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berhunt, Juhn

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Died ) At Turner's Hill, Cheshunt, Juhn caq. of London, to Mips Calder, daughter of Relphi, esq. 78.

James C. esq. of Aberdeen. : At Bishop's Stortford, Mrs. Wilby, wife of Ag Leverington, W Elstun, esq. of Wis. Mr. W. of Little Britain, London.

bech, co Mrs. Swaine, relice of Walter S. esq. · Ac Tring, Thomas Duncombe, esq.

of Walpole, Norfolk NOR TIIAMPTONSHIRE.

Died.] At Thorney, Mr. Sisson. - Married.) At Peterborough, Mr. Blunt, of u

At Saffron Walden, Jane, wife of Thomas Whittlesea, to Miss Pridgeon.

Hall, esg. and only daughter of the Rev. Dr. " At Barnwell, near Oundle, Mr. Eaton Ea. Gretton, master of Magdalen College, Camland, of London, to Miss Peake.

do bridge.

At Chatteris, Mrs. Westwood, wise of · Died. At Barnac, Mr. John Lloyd, of 1

Logo, o John W. esq. Lime-street, London, merchant. · Ac Oundle, Mr. J. Tookey.--Mrs. Susan. *;

At Cambridge, Mrs. Dawson, 60.--Mrs.

" Kimpton.-Mrs. Mary Hobson, 71.--Mr. nah Peak, 87. At Kettering, Mr. George Roughton, sure' John Coverly, 88

NORFOLK. goon, 21.-Miss Addison, youngest daughter

Married.) At Harleston, Mr. Strowger, of Major A.-Mr Wm. Willis. · Ar Pitsford, Frances Lucy, second daugh.

surgeon, to Mrs. Freshfeld.

At Yarmouth, Mr. Stephen Gowing, to ter of Edward Bull, esq.-Judith, wife of the

Miss Sewell.
Rev. T. H. Bullen, rector of Kennet, near
Newmarket, and lately master of the gram-

At Lyon, Mr. Watts, to Mrs. Leaford.

T. Forster, esq. of Roydon Hall, to Sarah, mhar school at Oundle. At Fydon Lodge, Mrs. Annesley, wife of the

eldest daughter of J. Holland, esq. of Rising

Rev. Francis A.
At Kenilworth, Mrs. C. Thompson.

Died.] At Tacolnestone, Mrs. Brown, wife Ac Ravensthorpe, Mr John Howes. Mr.

of J. B. esq.

At Tibenham, Michael Beverley, esq.
Robert Green.
At Northampton, Mr. Richard Bosworth.

The Rev. Eli Morgan Price, D.D. of Mr. Young.-Mr. Greenough, of the Beas

Ormesby, vicar of Runham and Griston, in

this county. Inn.-Mrs. Thornton, relict of Thomas Lee late of Brockhall, in this county, 66.

Ac Yarmouth, in his 50th year, John --Mrs. Green.--Quarter-master Lettington,

Waiter, esq. chief agent of the victualling of the Sd Dragoon Guards, in which he had

office - John; son of Mr. John Kent.-Mr. served above 30 years.

Joseph Birt, 72.- Mrs. Beart, relict of Mr.

Charles B. of Gorleston.
Ai Pytchley, Mr. Wm. Markham, 76.

Ac East Dereham, Mrs. Vincent, 64.

At Saham Toney, in consequence of a fall Married.) At Sl. Ives, Mr. Albine Cook, from his horse, C. Hunt, esq. to Miss Hunt.

At Aylsbam, Mrs. Ellis, post-mistress, 53. * At Glation, Mr. Thomas Hitchcock, of At Cromer, Mrs. Stevenson. Sawiry, to Miss Bletsoe.

At Loddon, Christian Newstead, in her John Fowler, esq. of King's Ripton, to 100th year. Miss Swaonell, daughter of William S. esy. At Methwold, Miss Cock, daughter of Mr. of Filgrove, Bucks.

