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persed in the six preceding years. The sum proposed by the committee, and assented to of 40001. was announced as received from the by The claimants and proprietors of the late Liverpool Auxiliary Society; and a large Drury-lane property, shall be submitted to sum from Manchester.

the said general meeting for their consent and May 9th, the foundation-stone of the New approbation; and any subscriber disagreeing Bridge on the Thames, from Milbank to from such statement, shall be at liberty to Vauxhall, was laid with great ceremony, in withdraw his subscription and relinquish all presence of a vast concourse of spectators. share and interest in the undertaking." The Prince Regent was prevented attending, In pursuance of the provision of the Act but was represented by Lord Dundas, who above recited, the committee will appoint a officially christened the now pile," Regent's general meeting of the new subscribers on the Bridge." This Bridge will be built, excer- earliest day possible, whose assent to the sally, of a most durable Scutch granite; the plan proposed, until ratified at such meeting, ornaments and finishings of Portland stone. will be conditional only, and subject to their It will be a straight bridge, like those of own revision and option of withdrawing their antiquity, and will consist of seven arches Subscriptions, if upon the statements made the central one of 110 feet span, the others they shall think fit so to do. Ten per diminishing in size to 90 feet at the ends, cent. on the amount of the share in The water-way will be 702 feet, and the scribed to be paid at the time of suhscribe whole extent 920 feet. It will take about ing, to the account of Samuel Whitbread, Peter five years in completion

Moore, and Harvey Christian Come, esars, In addition to the 100,0001. voted by Par- the trustees named in the Act for that spee liament to the suffering Portuguese, sub- cial purpose, and to be by them vested in scriptions, which already amount to a very exchequer bills, bearing interest for the belarge sum; have been opened in London, and nefit of the subscribers, until the funds under all the other considerable towns in the the sanction of the general meeting of the kingdom are following the example of the subscribers shall be required by the committee metropolis.

empowered by the said Act, to carry the pur. The committee under the Act passed in the poses of the Act into execution; who will last session of parliament for rebuilding the then give notice of the periods of payments of late Theatre Royal, Drury-lane, destroyed by the other instalments. The committee under fire in the month of February, 1809, having the Act will receive and consider of plans, been for a considerable time anxiously em. estimates, and proposals for contracts for ployed in the investigation and arrangement building a new Theatre, addressed to the of the affairs of the late Theatre, are arrived chairman of the committee, at Peter Moore's, ai that point when they deem themselves au- esq. Great George-street, Westminster, thorised to lay before the public the following The first deposits, with the accruing in, proposals :It is proposed to raise a fund not terest, to be returned conformably to the Act, exceeding 300,0001. (the sum liniited by the in the event of any thing occurring so as to said Act) upon the conditions and under the disappoint the present arrangement, and prt, regulations therein mentioned, in shares of vent the plan being carried into execution 1001. each. Every subscribersof five shares according to the provisions of the said Act. and upwards to be entitled to a personal Books for subscriptions are open, and the tree admission. It appears to the committee deposits received ac tbe principal banking, that the fund they are empowered to raise houses. will be fully adequate to the purposes of sebe . The society for the discharge and relief of tling with the claimants in the first instance, persons imprisoned for small debts have made and of rebuilding a cheatre of substantial con. their annual report: the number of debtors struction and moderate size, and that the pro- discharged and relieved within the last year, bible receipts, calculated on good grounds, amount to 769, who had 533 wives, and 1530 will be sufficient to cover the expenses and children,-The average expence of their ii. interest, with a fair prospect of profit upon the beration is 41. 16s. 1d. each. shares. The subscribers are by the Act, It has been given in evidence before the erected into a joint stock company, so that committee of the House of Commons, to each subscriber is liable only for tbe amount whom the Bill for a new proposed Southwark of his share, and the shares are transferable bridge was referred, that the average loss of by assignment. The Theatre, with iis ap- property was from 20 to 30,000t, annually purtenances, and all the buildings and ground at London bridge, besides about so tires à comprehended ja the lease from the Duke of year; that this was occasioned by the bad Bidlord, together with the patents, will be construction of that bridge, which was in a come che property of the said joint stock come state of decay, there being two large rents in rany. It is further provided in the said Act, one of the principal piers, and that it was very that at a general meeting of the subscribers, “ a probable the whole would shortly come wo and visiace statement of the arrangement tumbling into the river ; in which case the


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river would overflow its banks, and the fat action in front of the pedestal, exhibits the country on the south side be inundaced for situation of the fleet towards the conclusion miles.

