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A: Norton, near Sheffield, Mr. J. More- Mrs. Dixon, 48.- Miss E. Tyson, 25.-Mrs. F001, 93.

Mary Hall, 66.-Edward Murray, esq. 78.--
At Pudsey, Rebecca, relict of the Rev. Mr. Robert Wain, 85. Mr. James Garnett.
Wiliam Hilmes, formerly of Pontefract, 79. -Mr. Thomas Teasyman, 60.---Mr. James

Hi Ho nsea, Mr. Richard Powiey, chief Fairhurst, 38Mr Valentine Byrom, 49.
Constabic of the division of North Holderness, Mrs. Summers, aged 52, wife of Mr.S.

house-apothecary to che Liverpoo: Dispensary. • Ac Rytier, Mr. Joseph Holmes, 60. . The loss of this valuable woman is deeply to

At Arksy, near Doncaster, Thomas Fos. be lamented, not only by her family, but Per cq one of che common council of chat also on account of her zeal and unremitting Cerpurution, 57.

exertions for the crue interests of that chariAt Scarborough, Captain George Salvin. table institution, which she has eminently

At Crevet, near Wakefield, Mts, Mine. evinced, by supplying the place of her infirm thorp, 81.

• husband for a period of nearly six years; and LANCASOIRE.

by her anxious efforts alone, it may truly be James Taylor, esq. has obtained the prize said, her dissolution was in no small degree meial too the Whalley Agricultural So- accelerated. Mrs. Gildart, wife of James ciety, for planting last season 400 acres of G. esq. 59.Mrs. Rushton, wife of Mr. R, land with 'upwards of 1,600,000 forest bookseller.--Mrs. Ann Winkley, 54.--Mr. uces

Robert Hudson.-Mrs. Hunter, 46.-Mr. P. Married.] At Manchester, Captain Camp. Cartwright, 62.-Mr. H. Appleton. -Mr. bell, of the Sise light infantry, to Eliza, Thomas Baines, 66.-Sarah, wife of Mr. second dau htes of the late D. Wollt, esq. of. Thomas Waugb, 25.-Mr. Thomas Graham, Branchester.

surgeon. - Mr. Thomas Hawe, 88.-Mr. JoAt Rochdale, George Jepson, esq. of Gains. seph Gent, land-writer, 45 - Mrs. · Woods, borough, L ncolnshire, io sarah, eldest daugh. 47.--Mrs. Jane Archer, 40.--Mrs. E. Winter vi the Rev. Robert Cane, vicar of stanley, 28.-Mr. Richard Fairclough, 31. Norton

-Mr. Walter Laidlaw. At Prestwich, Mr. John Springett, of AC Manchester, Mr. Edward Threlfall, Bradford, Yorkshire, to Mary Isabella, daugh. attorney and deputy steward of Salford Court, ter of D'arcy Lever, esq. of Bolton.

48. At Liverpool, Mr. john Jones, to Niss At Toxteth Park, Mrs. Balmer, wife of Ellen Julia Boyd, youngest daughter of the Mr. James B. 65. late Major B. 631 regi.-Mr. Shaw, sur.

CHESHIRE. geon, to Miss Lowndes, daughter of Thomas In esq.- Captain Darnauit, to Miss M. A. Married.] At Knutsford, C. W. Rhodes, Lowry.--Mr. Plumbe, attorney, to Miss Mar- esq. of New Providence, to Miss Tyldsl y. shail. Captain David Roche, of the ship At Chester, Mr. Robert Shearing, drugBeisey, to Miss Helena Maniy. Captain D. gist, to Miss Haywood. - Mr. Morton, to Miss Stalker. to Mary Jane, only daughter of Mr.

Butler. -Mr. Owen, to Miss Keorick. Robert Hanson

Mr. Hughes, to Miss Duke. at Lancaster, Captain John Emett, of the · At Prestbury, Mr. S. Nixon, of Hulme brig Laurel, to Miss Nixon.

