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they should for a series of years have en powers of her mind, and that she was 6tted
joyed and diffwed a degree of felicity seldom not only to adorn, but to amend and im-
attained by the human race. Superiorly prove, any station or rank in life in which
gifted in mind, Mrs. Rickmon smilingly Providence might have placed her.
meruggled against the frowns of fortune, and The Rev. Dr. Jobs Vardill, whose death we
struggled with success, so far as her noblest noticed in p. 188, of our No. for March, was
aims were answered By her exertions the educated in King's College, New York, of
business on which they entered became an which he was elected principal, and appointed
abject of high importance, and its minutest Regius Professor of Divinity. When A nerica.
details were conducted by herself with that claimed independence, he resigned his bright
precision, regularity, and comprehensiveness prospect there, and embraced the cause of the
of mind, which with equal ease embraced the mother country; where he distinguished
most momentous and the minor transactions himself by many publications worthy an
of life. A large family of children (seven acute and liberal politician. He was a rare
of whom, one girl and six boys, are doomed example of splendid talents, devoted to the
with their surviving parent, for ever to mourn purest philanthropy; and of profound scboa
her loss) were brought into life, and their lastis knowledge, blended with the most en-
education superintended by her; and, young dearing social virtues. During the last ten
as many of them still are, the lessons which, years, severe sickness withdrew him from
by precept and example, she has instilled those public circles, of which his wit, elo-
into their minds, will donbtless be cherished quence, and urbanity, had rendered him che
and severed by them to the last periods of ornament; but his memory will be treasured
existence. No arrogance or assumption of while those who knew him exist.
superiority ever marked the beautiful tenor (Further particulars of Dr. Maskelyne, wbose
of her way; indeed her virtues were more dearb is mentiered at page 182 of our Number
discoverable in their effects, than by any for Marcb.)-Dr. M. was originally fellow
pompous or affected display of them. It was of Trinity College, Carr.bridge, where he pro-
not however in the shade of domestic life ceeded B. A. 1754; M.A. 1757; B.D. 1768;
alone that her merits were exercised and put D.D. 1777. He was presented in Jan. 1775,
to the test; her grasp of niind, and vigour of by his nephew Lord Clive, to the rectory of
exertion, were no less forcibly tried by the Shrawarden, in Salop; and in 1784 by the
political and troublesome circumstances of the master and fellows of his college, to the living
times, where her husband's liberty and safety of North Runcton, in Norfolk. Having at
were menaced and invaded by measures ori. an carly period of life given proofs of his
ginating in the suspicious tempers of those abilities as a mathematician and astronomer,
servants of the crown, who, estimating the Dr. M. went to Barbadoes, under the apo
standard of other men's minds by their own, pointment of the Board ot' Longitude, for the
could see nothing in sterling integrity and purpose of trying Mr. Harrisoti's marine
honest independence, but selfish ambition time-keeper, for which the inventor claimed
and revolutionary fervor. She had to con- the premium offered by parliament. His
tend, on the occasions referred to, with a host first publication was a quarto pamphlet, with
of legal characters, whom she astonished by a view to the improvement of practical na.
the force and pertinency of her remarks, and vigation, entitled, “ The British Mariner's
compelled into admiration of the superiority Guide," published in 1763. His reputation
of her genius, and the activity of her exer- was by this time so completely established.
cions. Her husband is in all probability in- and his talents were so highly appreciated,
debted to her for his escape from the cruelty' that, on the death of Dr. Nathaniel Bliss, in
of persecutions, as base as they were unjust, 1765, he was appointed to the situation of
and he never ceased to express his sense of Astronomer Royal to his Majesty. In 1767
what he owes in these and a variety of other be published, by order of the commissioners
instances, to this cxalted woman. It was in of longitude, an account of Mr John Harria
fact the case with her as it is with him ; no son's watch. In 1774, the president and
circumstance, other than the death of a re- council of the Royal Society, brought out in
lative or friend, bad power seriously to hurt a folio volume, at the public expence, his
her mind; but there she was vulnerable'; and tables for computing the apparent Places of
the dtach of a liule girl, her youngest child, the Fixed Stars, and reducing Observations of
about three years since, affected her deeply, the Planets. la 1776, he produced the first
and perhaps in a degree laid the foundation volume, in folio, of his Astronomical Obser.
of the lingering illness which has terminated vations, made at the Royal Observatory, at
to fatally for her family, and so unforfu. Greenwich, from the year 1765. The cona
nacely for whom she honored with tinuation of this important work has since
ker friendship. In short, whether we regard been given to the world in the same form, in
her as a daughter, a wife, a mother, or a obedience to his Majesty's command. 'lo
friend, we shall find her to have excelled 1792, Dr. M. presented the public with the
in the performance of the duties attached to invaluable tables of Logarithms, by the late
each character; we shall and the force of her indefatigable Micbael Taylor, who sunk
affections to have been alone equalled by the under his task and died, when anly ave pages


