cotton manu.

facturers. (Wülis, Fairthorne, and Clarke, Wart.

furd court, and Barrett and Wilrou, Manchener Stort J. Pailworth, Manchester, cutton manufacturer.

(Barlow, Oidbam, and Milne and Parry, Temple Scott R. Rochdale, Lancater, money. scrivener. (Tar

rant, Clarke, and Richards, Chancery lane Button). Sandy, Beds, butcher, (Smith, Furnival's Swindells, S. Stockport, hatter. (Baddeley, Stockport,

and Milne anu Parry, Temple mouds E. Rufper, Suikx, dealer in cattle. (Palmer,

Doughty Street Telemach. T. Peter ham. Surry, dairyman. (Willett

1 AR Arelley, Finsbury fquare Tylor J. Winchenter row, Mary-le dore, cheesemonger.

Fiske, Psifarave place: Strand Thomson J. Nag's Head court, inerchant. (Kibblewhite,

Rowiand, and Robin ron, Gray's ind place Thorsley J. Live, pool, merchant. (Bird, Liverpool,

and windie Johnatreet, Bedford row Thornton, w. Hinckley, currier. (Ware, Gray's ion,

and Jarvis, Binckley Tismind, li Birinioghain, tallor.' (Devon and Tooke,

. Gray's ina Iguare, and Barker and Unett, BirmingTrevithick R, and R. Dickiofon. Limehouse, dealers in

iron tanks, (Waderon, Barlow, and Grosvenorg

Aunin Friars VS Dyck . A. Yenchurch buildings, merchant. [wi Jet

* and Annoney, Hiushury fuare Vicar G. Portiosth, Vintueri [Calloway, Portsmouth, and Colett, Chancery lane

clothier. Tulehmore. Buth Waiu J. Brixton, Surry, clothier. (Highmore, Buch

lane, Cannos frect Walker 'c, Manchetter, manufacturer. Haldead and

Ainsworth, Manchett r, and Milne and Party

Temple Walker J. Little Britain, lace dealer. (Lyon, Gray's

ino, and hearn, Buckinghara Watts G. We Areri, Hackney, baker. Anfieid, High

• Preet, Shadwell Webb J. Brittol. linen draper. Thoina, Wallbrook Webb J. Modderthall, Staford, cofu dealer. (Exley.

Scocker, and Dawfon, Futuivai's'inn, and Middleton,

and Verron Stone, Stafford Welter ). Webb freet, Southwark, tal marchant. (Hall,

Colt A BIG

Allen W. Radipole, Dorfet, innholder, Merchi
Aodrade J. and J. c. Stocqucler, Abchurch lane, insurance

broker, March
Armitage R. Viro lane, St. James's, ironmonger, March 10
Ath well J. W. Colchetter. grocer, Feb. 27
Baillie G. and J. Jarfray, Finsbury Piase, merchants,

March 9 Balls J. Bury St. Edmund's, carrier, Feb. 87. Barter J. Strand, tailor, Feb. 23 Bateman J. Hull, merchant, March Be# J. Old City Chambers, wine merchant, Feb. 3 Bent R. Lincoli's Inn Fields, merchant, March Berridge W. Maiden lane, Woud Atreet, Cheapfde, Feb. 26 Berry T. Fleet Areet, man's mercer, Feblg Beit B. Grea! St. Helen's, Derchabt talot, March 3 Bignell w. Great St. Helen's, broker, March Bone J. and W. Hone, Strand, buoksellers, March 5 Bonser w., R Newcomb, and J. Siftung Cannon Atreet, silk.

hat manufacturers, Feb. 26 Bowler 6. Hougton, Lancaiter, dealer. Feb. 14 Bowler w. feo. Cable ftreet, Southwark, hat manufacturer,

March 2 Bracken R., T. Williams, and L. Bracken, Lothbury, mer

chants, March 9 Breakwell G. Southwark, victualler, Feb. 26 Breffit J. Alfreton, Derby, mercer, March 6 Brewer J. Richmond hill victualer, Feb. 2 Brewer W. Bathpool mills, Sumeriet miller, Feb. 15 Brickwood J. Jen. and fun. J. Rainier, W. Morgan, and J.

starkey, Lombard Arcet, bankers, fan. <6 Brooks J. Liverpool, brewer, Feb. 19 Brown R. jun. Pleasant Place, Bat de bridge, painter,