Walfield, ucar Congleton, to Miss Jane BrentAt Walton, Thomas Wilson, esq. banker, ncil, of Capesthorne. of Preston, to Miss Fairhurst, of Everton. At Great Budworth, Mr. B. Starkie, of

Died.) At Great Lever Hall, near Bolton, Over Whitley, to Miss Corns, of Stretton, Miss Livesey, eldest daughter of the late At Witton Chapel, Northwich, William Mr. L.

Holland, esq. of Castle Looge, to Mrs. Hol. At Lancaster, Ann, youngest daughter of land, relict of of Sandbach. Richard Ackinson, esq. 14. --Mr. John He Died.] At Chester, s. Fawcett, LL.D.silden, 57.-Mr. Christopher Hully, 79. Mr. Boult, 77. Mrs. Bradford.-Mrs. Har

A: Whitworth, Mr. júlin Havitt, of Shef. ding, relict of William H. esq. of Bakewell, field,

· At Wavertree, Mr. William Rigg.

At Neston, Edmund Lyon, esq.
At Ormskirk, Mrs. Wright, 67.

At Traitord, near Chester, Mrs. Cham.
:. At the Hollins, near Bury, Samuel Medo berlin.
dowcrolt, esq. 70.

At Northwich, Mr. Samuel Taylor, buok.
At Peel House, Thomas Woolrich, esq. seller, 35.- Jane, daughter of Mr. Charles

Warton, 20.
At Preston, Mr. William Mayor.

At ealand, near Chester, Miss M. Wil-
At Rochdale, Robert Holt, esq.

liams. At Prescot, Mrs. Riding, 68.

At Lymme Hall, Miss Taylor, second At Bolton, the Rev. Di, Bancroft, vicar of daughter of T. Taylor, esq. tbat place.

At Crewe Hall, Mr. 'I. Hilditch, butler At Liverpool, Mrs. Ann Bolton, 93.--Mr. to Lord Crewe, in whose family he had been Lichard Seule, 76. --Mr. John Brown, 78. upwards of 40 years.




he was dead. An inquest was held, and the The committee appointed to manage the jury, after the fullest enquiry, and the exiJate musical festival at Derby have reported mination of the surgeons by whom the body to the Weekly Board of the Infirmary, that was opened, returned a verdict of Died by they had received the sum of 35601. 55. 6d. . poison. and paid the sum of 21401. 13s. Id. leaving a . ' , At Nottingham, Mr. Alexander Green, 37.' balance in favour of the charity of 14281. Mrs. Barratt.--Mrs. Grundy.--Mrs. Clay, 1%. 4d.

41.-Mrs. Salmon, 35. Mrs. Etchels Married ] At Matlock, Mr. Wild, attorney, At Thorsby Park, near Ollerton, the Rev. to Miss Debanke.

Mr. Saitoun, (a near relation of Lady Manvers.) Died. | At Duffield, Mrs. Gould, relict of He was skaiting in the park, when the ice Edward G. esq. of Mansfield. Notts, 8.5. suddenly gave wav, and he was drowned be

At Whittington, near Chesterfield, Mrs. . fore any as:istance could reach him. Denton,

Ai Barnby, near Newark, Mr. Bescoby, 80." At Quorndon, Mr. John Newham, of Note At Cromwell, Mrs. Bradley, wiie of James tingham.

B. gent.

At Retford, Mrs. Bettison, 71. She bad Married ] At Tuxlord, Mr. Flower, of retired to rest in as good health as usual, and Boughton, to Miss Elizabeth Howson.

was found dead in bed in the morning. At Relford, Mr. Francis White, to Miss At Newton upon Trent, Mr. Rayner, Brumby,

sen. 66.
At Newark, Mr. T. W. Clerk, to Miss At Basford, Mr. Wm. Bramley, 79.
Mary Hall.dr. Richard Hutchinson, to At Bilborough, Mrs. Smith, 81.
Mrs. Pacey.

At Swinderby, Mrs. Raven, mother of Mr.
At Nottingham, Mr. James Pearson, aged Ri being the fich person of his family interred
72, to Miss Mary Banks, 18.- Mr. Win. within ten weeks, 76.
Gripper, to Miss Mary Dearman.-Mr. John .

