Sidor som bilder

day, 86.

At Kendal, Mr. Joseph Whiccaker, 'to Elizabeth Graceton, aged'94, bosh of Fews. Miss Hunter.

ton. Died.) At Rockcliff Cross, Mr. Fergus At Birstall, Mr. Joseph Oates, of Fairfield. Park, 81.--Isabella, wife of Mr. Nathaniel near Manchester, co Eliaudeth, eldest daugho Black.

ter of Mr. William Child, of Robert Town, • At Snellings, near Egremont, Mrs. Dixon, near Huddersfield wife of Mr. John D. 84.

At Rawcliti:, Samuel Smitit, jun. esq. of At Meals Gace, Cockbridge, Mr. Thomas the Decoy House, to Miss Chantry. Moore, 23.

At Leeds, Captain John Morris, of Hull, Ac Harrington Mill, near Carlisle, Mr. to Jane, daughter of Mr. Thomas Dobson, of Robert Hewict, 55.

the Parrot ion. At Linstock, Mrs. Nathaniel Liccle.

At Balley, Mr. George Sheard, aged 74, At Newby, Jane, wife of Mr. Robert to Miss Elizabeth Cowling, aged 19. The Waugh, 60.

bridegroom is father to nine children, grandAt Wood Row, near Wigton, Mr. father to torty-six, and great grand father to Barnes.

six ; all living. · At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mr. Peter : Died.] Ai Coulston Croft, near Sheffield, Blake, 62.Mr. Paul Corran, 87.

Mrs. Ratcliffe, relict of Mr. William R. who · At Castletova, Isle of Man, Mr. Robert was of the family of the celebrated physiciana · Watson, attorney, 32.

of that name, and his wife a near relation of At Braystones, near Egremont, Mrs. William Emerson, the great mathematician. Russel, 61.

'At Shetlield, Mrs. Alice Steade, sister of Ac Bunkershill, near Carlisle, Mrs. Loury, the late Thomas S. esq. of Hillsborougti, near wife of Joha L, esq.

Sheffield, 78.-Mr. William Padley.-Mr. At Faugs, Loweswater, Mr. Adam Holi. Robert Osborne. Mrs. Fox.

· At Doncaster, Mrs. Robinson, sister of the At Pareshaw, Mr. Joseph Mitchell. Late Rev. Arthur R. of Hull. • At Ullock, Mr. Josepha Robinson.

At Otoringham, Christopher, son of Ms. At Appleby, Ann, wife of Mr. William C. Hobson, 15. Hutchinson. Dr. Richardson.---Mr. Thomas At Bradford, Mrs. Crosse, wife of the Rev. Carr, 46.

John C. vicar of that place, 80. At Whitehaven, the Rev. Mr. Stamper, Ac Mour Grange, near Leeds, Mr. Joha son of the late Mr. S. surgeons of working. Wilson. * ton, so.-lohn Richardson, son of Mr. Thus. At Watton, Mr. Richard Jefferson, 94.

Sharp.--Mrs. Martha Casson, 84.-Mrs. Ac Kelfield Hall, Mrs. Clarksun, wite of
Hailes, 69,- Mr. Thomas Losh.-Mrs. Bernard C. esq.
Johnston, a maiden lady, 81.-Mrs. Sarah At Skipton in Crowen, Mr. John Schofielt,
Nicbolsga, a maiden indy, GL-Mr. John solicitor; and about the same time, Richard
Simon, 71-Mr. Jobn Long, 79.

bis youngest soa. - At Carlisle, Mr. John Holmes, 75.-Ann, At Selby, Mr. Richard Wiley, chief corte wife of Mr. Robert Archibald, 29.--Mrs. Stable for the division of Barkscoa Ash, and Margaret Bell, 63.-Mr. William Baty, about a week afterwards, bis wife, Mrs. W. 42.

At Stonegrave, George, chlost son of Sir At Kendal, Mr. Thomas Wataon. -Miss George Cayley, bart.. Margaret Henderson, second daughter of the At Woodball, Wensleydale, Ales. Wood, late Mr. Andrew H. .

wife of John Rider W.;. - At Penrich, Miss Eleanor Stewatt.