Abraham C. 20. Died.) At Huntingdon, Mrs. Hurst, wife At Alby Hill, Mr. Francis Holland. of Thomas H. esq.-In her 26th year, Jane, At Boughton, Elizabeth, wife of Ms. Ror the widow of William Bell, esq. of Belfieldbert Lana, 75. house, Essex. The circumstances attending

At Wafton, J. Clarke, esg. the death of this lady are truly melancholy.

At East Ruston, Mrs. Ann Postle, 77. Her five children, (the eldest but seven years At Norwich, Mrs. Martha Holloway, relict of age) were recovering from a scarlet fever, of Mr. John H. John Cubito, geot.--Mr. and as Mrs. Bell was going with her family Lancelot Atkinson, 49,-Mary, wife of Mr. to her father's residence in Essex, it was Richard Waison, veterinary surgeon, 30.thought advisable that she should proceed to Robert, eldest son of Mr. R. Hawkes.--Mr. Huntingdon, to avoid the tever, and wait W. Bessy, of the Wounded Han lon.-Mrs. there till che children should follow in a few Lawier, wife of Mr. L. under-chamberlain of days, when perfectly recovered; it was found, this city. Henry, son of Captain Cockburn, that, during her attention to the infants, shc of the Royal Artillery.--Mr. Thomas Scotc. bad received the infection, and her friends

SUFFOLK. seached Huntingdon, only in cime to receive Married.] At Melton, Mr. W. Haken, to ber Last breath

Miss Gooding. Ac Conington-lanc, near Stilton, Mr. Bras. Mr. James Ashwell, surgeon, cf Hollasly, don, of the Woolpack Inn.

to Miss Cuddon, daughter of Mr. C. of At Stibbington, Ms. Stredder, of Folking. Beccles. bam, to Miss Bonfield.

At Bury, Mr. Thomas, to Miss Smith, CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Mr. David Mann, to Miss Deveiena. Married.] At Chesterton, James Elmslic, Dicd.] At Melford, where he bad resided


only a month, John Peacock, esq. lately an At Colchester, Ms. Seabrook, of the Horse eminent flour-factor of London.-Mr. Gal. and Groom lon. liard, formerly an eminent dancing-master in

KENT. London, where he accumulated considerable From the Annual Report of the Kent and Property.

Canterbury hospital, it appears, that the numMrs. Tweed, wife of the Rev. Joseph T. ber of in and out-patients admitted to the berector of Capel St. Mary.

nefit of chat institution, between the 31st of At Clifton, Catberine, fourth daughter of December

December, 1809, and the 31st of December, the Rev. Francis Capper, rector of Earl 1810, was 815, of whom 308 have been disSobam.

charged cured. The number of the former At Hadleigh, Mrs. Chinery, wife of Mr.

at present in the house, is 30; and of the lacAbraham C.-Mr. Enoch Mills, 40.

ter on the books, 103. At Icklingham, John Gwilt, esq. 84.

Amongst the casualties of the late bluster. At Sudbury, Mrs. Barker, wife of Mr.

ing weather, the principal part of the quay, Joseph B.

erected for the prescrvation of the houses on At Bury, in consequence of her clothes

the Stade, at Folkstone, has been washed taking fire, Mrs. Façey.

away, and scveral houses are consequently At Hoxne, Mrs. Pearl.

alarmingly exposed to the fury of the cr. · Ac Ufford, Mr. Daniel Manthorp, 62.

Married.) At Limburhuri', sir C. far. At Wingfield, Mrs. Cotton, 90.

naby, bart. co Miss Liisa Irawieni, youngest - At Needham Market, Stephenson Kitching, daue

daughter of the late Tharaus M. cap. vi Cout esq.

Lodge. At Ipswich, Mrs. Bransby, wife of Mr. B.

At Sandwich, Thomas Corton, esg. of the bookseller.-Mr, Barnabas Gibson, 39.

Royal Navy, co Miss Omos, con das Buf Mrs. Clubbe.

