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At Walsingham, Mr. Ceorge Rix, 77. ;. The friends to the general education of the At Thurne, Mr. G. Wigg, second son of the lower order oi society, must view with sutis. late Mr. W.22. faction the progress which has been made in Ac Swainstliorpe, Mrs. Ann Gooch. that important subject within the last twelve At Norwich, Mrs. Hubbard, 61,--Mr. months, in Norwich. Two large schools for John Curchia Elizabetli, wile of Mr. Ralph Ibe education of girls, have been organised by Coulson, 74.-Miss Norgate, daughter of Mr. Miss Harriet Howell, besides a private one Nicholas N.-Mr. W. Hutchinson, 33 -Mr. * hinder the immediate patronage of the Miss J. Lock, 63. Mrs. Elizabeth Paui, 71.Guruevs. In adılition to this, an excclient wiis. Bootin, wife of Mr. William B. book. school for four hundred boys, on the plan of seller, 49. Mrs. Ann Gooch, 68.--Mr. Air. Lancaster, is now opened under the su. Woodhouse, Mr. William Swann, 65. perintendance of Mr. M.Rea, which promises. the most important advantages to the poorer.

SUFFOLX. inhabitants of Norwichi, and exhibits a At a late meeting of the parishioners i OL. striking specimen of the peculiar advantages James's, Bury, held at the vestry, for the and excellences of Mr. I ncaster's system. purpose of taking into consideration the danAmidot this general adoption of the new geruus state of the steeple of that church, it niethods of diftusing instruction, the court of was resolved to take down the turret, to lower Gurdians for the Maintenance of the poor, the bell stage, and otherwise secure it from have opened a school for the children of the the apprehended danger. workhouse, composed of about tighty boys Married | The Rev. Joseph Cotterill, recand girls, which they have put under the tor of Ampion, to Miss Boak, daughter of the management of Miss Ilowell, and which has Rev. Mr. B. rector of Biockley. : 'been attended with the most compleat At Buxhall, Mr. Ebenezer Cooper, lo Miss SUCC*$.

S, Mayhew, Married.) At Yarmouth, the Rev. Edward At Sudbury, Mr: Benjamin Cook, to Miss Missenden Love, rector of Ashby, Suffolk, Jones, second daugliter ot Mr. H. J. to Charlotte Maria, youngest daughter of Died.] At Woodbridge, aged 61, Mr. Ro. James Fisbér, esg. -The Rev Charles James bert Loder, bookseller. Mr. L. was known fisher, to Mary Ann, second daughter of D. to the public, not only as a bookseller, but as Colby, esq.Mr. Daniel Hodson, of London, an author; his “History of framlingham," to Mary, daughter of the late Mr. N. Palmer. and several other antiquarian tracts, display.

Alexander Neshitt, csq. of Teignmouth, ing considerable industry and research.
to Miss Maria Fisher, daughter of William At Sconham, Fanny, eldest daughter of Mr.
F. esq.

Cockerill, 22.
Mr. Anthony Canhaiwi' | Fordham, near At Clare, Mr. Samuel Collis, 27.
Downhani Market, to Miss Holland, daugh. At Bury, Mr. David Skadow.
ter of Edmund H. eaq. of Swati ham.

At Framlingham, Mr. Bluss, sen. 86.
Ac Norwich. Mri w. Storey to Miss At Wrentham, Mr. Charles Allgar, 57.
Page. -Mr. James Blake.. Miss 3. Outlaw. At Great Finborouglı, Mr. Christopher

Mr. Drake of die ton itall, to Miss Alex. Grooin, 89.
ander, liest sbter of the late Major A.

The Rev. John Eade, rector of Cotton, and of Caista.

vicar of Tannington and Brundish, 77.
Died.) At Yarmouth, Lady Gardner, wife At East Bergholt, Mrs. Rhudde; wife of
of Rear Admiral Lord G. and daughier of the Rev Dr. R.
Lord Carrington.-Mr. Wm. N. Eldridge, 5%.
: At Lynn, Mrs. Hadley.S. Baker,

Elizabeth Jarrard, 111.

At a sale lately held near East Ham
• At Bawdeswell, Richard Lloyd, esg. 66. church, of 92 Merino sheep. part of the Escy.
- At Roydon, near Diss, Mr. Juba Bailey, rial stock, 38 rams averaged 491 5s. and one
formerly a farmer at Shelfanger, in this was sold at 62 guincas; the ewes, suppose it to
county, 109.

be in lamb, S4 in number, averaged 231. 148. At Acle, Mrs. Newstead, wife of Mr. N. and 20 couples of lambs and ewes ayeraged of the Queen's Head inn.

301. 174. : a t170-1 Cothed ewe, with an eweAt Harford Hill House, Lakenham, El. lamh, was sold for 40 guineas. len, second dachter of Thomas Thurtell, Married.) At Wansted, Mr. James Lamese. 13.

bert, of Barking, to Miss Jane Willis, of At Eaton, Mr. T. Jeeks.

West Ham. At Swift ham, Mr. James Johnson, prin At Witham, Jonathan Bullock, jun esq. ter, 63. .

of Faulkborne Hall, to Margaret, clúest At Quiden ham, near Harling, Manning daughter of the Rev. Andrew Downes. Geoch, esq. 73.

• At Chelmsford, Mr. B. P. Lewin, of Lirde At Downham Market, Mus. Gillingham.. Baddow, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mss, Holliday.