Ac Whorloon, Alrs. Reed, wife of Archi. Ar Maryport, Mr William Kelly.

bald R, esq. • Ar Cockermouth, Mr. Joseph Ostell, 70. At Duonington, near York, Mr. Edmund

At Workington, Mrs. Sikele. Mr. Cantley, 78; and a few @ays afterwards, his Fletcber Piele, a youth oi considerable lise siscer, Mre. Mosey, wife of Mr. William M. sary abilities, 20.

or Bolson.

At New Malion, Ann, daughter of the YORKSHIRE.

late John Biackburn, esg. Married. Ac Hull, Mr. George Earle, Ai Allerthorpe, Mỹ. Clarke, rụlict o to jua to Mary, dwghter Qi Mr. Juel foster. Rev. William C 82.

Captain John Morris, to Miss Jude Dona Ac Newton Kyıne, John Fairfax, esq. con, daughter of Ms Thomas D-Cupcain At Marsk, Mrs. Rudd, relict of Bartholo. Jeffery Buuch, jun. wf Lyon, Nortokki, to mew. R. esq. 76. Miss Mary Huddlestone, of Lincoln

At Hull, Mary Constantia, Lady of Sir A. At Wakefield, Mr. Geory Swulby, to Miss Etherington, bart. to whom she was marvet Mary Barber.

in 1774, and tourth daughter of Sir Thomas, AC Doncaster, Mr. William Maud, of fitch baronet of the fainily of Cave. - Wii. Bradford, surgeon, to Mrs. Ann Marryott. liam, youngest son of Mr. Lucking, writing. . At Osley, arter a sedulous courtship of 20 master, a youth of uncommon promise, 16.-years, Mr. Thomas Ward, aged 73, to Mrs. Mrs. Waixon, wite of Captain Charles W. of

thes the Whim, of this port.-Mr. John Mail, John Salterthwaite, esq.-John Blewit, esq. 85.--Mrs. Pierpoint; 68.-Mrs. Hembo- of London, to Mrs. Mason, relict of Jackson rougii, 81.- Francis Taylor, esq. 47.--Mrs. M. esq. Johrison, 28. --Mrs. Raines, wite of Mr. R. At Prescot, John Rose, esq. of the East. attorney.--Mrs. Thomson, widow of Mr. India Company's service, to Miss Lillias Fras John T. 87.-In the work house, Mr. Jona ser, second daughier of Colonel F. of Raventhan, Fatson, formerly an eminent school. head. master.

· At Hawkshead, Mr. John Wood, of At York, Mrs. Cartwright, wife of Mr. Hawksheid Hull, to Miss Huddlestone, of C. of the Wheat Sheaf Inn.-Mary, second Rothersyke, Cumberland. daughter of Mr. Thomas Kimber, 24.-Eli- At Dean, Mr. Thomas Harrison, esq. of the zabeth, daughter of Mr. James Watson, 22. Isle of Man, to Alice, youngest daughter of

Mr. James Rule, a native of Dumtrieshire, Thomas Ridgway, esq. of Wallsuck, near 53. Mr. Thomas Rodwell Crassey, eldest Bolton.--Miles Clayton, esq. of Manchester, son of Mr. George C. 23 - Mr. Thomas to Sophia, voungest daughter of Mr. John Morlev.-John, son of Mr. Wilks. Mr. Hilton, of Middle Hilton. John Dodsworth, 74.-Mrs. Webster, relict · At Liverpool, Mr. Will'am Higginsoa, to of Isaac W. esq.

Miss S. F. Taylor.--Captain Thomas Fisher, At Pradford, the Rev. W. Crabtree, up- to Ann, second daughter of Mr. Willia in wards of 50 years pastor of the Baptist church Burgess. in that town, 90.

Ac Preston, Titus Bourne, ese: of Alford, At Leeds, Mr. William Atkinson, third Lincoln, to Margaret, youngest daughter of son of the late Rev. Miles A. whose death is Thomas Woodcock, esq. recorded in our last number. -Mrs. Buckle, Died.] At Rock House, near Liverpool, wite of Mr. Thomas B. 80.

Hugh Breek, esq. 67. At Catcliffe, near Rotherham, Mr. John In the township of Read, George Crowe Worral.

shaw, 105. He exoerienced very little sickAt Attercliffe, Mr. Blagdin, relict of Mr. ness till within a week of his death, and enGeorge B. 75.

joyed his faculties to the last. LANCASHIRE.