Mr. Andrew 0. At Cranley Hall, T. French, esq. one of

At Hoo, near Rochester, Thomas Chievs, the bailiffs of Eye, 57.

esq. to Mrs. Sands, widow of Mr. Toomas ». At Rougham Place, Mrs. Pogson, relict of

Ac Minster in Sheppy, the Rev. J. O'S. John P. esq. 48.

borne Stokes, of Welescot House, Korceye At Whepstead, Catherine, wife of Mr. John

cad, Catherine, wile of Mr. John tershire, to Elizabeth, eldest drughter of the Thacker, 68.

late Mr. W. Brett, of Minster Abuey. . • At Witpesham, Mrs. Jane Page, à respec. At Wickham, Mr. Charles Matron, to Miss table school mistress there near 40 years, 87. Kingsford, daughter of the late William

Ar Old Newton, James Selburn, gent. 53. K. es.

Ac Wickham Market, Mr. J. Woodard, of Dic.) At Walmer, Sir Henry Harvey the White Hart Inn.

K.B: admiral of the White, 73. John Dade, esq. formerly major in the West Ac Leigh, the Rev. John Southern, vica: Suffolk militia, 84.

of that parish At Ixworth, Mrs. Day, relict of Mr.

At Canterbury, Miss 0. Appleyard. -Mr. Charles D. surgeon, 70.,

John Smith.-Mr. Piddock, 50.--Mrs. Mare ESSEX.

garet Hall, 88.--Bennet, fourth daughter of Married.) At Great Saling, Bartlet Good Mr. John Robinson. . rich, esq. nephew of B. Goodrich, esq. of A Dover. Mrs. Bullock-Mrs. Ham Saling Grove, to his daughter Miss G.

mond, widow of Thomas II. esq.Mrs. Shepa At Great Berstead, Thomas Spitty, esq. to man, 78. Miss Jenner, daughter of the Rev. Dr. j. of At Whitstable, Mr. Thomas Blackman. Billericay.

At Tenterden, Mr. John Breden, late a At Chelmsford, Mr. Isaac Abraham Bel- bookseller there, 73. cham, to Miss Wright.

· At Maidstone, Mrs. Moore, wife of Mr, Died. 7 At Quendon Hall, Henry Cranmer, Wm. M.-Mr. Robert Heathorne. esq. 80.

Ac Har ietsham, Mr. Knight. At Great Wakering, Mr. John Smith, 64. At Sarr, Mrs. Mary Richards, of the Crown

At Rivenhall, Mrs. Nunn, wife of Mr. Jon. Inn. seph N. 71.

At Lympre, Mr. John Cowell, 62. At Borekam, Mr. Wm. Seabrook.

At Ashford, Mr. John Past, 55. At Saffron Walden, Isaac Gardiner, esq.

At Deal, Mr. G. Rus:el, 58.

At Tontord Place, Wm. Willes, esq. "At Wickham St. Paul's, Mr. Thomas

At Folkstone, Mr. Richard Wood, 82.

At Brompton, Mr. Joseph Kearsley, 80. At Chelmsford, Mrs. Elizabeth Hanley, At Bitrons.

At Bitrons, General Sir Wm. Green, 78.

bart. 83. At Maldon, William Waltham, esq. one of

At Ramsgate, in consequence of her the justices of the peace, and deputy lieu- clothes taking fire, Mrs. Bax, relict of Mr. tenants for this county, 75.

Stephen B. 83.
At Harwich, Charles, second son of N. A.,

Jaggers, esg. of the Essex militia. ---Mr. John
Marsh, of the Duke's Head Ino.

Merried.] Gcorge Croker Fox, esq. of Fale MONTHLY MAG, No. 219.,




mouth, to Lucy, third daughter of Robert harriers kept in that town by the name of Barc'ay, esq. of Berry Hill.

the Brookside Pack, 83.-Mrs. Baseby. Dild.] At Upper Tooring, Alexander Bro- Mr. Wm. Whetland, --Mrs. Jones, 75.-Mr. die, esq, oi Carey street, London, 77.

Sone. · At Chertsey, Mrs. Sarah Love, aged 83, At Battle Abbey, Lady Webster, relict of mother of Capt. Love, of his Majesty's ship Sir Whistler W. bart. 80. Her ladyship dyTisiphone, relict of Mr, Thomas Love, who ing without issue, the Battle Abbey estate was the last surviving officer wounded in Lord devolves to Sir Godfrey W. grand-nephew to Rodney's glorious victory of the 12th of April, Sir Whistler. 1782, and great aunt to Mrs. Croker, wife of

HAMPSHIRE. the Secretary to the Admiralıy.

