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Azava on that evening in the neighbourhood enemy, and drove them from the part of the of Espeja, Carpio, and Gallegos.

village of which they had obtained a momen. They continued their march on the 3d in tary possession. the morning towards the Duas Casas, in three Nearly at this time Lieutenant-colonet columns, two of them consisting of the 2d Williams was unfortunately wounded, but i and 8th corps, to the neighbourhood of hope not dangerously, and the command den Alameda and Fort Conception, and the third, volved upon Lieutenant-colonel Cameron of consisting of the whole of the cavalry and the the 79th reginient. The contest continued 6th, and that part of the 9th corps which till night, when our troops remained in pos. had not already been drafted into the other wession of the whole.. three.

I then withdrew the light infantry batta. The allied army had been cantoned along lions and the 83d regiment, leaving the 71st the river Duas Casas, and on the sources of and 79ih regiments only in the village, and the Azava, the light division at Gallegos and the 24 battalion 24th regiment to support Espeja. This last fell back upon Fuentes de them. Honor, on the Duas Casas, with the British On the 4:h the enemy reconnoitred the cavalry, in proportion as the enemy advanced, positions which we had occupied on the and the 1st, 3d, and 7th, divisions were col. Duas Casas river, and during that night they Sected at that place; and the 6th division, moved General Juout's corps from Alameda under Major.general Campbell, observed the to the left of the position occupied by the bitte bridge at Alameda; and Major-general Sir corps, opposite to Fuentes de Honor. William Erskine, with the 5th division, the from the course of the reconnoissance of passages of the Duas Casas, at Fort Concep. the 4th, I had imagined that the enemy tion, and Aldea D'Obispo. Brigadier-general, would endeavour to obtain possession of Pack's brigade, with the queen's regiment Fuentes de Honor, and of the ground occue from the 6th division, kept the blockade of pied by the troops behind that village, by Almeida; and I had prevailed upon Dog Julian cros, og the Duas Cabas at Poya Velho, and Sanchez to oecupy Nave D'Aver with his in the evening I moved the 7ch division. corps of Spanish cavalry and infantry., . under Major-general Houston, to the right,

The light division were moved in the even. in order, is possible, to protect that passage. ing to join General Campbell, upon finding on the morning of the 5th, the 8th corpo that the enemy were in strength in that quar. appeared in two columns, with all, the cam ter; and they were brought back again to valry, on the opposite side of the valley of Fuentes de Honor on the morning of the 5th, the Dias Casas to Pora Velho; and, as the when it was found that the 8th corps bad 6th and 9th corps also made a movement to joined the 6th on the enemy's left.

their left, the light division, which had been Shortly after the enemy had formed on the brought back from the neighbourhood of Alaground on the right of the Duas Casao, on the meda, was sent with the cavalry under Sie afternoon of the S), they attacked with a Stapleton Cotton to support Major-general large force the Village of Fuentes de Honor, Houstour, while the 1st and Sd divisions which was defended in a most gallant annet rate a movement to their right along the by Lieutenant-colonel Williams of the 5th ridge between the Turon and Duas Casas battalion, 60ch regiment, in command of the rivers, corresponding to that of the 6th and light intantry battalions belonging to Major.' 9th corps, un che right of the Duas Casas. general Picton's division, supported by the The 8th corps attacked Mijor.general lighc infantry battalion in Major-general Houstoun's advanced guard, consisting of the Nightingall's brigade, commanded by Major 85th regionent under Major M'Intoshi, and Dick, of the 42d regiment, and the light in- the 9d Portuguese Caçadores under Lieute. tantry battalion in Major-general Howard's Dant-colonel Nixon, and obliged them to rea brigade, commanded by Major M.Donnell, of tire; and they retired in good order, although the 92d regiment, and the light infantry bat- with some loss. The 8th corps being thus talion of the King's German Legion, com: established in Poya Velho, the enemy's manded by Majur Ally, of che 3d battalion of cavalry turned the right of the 7th division the line, and by the 2d battalion of the 83d between Poya Velho aud Nave D'Aver, from regiment under Major Carr. These troops which last place Don Julian Sanchez bad maintained their position; but, having obe been obliged to retire; and the cavalry servei the repeated efforts which the enemy charged. were making to obtain possession of the vil. The charge of the advanced guard of the lege, and being aware of the advantage which enemy's cavalry was met by two or three they would derive from the possession in squadrons of the different regiment's of Britheir subsequent operations, I reinforced the tish dragoons, and the enemiy were driven village successively with the 71st regiment, back, and Colonel La Motte of the 13th under the Honourable Lieutenant-colonel chasseurs, and some prisoners taken. The Cadogan, and the 79th, under Lieutenant- main body were checked and obliged to retira colonel Cameron, and the 24th regiment, by the fire of Major-general Houstoun's diunger Major Chamberlin. The former, 2 vision; and I particularly observed the Chas Mac head of the 71st regiment, charged the scurs Britanniques under Lieutenant-colonci