Feb. 3 Burge w, Southampton, butcher, Feb. 25, Burrough M. New Sarum, banker, Feb. 7 Camnitürd W. George treet, Oxford freel, baker, March : Carter J. Sandwich, draper, March 15 Chidell ). Southampton, porter merchant, March 13 Clark W. Warer lane, Zower treet, rr.erchant, Yeb. 19 Clements R. Norwich, appraiser. Feb. 25 Clayton ]. jun. Leeds, wooid apler, March 4 Cohen A. and s. Sheemnels. fup sellers, Feb. 23 Cooke J. Graverend, carpenter, April Corrfurth w. withopwearmouth, Tail inaker, Feb. 38 Crot: TPickett street, Temple Bar, liura draper

March' Darling w. York Areet, South Park, victualler, Feb. 17 Davic s. Lyme, Dorset, wintiver, March 1! Davies E.T. Great Warner ftreet, liben draper, March 1 Dawe, J., W. Noble, R H, Croft, and R. Barwick, Pall

Mall, bankers, Marchi 2 Nelany J. Liverpool, draper. Feb. 16 Delpiní C.A. . Martin ttreet, merchant, March 3 Pehret R. Greek Atreet, -oho, ctice fimonger, Jan. 30 Deschamp w, W., B. S. Morgan, and P. M.Taggari, Suffolk

Jane, mercbants; March 16 Dibfdale'). Bediord áreet, Bedford row, boot and shoe maker,

March 16 Dickenfun ). W. fen, and W. D. Jua. Bread &rect, merchants,

March 9 Dunlop 1. ". Mary Axe, merchant, Feb. 19 Eccles F. Crispin ftreet, pitalfields, draper, Feb. 26 Elit ub HSunderland, mercer, Feb. 28 Emdin A. G. Portfnouth, thopkeeper, Narch 2 Evans L. Neath, Glamorgan, tupkeeper, March Evaus T. Oxford Areet, yictualler, March 2 Fither 'F. King's Arms Yard, Caletas Acoel, merchant,

March 9 Fither w. Houndiditch, linen draper, March 19 o riter R. High Atreet, Bloomsbury, che femnonger. March Yotter J. and A. Hallas bridge inill, York, cotton twins

Spinners, Feb. 27 Fox). Coleinau street buildings, merchant, Feb. 16 Freeman D. W, Sykes and J. Freemas, Beritundfey, Icathe:

factors, March 20 Frost ). Doncafer, innholder, Feb. 72 Gorman J. Aluerin anbury, helier, Feb. 16 Gjibert C, St. George's fie.ds, back naker, March Gifling T. Borough road, Mopkeeper, March 2 Goodenough W. Hampiead road, can maker. Fel. :3 Green R. Bihupigate trec', jewellet, Teb, 28 Hawkehead R. Manche er, cotson manufacturer, Marss Healeys. I iverpool, merchant, arch 12 Nefertite B, Boost Areet, Barbicas, hop rarerchant, Feb. 4

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Newfon T. Greu St. Helen's, Biopsgate freet, merchant, Osborn F. G. Pontefract, Yorkliquorice merchant
Feb. 16

Hingeftoo C. and R. Waibrook, men's mercers, March 2 Pagett D. Leiceller. grocer, March 13
Mollaby W. I.eadenhall freet, librarian, feb. 26

Parnell w, Stoney lane, Eorough, breuer, Feb. 199 Home T. Liverpool, house builder, March

Fars J. G. and Tic. Patrick, Suffolk lane, insurance brokers; Houghton, W. Liverpool, merchant, March 13

.: Marchs Howard E. Henrietta Itreet, Covent Garden, money scrix

Parr R, Watling Atreet, wholefalc haberdaher, March 26 Feb. 23

Pars W. T.arid J. Bailey, Dockhea 1. brewers, March it Howland T. Thame, Oxford, carrier, March 19

Payler T. Grecowich, merchant, March 9 Hunt G. Stalbridge, linen draper, Feb. 25

Pearton G. Friday Areet, Cheapadé, warehousemaan, Murter A. Little Forland treet, Cuach taker, March 3

Feb.s Nutchinfon W. P. Liverpool grocer, March 4

Percival W. Oxford ftreet, linen draper. Feb. 19 Jowood D. Lower Thames Arcet, oil and co!or man Perfent M. W. and a. W. Bodecker, Litlé St. Heles's, March 16