Married. At Southampton, Mr. Silk, SUSSEX.

schoolmaster, to Mrs. Elizabeth Moody.

Mr. Hodgkinson), to Miss Evamy. The pinnacle at Beachy Head, called the At Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Mr. Churles's or Caurles, which has been for many Henry Bowen, surgeon, of West Cowes, to years the terror and wonder of the nume. Mrs. Blankenhagen, of Blackheath. rous visitors at East Bourne, lately fell down; At Andover. Mr. Giles, surgeon, to Miss tut, as the fall took place in the night, no da

May. mage was done. Its ancient inhabitants, the At Old Alresford, Mr. Tesset, to Miss foxes, being on their prowl, suffered no other Towler, of New Alresford. injury than the loss of their habi:ations.

The Rev. David Williams, second master Ine cbalk that fell is computed at more than of Winchester College, to åmelia, daughter a million of waggon loads.

of the late Rev. Wm. Goddard, of Stargroves. By the Report made at the late quarterly

Died.) At the College, near Winchester, of meeting of the subscribers to the Lancastrian

which he was a fellow, the Rev. John Penschool at Lewes, it appeared, that the sub

rose Camming, L.L.B. rector of Little Bradscriptions amounted to the sum of 266 gui.

ford, and vicar of Sydlink, in Dorsetshire. neas; that 190 boys and 148 girls are at pre

He was adınitted fellow of New College, Oxsent under instruction; that the master and

It the master and ford, in 1770; and elected fellow of Winmistress continue to act well in their respec.

nue to act well in their respec- chester College in 1800 tive situations; and that the children have

At Southampton, Mrs. R. Jewell, of the improved in a degree surpassing the most san.

Crown Inn, 64.--Ezekiel, son of Major guine expectation of the directors

Moussage. -Mr. Thomas Gieed. Married 1 At East Grinstead, Lieut. Tur.

Ac Martyr Worthy, the Rev. J. Sharland, ner, of the Leicester militia, son of F. Tur.

35 years resident rector of chat parish, 79. Der, esq chiet magistrale of Grantham, to

At Winchester, Mr. John Kernot, 47,Miss Eliza Jefferies of Pixton House. Mr.

Mrs. Maun, widow of Mr. M. of the Bell Thomas Huggett, to Miss H.C. Morphew. Ion-Mr. Wm. Bowden.-James Dewell,

At Lewes, Mr. J. Lawson, of London, to esg. Miss Lucy Ann Spencer.-Ms. Puckle, to A c Whitchurch, Mr. Thomas Wins. Miss Diggens.

comb, 76. At Eachingham, the Rev. John Lukin,

At Haslar Hospital, Lieut. Gidney, of the rector of Nursling, Hants, and youngest son

Royal Marines, of H. M. S. Galatea. of the Dean of Wells, to Miss Genner, of

At Portsmouth, Mrs. Nash.-Mr. BenEffingham. At Brighton, Mr. Sparkes, to Miss

jamin Gillam, 87.---Mr. John Kidd.-Mr.

Ciark. Thompsun. Mr French, of Bexhill, to Mrs.

WILTSHIRE. Colchis, of the Star and Garter Inn.

Murried.) At Warininster, Mr. R. Gais. Died.) At Chichester, Mr. Daniel West, 51. ford, to Miss lones. · At Harring, whilst on a tour with her fa.

At Marksbury, Capt. Huson, of the Royal niily, universally regretted by a large circle of Irish regiment

Irish regiment or foot, to Miss Baker, eldest relations and acquaintances, Eliza, the wife of daughter of the Rev. Dr. B. rector of MarksJoseph Cockfield, esq. of Upton, Essex, and

bury, and prebendary of Wells. cldest daughter of the late llenry Gurney, esq.

At Salisbury, Mr Towzey, of Idmiston, to banker of Norwich. At Peasmarsh, Miss Mascall, daughter of the Three Swans Inn.