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of his work remained unfinished, bequeathing the public. M. Grosley, in his book inti, to the world a most remarkable monument tuled, “ Londres," 3 vols. 8vo. 1770, among of human industry. Dr. M. had always en-. many disparaging characters of Englishmen couraged the design, and now took upon him.. whom he saw in his stay at London in 1765, sell to finish the work, to which he prefixed gives this advantageous one of Dr. Maskea most masterly introduction, rendering tbe lyne, "chez lequel je trouvai une politesse whole a very complete performance. In the et une complaisance que les Salins de ca ominent station which he held during the rang n'ont pas toujours pour des passans. long period of forty-six years, he conducted As à Christian, both his life and pious rehimself in such a manner as to gain the signation to the will of God at his death esteem of all men of science, both of this testify, that, however science might have eno and other countries; and, it must be admitted, gaged his attention, his higher duties to hia shat few have fulfilled its duties with sa Maker were not thcreby aeglected. much ability, ache perhaps so usefully for


WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHIS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South.

Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly que Thenticuted, and sent free of Postage, are always thankfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceased. I

NORTNUMIERLAND AND DURHAM. At Durhan, Mr. William Gray, jan. 49. THE winning of Fawdon colliery, near Mr. William Shaftoe, attorney, captain in

Newcastle, is completed, and opens a the Durham volunteer infantry, 33. Gract of coal of the best quality, sufficient for At Newbottle, near Houghton-le-Spring, a cealory to come, being the whole mines Edward Wetherall, esq. 68. under the estate belonging to the late Sir At Byker Hill, Mrs. Hunter, wife of Mat. Arthur Haselrigge, bart. containing nearly thew H. esq. 41. . BOXO acres.

At South shields, Miss Giles, 40.--Mr. Married.] At Blyth, Mr. . Stephenson Thomas Carens, 50.--Mrs. Mead, 83. Scaife, of Newçantle, co Miss Wilkinson, At North Shields, Mr. William Brown. daughter of Mr. W. collector at the customs At Berwick, Mr. Joha Craig.-Margaret ac Blyeb.

Douglas, 85. Jane, wife of Mr. Joseph At. At Alawick, Mr. Thomas Riddell, to Miss kinson, 60.-Mrs. Steel, 56.-Mri Joba Weddell.

Morgan, 66.-Mrs. Mary Heslop, 73. Mr. As Newcastle, Mr. Thomas Keaveley, to John Dunlop, 72.-Mrs. Catherine Hogg, 76. Niss Mary Micchell.-Mr. J. C. Ward, Mn. Braće, 34. BO Miss Margaret Scoddart, of Ravens. At Bishop wearmouth, Eleanor, wife of Mr. worth.,

Samuel. Clark, 82.Miss. Rippon.-Mr. Ac Corbridge, the Rer. J. D. Wastell, of John Booth, 58. Risby, Suffolk, to Frances, daughter of B. At Sunderland, Serjeant-major Robinson, Wastell, esg. of Aydon House, Northume of the Westminster militia, 57.-Miss laderland.

bella Graham.Mrs. Ann Chilcon. -Mrs. At Hebam, Mr. Thomas Ridley, so Miss Jane Wardle, 60. Judith Rogers.

At Newburn, Mr. John Hedley, 6%. Af Newbura, Mr. William Catcheside, of A Seabam Mill,Mr.Samuel Stephenson, 30. Terwick, to Miss Robson, of Throckley. At Alnwick, Mr. John Ancel, 63.

At Berwick, Mr. Clemcnt Pattinson, to . At Hartburn, near Stockton, Mrs. Ward. Miss Ann Marshall.