LINCOLNSHIR E. Bostock, of Quorndon, Leicester, to. Aliss Married.] At Spalding, the Rev. Mr. Ann Luxton.

Spence, formerly assistant curate of that pa. "At Lenton, Mr. Samuel Soar, tu Miss Ba rish, and now curate of Kirton, near Boston, ker, both of Sion Hill, Radford.

to Miss Gates, daughter and sale heiress of At Rudaington, Mr Thomas Beastall, of the late - G. esq. of Spalding ; young Plumtree, to Miss Sarah Linsdale. . lady whose removal from that town will be a

Died.] At Mansfield, Benjamin Sharpe, severe loss to many, she having for some esq. formerly of Fieet-street, banker, 79, years past educated, and affectionately nur. Mrs. Ann Parkin, wife of Mr. Thomas P. iured in the first principles of religion, twenty sen. 74. Mr. James Marriott, 77.

young girls of that parish. Upon the above • At Newark, Mrs. Lamb, 91.-Mr. W. occasion, those children were all newly Crampton, 80:- Miss Pettifer. --Mr. Bland, clothed and comfortably treated ac her es. solicitor, 38. The circumstances attending pense, and witnessed, most of them with tears, the death of this gentleman are particularly the act that separated them from their kindest distressing. On the 17th of January, the berretactress : passengers by the Highfiyer coach from the At Lincoln, Mr. James Simpson, to Mrs, north, dined as usual at the hotel in Newark. Turaer. . A bortle of port wine was ordered, on tasting At Reavesby, Edward Soulby, geat. of which, one of the passengers observed that it Frith Bank, near Boston, 10 Miss Hardy. had an unpleasant favour, and begged that it At Tattershall, Mr. F. G. Probart, of might be changed. The waiter took away Great Porciand-street, Londnn, to Elizabeth, the bottle, poured into a fresh decanter half of only daughter of T. Dickinsou, esq. the wine which had been ubjected to, and fil. Died. At Grantham, Mrs. Calcraft, wife led it up from another bottle. This he took of R. Č. esq.Mr. Richard Hickson. Ut into the room, and the greater part was drank the small-pox, in the prime of life, Mr. Jobs by the passengers, who, after the coach had Long. set out towards Grantham, were seized with A t Stamford, Mrs. Susannah Allen, a maiextreme sickness; one gentleman in parti. den lady, 83. cular, who had taken more of the wine than - The Rev. Dr. John Vardill, rector of Skirthe others, it was thought would have died, beck and Fishtoft, near Boston, 60. but has since recovered. The half of the At Sleaford, Mrs. Clayton, 82. -Mr. Wm. botide of wine sent out of the passengers' Fisher. room, was put aside for the purpose of mixing At Gainsborough, Mrs. Parker, 86. Miss segus. In the evening, Mr. Bland went into Harriett Thompson, 25. the hotel, and drank a glass or two of wine At Haugh, near Spilsby, George Bourne, ard water. He returned home at his usual esq. hour, and went to bed; in the middle of "At Horncastle, Mrs. Armstrong, 94. ' the night was taken so ill, as to induce Mrs. Ar Grainthorpe, Mrs. Blowe, 80. Bland to gend for his brother, an apothecary in At Şibsey, Mr. Richard Plant, 57. the town; but before that gentleman assived At Louth, Mr. Robert Odlin, 7%,

At Heckington, Mr. Daniel Pacey, 86 of distress in those arouad her. It is believed At Blyth, Mrs. Blakey, 104.

by the writer of this article, who has known At Boston, Mr. Edward Dickinson, 88. het intimately from twenty-eight years of

Ac Wootton House, Mrs. Leadbeater, relict age, that she never undertook any thing ia of Roger L. esg. of Brigs, and mother of Mrs. which she did not succeed; or practised any Uppleby, of the former place.