of the battle, when the hero was nortally An afflicting detail has been laid on the wounded by a shot from the main-top of a table of the House of Commons, in conse. 74, with which the Victory appears to be quence of the humane endeavours of Sir closely engaged. In the niches two British Samuel Romilly to modify our Penal Laws. seamen, with implements of war aod nayi. It is a return of the number of commitments gation, bear with deep concern the fate of for trial in the years 1805.6.7.8, and 1809, their beloved hero. The monu.zent is distinguishing the crimes, convictions, and adorned by the following inscription, frun. sentences. In London and Middlesex alone, the pen of the Right Honourable R. Brinsley it appears, that the numbers were:

Sheridan: Committed. Indicted. Convicred. 1805 - 980 - 951 - 558

HORATIO, Viscount and Baron NELSON, 1806 899


Vice-Admiral of the White, and Knight of 1807 1017

980 542

the most Honourable Order of the Bath, 1803 - 1110 1074 - 619

A man amongst the tew who appear 1809 - 1242 - 1197 - 750

At different periods to have been created In this melancholy table the gradual in

To promote the grandeur, and add to the crease of crimes and convictions for the last

security of nations ; three years is very remarkable; and we fear Inciting by their high examples their fellow. that the evil may be traced to the pressure of

mortals, chrough all succeeding times, the times, for we observe that it is under the heud of jarceny, that the increase of crimes

To pursue the course

that leads to the exaltation of our imperfect is chiefly to be found. To give an idea of

Dature. the number of commitments, trials, and convicrions for all England, we subjoin the re

PROVIDENCE, turn for the year 1809 :

That implanted in Nelson's breast an ardent Committed. Indict. Convier, Execut. Home circuit. 368

passion for renown, 332 205 17

As bounteously endowed him with the tran, Oxford ditto . 269 262 154 Western dicto.

scendant talents necessary to the great 267 253 152

purposes Midland ditto , 223 214 134 Norfolk ditto

He was destined to accomplish. i 121 118 Northern ditto. 108 98

Ar an early period of life North Wales ditto 1

He entered into the nayal service of his Brecon oicto 10

country, Carmarthen ditto 18 15

And early were the instances which marked Lancastóire ditto 105

The fearless nature and enterprize of him Durhamn . 8

character: London and ?

Uniting in the loftiest spiut, and the justest Bliddlesex f 1242 1197 750 7

title io seli-confidence,

A strict and humble obedience to * 2740 9601 1577 57 The sovereign rule of discipline and subor.

dination, The monument erected to the memory of Rising by due gradation to command, Lord Nelson, in Guildhail, being come. He infused into the busoms of those he led pieted, is now opened lor public inspection. The valorous ardour and enthusiastic zeal for In the back ground is seen a pyramid, sup- the service of his King and Country, posed to be the tomb of the immortal Nel- ! Which animated his owa; yon, decorated with naval trophies, the fruit And while he acquired the love of all, of his victories; while the female figure in By the sweetness and moderation of this the centre (personating the city of London)

tepiper, in grateful remembrance of the signal ser. He inspired an universal confidence vices be rendered to his country, perpetuates In the never-tailing resourses of his capacious: the memory of his great actions to posterity, .

mind, and finishes with admiration the record of his last glorious achievement oft Trafalgar. Brio . It will be for History to relate tannia. on the left, supported by a lion (the The many great exploits, chrough which, symbol of unshaken courage), is peasively. Solicitous of peril, and regardless of wounds, musing over a portrait of the conqueror, and He became the glory of bis profession! in silent griet deplores her loss. The recum But it belongs to this brief record of his bent figure in the fore ground, representing

illustrious career to say, the ocean, roused by the fame of his heroic That he Cominanded and Conquered actions, participates in Britannia's. Sorrow At the Battles of the NILE and COPEN. 244 regret for the hero's fase, The naval



70 49

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Victories never before equalled, Amici, of Basinghall-street, to Elizabeth, Yet afterwards surpassed by his own eldest daughter of Charles Hicks, esq. of last achievement,

Finsbury Square. The BATTLE of TRAFALGAR! At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Lieutee Tought on the 21st of October, in the year nant-colonel Hugh Sutherland, to Ann, 1805.

daughter of the late Hector Mackay, esq. of ON THAT.DAY,

Streatham. Before the conclusion of the Action;

At St. Leonard's, Shorediech, Mr. John He fell, mortally wounded!