At Ryton, Mrs. Thorpe, wife of the Rev. At Souch Shieldo, Captain John Pation, Mr. T. and only daughifer of H. C, Selbs, of the Ceres transport, to Ann, daughter esq. of Swansfield. of the late Mr. Thomas Hewison... · At Simonburn, Mrs. Rell.

Died.) At Newcastle, Henry Richard, son At Acomb Toll Bar, Robert Kell, 94. of Mr. William Fife, surgeon.Mts. Sce. At Anick, James Crozier, 101. phenson.Mr. John Watson, 66. Mr. Jo- At Longhirst, acar Morpeth, Robert, son seph Renwick, 35.-Mr. A. Mackintosh, 41. of Mr. Roger Thompson, 20.

Mrs. Bridget Curry. Mr. J. A. Kidd, 37. At Claypoth, Miss Isabella Wilson, only

Miss Ann Hodgien, 22. Mr. Richard daughter of Mr. Thomas W. 16. i Gee, 2. Andrew Piery, 100. Ho retained At Stockton, Charles, only san of Mr. Eofuis facultim to the last


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At Seaton Carew, Mrs. Eleanor Smith, At Maryport, Mary, wife of Mr. Henry 107.

Vickers. At Simpson Mains, Mr. James Murray, At Muncaster Castle, the Hon. Anna Jina 85.

Penelope Pennington, eldest daughter of In Whickham Fellside, Mr. Francis Ben Lord Muncaster. seit, 74.

At Workington, Mrs. James, many years At Tweedmouth, Mr. James Turner, keeper of the coffee-room--Mr. William master of the Berwick packet.

At Anick Grange, Mrs. Harbottle, 56. In the Isle of Mann, Mrs. Kershaw, a
- At Hexham, Mrs. Ellison, widow of the maiden lady, formerly of Rochdale, Lancas-
Rev. Mr. E. 88.

ter, 73.
At Monkwearmouth, Mrs. Lawson, wife At Keswick, Henry William Bunbury,
of Mr. George L. 69.

esq. formerly lieutenant-colonel of the West At Shineliff Grainge, near Durham, Mrs. Suffolk regiment of militia, and brother to Hopper, wife of Thomas H. esq.

Sir Charles Bunbury, bart. of Great Barton,

in that county. This gentleman is well known CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND.

as an artist, in which he approached nearer
The Earl of Lonsdale and Sir James Gra. to Hogarth, in his representations of life and
ham, bart. of Edmond Castle, have prevailed manners, than any existing painter.
on government to grant 10,0001. towards At Carlisle, Mr. William Hislop, surgeon,
building an elegant bridge across the Eden 23.-Mr. William Johnston, 35,--Hannah
at Sunwix, which is intended to communi- Reid, 90.-Jane, daughter of Mr. Thomas
cate with the great national road, that has Armstrong.-Mr. Thomas Nixon, 15. Mrs.
long been in the contemplation of government Catherine Gilpin, sister to Dr. Gilpin, mayor
to make, between Carlisle and Port Pas of Carlisle, 7i: a lady of considerable literary

attainments, and respected by a numerous
Married.) At Whitehaven, Mr. Isaac circle of acquaintance. Mr. Thomas Losh,
Adamson, of Egremont, to Mrs. Forster. 80.--Mrs. Stoddart, 70.--Mrs. Ana Lemon,
Mr. William Bacon, to Miss Fisher. -Mr. 66.-Mrs. Mary Robinson, 68.
John Taylor, to Miss Mary Woodall.

At Penrith, Mro. Eliz. Birbeck.
At Orton, Mr. William Todhunter, to. At Whitehaven, Mrs. Eliz. Little, 88.
Miss Elizabeth Cleasby.

Mr. John Raney, 53.Mr. Alexander Spito
At Abhey Church, Holm Cultram, Captain tal, 72.-Captain Fell, of the ship Edward
Ray, of whitehaven, to Miss Amn Holliday, of this port.-Mrs. Lloyd, 43. Mrs. Lucas,
of Mowbray.

92.--Mrs. Winter, 58 --Eleanor, daughter At Workington, Mr. George Waters, to of Mrs. Madders, 17.-Mrs. Denton, wife Mies Grace Falcon,

of Mr. John D. one of the landing waiters of In the Isle of Mann, the Hon. Captain this port.--Mrs. Ann Huddleston, widow of Murray, of the 5th regiment, to Miss Ba. Captain H. of the Powell. Mrs. Walker, con, daughter of the late Joho Joseph B. relict of Mr. John W. and aunt to Robert caq. of Douglas.