thing in which she did not excel. In the Ac Bolingbroke, of which parish he had been several relations of daughter, wife, and mo. schoolmaster 73 years, Mr. Babington, 89. ther, her conduct was exemplary. Two sons

At Grimsby, Mr. Wm. Harrison, sen and two daughters, who inherit a great por. Mrs. Mary Steward, Miss Elizabeth Kent, tion of their mother's virtues and talents,

At Greatford, John Lloyd, esq. only son of together with their father's, will bear wit. the Rev. Mr. L. rector of Barnack, Nor- ness, in their bearts, to this testimony of a thamptonshire.

friend. At Bourne, Mrs. Hydes, sister of the late


Married.) At Tixover, the Hon. Thomas At Brigg, Mrs. Ann Scoffin, 85.

Orde Powlett, to Leritia, sister of Stafford Ac Immingham, Mr. John Waddingham, O'Brien, esq. of Blatherwick Park. 96; and, two days afterwards, his daughter, Died.] At Stoke, Miss Brian, daughter of Mrs. Laming, 68.

Thomas B. esq. 13.
At Dunholme, Mr. Dickenson, 86.


Married.] Ac Stafford, Mr. Nichol, of Married.) At Leicester, Mr. James Yates, Southnolton, Devon, to Miss Martha Tur. to Miss Sarah Robinson-Mr. Hill, of Up- nock. ping bam, to Miss Sarah Keightley.--Mr. At Stoke upon Trent, Ms. R. C. TonikinRobert Marshall, to Miss White, only son, bookseller, of Stoke, to Miss Brown, of daughter of the late Mr. Christopher W. of Shelton. Buckingham, Northamptonshire.

At Rugeley, Mr. S. Fortescue, surgeon, to At Somerby, Mr. Guy Cole, of Langham, Miss Wood. Rutland, to Miss Mary Anne Mayn.

At Woolstanton, Mr. Thomas Morris, to Ac Barrow upon Soár, Mr. Edward Stokes, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, of Burslem. of Long Clawford, to Miss Simpkin.

Ac Burton upon Treat, Mr. Cooper, of the Died.] At Leicester, Mr. Leeson.--Mr. T. Ryle Farm, to Miss Jane Port, of Burton L. Bradley.--Mr. Nuit.-Mr. Thomas Hea. Extra. ford, 31.--Mr. Charles Measures, 20.- Mr. Ac Newcastle, Mr. Richard Hatton, to C. Robotham.-Mrs Cardale, 75.-Dorothy Mrs. Charlotte Massey. Simpson, 95. She has sixty sons and grand Died.] At Colchurst, Mr. Michael Peake, sons serving his Majesty.

Mr. Edward Eardley, many years superigAc Great Bowden, Mr. Wm. Gilbert, 80. tendant of the Ape Dale coliery, near New.

At Sketchley, near Busbage, Richard castle, 61. Spooner Jaques, esq. who, in 1792, served the At Scone, Mr. John Tharme, a member office of high sheriit for the county. He has of Captain Steedman's troop, of volunteer left 1001. to the poor of each of the parishes of cavalry. Burbage, Woulvey, and Hinckley, and 2001. Ac Newcastle-under-Lyme, in the prime to the Leicester Infirmary.

of life, very suddenly, Mr. G. Mycock. He At Glenfield, Mrs. Throsby.

had been on business into the potteries the At Hoton, near Loughborough, Mr. John preceding day, and by exertion in walking Parkinson, 20.

had over-heated himself; on calling at, a In St. Nicholas's-street, Leicester, El. friend's house, he requessed to have some zabeth, relict of the late Mr. John Colt- water, and drank a large tumbler full; in the man, 74; a woman of uncommon genius course of cbe evening he complained of a pain and taste, though they have been buried in at the stomach, but the following morning private life. At a very early age, her talents was so well as again to walk a part of the way procured her the personal acquaintance and to the potteries, when finding the pain infriendship of Shenstone, Dodsley, and Spence. crease, he returned home and died in a few