Parkinson, of Kingsland-road, co Diana, sebut the sources of Life and Sense failed not cond daughter of James Chappell, esq. until it was known to him that the

At Mary-le-bone, the Rev. George Mur. Destruction of the enemy being completed,

ray, to Lady Sarah Maria Hay.-Robert The glory of his Country and his own had

bis own had Bateson, esq. of Belvoir Park, in the county attained their summit;

of Down, only son of Thomas Bateson, esq. Then laying his hand on his brave heart,

of Orange Field, in the same county, io With a look of exalted resignation to the will Catherine, youngest daughter of Samuel OF THE

Dickson, esq. of the county of Limerick. Supreme Disposer of the fate of man and William Wilkins, esq. of Manchester-street, nations,

architect, to Miss Alicia Murphy, of New HE EXPIRED.

Cavendish-street. The Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Common- King, esq. of Soho-square, to Miss Knight,

At St. George's, Hanover-square, H. T. Council, of the city of London,

of Sloane-street. · Hive caused this Monument to be erected, At St. James's, Mr. George Bedford, of Not in the presumptuous hope of sustaining Bath, to Olivia Frances, only daughter of the departed Hero's memory,

Colonel Smith, of the Island of St. He. But to manifese their estimation of the Man, lena.

And their adiniration of his deeds. At St. Martin's in the Fields, Mr P. WhitThis testimony of their gratitude, they trust, worth. voungest son of William w s of will remain as long

Aswardby, Lincolnshire, to Miss Harriet As their own renowned city shall exist.

Cooper, of Grantham.

At St. Giles's in the Fields, William, NELSON'S FAME can only be the End of second son of George Ward, esg. of Beile Time.

Vue, Isle of Wight, to Emily, fitth daughter The committee appointed to carry into ex- of H. C. Combe, esq. M. P. ecution the resolution of the Lord Mayor,

At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Edwin Aldermen, and Common Council, of the city

Corbett, esq. major in the Cheshire militia, Of London, for erecting a statue of his Ma.

to Anne, second daughter of John Blackjesty (in marble) in the Council Chamber at burne, esq. M. P. for Lancashire.-Wm. Ed. Guildhall, have adopted the model of Mr. ward Tomline, esq. to Frances, only daughter Chantrey, which represents his Majesty of the late John Amler, esq. of .Ford Hall, Xanding in his robes, in the act of answering Shropshire

Shropshire. an address of the city of London, which ad At Deptford, Mr. Samuel Ralph, surgeon, dress be holds in his left hand, in the form of

nd, in the form of of Tunbridge, to Miss Doraford, one of the & scroll, marked with the city arms. In the

the grand-daughters of the late Josiah back ground is a pediment, on which are de. Desq kribed the einblems of commerce, agri ,

At Lambeth, Thomas Hayter, esq. of culture, the arts, and manufactures: and the

Brixcon-hill, to Miss Wooding. pediment supports the globe, on which are

At Lewisham, Hanson Berry, esq. eldest delineated the tracks observed by the prin

son of Sir John Berry, bart. to Elizabeth Ann, cipal circumnavigators of the present reign,

daughter of Henry Talourdin, esq. of Sye encircled by the British flag. This emblem

denbam. Is characteristic of the triumphant command

At Newington, the Rev. Edward Andrews, ? the British tag possesses in every part of the

of Romford, to Miss Bayley, daughter of the world, the natural and necessary consequence

late P. B. esq. of Nantwich, Cheshire. of the splendour of our naval superiority.

At St. George's, Southwark, William The figure of his Majesty is graceful and well

Mackay, M. D. of the Royal Navy, to Ameproportioned. Mr. Chantrey has also been

lia, youngest daughter of the late J. C. Des particularly happy in the choice of his em

bell, esq. of Bath, blems, and pays a well-merited compliment

Rafael de Cruz Guerriero, secretary of to our Sovereign for that liberal protection

legation from the Prince Regent of Portugal which his Majesty has extended to the fine arts.

to the court of London, to Evelyn Palyart, MARRIED.

daughter of Jgnatius P. esq. of Beiford At St. Michael Bassishaw, Mr. F. G.' Place, Russel Squart.