Srirke, R. A. 88.-Mro. Downie. ---Mr. At Cross Cannoby, Captain Jolin Walker, John Fell, 62.Mr. Matthew Younghus. of the Termagant of Mary port, to Miss Jane band, late bookseller, 68.--Mrs. Losh, tc. Dawson, of Birkby.

lict of Captain L. 81. At Crosthwaite, Mr. James Atkinson, post. At Hensingham, Mr. James Oyes, 86.. master, Keswick, to Mrs. Dunglinson. At Richmond Hill, near Hepsingham, Mrs

Died.] At Carleton Hall, Mrs. Wallace, Fidler, wife of Mr. Daniel F. 69.
selict of James W. esq. lato attorney-ge. At Bronkinwall, ncar - Ravenglass, Mr
nerali .

Thompson, 80.
At Brampton, Mrs. Jane Tinting, mother: 'At Allenby, Mrs. Ann Bawman, 51.
of the late Mr. T. surgeon, 81.

At Rockcliffe, Mr. William Cartner, pae ·
At Town-foot, near Brampton, Mrs. Hal risk clerk, 78.
liburton, 82.

At Carleton Lodge, Aear Egremont; John
At Bransty, Mr. William Flanagan, 4%. Richardson, esq. 25.
At Abbey Town, Holm Cultram, Mr.


. · Elliot, surgeon and apothecary.

The erection of a handsome hotel at As Al Appleby, Mr. F. Hewitson, druggist, kern, near Doncaster, is in a forward state. lieutenant in the Westworeland local It offers a liberal accommodation to the visi. militia, 33; and five days afterwards, histors at that Spa, and, as a public improve. mother, Mrs. H. 71.

, ment, reflects great credit on the spirited unAc Keudal, Mrs. Dickinson, 10. Mrs. dertaker. Susan Crosfield, 75.--Mr. Thomas Hudson. The subscription Lancasterian school for -Mr. Walker, of the White Horse Inn. girls, lately erected in Salthouse-lane, Holl. At Burton in Kendal, Mrs, Alice Pearson, was opened the 15th of April. A consider,

able number of ladies, who have taken a Ac Bowags, Mr. Jame Robinson, 32 very active part in promoting this benevolens

institution :

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Institution, attended on the occasion. Up. 3,0001, towards the erection of the projected wards of 200 girls were admittedl, to whom Sessions House, at Leeds. This measure will the Rev. J. Clarke delivered an affectionate tend to the speedy completion of a plan, ab. address, which appeared to make a proper solutely necessary for the administration of inipression on the minds of the young pupils, justice within the borough, and which must as well as of their mothers, most of whom be highly useful and convenient to the Riding were present.

at large. Towards the new Sessions House At the late West Riding sessions, the new at Sheffield, the magistrates voted 1000). court-house at Pontefract, finished under the. The grand tunnel on the Huddersfield Cs. inspection of Mr. Bernard Hartley, (surveyor nal is completed, from its commencement at of the Riding bridges) from the plans of Mr. Huddersfield, to its termination at Ashion Waison, of York, was opened. For conve. under-Lyne, and is entirely ready for navie nience and accommodation, this edifice is gacion. This tunnel was projected and begun acknowledged to be superior to any in the in the year 1794. It has cost 130,0001. ; is 5420 ebunty.

yards long, seven and a half feet deep of The following report of the woollen cloth water, and seven and half head-way from the searchers in the West Riding, from the 25th surface of the water. At the bottom of two of March, 1810, to the mich of March, 1811, of the pits it is made wide enough for boats was exhibited:

to pass each other, or to vaload lime or Narrow corbs.''

coal. This year 158.25% pieces, or 6,180,181 yards. Married.] At Leeds, William, eldest son Last year 151,911 5,951,762 of Richardson Borradaile, esq. of Fenchurch

street, to Isabella Mary, eldest daughter of Increase 63,411

299,049 John Oates, esq.-The Rev. Ms. Murray, of Broad clotbs.

Rawdon, to Miss Scott. This year 272,664 pieces, or 1,671,042 yards.