March 30 Jackson E. Horley down, brewer, March 16

Philips D. Britalmercer, Feb. :8 Jaines J. Britto!, cooper, Feb. 2 :

Phillips P. J. Oxford street, upholterer, Feb. 26 Jameron R. and T. Ironinongerlane. merchants, Feb. 25 Pickard W. Little Mourtilds, biceches maker, on for W. Edgware road, ccllar'maker. March is

YoW Brittol, carver, Feb. 20 . Jones I. C. New Tothi!) ftreet, victualler, Feb. 15

Read R. Lothbuiry, wareho isema", May 4 Jones D. Pentre Bach, Glamorgan, Biocer, Feb. 28

Reid J. Broad ftreet onderwriter, March 12 Kick R. Sonthampton, upholkterer, Anril :7

Rebe s J. Kent road, Southwark front inacon, March 1 Kinfey W. Ox'orditreet, coachinaker, March 3

Robert J. Dolcfar, Cardigan horse dealer, March 16 Kittun S. R. Holt, Norfolk, printer, Feb. 15

Robertron J. Lydd. Kent, line i draper, March 5 Lawrence R. Prospect row, Bermondsey, corn dealer, Robinzon T. Má cheer, innkeeper. Feb. 28 March 16

Bobinsin W. Deterhamn Softslk, moemaker, March 16 Leman J. Ramsgate, fopkeeper, Feb. 22

Robicnun N. E. Bord court, Walbrook merchant. March :3 Lewis H. and W. Chambers, Rathbone place, ihopkeeper Rowlandron T. J. Bates, S. Rowlandfon, T. Isaac, and w March 9

Brita Che pride merchants, March 2 Lichiparay s. and M. Dunsford, Basinghall a

chants, Rowion w.and T. Morha 1, 'hettebankers, Yeb. 5 March 15

Ruffy B. Xev Bond Areet, tailor Márch 16 Like T. Old Brompton, builder, Feb. 26

kutiarc T. Riadia tia ter, Feb. 19 Long ). Deptford, victualler, March

fair uel 8. High trece, Middlesex, linen drarer, March 16 Mardonald j. Woolwich, v alier, April 2

Saunders T. DIOgh marke , builder, March 9 Natland D. New Bridge front merchant, March is

Saxc!bye T. Derby, merchant, March 4 Manping R. Stock Exchange, ftuck braker, March 13

Sheldon R, H, Nerde's court, Feirer lane, jeweller, March Mariol) C. Vinegar Yard, Southwark, worited manufac.

Singers. Wenbury. Wile, clothier, March 14 • turer, March

Smith F. and w Harrison, Addle Areet, wa Marhair w. Old Bethlem, dealer, Feb. 13

March 5 Mattinnant P. St. James's licet, warchoufman, March 3

Sirith Ji Liverpool, moemaker, March 5 Mafon E. Great Swan Alley, Arcet, carpenter,

Sparks W. Cartie itreet, Leiceuer fields, carrier, Feb

Stapleton T.Sheerners, hopkeeper, Feb. 28 Mathews "w. Brown's lane, Spitalfields, carpenter,

Siccio J. Llanddatf, Glamorgan, coal michant, March 16 March?

Stubos T. Tooley Greer, cabinti inaker. Feb. 26 May S. N. Great St Helen's, merchant, Marchi

Strickland S. Richmond Green, tailor, March 2 Mead . J. and E. Lewis, Holle, &rect, Cavendish squ

uter G. Broad Areer, Bloomsbury, victualler, Feb. 2 milliers, rel). 30

Swift J. Liverpool, rationer, Feb. 230 Milward C. Brominy, Middlesex, miller, March 16

Suites Halifax, York, merchant Feb. 29 Moore j. New Surry itreet, Blackfriars road, ironmonger,

Sykes J. Quceo Breck, Cheapside, sugar fictor. March 2

Tatart B. Bondirect, bookiller, Marche Morrith w. Bath, cheeremonger, Feb. 08

Tirpers. Leadenhall arcet, booki Feb. 19 Mountford J. Worceiter, woollen draper, Feb. 23

Trott D. Od Change, calico printer, Feb. 26 Neve J. Birmingham, liiken drapes. Feb. iz

Tudar M. A. Readi B, intihoider, Feb. 20 Njcbolls J. Gray! inn, icrirener, March 16

Twallin J. Ludgate bill, inukteper, Feb. 26 . Nicholt. R. Aorwich, woollen draper, Feb. 28 .'