Miss Matcham, eldest daughter of Mr. M. of Robert

Died.) At Heyresbury, Wm. Cunnington, At Brighton, Leigh Douglas, youngest son esq. F.A.S. highly eminent as an antiquary of Aretus Allers, esq.

and mineralogist. At Lymunster, Mr. Thomas Duke, 63.

At Beaches Barn, Mr. W. Herne, brother At Friston, near Sealord, Mrs. Alfrey, of Daniel H. esq. of Little Amesbury, 82. relict of George A. esq. · Ac West Burton, Mrs. Bishop, 77.

Ar Wilton, Mrs. Yeats.

At Salisbury, Jane, wife of Wm. Hussey, At Arundel, Guilliam, esq. 90... esa.-Mr. Wingfield Hillman, 72.-Thomas Holmes, esq. one of the alderman of this Safe, esq. 87. borough. At Lewes, Mr. Brown, who many years

At Steeple Langford, Mr. Thos. Swayne.

At West Haro ham, Rebecca, youngest hunted with great ability the subscription daughter of Mr. Solomon Sweetapple, 26:


At Downton, Mr. James Burden, master of At Buckland Denham, Mrs. Susannah the King's Arms Inn.

Brownjohn, 94.

At Shirehampton, at Miss Garsed's, Mrs. Married.] Ac Speen, near Newbury, John

Dorothy Wilkinson, 95; and, three days Cook, esq. of Tetbury, Glocestershire, to

afterwards, Miss Garsed, 56.

At Innox Hill, near Frome, John Vin. Isabella, youngest daughter of the late T. Hatts, esq.

cent, esq. many years an eminent surgeon of At Reading, Mr. Joseph Powell, of Exeter,

that place

At Okehampton House, Lacy Yea, esq. to Louisa, daughter of the late Henry Cost, esg. of London.

At Frome, H Sheppard, esq. At Egham, G. D. Shelmondine, esq. to

DORSETSHIRE. Miss J. Boulding.

Marriedy Ac Dorchester, Cipt. c. F. Died. 7 At Windsor. Mrs. Gorton, wife of Payne, RN, to Miss E. Bryer. Wm. G. esq. 58.-Mrs. Chapman, wife of

Mr. T. Norice, of the Flying Horse Inn,' Dr. C.

Shaftesbury, to Miss Heasell, eldest daughAt Cumner, Mrs. Hatt.

ter of Mr. H. of Bower-Chalk.

At Yetminster, Mr. Bartlett, of East ChinAt Kingston, Mr. Badcock. At Abingdon, Mr. W. Barney, one of the

Ofche nock, to Ann, only child of Mr. Ellis Dawe.

At Blandford, Henry White Parsons, esq. members of the common council of Oxford. At Hall Place, Lady East, wife of Sir Wm,

to Catharine, daughter of John Tregonwell E. bare.

King, esq. At Farringdon, T. Muttingly, esq.


Married.) At Northam, Francis Starfel, esq. SOMERSETSHIRE.

cape:in in the Royal Nuvy, 10 Elizabeth, Married.] At Langport, Lieut. N. Browne, second daughter of Robert Preston, esq. of of the 45th foot to Miss Anne Pritchard. Burrough House, Devon, and captain of

At Dulvercon, Charles Carpenter, esq. of H. M. S. York. Modicon hams, to Ann, eldest daughter of the At Stonehouse, Lieut. John Francis Know. Rev. John Norais.

ling Julian, esq. R.N. to Miss Hanchett, sisAt Bristol, Mr. Richard Biggs, son of the ter of Captain 1. R.N. Rev. Mr. B. of Devizes, to Margaret, second At Plymouth, Rowland Mainwaring, esq. daughter of Mr. James Williams.-John to Sophia Henrietta, only child of the late Darby, esq. of Hampstead, to Mrs. Matthews, Major Duff, 26to regiment, and daughter-inwidow of Mr. James M.-Mr. John Brookes law of Capt. Tobin, H.M.S. Princess CharPlayer, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the lotte.-Licut. Puilen, R.N. to Mis Haswell. late Henry Hayman, es4. of Halstock, Dorset. Mr. Morris, to Miss Dent, daughter of