Dodsley thought a landscape of hers, cut hours. Mrs. Wilkinson, 93.-Mrs. Brough· with a pair of scissars out of writing-paper, so ton.--Mrs. Lowe, 31.-Mr. Joseph Shuttle

extraordinary, that he caused it to be pre. bottom, 74.-Mrs. Smallwood. sented to her Majesty. Spence bequeathed A Hanley, Mrs. Taylor. ker all his prints; some of them, which he . At Talk-o'ch-Hill, Mr. John Eardley, of had himself collected in Italy, were very the Swan inn. valuable. Born with endowments that might At Urtoxeter, Mr. John Marstow, 58. have distinguished her from her sex, and qua. At Burton-upon-Trens, Mrs. Hiod. lified her to shine either in a literary circle, At Walton, near Eccleshall, Mrs. Yates. or an exhibition of the works of painters, At Wolverhampton, Mr. J. Rowlin. Mrs. Coliman devoted her whole time, after son, 90. her marriage, to the service of her Maker,

WARWICKSHIRE. she dulics of her family, and the micigacion Married.) At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas



Jordan, to Miss Anne Morgan. Mr. Ben. 73, Thomas Smythe, gent. worn out with jamin Barns, to Miss Hinckley.

years, under a gentle decay of nature. Till At Leamington Hastings, Mr. W. How- an advanced period of life, and his retirement Jett, to Miss Clark, both of Broadwell. from society, he had rendu ed himself highly

At Nuneaton, Ms. Hook, of Kenilworth, acceptable to a selected acquaintanca, by the to Miss Wagstaff.

social exercise of a liberal and benevolent Died.) At Rugby, Catherine, third daugh- mind. He had formerly been an officer of ter of the late Thomas Harris, esq.

the militia for this county; in the local mia At Henley in Arden, Mr. Leygert, of the litia of the same county, his only son lohn White Horse inn.

Groom Smythe is now a major, and resides A Birmingham. Mrs. Elizabeth lefcoate, at Hilton. The perind caonot be asce, tained 34. Mr. John Sadler, 75.-Mr J. G. Wars since the reien of Edwari 11. when t e ta. mington, attorney, and adjutant of the second mily of Smythe had not their abudi at his battalion of Birmingham volunteers. Mrs. place, being regularly descendej trom anPratt, relict of Mr. Josiah P. 75.-Jolin cestry of the paternal line and name, at that Hurford, esg. of Harley.-Mr. John Hay. early era. From this family emanated sevewood, 71. Mr. B. Parkes. Mrs. Jones, re. rai others in that neighbourhoo., particularly Jict of Mr. l. of Kidderminster.--Mrs. Woud, those resident at Chesterton, where they had wife of Mr. Stephen W. 54.

considerable possessions, but are now cxtinct, At Coventry, Mrs. Harrison, 74.

. WORCESTER SILIRL. At Fillongley, Mr. Vincent Eagle, 74.

Married ) At Worcester, Mr. Joseph Ar Statfold, Mrs. Onion, 81.

Mann, to Miss Young - Mr. Jennings, bookAt Moseley Wake Green, Mr. Edmund seller, of London, to Miss Scandrett. . Darby, of Birmingham, 57.

Died 1 At Franch, near Kidderminster, In Cadiz Bay, on board his Majesty's ship Mrs. Woodward, wife of Mr. John W. St. Alban's, in his 23d year, Lieutenant John

At Stourbridge, Mos. Foster, relict of Ms. Darby, son of the late Mr. Edmund Darby,

Henry F. of Cherry-street, Birmingham. His death . At kidderminster, in bis 69th year, Mr. was occasioned by his not giving the coun. Joseph Broom, formerly a carpet manufactersign to a Spanish gun-boat, who mistook turer, but who had for many years retired hini for an enemy, at night.

from business -Mr. John Roberts SHROPSHIRE.