Waidron J. Chefsupt, taj lor, Feb. 19 Kockold J. Colcheter, dealery Feb. 15

Wharton C. Northwich, liquos inerchant, Yeb. Nortj. Fumford, grocer, March

White T. South wark, naberdaler. May 4 ea kiey J. St. John Arter, bediead maker, March 23

William W. Well Smithfield, cutler, jan. 23 Oddy S. A. and H. Oxford Itreet, bon sellers, March 25

Wing J. Stamford, Lincoin, victualler, Feb. 14 O'Donnagloe E. Widcombe, Somerset, wine inerchant,

Woodman W. Lime areet square. mercbant, March 19 Feb. 28

Woolcombe W. sen. 2nd jun. Rotherhithe, fup builders Op!ey. Billier Aquare, merchant, March 16


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March 9.


Feb. It waren beidersa

INCIDENTS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, IN AND NEAR LONDON : With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Churacters recently deceased.

| BOUT seven o'clock in the evening of nearly finished, and has a very elegant 2

* February 8th, a destructive fire happened pearance when viewed from Greenwich Hos.. at the printing-office of Mr. Barnard, in pital. It is at present calculated to contain Skinner-street. It was occasioned by an acci. 1000 children; but it is proposed to extend the dent in the press room, where a great num. establishment to 2000. ber of sheets were hanging. Some of the

MARRIED. paper having taken fire, the men at'work At Mary-le-bone, J. Russell, esq. of Ham immediately endeavoured to extinguish the Hall, Staffurdshire, to Mary, only daughter of flames, but their exertions were unavailing; David Pike Watts, esq. of Portland Piace.the blaze sprend with astonishing rapidity, John Mackenzie, esq. son of the Hon. George and it was with the greatest difficulty they. M. of Jamaica, to Miss Knibbs, of Bertinck. escaped from the room. In a short space of street, Manchester-square. Richard Tene time the upper part of the house was enve- nings, esq. of Portland Place, to Louisa, loped in flames, and a conflagration more lu- youngest daughter of Richard Paul Judrell, minous has seldom occurred in the metropolis. esq. Thomas Nelson, M.D. of BernersThe engines soon arrived, but the house be street, to Catherine, youngest daoghter of the ing in a confined situation up a long narrow late Robert Hamilton, esg. of Grenada. passage, it was some time before water could James Whalman, esq. of Vinters, Kent, to ise thrown to produce any effect. The whole Eliza, eldest daughter of S. R. Gaussen, 089. extent of the printing-office continued burn. of Brookman's Park, Herts.-R. Wroughton, ing until 'all was destroyed.

esq. to Eliza, daughter of the Rev. Dr. The Royal Naval Asylum at Greenwich, Thomas. undes the patronage of government, is now At St. George's, Hanover-square, Francis,


only son of Francis Skurry, egg, of Guildford, In Lower Grosvenor-street, Mrs. Bacon, to Frances Jemima, only daughter of John relict of Col. Philip B. of Ipswich. Martyr, esq. of the same place.-The Rev. In Billiter-square, Mrs. Druce, wife of Mr. Robert Walpole, son of the late Hon. Robert Charles D. W. his Majesty's Envoy at the court of Lise At Greenwich, Charles Store, esq. bon, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the In Alfred Place, Bedford-square, Mrs. Ala Late John Hyde, esg. one of the Judges of the ford, wife of Henry A. esq. of the Middle supreme court at Calcutta.-James O'Reilly, Temple, third daughter of T. B. Paget, ésg. csg. eldest son of Sir Hugh O'R. bart. to Miss of Tamworth, Staffordshire. D'Arabet, only daughter of the late Baron A t Vauxhall, Miss Whitmore, eldest daughD'A.Edward Bullock Douglas, esq. of De's ter of Capt. W. 23. vopshire Place, to Miss Harriet Bullock, In Bruton street, Mrs. Fletcher, relict of youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. B. rector Mr. Thomas F. of Gainsborough.-The of St. Paul's, Covent Garden.