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At Hadley, Mrs. Amy Burrows, 81. In Jersey, Lieutenant Fletewood, of the In Hereford Street, Lady Essex Pinch Royal Navy, agent for transports in that daughter of the late and sister to the present island. Lieutenant F. was, till Yately, Earl of Winchelsea. charged with the superintendance of the Ac his house in Westminster, Lieutenant, transport service at Lisbon; but, in conse. Colonel Ricbard Pownell, formerly of the 1st quence of a misunderstanding between him Guards, 86. and the admiral, commanding on that station, In Sloane Square, Chelsea, in his 60th arising out of a subject highly creditable to year, Mr. 7. Fraser, well known to the bar the heart of the lieutenant, he was super tanical world by his useful and extensive re seded. This circumstance so deeply affected searches in North America, and other his mind, as to impel him to commit suicide, regions. by cutting his throat. On his table were In New Burlington Street, Josepb Hill, ang found three letters: one for a captain in the of Wargrave Hill, Berks. Royal Navy; the second for the lieutenant of In Lincoln's Inn Fields, William Hamilton, the Grosney signal-post, binting at the cause esq. 82. of the catastrophe, begging him to take care 'In Berner's Street, Frederie, youngest son of his dear children (his wife being dead), to of Mr. Fane, 15. give them what money was due to him ; and In Craven Street, Warwick Francis, son of also requesting him to see his remains decently John Tatham, esq. interred. This desire was faithfully executed. In Old Cavendish Street, Mr. Hebu Maro The third was addressed to his mother, whose donald. affliction is heightened by the circumstance Ac Shepherd's Bush, Jobm Kilbintos, of its not having been forwarded to her. This €59.49. officer, having entered at an early age into the “In King Street, Cheapside, Mr. Abrabeth Royal Navy, had served his country in some Slack, 50. of the most brilliant engagements, and in In Gower Street, Bedford Square, Mrse various parts of the world, during the late and Peters, 82, present contest. Enthusiastically devoted to l o Northumberland Street, Mrs. Brown, his, profession, he had acquired a degree of relict of Richard B. esq, of Newcastle upons nautical skill and experience, very rarely Tyne, 59. equalled at his age, and a readiness of resource In Devonshire Place, Mattberp Bell, esg, of which raised him above every emergency. Woolsington, Northumberland, a gen deman With these qualities be combined a high highly respected by a numerous acquaintance, tense of honour and unshaken integrity; so and possessed of a benevolence of mind that chat bis premature decease may truly be de rendered his wealth a blessing to number of plored as a public loss.

his fellow-creatures. La Charterhouse Square, Mrs. Rowlatt, In Lower Brook Street, Mrs. Milnes, reliet Jelict of William R. esq. 69.

of John M, esq. of South Collingham, At Dulwich, Edward Browne, esq. 74. ' Notis, 73.

Jonathan Court, esq. late in the East India At Brompton, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward
Company's civil service at Calcutta.

Stephens, late of the 3d foot guards.
In Downing Street, Westminster, Mrs, in her 85th year, Mrs. Mary Cole, widow.

of the ingenious Mr. Cole, who formerly care At the New River Head, Islington, Robert ried on an extensive many factory on chę Sprry Milne, esq. 78.

side of Westminster bridge, and was the ini In Gray's Inn Lane, Mrs. Esther Bitbrey. ventor of the chain.pumps used in the

In James Street, Westminster, at the house navy. of P. Coguhcun, esq. his father-in-law, Lieu. At Kensington, William Smith, esg. nephew pesant-colonel Barclay, of che 52d regiment, of the late Dr. S, Dean of Chester, 53, of the wounds which he received at the bacs At Walworth, Mrs. Hudson, relict of Rear tle of Busaco, where he commanded a light Admiral H. 53. brigade.

In Parliament Street, W. Sayer, wg, in Wallbrook, Richard Bridger, esq, late 74. one of the cashiers in the Bank of Eng. In the South Crescent, Bedford Square, Lund, 73.

Mrs. Cooper, wife of Samuel C. csq.
In Great James Street, William Wobb, At York Hospital, Chelsea, John Thomas
esg. 74.

Eyre, esg, paymaster,
Ac Stanwell Place, Lady Gibbons, wife of Io Duke Street, Oxford Street, in ponses
şir William G. bart, and sister to Sir Charlesquence of her clothes taking fire, Miss Cbaru
Watson, bart.

Lutte Sumner.
As Dorchester House, Louisa, daughter of At Paddington Green, yohn Gray, esge
Major-General Macleod.