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Eustace, as behaving in the most steady They likewise attempted to push a body otmanner, and Major general Houstoun mere liglic infantry down the Ravine of the Turos tions in high terms the conduct of a detach to the right of the 1st division, which were ment of the Duke of Brunswick's light in. repulsed by the light infantry of the Guards, Santry. Norwithstanding that this charge under Lieutenant colonel Cuise, aided by: was repulsed, I determined to contentrale nor five companies of the 95th undtr Captain force towards the left, and to move the 7th O'Hara, and light divisions, and the cavalry from Major-general Nightingall was wounded Poya Velho towards Fuentes de Honor, and in the course of the cannonade, but I hope not the other two divisions.

severely. I had occupied Popa Velho and that ** The enemy's principal effort was through. neighboorhoort, ir hopes that I should be out this day again directed against Fuentes de able to maintüin the communication across Honor; and, notwithstanding that the whole the Coa by Sabugal, as weit as provide for the of the 6tb.corps was at different periods of the Blockade, whicrisjecis, it was now obvious, troployed to attack this village, they were incomparable with each other, and I cobld never gain more than a temporury posa therefore abandoned that which was the least, session of it. It was defended by the 24th, important, and placed the light division in 71st, and 79th, regiments, under the commans peserve, in the rest of the left of the 1st di- of Colonel Cameron; and these troops were vision, and the 7th division on some come supported by the light infantry battalions in manding ground beyond the Turon, which the division, commanded by Major Woodprotteled the right flank and rear of the 1st gate; the light infantry battalions in the 1. division, and covered our cuminunication division, commanded by Major Dick, Major with the Coa, and prevented that of the Macdonald, and Major Ally; che 6th Porteenemy witte Almeida, by the roads betweep, guese Caçadores, commanded by Major Pinto; the Turon and that river. in

by the light companies in Colonel Chample The movement of the troaps upon this monde's. Porldguese brigade under Colonel exccasion 'was well conducted, aithough under Sutton and those in Colonel Ashworth's very critical circumstances, hy Major general Portuguese brigade under Lieutenant-colonel Iloustoun, Brigadier General Crauturd, and Pyon; and by the picquets of the 3d division, Lieuter ant general Sir Stapleton Cotton, under the command of the Honorable Lieu

The 7th division was covered in its passage of tenant-colonel Trench. Lieutenant-colonel re Turon, by the light division under Bri. Caineron was severely wounded in the after

adier-general Crawfurd, and this last, in its noon, and the command in the village de Snarsh to join the 1st division, by the British volved upon the. Hon. Lieutenant-colonel

Cadogan, Our position thus extended on the high The troops in Fuentes de Honor were deground from the Turwa to the Duas Casas. sides supported, when pressed by the enemy, The 7th division, on the lert of the Turon, by the 741h regiment under Major Russe covered the rear of the right; the 1st division, Manners, and the 8&b regiment under Licyin two lines, were on the right; Colonel tenant-colonel Wallace, belonging to Colonel Ashworth's brigade, in two Mies, in the cen- Mackinnon's brigade ; and on one of these fre; and the Sd division, in two lines, on the occasions the 38th, with the 71st and 79th, left. The light division and Britishi cavalry under the command of Colonel Mackinnon, in reserve; and the village of Fuentes de charged i he enemy, and dror them througa Honor ip tront cr the left. Don Juijan's the village ; and Colonel Mackinnon has reinfantry joined the 7th division in Freneda; ported particularly the conduct of Lieutenant and I sent him with his cavalry to endeavour colonel Wallace, Brigade-major Wilde, and to interrupt the enemy's communication with Lieutenant and Adjutant Stewart of the 88th Ciudad Rodrigo, The enemy's efforts on regiment. the right part of our position, after it was The contest again lasted in this quarter till occupied as I have above described, were con. night, when our troops stilt held their post: fined to a cannonadę, and to some charges and from that time the enemy have made do with their cavalry upon the advanced posts. fresh attempt on any part of our position.