At Bath, Capt. J. M. Gordon, RN. to Capt. D. Mrs. Charlton, daughter of the Rev. Arch Ac Totnes, George Farwell, esq. to Miss deacon Caulfield. Wm. Vaughan, esq. of Bent.--Mr. Andrew Langman, to Miss Combe Grove, to Miss Golding, only daugh- Elizabeth Newcombe. ter of Benjamin G, esq. of Priston.-T. At Ide ord, the Rev. Joseph Domett, of Trick, esq, payniaster of the first veteran bat. Bovey, to Laura, third daughter of the Rev. talion, to Rachael, daughter of John Taylor, John Bradiord. esq.

At Kenn, John Greathed Harris, esq. to At Congresbury, John Bowle, esq. of Pux- Maria, only daughter of Henry Ley, esq. of ton, tu Grace, second daughter of the late Trebill. John Harvey, esq. of Heath Cottage.

At Marksbury, the Rev. W. B. Barter, Died.] At Bath, Wm. Crowder, esq. fore rector of Timbsbury, and prebendary of merly of Wakefield, Yorkshire. -Mr. Ro. Wells, to Miss Iebb, only daughter of the binson, wire of Admirai R. 63.- Frederic late James W. esq. of Plympton. Augustus, fourth son of Sir Robert Wilmor, At Collumpton, J. B. Karslake, esq. of bart.- Mrs. Mansel, relict of Capt. Wm. M. Southmulton, to Mrs. Bere, relict of the late of Swansea.--Mrs. Stead. Mrs. Anne Mor. M. B. B. Bere, esq. and youngest daughter gan, 84.--Mrs. Sedgley, relict of S. S. esq. of Mr. Lee, late ot Bardon, Somerset. 94.-Mrs. Elliott. Mrs. Carpenter, 66. Died.] At Colyton, at the house of the Mrs. Deare, 81.

Rev. Mr. Barnes, where she was on a visit, At Bristol, Samuel Fripp, esq.-Mary Miss Elizabeth Schimmelpenning, of Bristol. Ann, wife of Charles Pope, esq. and eldest . At Exeter, Mrs. Lea, wife of Capt. L. daughter of George King, esq. -Mr. John R.N--Mr. Robert Lalle. Edward Blagdor, Hunt, second warehouse-keeper of the excise (89.-Miss F. Goss, 18. of this port.-John Adamson, esq.

Ac Burn Cot, near Plympton, T. Eales, At Clifton, Mrs. Culliford, relict of 50.

ac Newton Abbot, Thomas Bubb, esg. At Wells, Miss Susannah Burge.

lieutenant colonel of the Hayton regiment of At Bridgewater, Elizabeth West, daughter volunteer infantry, 56. of Mr. C. C. Mines.

At Plymouth, Mr. John Wills.--Mr. An. Ac South Pecherton, Joba Prowse, esq. drew Lehitt, 19.-Mrs. Squire.

At Woodland, near Plymouth, aged 76, At Liskeard, Benjamin Martin, 85. the Rev. Francis Luce, vicar of Harpford and At Trenarron, near St. Austell, Mrs. Prise Fenn Ottery.

cilla Webb, 75. At Torquay, aged 19, Mary Jane, daugh At St. Ives, Mr. John Couch, of the ter of Robert Mascall, eso. of Ashford, George and Dragon Inn. Kent.

At Helston, Mrs. Roberts. At Totnes, Mr. James Murch.

WALES. At Exmouth, Wm. Carson, esq. late of Married.) At Rhuabon, Thomas ChoiSouth Carolina, 74.

mondeley, of Vale Royal, esq M.P. for the At Marhamchurch, Thomas, second son county of Chester, to Henrietta Elizabeth, of the Rev. John Kingdom).

youngest daughter of the late and sister to the CORNWALL.