At Warrington, Mr. James Smart. The inhabitants of Liverpool have entered At Leigh, James Barlow, esq. 61. into resolutions for the establishment of an Ac Garstang, Mr. Henry Blundell, 87. Asylum for Penitent and Reformed Proscie At Chorley, Mr. Robert Hawkshead, 64. tutes. The Mayor is appointed President; -Anne, second daughter of Mr. Bibby, and the Committee will consist of all the bookseller. Clergy of the Established Church, the clergy At Claughton, the Rev. John Barrow, Roe of all other denominations, and such other priest, 76. respectable gentlemen of the laity, as are. At Preston, Mr. James Dewhurst, 89. willing to contribute their assistance to the At Ashton, Mrs. Yates, wife of Mr. James undertaking.

During the year ending the 31st of Dec. At Manchester, Mr. R. W. Paynter, ata 1810, there were committed to Lancaster torney. Castle, 160 males and 32 females, for felo. Atloce Blundell, Mrs. Howard. . nies and misdemeanors; which, added to 73 At Chowbent, Mrs. Newton. males and 31 females, renaining convicred At Chorlcon Hall, Mr. Robert Travis, for. and for trial, 31st of Dec. 1809, makes a to- merly of the Golden Lion, Blakely. . tal of 233 males and 63 females. There At Richmond, Liverpool, Horacio, eldest were 17 males and females, condeinned son of Jacob Fletcher, esq. at Lancaster assizes, in 1810, of whom six At Lancaster, Mis, Freers, relict of Capquales were executed, and the others were re- tain F. 32.- Mrs. Betty Starling, 80. prieved or pardoned, on condition of transpor. At Leece in Furness, Mr. William Postletation,

thwaite, 61. Sir Thomas Mostyn is beginning such al At Barbadoes, on the 1st of January, Cape terations and improvements at Parkgale, as tain John Parr, of the ship Robert, of Liver. cannot fail to render that spot a serious ob- pool; on the 5tb, at the same place, his wife, jeet to the invalid, and a source of pleasure Mrs. Mary P, and on the 17th, their insant to the healthy. Warm and cold baths are to daughter, Margaret Anne. be erected upop a liberal plan; a library and At Liverpool, Mr. Joseph Balmer.-Cap. news room will be opened; fire. works occa- tain Thomas Hufi, 44.-Mr. James Knowl. sionally exhibited on the sands, which cannot den.-Mrs. Hopwood, 76.-Miss Hughes, fail to afford a pleasing spectacle viewed from only daughter of the late Mr. Robert H. 14. the terrace; regular inusicians engaged for Mrs. Mary Storey, 56.-Mrs. Litberland, the assemblies, and a small, but neat and mother of Mr. Peter L. inventor of the patent commodious theatre fitted up.

lever watches, 73.--Mr. James Fleming. Murried At Lancaster, Mr. Kidd, to Ms. Joshua Cobham, 72.-Mr. James GaidMrs. Jackson.-llajor Armeit, of the 35th nes..Mr. Joseph Jackson, 73.-Mr. Lawfoot, iu Anne, fourth daughier of the lare fcnce Howard, 50 Mr. John Vose, 75.


Mrs. Moore, 80.- Mr. Edward M'Connell," At Ashborne, Mr. Lees, 73.
45.-Captain Edward Hall, of the Hooton - Ac Ashton upon Trent, Mr. Wm. Dawson,
Mrs. Casley.Eliza Gorst, grand-daughter , At Milton-mill, Mrs. Sum ners, 63.
vi Mr. Robert Weston, and two days aftere At Windley, near Dutfield, Mr. Peter
wards, his wife, Mrs. Anne W. Virs. Mae Bates, 76; and, a few days afterwards, his
-bella Johnson, relice of Mr. James J.-Mis. widow, Mrs. Eliz. B. 79.
Jones, wife of Mr. John J. 61.-Henry At Chesterfield, Miss Hoole. .
Midgley, ésq. 48.