The Picquets of the 1st division under The enemy manifested an intention to Lieutenant-colonel Hild, of the Sd regiment attack Major-general Sir W. Erskine's post, of guards, repulsed one of these ; but, as they at Aldea del Bispo on the saine morning, with were falling back, they did not see the direc- a part of the 2d corps; but the Major-general tion of another in aufficient time to form to send the 2d battalion of the Lusitanian legion oppose it, ard Lieutenant-colonel Hill was across the ford of the Duas Casas, which taken prisoner, and many men were wounded obliged them to retire. and sume raken, before a detachment of tge in the course of last night the enemy British cavalry could move up to their commenced to retire from ibeir position an support.

the Duas Casas; and this morning at day-light "The 2d battalion, 42d regiment, under the whole were in motion. I cannot yet de Lord Blantyre, also repulsed a charge of the cide whether this movement is preparatory cavalry directed against chiem.

to sorge fresh attempt to raise the blockade

of Almeida, or is one of decided retreat; nor, in which position the whole army were but I have every reason to hope, that they collected on that day and yesterday, with will not succeed in the first, and that they the exception of that part of the second corps will be obliged to have recourse to the last. which continued opposite Alameda. Last

Their superiority in cavalry is very great, night the whole broke up and retired across owing to the weak state of our horses from the Azava, covering their retreat by their recent fatigue and scarcity of forage; and the numerous cavalry; and this way the whole reduction of numbers in the Portuguese have retired across the Agueda, leaving Al. brigade of cavalry with this part of the army, meida to its fate. in exchange for a British brigade sent into The second corps retired by the bridge of Estremadura with Marshal Sir William Be- Barba del Pueno, and the ford of Val d'Espino resford, owing to the failure of the measures on the Agueda. reported to have been adopted to supply the Our advanced posts are upon the Azava, borses and men with food on the service. and on the Lower Agueda; and the army The result of a general action broughc on by will be to-morrow in the cantonments on the an attack upon the enemy by us might, under . Duas Casas. these circumstances, have been doubtful;

(Signed). WILLINGTON. and if the enemy liad chosen to avoid it, or

GREAT BRITAIN. if they had met it, they would have taken ad At home, the legislature has contivantage of the collection of our troops to fight nued its activity, but without meeting this action, to throw relief into Almeida.

the wishes of a large portion of the pube From the great superiority of force to lic. SIR SAMUEL Romilly's judicious which we have been opposed upon this oc

and humane Bills for diminishing the casion your lordship will judge of the conduct of the officers and croops. The actions were

punishment of Death, were rejected in partial, but very severe; and our loss bas

the House of Lords, after passing in the been great. The enemy's loss has also beca

Commons, Lord Sidmouth's attempt great and they left 400 killed in the village to infringe on the Toleration Act, bas, of Fuentes de Honor, and we have many however, been rejected, and the debaté prisoners.

was distinguished by some liberal opi. I particularly request your lordship's at. nions of the Archbishop of Canterbury, tention to the conduct of Lieutenant-colonel which do great honour to that amiablo Williams, Lieutenant-colonel Cameron, and churchman. In the Commons the mithe Hos. Lieutenant-colonel Cadogan, and to

nister required a loan of twelve inillions, that of Colonel Mackinnon, and Lieutenant, which ha

which he effected in the city ou better colonel Kelly of the 24ch regiment, and of

terms than could have been expected. the several officers commanding battalions of of the line and of light infantry, which sup

Taxes to raise about one million were ported the troops in Fuentes de Honor. Like.

laid chiefly on wash, Various unsucwise to that of Major M'Intosh of the 85th cessful motions were made for reforins tegimeor; of Lieutenant-colonel Nixon of of abuses by Messrs. Brand, Burdece. the 2d Caçadores; of Lieutenant-colonel Folkestone, Whitbread, and others. Eustace of the Chasseurs Britanniques; and During the current month and for of Lord Blantyre.

many inonthe past, the public mind has Throughout these operations I have received been deeply occupied by the state of

been deeply oc the greatest assistance from Lieutenant-gene the currency. Guineas, with reference ral Sir Brent Spencer, and all the general

to paper, have risen to 27s, or 28s.; and officers of the aimy; and from the adjotant

Bank notes, with reference to guineas, and quarter master-general, and the officers

have consequently fallen below 15s, and of their several departments, and those of my personal staff,

in foreign countries are not estimatech From intelligence from Marshal Sir Wiis higher than 12s. Most commodities, in liam Beresford, I learn' that he has invested consequence, are acquiring a paper and Badajoz, on the left of the Guadiana ; and a cash price; and even the public funds, is moving their stores for the attack of the the paper price of which is 66, have at place.

a cash price, fallen to 60! Gold and I have the honour to inform you that the silver are, however, scarcely to be prointelligence has been confirmed, that Joseph cured for paper with any concession, and Bonaparte passed Valladolid, on his way to they have, in fact, totally disappeared Paris on the 27th of April. It is not de from circulation; all small transactions pied by the French otficers that he is gone taking place in copper money, and all i Paris.