present Sir Watkin Williams, Wynne, of The failure of the pilchard fishery of the Wynstay, bart. M.P. last season, has been compensated in some Died..) Ac Brecon, Robert Williams, esq. degree, on the southern coast of Cornwall, solicitor, and many years town-clerk of by the extraordinary shoals of herrings Brecon. that have visited it.' In Helford Harbour A: Tenby, Mrs. Jane Bevan, 108. She alone, the quantity caught since August was a native of Scotland, where her daughter Jast, and sold fresh, or salted down, is is now living at the age of near 90. little short of 2000 hogsheads, or 5000 bar. Robert Edwards, well known by travellers reis: worth about 423. a barrel. Considerable as the guide from Dolgelly to Cader Idris till quantities have also been caught on other within a few years, 90. parts of the coast. The Yarmouth merchants

NORTH BRITAIN. who have come down to purchase them, de- Married.) At Edinburgh, Nicholas Charles clare, that their coasts have been deserted this Pitt, esq. from the island of Madeira, to Mary, season by the herrings, in the same manner second daughter of Captain Baugh. that Cornwall was deprived of iis pilchards. · William Caldwell, esq. late of Calcutta, to

The projected improvements in St. Ives Miss Margaret Hunter, third daughter of Mr. Bay, if carried into execution on a grand scale, Hugh H. supervisor of excise, Cupar Fife. will be of infinite advantage to the commerce Captain William Sword, Leith, to Ursula, of the place, and of the nation at large. It eldest daughter of John Bayne, esq. mera is in contemplation to carry out a break.water chant, Oban, from the point of the peninsula in an eastern Died.) At Dumfries, Robert Jackson, esq. direction; and by so far will the capacity and provost of Dumfries, 67. Repeatedly called security of the harbour be increased. The to fill the office of chief magistrate, he univalue of this improvement will be infinitely formly discharged its important duties with enhanced, by the general want of good har advantage to the public, and credit to himself. bours on the north coast, and the immense Charitable and humane, he patiently listened losses sustained there by the shipping interest, to the complaints of the poor, and was ever in consequence.

anxious to do them good. Honest and upMarried. At St. Mary's, Scilly, the Rev. right, modest and unassuming in his manners, Wm. Tremayne, to Miss Richards.

he acquired the esteem of his fellow.citizens, At Launceston, J. Templar, esq. of Brid. and died without reproach, universally beport, to Miss Lethbridge, daugliter of Chris- lored and respected. topher L. esq.

At St. Andrew's, in the 78th year of his At Falmouth, Mr. Solomon Ezekiel, to Miss age, James Flint, M.D. F.R.S. Chandos proHannah Jacobs.

fessor of medicine in the University of St. Died. At Penzance, Capt. Cuthbert Andrew's, and honorary fellow of the Royal Baines, 67,Mrs. Treeweeke. Mrs. Pope, College of Physicians, Edinburgh. 90.- Mr. Gibson Gnishonite's 70.- Mrs. At Moffat, aged 28, John l'indlay, esq. of Robyns, relict of Thomas R. esq. of Tre Glasgow. His poetical talents, and classical neere, 63.

and antiquarian erudition, were highly At Trenure House, Penzance, Mrs. Ro esteemed by the most distinguished literary bing, relict of Thomas R. esq. .

characters. A voluipe of poems, entitied At Marazion, Thomas Coleman, esq. 86. Wallace, or the Vale of Ellersive, and illus

At Truro, Lieut. Jenney, R.N.son of Mr. trations of ancient, historical, and romantic, J. attorney.-Mr. Jonathan Hodge, 78. ballads, in two volumes, are his avowed pub

At Lewanick, near Launcescon, che Rey. lications. Mr. Mangles.

At Kingussie, Badenoch, Colonel Dancan At Launceston, Mrs. Bounsall.

Macpherson, or Bleaton, in the 75th year of At Newlyn, near Truro, Mr. William his age. His only son arrived from Portugal Hoblyn.

only a few days previous to his death, and had At Falmouth, Mr. Harry, of the Ship Inn. the melancholy satisfaction of paying the last

Mr. Robert Snell, 57,- James, the infant sad duty to his revered parent. son of Mr. James Bull, attorney.

DEATH ABROAD. • At Gorran, Mrs. Jane Oliver, 74.

At Abrantes, in Portugal, Brig.-gen. James At St. Columb, Miss Nancy Drew. • Castin Craufurd. At the age of sixteen.he


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