Married ] At Nottingham, Mr. J. Page, Married. At Wallusey, Mr. Samuel Ash to Miss Hearietta Nunn.--Mr. Wm. Novill, brook, tu Miss Chatterton.

of Sheffield, co Miss Huda lestone. -Mr. T. At Neston, Mr. Daniel Briscoe, of the Renshaw, to Miss Jarmiq.. George Inn, Parkgate, to Miss Hetty Briscoe, Mr. Henry Starkey, oi Brinsley, to Re.

At Budworth, William Wright, esq. of becca, third daughter of John Levers, esq. pf Bank House, Boulton, to Miss Elizabeth Eastwood. Carter, of Ashton Park.

" At Upton, near Southwell, Wm. WeightAt Chester, Mr. Bourke, to Eliza, second man, esq. of Bussingham, Lincoln, to Mís. daughter to the late Mr. O'Byrne, of Dun. Cowper, widow of John C. esq. of Coddingdalk.

ton, near Newark. Ac Wybunbury, Mr William Barker, of ". Dicd.) At Nottingham, Mr. Samuel Tur. Heleigh Castle, Stafford, to Miss Glover, of ner.-vir. John Smith, 28.-Mrs. Green, Snape near Betley.

wite of Mr. John G.-Mrs. Thornton, 52.-At Nantwich, Mr. Perer Oakes, son of Samuel, eldest son of Mr. Wlite, of Bingo S. O. esg. of Wood Green, to Miss S. Guilge ham, 19.-Mrs. Gretton, 30. - gon-Mr. Richard Darlington, to Sarah;

At Arnoid, Mrs. Clarke, 37. . daughter of Mr. Oakes.

At takring, Mrs. Wm. Barker, 79. Died.] At Wavertree, Mrs. Fisher. -Mr. At Newark, John Spragging Godfrey, esq. Thomas Worrall, 56. His death was ucca- an alderman of that borough, 43.- Dorothy sioned by a cancer, produced by smuaking a Whition, 78 -- Mr. Jos. Zögs, 53. . pipe, the end of which had not been covered At Burton foyce, Miss Brett, eldest daughwith wax.

ter of Mr. Robert B. 19. At Ashton Park, Mr. Peter Carter.

At Bingham, Mr. S. White, 20.-Eliz. At Chester, Captain Simeon Leet.--Tobin third daughter of Mr. Lee. Gale, esq. inspector or taxes for the district. At Mansfield, Mr. John H:ald, of the

Williain Probart, esq. lately of Lincoln, - Ram Inn, 56. - Mrs. Sheppard, mother of A few days after his marriage, Mr. Morton, Mr. S. stationer, 91. Thomus Dixon, esq.

At Lavington, Mr. Bogden, of Newark. At Flookessbrook, Jane, youngest daugh. Ac Bunny, Mr. Wm. Gee, 46. ter of tảe late Mr. A. Davies..

At Granby, Mrs. Dou leday, 44. , At Congleton, Mrs. Bustuck, relict of Mr.


? At a meeting lately held by the mayor At Northwich, Mr. Samuel Taylor, book. and principal inhabitants of Grimsby, at the seller; deservedly lamented by his relatives Granby inn, respecting the preparation of a and numerous friends. .

, bill, to be presented to Parliament, for the • DERBYSHIRE.

"* building a pier at that port, General Loft at. Married.] At Itkeston, the Rev. Joseph tended with che bill, in iis rough state, and Galland, ot Greenacres, near Manchester, to presented also a model of the pier, the estiMiss Mason, daughter of Mr. Jabez M. niute of which is laid at 35,0001. The ac

At Peatrich, Mr. Harris, surgeon, of Rip complishment of this object will prove, not ley, to Lučy, eldest daughter of Rob. Serei. only a benefit to the port of Grimsby, but 472 ley, esq. of Waingroves.

important national good At Poleswortli, wm. Princep, esg. of New. Married. 7 At Gainsbro', Lieut, Hinton, ton Regis, to Miss Duster, of Bramcote, - 69th foot, to Miss Jane Berridge.

At'Chaddesden, Mr. Henry Shaw, to Miss At Friskney, the Rev. J. Brackenbury, of Hester Cholertoni

Walton,'to Mary, third daughter of Richard At Datfield, Mr. John Turner, to Miss Brackenbury, esq. of Aswardoy. Fanny Allsop.