• At York, Richard Sinclair, esq. recorder Last year $11,239


of York, to Elizabeth, second daughter of

the late William Sotheron, esq. of DuringDecrease 37,575 1,155,006

ton.Mr. Thomas Elton, to Miss E. Knowl. This diminution of the staple manufacture, is

son.-Mr. Thomas Waterworth, to Mins

Simpson. to be traced to two causes; the probibitory A t Ripley, William Gunning Camphell, decrees of Bonaparte, and the orders in coun. esq. eldest son of William C. esq. of Fair. cil of the British government: by the former, ficid, Scotland, to Diana, third daughter of of which our manufactures are shut out from Sir John Ingelby, bart, the continent of Europe, and by the latter At Brandsby, Mr. Robert Maskell, to Mary, our commercial relations with the United only daughter of Edward Wailes, esq. of States of America are suspended. Seeing the Colton, operation of these measures, and having their At Bridlington, James Hopkinson, esq. of etfects cvery day before our eyes in the num. Billings Hill, near Brandsburton, to Miss ber of artizans that are loitering about the Farthing, daughter of the late John F. esp. streets for want of employment, our surprise of Bridlington Quay; . is not that the quantity of woollens have de. Captain Lally, of the 6th dragoon guards, greased so much, but that they have decreased to Mrs. Moore, widow of Captain M. of so little ; and this surprise 'will appear very Grimston Lodge, near Tadcaster, and daugh. natural when the public are informed, that ter of George Towpend, esq. of York. of 1160 shearmen in the town and neigh. At Hull, Captain C, F. Flaton, to Miss bourhood of Leeds, 400 are out of employ. Maria Scruton, of Nottingham. But a falling off of only 925,957 yards will Died. ] At Doncaster, Mr. Frost Within be, in some measure, accounted for when the space of one week, J. Todd, 72; T. Jones, it is considered that the shipments to Ame- 77; Mary Richardson, 78 ; J. Bryan, 75; xica, for the fall trade, in 1810, were as and J. Mountain, 75. brisk as usual ; and that for about six months At Ecclesfield, Mr. William Greaves, 81, in that year, tbe depot system prevailed with At Beverley, Mrs. Jackson, wite of the its former pernicious activity; so that the Rev. John Jackson, rector of Cheadle. decrease in the broad cloths which appears on " At Conisbro', Mr. Merry weather, 80. this official return, though embracing a ve. At Rotberham, Mrs. Stanifarth.-Mri riod of a whole year, has, in point of fact, Flint. arisen within the last six months, as will apo At Bisliop Burton, near Beverley, pear from the following quarterly state. Thirsk, 79. bent :

At Howden, Miss Sarah Day, 40. · Narrow cloths. ' Broad clorbs,

At Sheffield, Mr. John Theobald, 28. 18t quarter, 48,353 . 1st quarter, 11,371

Mr. James Fletcher.-Mrs. White.- Miss 46,987 .2 ....... 75,866

Mary Chadburn, 25. Mrs. Powell.-Mr. • 84,809 S ........ 58,183

Samuel Uckicy. -Ms. Robert Woollen, 83. ionut. 48,123 4........ 58,744

-Mr. William Fritchley.-Mr. William

Marshail, late serjeant in the 14th foot, 13. The magistrates very liberally voted Mr. Abraham Mitchell, governor of the


poor-house.Mr. George Bateman,--Mrs. jected for a different part of the town; two Elizabeth Marshall,85. - Mn. Thorpe. -Mrs. elegant chapels just covered in; the first Ann Hirst, 89.

stone of a third laid ; a Magdalen Institucioa At Huddersfield, Mr. Thomas Depledge, just fou nded, and an auxiliary Bible Society:

for each of which very liberal subscriptions At Pontefract, Mr. Serjeant Cockell, one are now collecting. of the leading counsel in the northern cir Married.] At Wallon-le-Dale, John Base Cuit.

kervyle Glegs, esq. of Whittington Hall, · At Masbro, near Rotherham, Mr. D. Tay Chester, to Anne, youngest daughter of the lor, 27 ; and a few days afterwards his bro late Thomas Townley Parker, esq. of Cuerdea ther Mr. John T. 91.".