Right Hon. Jobs Smyth, one of his Majesty's Ac St. James's, Wm. Brereton, esg. of most honorable privy council, late master of Brenton, Norfolk, to Miss Hale, of Tavis the mint, and many years representative in cock-square,

parliament for the borough of Pontefract, Lieut. Foreman, 56th regiment, to Miss He married a daughter of the Duke of Polhill, only daughter of the late Col. P. of Grafton. the East India Company's service.

At Hammersmith, the Rev. Dr. Keitb. Abraham Van Brieren, esq. of Archangel, Mrs. Girdler, wife of J. S. G. esq. one of the to Mrs. Mansell, of Crawford-street. magistrates for Middlesex.-Mrs. Lefe.

Thomas Henry Buckle, esq. of Mark-lane, vre, 65. . to Miss Middleton, daughter of the late Peter In Devonshire-street, Portland Place, Pbi. M. esq. of Hull.

lip Srimpson, esq. At Hampstead, Thomas Hughan, esq. M.P. In Holborn, George, youngest son of Wme of Devonshire Place, to Miss Millegan, eldest Kinnard, esq. 21. daughter of Robert M. esq.

In Arlington-street, Thomas Nicholson, esq. Ac West Ham, John Goodwin, esq. of of Bishopwearmouth, Durham. Hull, to Miss Morgan.

In Bryanstone-street, Mrs. Yonge, relict of Ac Islington, Mr. N. H. Clifton, to Mar. Dr. Philip Y. bishop of Norwich, 81. . tha, daughter of the late Rev. A. Crow. In Spitalfields, in his 77th year, the Reo.

At St. Pancras, Edward Banks Reall, esq. Robert Hood, M.A. curate of Gay nirn chapel, of Ipswich, to Miss S. M‘Dowell, of Cleve in the parish of Wisbech St. Mary, and master land-street.

> ; of the grammar-school at Holbeach, Lincolo. Ac Hackney, Capt. Ambrose Lane, 41th shire, to which latter he was appointed on the regiment, to Miss E. Le Mesurier, daugbter of death of the Rev. Richard Gibson, in 1793. the late Peter Le M, .esq. governor of Al. The right of nomination to Guyhirn chapel derney:

is in the Rev. Dr. Jobson, vicar of Wisbech;

and the school of Holbeach is in the gift of At Lambeth, Daniel Golden, esg. 78; and feoflees. Mrs. Dorotby G his wife, 82.

Mr. Wm. Kirby Trimmer, son of the late In Bloomisbury-square, Edward Ommaney, Mrs. T . 1.76.

At Guildhall, Mrs. Woodtborpe, wife of At Northall, Mrs. Sarab Pott, relict of Henry W. esq. town-clerk of London." Percival P. esq. genior surgeon of St. Bartho- At Putney, Miss Petriward, daughter of the lomew's Hospital, 87.

late Roger P. D.D. In Harley-street, Lady Elizabeth Lee, relict In Hertford-street, May Fair, Fane, youn. of Sir Wm. L. bart, and daughter of Simon gest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Coombe, 15. Earl Harcourt.

In Clarges-street, Mrs. Sidney, wife of foAt Stockwell, Mr. Wm. Ricb. - Frederic seph S. esq. of Penshurst Castle, Kent." Melling, esq.

At Homerton, Edward, grandson of EdIn Southampton Buildings, Natbaniel Hu. ward Knapp, esg. of Winchester, 18. son, esq. barrister at law, and a commissioner In Beaumont-street, Yean Fobn Allen, esg. of bankrupts.

of Spring Mount, Antrin, Ireland, 26. In Upper Berkeley-street, Thomas Jameson, In Bedford-squaře, Mrs. Mury Tarnall, of sig. father of Dr. j. physician to the Baltic Theobald's, Herts. fleet.

Keppel.street, the youngest son of Mt. In the New Road, Fitzroy-square, Paul Alderman Atkins. . Barbet, €59.78.

In Oxendori-street, Mrs. Elisabetb Strachan, At Hackney, Mrs. Mary Malkin, widow of wife of Mr. Wm. S. 63. Thomas M. esqa

In Argyle-street, Christopber Coates Portet, At Dulwich Common, Mrs. Hall, wife of esg. major of the West London militia. Mr. H. surgeon.

in Finsbury.square, Mrs. N. Solomon's, sister In Powis Place, Eliza, wife of the Rev. to the late Abraham Goldsmid, esq. John Cracroft, and eldest daughter of James At Richmond, Mrs. Brown, wife of Wm. Lewis, €59.

B, esq.



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