At Kirton, Mr. Wells, aged 24, to Mrs. Ac Derby, Mr. Wm. Osborne, of Alvaston, Whiting, aged 72.. to Miss Wilson

At Slainton, near Horncastle, Mr. Thomas At Bakewell, Mr. Thomas Sales, jun. of Fletcher, aged 31, to Miss Ann Benson, Duckmonton, to Miss E. Noton.

aged 25. ... Died. 1 At Buxton, where he had been for Died.] At Boston, Mrs. Cheyney, relict the benefit of his health, Wm. Knott, esq. of Mr. Alderman C.,91.-Mr. John Bollans,“ of Sommer-hill, near Ulverston, 29.

of Leverton Outgaie, 59.-Mr. Robert Bure At Derby, Richard Thomas, eldest son of ton, 31.--Mrs. Hilton, 38.-Mr. Snaith, Mr.Chatterton, 11. Mrs. Bilsborrow, 55. At Spalding, Mrs. Albin, wife of Mr. A.

At Measham, Mrs. Jewsbury, 25, o printer and bookseller, 31.-Mrs. Milne's, MONIRLY MAG. No. 211.



wife of Mr. M. an occasional preacher at the chair. He served the office of mayor, in 1790, methodist chapel there.

and his magistracy was distinguished by a At Louth, Susan Mary, daughter of Gen. degree of independence and public spirit, perLoft, M.P. -Mrs. Wright, wife of Mr. Gil. haps never excelled and rartly equally. bert W.-Mrs. Beakly, 75.-Mr. Charles Among other reforms, a public investigation Vinter.-Mrs. Pinder, 84.-Mrs. Harvey, of weights and measures took place through22.-Mrs. Seargall, 96.-Mrs. Martha Ri. out the town; and of the latter, more than a chardson, 78.-Mr. James White, 80.—Mrs. waggon-load were cut in pieces in the marketBocock.

place, by the town servants. At Frith Bank, Mr. Benj. Haines, so. At Grooby Parks, Mr. Dexter, and the

At Bratoft, Mr. John Smith, 82.-Mr. John same day, his daughter-in-law, Hannah Atkin.

Sutton. At Keisby, Mr. John Newton, 86.

At Kegworth, Mr. Israel Chamberlin, At Gainsbro', Mrs. Mary Morley, 79.- 'late surgeon of che Castlereagh East IndiaMr. Bassington.-Mrs. Norman, 51.-Mrs. man, 22. Tyson, 27.-Mr. Wm. Lister. ---Mrs. Wil. At Castle Donington, Mrs. Mary Buxton, kinson..

sister of the late John B. esq. of Alvaston, At Grantham, Sir Charles Kent, bart. of and the last of that family, Wadsworth, Yorkshire.

At Thorp Acre, near Loughborough, Mr. Ac Bottesford, Mr. Wm. Prince, surgeon, Mary Keightley 68.

At Belgrave, John Watchorn, gent. At Toston, Josiah Gill, gent. 85.

At Church Langton, Mr. Ward, 87. At Holbeach, Mr. Jenkinson.--Mrs. Has At North Kilworth, John Cooper, gent. sison, relict of R. Harrison, esq. and daughter At Goadby, Edward Manners, esq. 65. of the Rev. R. Stevens, of Tyd St. Giles. At Market Harborough, Mr. Charles Hey. Mrs. Handley.--Mrs. Margaret Massingberd, gate, surgeon, 34.—Mr. Chater. second daughter of the late Wm. M. esq. of At Cossington, Francis Goude, gent. Gunby.

At Great Wigston, Mrs. Scott. At Wichern, Mrs. Dales, 92.

At Orton on the Hill, Mr. Edward At Grimsby, Mr. J. Ainsley, formerly cap. Brown, 62. He was a great musical amateur, tain of the Commerce, of that' port. He and in the constant practice of instructing the suddenly dropped down on board of a vessel choirs of different churches, in this and the in the harbour, and expired immediately. adjacent counties. Ac Tupholme, Paul Pell, esq. many years

STAFFORDSHIRE. captain in the North Lincoln militia.

Married.] At Stafford, Mr. Morris, of at Market Deeping, Mr. Robert Broom, Hawkstone, to Miss Catharine Wood -Mr. superintendant of the locks on the Welland. Yates, banker, to Mary, eldest daughter of

Mr. John Horton.-Thomas Smith, of LEICESTERSHIRE.