L.L.D. 88.
Át Holloway, Mr. Ingleby, pf Wood After a few hours Illness, of the govt in hig
Street, 68.

stomach, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of At Egham, John Delamain, esg. of Berger's Shaftesbury, Baron Ashley, ut Wieborne SE 25$er

Giles; Giles; Baron Cooper, of Pawlet, a Baronet, on Convictions on Penal Statutes," 8vo. 1792. and F.R.S. His Lordship was born Sept. 17, "The Works of Horace, translated into 1761, succeeded to the fan:ily honours and English Verse, " 2 vols. 8vo. 1793, 1797. estates in 1771, and in 1786 married Barbara, “The Progress of Satire, an essay in verse, only daughter of the late Sir John Webb, ac with Notes, containing Remarks on the Pur. opulent Roman Catholic baronet, by whom suits of Literature," an 8vo. pamphlet, 1798. he had issue only one daughter, born in " Supplement to the Progress of Satire, 1788. The title consequently devolves to containing Remarks on the Answer that has his brother, the Hon. Cropley Ashley Cooper, been attempted to be given to it," an 8vo, M.P. for Dorchester.

pamphlet, 1799. In the two latter, Mr. At Buckenham, Norfolk, 'the Right Ho. Boscawen defends himself against the attacks flourable Sir James Pulteney, bart. M.P. for of the author of the Pursuits of Literature, Weymouth, a member of the Privy Council, with a mianliness and generosity of sentiand colonel of the 18th regiment of foot. ment which appear to great advantage, when His death was occasioned by an accident which contrasted with that obliquity of character he experienced while shooting with a gun which marks his rival. In his translation of having a fock of new invention, which not Horace, on which performance his reputation being in proper order, he no sooner pulled the as an author chiefly rests, he has been most trigger than his right eye was blown out. He successful in the Odes; and it is no contemplanguished in great pain for a few days, till eble praise to admit, that his version is, ge+ his death. Sir James entered the army very nerally speaking, the best we have of that young, and served in the American war. At admired poet. the compencement of the war of the French In Bedford Street, Russell Square, in his fevolution, le accompanied the Duke of York 85th year, Richard Cumberland, isq. of whom to Flanders, as adjutant-general of the army a detailed account will be given in our next under the command of his Royal Highness; Number. and was afterwards appointed to conduct an At her house in Upper Mary le bone Street, unsuccessful expedition against Ferrol. Oni Mrs. Clio Ricbman. Perhaps the mention of the formation of the present administration, this event should be sufficient to excite the he was appointed sceretary at war, which regret of all those who know to appreciate office he resigned about a year ago. He pos. the great and excellent qualities of which the sessed very extensive information on almost female mind is capable; bu:, as the un. all subjects, and often displayed considerable assuming and upostentatious virtues of this talents in the senate as an orator, and even as admirable woman, secluded her, like gold, in a financier. He was well acquainted with the mine from the public view, it becomes the scientific parts of his own profession, and the duty of the biographer to give, if pos. his personal courage was never questioned: sible, her true character to the world, a duiy but he wanted that active energy and promp. in the execution of which he would trium, ness of character, which is essential to mili- phandy pass by the ephemeral merits of tary success., His habits were rather of that emperors and kings, as comparatively une plodding and deliberating kind, which some worthy of attention. The writer of this times occasions irresolution. His name, article has been honored with many years which was originally Murray, he changed for acquaintance with Mrs. Rickman; but, paso Pulteney, on his marriage, in 1794, to che cial as he may be to her memory, recollec. late Countess of Bath, by wbom he had no tion of the purity and candour of her heari, issue. The irrimense annual revenue which he forbids bim saying more of the exalted subderived as the interest alone out of the ject of her praise, than what he conscien. Pulteney property, by the will of that lady, tiously feels to be her due, Mrs. Rickman was full 50,0001. per annum; the principal at an early age, became the wife of Mr. of which, by his death, now devolves, by the Thomas Clin Rickman, with whose character same will, on the four children of Mrs. Mark- and talents the public have been long ae. ham, daughter of Sir Richard Sutton, bart. quainted. Perhaps there never was an inby a son of the late Archbishop of York, who stance of the union of (wo minds more truly was divorced from her husband about six years congenial in ardency of feeling, liberality of ago. In his citle and paternal estate he is sentiment, and active morality, joined to : fucceeded by luis brother, Major general contempt of those prejudices, vulgar or poo Diurray. .

lite, that interfere with the intellectual hap: William Boscawer, esq. a commissioner of piness of social man. Thus constituted, it can the victpalling-office, nephew to the cele- not be matter of surprize, chat amid the brated Admiral Boscawen. He was educated severest persecutions of power, continued pee at Eton, and brought up to the professiori ofcuniary difficulties gand the injustice and male, the law, but resigned his gown for his ap- volence of the base and canting crowd, whom poinment iq the victualling-office. His the askedness of virtue offends, but whom the Literary productions have been: " A Treatis cumbrous trappings of vice and folly delighte


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