• At Worcester, Mr. James Bigg, 19.-Mrs. Married.) A. Shrewsbury, the Rev. Hum. Lewis, wite of Mr. John L. plurey Sandford. of Maedalen Coliese. Cam. At Evesham, the Rev. Benjamin Davis, bridge, to Miss Holland, daughter of the late dissenting minister, and formerly tutor to Rev. George H. -Mr. Blower, to Miss Hut- the D:ssencing Academy at Carmarthen. ton.-Mr. William Rowlands, to Miss Davies.

At Old Swintord, on entering the church,

At On AC Mainstone, Mr. William Starr, of the

Samuel Bingliam, who served as a drummer More, to Miss Humphries, of Edenhope..

unger General Wolfe, at the taking of Quebec. At Church Stretton. Mr. Bromley. of At Churchill, near Stourbridge, the Rel. Picklescott, to Miss Mills, of the Red Lion M ward Southall. Jan.

Ai Bevereye, near Worcester, the Rev. A+ Wem, Mr. Francis Lee, to Miss Dawes.

Treadway Nash, D.D. rector of Leigh, and Died.] At Shiffnal, Elizabeth, wite of the

the oldest magistrate for the county, 86. Rev. Latham Hinde, vicar of that place.

This gentleman, with an industrious and paAt Sleap Hall, Charles Garland Green. tiiotic spirit, which did him infinite lionour, wollers, esq.

arter proposing to the Society of Antiquaries At Preston, near Kinnersley, Mrs. Ogles. to undertake an Account of the History and

At Shrewsbury, Mr. Williams.- Miss Antiquities of Worcestershire, and ottensson Mary Blower.Mrs. Oakley, wife of Mr. without effect to open a subscription for that Richard ().-Mrs. Hughes.Mrs. Tullor.

purpose with three or four hundred pounds, At Ketley, Mr. Vickers. --Mrs. Hughes.

at length undertook the laborious and expenAt Hinstock, Mr. Bentley.

sive task himself. In 1781 he published the At Hocklington, Mr Edward Owen; and,

first volume of his valuable Collections for the following day, his wife.

the History of Worcestershire, and completed At Broseley, Mr. Marshall, manager of a the work with another volume the following company of comedians.

year. Dr. Nash was also editor of a superb At Oswestry, John Sheppard, esg. one of edition of Butler's Fludibras, with notes, in the partners in the Oswesery bank, and mayor three quarto volunies, published in 1793. of bat town.

HEREFOR: SHIRE. At Colehurst, Mr. Peake, 62.

Married.] At Avenhury, Mr. John Ac Petton, J. C. Scarling, only, son, and Walker, of Westington, to Miss Mary Smith, Sophia, youngest daughter, of William S esq., of the Brook-house, near Bromyard.

At Acton Bumell, Mis Grimshaw, 82. Died.] At Russ, Mr. Evan Evans, of At Wellington, Mr. Robert Collier.

the Coach and Horses lwn. Mr. John Row At Knockin, Mr. Hilton.

binson. Al Hilton, in the parish of Worfield, aged At Leominster, Mrs, Husbands.

At Burton Court, Hereford, Miss Brewster, cities in the empire, is about to experience younger daughter of the late Joha B esq. . some very considerable improvements. A

A llererurd. Mr. Benjamin Shinn. 74.- great number of indifferent houses belo.iging Mrs. J. Baker, 82.-Mis. Catherine Shep- to Christ's and Brazenose Colleges, are, on perd.-Mr Edward Davies, 75.

the early expiration of the present leases, co At Marisell Lacy, Mr John Ashley. be pulled down, and the streets in their neigh.

At Moreton Jeffries, Miss Ann Taylor, 19. bourhood are to be widened. It is also pro· At Bromyard, Mr. John J.mes.

posed to open a grand avenue to Christ's Cola MONMOUTHSHIRI.

lege, by throwing down the nest of dirty Married.) At Abergavenny, Mr. James houses which at present obscures its front. Fisher, or Werndee, to Miss Price, daughter A few days ago, upwards of 150 persons, of Mr. P. druggist.

comprising all the landlords, and a great · Died] At Monmouth, Mrs Johnson, number of other persons of the town and vici. wife of T. j. esq. one of the senior aldermen niry of Banbury, Jined in a large cask newly of that town, 90.