Tetail trade being at a stand for wart'of Signed) WELLINGTON.

small change. Villa Fermosa, May 10, 1811.

There appearing to be no limit to the MY LORD,

depreciation of paper money, if means The enemy retired on the 8th to the woods were not adopted to prevent it, Parliabetween Espeja Gallegos and Fuentes de Ho- ment took into cousideracion on the 6i!

MONTHLY MAD. No. 313..

the famous report of the Bullion Come tracts for the payment of money, in the remittee, which appeared in our last sup- lative proportion of 154 lbs. weight of plement, and the consideration led io sterling silver to one pound of sterling gold. one of the longest debates known since

5. That by a statute of the 14th year of elie revolution. One set of resolutions

the reign of his present Majesty, subsequently were moved by Mr. HORNER, in a speech

revived and made perpetual by a statute of of unequalled ability, and another by

the 39th year of his reign, it is enacted, That

no tender in payment of money made in the Nr. VANSITTART, on the part of the

silver coin of this realm, or any sum exceed. ministry.

ing the sum of 251. at one time, shall be reMr. Horner was supported hy Messrs.

puted in law, or allowed to be a legal tender, H. Thornton, WILBERFORCE, Hus within Great Britain or Ireland, for more than KISSON, BURDETT, WHITBREAD, G, according to its value by weight, after the JOHNSTONE, W. Smith, TIERNEY, BA. rate of 55. 2d, for each ounce of silver. RING, PARNELL, CANNING, MARRIOTT, 6. That by a proclamation of the 16th and SHARP; and Mr. Vansittart's by year of the reign of his present Majesty, con. Messrs Rose PERCIVAL. Dep. Gov firmed by several subsequent proclamations, MANNING, TURTON, LONG, CASTLE.

Castle. it was ordered and directed, that if the weight REACII. and FULLER. On a division, of any guinea shall be less than 5 dwts. 8 grs

such guinea shall cease to be a legal tender the committee were outvoted by 151

for the payment of any money within Great against 75; and on Mr. Horner's resu

Britain or Ireland ; and so in the same prelution for the Bank to pay cash in two

portion for any other gold coin, years by 180 against 45. Of course Mr.

7. That under these laws (which constiVansittart's resolutions were passed with tute the established policy of this realm, in out a division !

regard to money,) no contract or undertaking As the last resolutions are entered on for the payment of money, stipulated to be the Journals of the House, and are very paid in pounds sterling, or in good and lawful long, we feel it necessary to record here money of Great Britain, can be legally satis. only those of Mr. Horuer.

fied and discharged, in gold coin, unless the

coin tendered shall weigh in the proportion of 1. That the only money which can be le 20 parts of 5 dwts, 8 grs. of standard gold for gally tendered in Great Britain, for any sum each pound sterling, specified in the said con. above twelve-pence in the whole, is made tract: nor in silver coin, for a sum exceeding either of gold or silver; and that the weight 251. unless such coin shall weigh in the pro. standard, and denomination, at which any portion of 20 of a pound troy of standard silver Such money is authorized to pass eyrrent, is for each pound sterling specified in the con. fixed, under his Majesty's prerogative, ac- tract. " cording to law.

8. That the promissory notes of the Bank 2. That since the 430 year of the reign of of England are stipulations to pay, on de Queen Elizabeth, the indentures of his Majes. mand, the sum in pounds sterling, respect t's Miot have uniformly directed that all silver tively specified in each of the said notes. used for coin should consist of 11 oz. 2 dwts. 9. That when it was enacted by the authoof fine silver and 18 dwts. of alloy in each

rity of Parliament, that the payment of the pound troy, and that the said pound troy

promissory notes of the Bank of England in should be divided into sixty-two shillings, or cash sbould for a time be suspended, it was into other coins in that proportion.

not the intention of Parliament that any al3. That, since the 15th year of the reign teration whatsoever should take place in the of King Charles the Second, the indentures value of such promissory notes. of his Majesty's Mint have uniformly din

10. Tbat it appears, that the actual value rected, that all gold used for coin should

of the promissory notes of the Bank of Eng.

of consist of 11 oz. of pure gold and 1 oz. of alluy

land (measuring such yalue by weight of

land measur of each pound troy ; and that the said pound

Standard gold and silver as aforesaid) has been, troy should be divided and coined into forty- for a considerable period of time, and still is, four guineas and one half guinea, or into other considerably less than what is established by coins in that proportion.