Hall. . Isaac Grainger, 80, long known in the

"At Lancaster, Scree:hill Harrison, esg. som Castle Howard country as the first huntsman of the late Streethill H. esq. of Cranage Hall, of bis day, having bunted it for many years Cheshire, to Mrs. Hunter, rolice of the Rev. under different establishments; but, on the John Alexander H. of York, and daughter Earl of Carlisle giving up the foxhounds, his and co-heiress of the late Thomas Saul, esg. lordship was pleased to withdraw him from of Lancaster.' that line of life, by retaining him at the head At Liverpool, Norman John Bond, nephew of his stable department, where he has for a of Sir Stephen B. bart. of Woodbank, Cheshire, number of years enjoyed every comfort and fo Isabella Eliza Speed, grand-daughter of attention so peculiarly characteristic of the "the late Earl of Sandwich. Mr. Jasepla Earl of Carlisle's goodness to all dependant Brade, to Miss Mary Huson.James Muir, upon his fordship.

esg. to Miss Brancker, daughter of P. W. B At Bubaith, Mrs. Langstaff, 82.

esq. Dr. Abraham Solomon, to Miss Helen After having completed his 11th year, Tyric.-Mr. William C. Cardwell, to Olivia, John North, of South Holme, near Buttere youngest daughter of the late William Wrigh. wick, butcher. He was born at Butterwick, esq. of Withington, near Manchester. in the parish of Barton-le-street, near Mal. At Childwall, Samuel Newton, esq. to ton; never lived at a greater distance than a Eliza, daughter of the late James Clegg, eg. mile from the house he was born in ; retained At Manchester, J. Ireland Blackburne, the use of his faculcies to the day of his death; esq. M.P. eldest son of John B. esg. one of and was considered to be, during the carly the representatives of this county, to Ann, part of his life, a free liver.

eldest daughter of the laca William Bamford, Ar Wakefield, Henry Andrews, esq. one esq. of Bamford. . of the deputy lieutenants for the West Riding, Died.) At Broughton, near Ulverston, Mei 55. Mr. Jannes Tate, 41. Mrs. Amory, E. Ireland, 74. * relict of Robert A., M.D.-Mrs. Walker. " At Mashgrave, near Dalton in Furness,

At York, Mr. A. Bartholoman, proprietor Mrs. Hartley, 75. of the York Herald, and one of the common. At Manchester, John Whitehead, esq. Councilmen for Walmgate Ward, 49.-Philip principal in the house of Mesors, Whitehead Samuel Maister, esq. 54. Mrs. Taylor, and Son.-Mr. Joseph Fowler, formerly of Mr. John Agar, 79 - Sarah, wife of Mr. Li Nottingham, 44.--Ms. Sainuel Satterthwaite. Hay.Mrs. Hall, wife of John Ac Frenchwood, near Preston, Thomas William Elsworth, of the Elephant and Castle Starkie, esq. Inn.

* Ac Preston, Mrs. Satterthwaite. At Hull, Mrs. Kirkman, wife of John K. Alexander Butler, esq. of Kirkland esq. 65.-Mro. Ann Carter.-Mrs. Rosen: Hall and Beaumont Core, the senior justice dalc, wife of Captain R. 38.--Mr. Tripp, of the peace for this county, chairman of the formerly proprietor of the Holt and Barton quarter sessions at Preston, and constable of ferry, 77.-Mr. John Orton, landing-waiter Lancasier Castle, 78. in the customs at this port, 57.

At Boulton on the Sands, nçar Lancaster, At Leeds, George Henry, 'second son of Mr. Christopher Atkinson, 59. Mr. White, organist. Mr. John Greaves, At Edge Hill, Mrs. Gibson, wife of Mr, of the hotel.

George G.: At Ripon, Mrs. F. Hardman, 90.

Ac Hill Cliff, near Warrington, Mrr. Pol. Ar the advanced age of 93, the Rev. Wil lard, 32." liam Hedges, M.A. rector of Thriburgh and At Everton, James Brade, esq. Adwick-le-street, near Doncaster.

At Wigan, Mr. Robert Finch. At Bawtry, John Nicholson, well known · At Bedford, near Leigh, Ms. Prescott, for. in that neighbourhood by the appellation of merly printer of the Moncliester Journals Dr. Nicholson, who has practised many years 78. with great success, as an itinerant doctor. At Killingholm, Mrs. Morrison, after las LANCASHIRE

*-' bouring two years under a dropsy, and on. It is a matter of fact, that, in the present dergoing the operation of tapping thirty-seves'. times, the worst perhaps Liverpool ever cimes. Inew, the foundation stone of a superb gom Al Harlingdon, Mr. George Dewes, of Thiç church has just been laid; apocher pro. Hull, 45...

..." · ". At .

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