erected there, upwards of seventy feet in cir. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

cumference, and eighteen feet high, contain. The old market-house in Cheltenham, ing, when full, 46,000 gallons. which has long been in a state of dilapidation, Married. 1 At Cassington, Mr. N. Pilkinglately fell with a tremendous crash. A fe. ton, of Kensington, to Miss Mary Ann Thoraa male was enveloped in the rubbish, and had ton. her shoulder dislocated, and was otherwise

Ac Ensham, Mr. Wheeler, to Miss Stanley. much bruised; a large beam falling obliquely -Mr. Scragg, of Kidlington, to Sarah, second over her head, saved her lite. Considering daughter of Mr. Wilsdon, of Twelve Acres it was, and the numbers passing

Farm. and repassing, it seeins a special providence Died.] At Beaudesert, near Henley, Mrs! that no other accident occurred.

Mary Court, 105. During the late contest for a representative Ac Oxford, the Rev. John Webb, formerly in parliament for this county, the number of of Wadham College, 66. Mr. John Ward, free holders who voted was:

of the Plough inn.-Mary, daughter of the For Sir Berkeley William Guise, bart. 3114 late Mir. Weils, servant of Oriel College For thc Hun. John Dution .. . · 2633 Mr. Dix.- Mr. John Haines, 63.- Mr. Wil.

liam Bailey.--Mrs. Best, wife of Mr John B. Total 5747 48.-Mr.. Colling wood, 36.-Mr. Cole, 84.

Mrs. Collcutt. being 46 less than were polied in the grand At Norton, Mrs: Chapman, 46. contest in 1776. The whole expenditure of Acletsworth, Mr. ]. B. Eimonds. the two candidates will, it is supposed, fall Ac Ensham, Mr. Emanuel Jarvis, licele short of 200,0001.

· At Thamc, Mrs. Bristow. • Married.) At Glocester, George Wurra! At Ford House, near Henley, Mrs. Cooper, Counsell, esq. to Miss Trimneil, only sor wite of John C. esq. banker, or llenley. . viving daughter of the lace James T. esq. of


The new aqueduct cast-iron bridge of the • At Newent, Mr. Hollister, surgeon, to Grand Junction Canal, over the river Ouse, Eliza, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Beale. below Stoney Stratford, was opened January

Ac Woodchester, Mr. George Ban 'ster, of 21, with the usual cereruonies. The whole Tewkesbury, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter length of the iron work is 101 ieet; it is of Mr. Howard.

wide enough for two boats to pass each other, Ai Tetbury, Mr. John Townsend, of Cic and has a towing path of iron attached to it, rencester, to Miss. H. Bamford.

'The bridge is firm and tight in every part, Died. At Cirencester, Robert Timbrell, and displays not the least appearance of strain esq. a deputy lieutenant, and acting msgis. from the great weight on every part. The trace, of this county.-Miss Harden, siscer of opering of this aquecluc', and the passage of Mr. H. surgeon.

trade over the embankment, are exxected to • AC Painswick, Miss Baylis, daughter of the adu 5001. per month to the revenues of the late Benjamin B. e q.

company. At Hempstead, Mr. John Bayley, 46. Married.] At Stoke Golding, Mr. T. "At Twining, Mr. David Griffith, 78. Woodcock, of l'ipewell Lodge, Northampton,

At Gloucester, Mr. William Potter; one to Miss ann Hopkins. of the lay clerks of the cathedral.--Mr. Brade A t Winslow, Mr. John Clarke, of Little ley.

Horwood, to Miss Sarah Bignell. At Tewksbury, Mr. Jolins.

Died.) Ac Newport Pagnell, William At Qaenington, the Rer. John Pettat, Hancock, esq. sector oi thac place, and a magistrale for the


Married.) AtEisenden, Mr. Thomas Cole OXFORDSHIRE.

fen, ui Gayton, Northamptonshire, to liss Oxford, already one of the most beautiful in wood.

.. .. Did]

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