Sbareshill, esq. to Miss Collins, of Barton. Married.] At Goadby, Mr. Imanuel Hill, At Bradley, near Cheadle, Mr. John W. of Turlangton, to Miss Blacksbaw, of Knows. Wood, to Miss Elizabeth Armashaw. ley Hall.

At Woolstanton, Mr. Thomas Wardle, George Parkin, esq. of Normanton, to of Etruria, to Miss Christina Stevens. Miss Norman, daughter of Richard N. csq. Ac Uttoxeter, Ms. Pegg, sen. to Mrs. sheriff of this county.

Dudley. At Leicester, John Edward Carter, esq. of At Hanley, Mr. William Hassall, to Miss Scraptoft, to Miss E. Markland.-Mr. Dove, Maskerry. of London, to Miss Tabitha Burgess.--Mr. 'Died.) At Newport, in the Potteries, Mrs. Walker, to Mrs. Glover.-Mr. Thomas Hal- Davenport, wife of J. D. esq. lier, to Miss Dumelow.—Mr. Ward, to Miss At Wolverhampton, the Rev. J. Picker. Rice.

ing, pastor of the dissenting congregation at At Melton Mowbray, Mr. Powell, to Mrs. Coseley.--Mrs. Ann Danks, widow of Mr. Cooke, of the Half Moon inn.-Mr. W. Par- D, of Wednesbury. sock, of Loton, to Miss Skerret.

At Betley, Mrs. Rowley, 83. At Castle Donington, Ms. J. While, of At Newcastle, Ms. R. Percy.-Mr, Tome Syston, to Mrs. Fletcher.

linson, son of the late Rev. Mr. T, minister Died ] At Croxton, Mrs. Parnham, wife of of Burslem and Keel, 22.-Mr. Jobin Fox. Mr. Thomas P. 32.

At Breewood, Mr. Green, surgeon.. At Leicester, Mr. William Dumelow. At Stafford, Mr. Charles Hassall, 74. . Mrs. Kirby.Miss Sarah Valentine, 16. At Fenton, Mr. Hancock. Mrs. Ayres.-Mr. Richard Poole, late of the At Hanley, Mr. William Brittain. Mitre and Key.-Mr. Edmund Wright, 76. At Walsall, Mr. Thomas Scott, one of the -Mr. Abraham Bunney, late 'inaster of all magistrates of that town. Sairt's Workhouse. -Mr. Alderman Eames; At Litchfield, William Turner, esq. after breakfasting with his grandson, he sat Mr. Hughes.-M. Allen. down by the kitchen fire, where his servant, 'At Newfield, John George Child, esq. going to speak to him, found him dead in his attorney, eldest son of Admiral C. 43..


At Ash Magna, Mr. J. Jones. His only Married.] Ac Birmingham, Lieutenant child, an infant, expired a few hours before Charles Anthony, R.N. to Miss Clegg, of him. Great Haywood, Staffordshire. -Mr. Wilkins, At the Fens, near Whitechurch, Mrs. of Dunchurch, to Mrs. Wilkins, of the Angel Dulson. inn, Birmingham.-Mr. William Dudley, of At Sutton, Mr John Southern, agent ta Wednesbury, to Miss Nancy Whitehouse Lord Berwick, the Hon. Cecil Jenkinson, and

At Stratford-upon-Avon, Sylvester D. Wil- several gentlemen of the county; a man of son, esq. to Miss Battersbee, only daughter sound judgment and the strictest integrity. of Edmund B. esq. banker.

At Tilstock, Mrs. Holland, At Warwick, Mr. C. B. Bromley, book. At Whitchurch, Mrs. Grafton, Mr. Hall. seller, to Miss Sarah Boyes, second daughter mark. of Mrs. Read, wife of the Rev. William R. At Wellington, Mr. Edwards.

Died.) At Kenilworth, Captain Patrick At Wall, Mr. Blockley. Don, brother of the late Sir Alexander Ac Astley, Mr. Moulscy. D. 93.-John Stanton, esq. 74.

At Kinnerley, Mr. Walker, At Moseley, Mrs Grove, 92.