the laws of the realm to be the legal tender 4. That by a proclamation of the 4th year in

arin payment of any money contract or stipus of the reign of King George the First, it was la ordered and directed, that guineas and the se

11. That the fall which has thus taken veral other gold coins therein named, should

place in the value of promissory notes of the be current at the rates and values then set

Bank of England, and in that of the country Npon them, viz. the guinea at the rate of

bank paper which is exchangeable for it, has : gis. and other gold coins in the same pro

been occasioned by too abý ndant issue of portion; thereby establishing, that the gold

paper currency, boch by the Bank of Enge and eilver coins of the realm should be a legal

land and the country banks; and that this sender in all money payments, and a standard

excess has originated from the way of that dure for assestaining the value of all con


keck and pontroul on the issues of the Bank

of England, which exired before the suspen- advert to the state of the foreign exchanges, sion of cash payments.

as well as to the price of bullion, with a view 12. That it appears, that the exchanges to regulate the amount of their issues. with foreign parts have, for a considerable 15. That the only certain and adequate period of time, been unfavourable to this security to be provided against an excess of country in an extraordinary degree.

paper currency, and for maintaining the 13. That, although the adverse circum- relative value of the circulating medium of stances of our trade, together with the large the realm, is the legal couvertibility, upon amount of our military expenditure abroad, demand, of all paper currency into che may have contributed to render our exchanges lawful coin of the realm. with the continent of Europe unfavourable; 16. That, in order to revert gradually to yet the extraordinary degree in which the this security, and to enforce mean-while a due exchanges have been depressed for so long a limitation of the paper of the Bank of Eng. period, has been, in a great measure, occa- land, as well as of all the other bank paper sioned by the depreciation which has taken of the country, it is expedient to amend the place in the relative value of the currency of act, which suspends the cash payments of the this country, as compared with the money Bank, by altering the time till which the of foreign countries.

suspension shall continue, from six months 14. T bat, during the continuince of the after the ratification of a definitive treaty of suspension of cash payments, it is the duty peace, to that of two years from the present of the directors of the Bank of England to time.

Wilk Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased,

TN consequence of the parish of St. Luke street, Bishopsgate-street, London. The mo,

having introduced a bill into parliament, ment the Aames burst forth in the lower during the present Session, requiring the apartments, the alarm of fire was given from Publication, by the Magistrates of Middlesex, without by some passengers ; but such proof an amount of the monies expended for tbe gress bad the fire made, it was too late to County rate, which is paid by the different save the lives of most of the devoted inha. parishes out of the poor's rates and his in- bitants. The family consisted of Mr. Goullee, creased to the annual sum of about 30,0001. his wife, three children, the nurse, a maio the Magistrates for that county have servant, sbop boy, and a waiter of the Lon. made an order that an abstract of the don Tavern and his wife, who were lodgers accounts should be annually printed, and a on the first floor. The two latter only were copy of them delivered to the church wardens awakened by the noise, and they had the and overseers of every parish throughout the good fortune to escape with their bed to the county.

· window of the first floor, which they threw on Additional tolls of one penny on carriages, the pavement, for the purpose of throwing and half-penny on horses, will be levied at themselves upon it. The wife first made a all turnpikes on the 7th of June next. The leap, and, falling on the bed, did not receive Commissioners of Hyde Park Turnpike, have the slightest injury; her husband instantly in consequence let their tolls by auction, followed. Of the rest of the family nothing to the former lessees, for 17,0901. per an. was seen, but the populace heard their crics num.

at intervals. This was hut for a short time, At the expiration of the present Crown for the poor giving way, the whole of this leases, which will be in about three years, unfortunate family perished in the burning the houses in Pall Mall, from the corner of ruins. It is not known how the fire ori Market lane, to the Hay-Market, are to be ginated. pulled down, and a grand front, under the T he annual Meeting of the British and direction of an eminent architect, is to be Foreign Bible Society was held on the first of formed to the Opera House, upon the May, and did not tall short in interest of any site. This will be an improvement long of the former Meetings. The expenditure wanted.

of the Society in diffusing the Scriptures Between two and three o'clock in the in various nations, and in every quarter of morning of Saturday, April 20:h, a dreadful the globe, amounts for the last year to fire broke out in the house occupied by Mr. 30,0001.; and the number of Bibles distrio Goullee, pork-butcher, corner of Hall-Moon, bwed, to one half of the whole number dis.


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