At Drayton, Mr. T. Barrott, son of Mr. T. At Birmingham, Mrs. Agnes Antley, 72. B. of Ashted, near Birmingham, 24 -Mr. 'T. Day.--Mrs. Elizabeth Kelly, 24. In the 70th year of his age, the Rev. Wil. -Mr. Joseph Beadney, 63.--Mrs. Phæbe liam Pigote, rector of Edgmond and ChetMorris. -Mr. Joseph Johnson, 19.Mrs. wynd. Cox.-Mr. William'showell.

WORCESTERSHIRE. At Coventry, John, eldest son of Mr. Al. Married.] At Worcester, Mr. J. Young, derman Williamson, 20. Mrs. Owen, wife to Miss-Sophia Munn. of Mr. Thomas 0.

At Claines, Mr. Thomas Noak, to Miss SHROPSHIRE.

E. Guier.-Mr. Hirons, of Evesham, to A correspondent of the Shrewsbury Chro- Miss Smith, of Winchcombe. nicle gives the following simple process for . Died.) At Worcester, Mr. Duncan, 64. completely preventing the very unpleasant Mrs. Wagstaff.--Mrs. Dunn, relict of Ms. taste communicated to butter by the cattle eat. William D. surgeon and apothecary, 74. ing turnips, and saving the expence of any in. Mrs. Lloyd, wife of Mr. Joseph L.-Mrs. gredient. The cream, when skimmed off Messenger.-Mrs. Page. the milk, and put into a skillet, must be boiled At Tardebigg, Mr. J. Field. over a clear fire, and poured immediately into At Chambers-court, John Stone, esq. a cream pan; the same with every morning's At Bromsgrove, Mr. Pumirey, of the skimming until churned, always pouring it George Inn. boiling hot into the pan, to the cream which At l'inbury, Mr. William Jefferies, 86. had been prepared in the same way on the At Hanley, Mr. Devereaux, 65. preceding mornings.

At Dudley, Mr. E. Dudley. Married.] At Whitchurch, Mr. R. Poston, At Stourbridge, Mrs. Rollason, wife of to Mrs. Lunt.

Mr. R. printer. At Bitterley, Mr. J. Smith, of the Cock At Henwick, Mrs. Crump, 77. shoot, to Mrs. Martha Codewell.

Ac Clifton-upon-Time, Mr. Thomas Hay: At Ludlow, Mr. Lewis Gianna, of Shrews- wood, 64. bury, to Miss L. Moses.Mr. Greenhouse, At Blockley, Mrs. Jenkins, relict of the jun. to Miss Cropper.

Rev. Mr. J. rector of I'roddington. Died.] At Sowdley Parva, Mr. Wm. But At Martley, Mrs. White, 39. terton.

HEREFORDSHIRE. In London, Mrs. Pigott, wife of Mr. P. Married.] At Kington, W. Blakely, esg. of Ludlow.

of the 62nd regiment, to Miss Turner, eldest At Worthen, Mr. Wm. Dicken, 76. daughter of the late Mr. Philip T.

At Aston Hall, Mrs. Jane Pughi, a maiden At Hereford, Mr. Lovell, of London, to lady, descended from the ancient and respec. Miss Parker, daughter of Mr. P. printer. table family of that name, in the parish of Died.) At Leominster, Mrs. Morgan, Kerry, Montgomeryshire. She has be- wife of Mr. David M. of the Golden Lion queathed 101. per annum for ever to the poor Inn, 71. , of the parish of Hopesay.

At Mortimer's Cross, Mr. E. Wilding. At Shrewsbury, Mrs, Bodenham.-Eliza, At Daflebarke Farm, Mr. John Pearce. youngest daughter of the late Rev. John Pye. Ac Westhide, Mr. George Jenkins. finch...Thomas Jones, esq.-Mrs. Vaughan.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. -Mrs. Heath.-Mrs. Axon.-Mr. James At a meeting of the nobility, gentry, and Waidson, 57.-Mr. Hewlett.'

inhabitants of Gloucester, lately held at the At Meriden, Mr. Addison Ashburn, a re. infirmary, to take into consideration the exe lative of the celebrated author of the Spec. pediency of building in that city ao asylum tator.

for lunatics, the measure was highly approved, At Newport, Mr. S. Rider, governor of the and upwards of 10,000%. subscribed for the workhouse there.



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