Mr. Palmer, of the Dolphia Inn. Po


Died.) At Halstead, Lieut.-general Ure forced off, vas also left. How ad entrance quhart.

was obtained into the bank is uncertain, as no At Springfield Hall, Charlotte, third violence appraied to have been used to the daughter of M. Samuel Abrey.

lock of the outer door, but it would seem that At Southminster, Mrs. Alston, 77. : the locks of the iron doors bad been picked

At Harwich, Mr. George Peacock, 79. and relocked, one of the wards having been

At Billericay, Mr. Thomas Joslin, 41. twisted oft in the act, and a piece of a small • At Pusleigh, Mr. Daniel Kerridge.

steel saw which had been broken was also The Rev. John Houghton, B.A. vicar of left behind. White Colne, and more than 53 vears master On Tuesday last the first stone of a New of the grammar-school at Halse<d, 79.

Chapel was laid in St. Peter's-street, Canter. At Colch.ster, Mrs. Elizabeth Manning, buty, for the society in the connexion of the wbo had for upwards of 30 years conducted late Rev. J. Wesley, who hare, for the last the business of the post office chere: --Mrs. 46 years, occupied a chapel in King-street. Jones, relice of Mr. J. late or Tolleshunt The premises will be settled on trustees, who D'Arey, surgeon.

will be obliged, by the terms of their trust Al Parsloes, Mrs. Fanshawe, relict of John deed, to lay out the income arising from the Gascoyne F. esq. 63.

premises in charitable and religious purposes. At Great Saling, Mr. Perry.

for ever. At Writele, Mrs. Blyth, 66.

Married.] At Dover, Capt. R. Thomson, At Dickley Hall, Mis:fey, Mr. Samuel Royal Engineers, to Harriet, etiest daughter Risbee.

of Samuel Latham, esq. Ar Moulsham, Miss Margaret Mayhew, 24. .At Rochester, John May, esq. of the Ord. At Runwell, Miss Hardy.

nance department, Ceylon, to Miss WoodA Little Totham Hall, by the injury cock. Capt. Gordon Brimier, RiN. to MA which she received by leaping out of a chaise, Glasse through frigte at the viciousness of a horse At Smarden, Mr. Thomas Witheroen, of by which it was dratin, Mrs. Carter, wife of Biozenden, tu Miss Lydia Hope. Mr. William C.

At Old Romney, Mr. W. Tunbridge, to · At Stisted, Mr. John Banes, 64. . Miss Frances Tucsley. KENT.

År Canterbury, Mr. Welch, comedian, te In the interval between the evening of Miss Elizabeth Simmonds. Saturday, April the 27111, and the following. Ac Chatham, Mr. W. Matthews, jun. to Nonday morning, the Union Bank, belonging Miss Jane Coney. . . to Messrs. Baker and Co. in Canterbury, was At Deal, Captain Clarke, of the Harmony entered by some unknown ineans, and notes victualling transport, to Susannah, daughter and cash to a considerable amount (it is said of Mr. Edward Olleson. . 12,0001.) stolen from it. The circomstance D ied.) At Fairy Hall, Isabella Alexandrina was discovered about nine on Monday morn- Louisa, daughter of the Count and Countess ing, when the chief clerk, being about to Byland. 11. proceed to the business of the day, found . Ac Wool wich, aged 82, Mr. Hugh Mitsome obstruction in unlocking the iron doorchell, druggist there doring 50 years. of one of the closets, and on farther search it His liberality in support of the Gospel, and appeared that this, as well as ancther closet, towards the poor, and exemplary deportment had been opened and relocked, and that an through his long life, have made his loss pub. iron chest which was fixed within-side of one liciy felt and generally lamented in the towa of them had been forced open apparently by and neighbourhood. prizing the lid of it. This chest, besides the At Bromley, John Stratton, esq. of Little noces of the firm, contained also the receipts Berkhamstead, Herts. and transactions of the bank on Saturday, Ac Sandwich, the Rev. John Connant, which it was customary to deposit there in the rector of St. Peter's, Sandwich, and of Teynbulk cill the Monday following. Such, how. ham, in this county. eyer, was the systematic method with which At Maidstone, Mrs. Elizabeth Tegg, a this robbery was effected, that the checks maiden lady, 81.-Mr. Richard Cutbush, sen. paid in the course of Saturday, and the bills At Stourmouth, Mr. Robert Wraich. not negociable, were sorted and separaled. At Elham, Charles, son of Mr. John Chapfrom the other notes, and such only taken as man, 17.--Mr. W. Holladay, sen. 70. could be passed, consisting of Bank of Eng. At Goodnestone, Marianne, fourth daughter land and local and provincial notes; in addic of the late Sir Brook Bridges, bart. 36. tion to these, a gold walch, and ( what seems At Chartham, William Smith, seaesq. extraordinary the thieves should hive encum At Dover, Mr. W. Pierce, 85. bered themselves with the paper moulds of

SURRY. the firin were also taken. One hundred 11. Married. At Streatham, Thomas Harrison, potes of the firm luckily escaped attention, esq. barrister, to. Mrs. Shepley, relict of and a pearl necklace of very considerable Richard S. era of Carsbalton. -John M.Tag. value, which war aontuined in a small leathern gart, esq. of Knut's Green, io Susannah, tunk, although the lock of the same was daughter of John Kymer, esq.

Dicd.) At Tootins, Christopher Wilson, lions of money! The pro'essed object of the esq. of Aldermanbury, 84.

Bill was to convey commodities by water from mat At Ewell, Mrs. Sinith, wife of Richard London to Portmouth; this was to have been Carpenter, S. esq. 69.

effected by a cut of about 96 miles in extent, *. Ac Epsom, the Rev. J. Thomas.

between Porismouth and Turbridge; from * Ac Kew, Mr. Wall, of Richmond. He whence the remaining transit to London, was suddenly fell down, and instantly died. Mr. to depend on other navigations, the first of Wall had come from Richmond 40 Kew, which would have been thirty miles up the with two of his young children and a female river Medway, (a most detective navigation) servant, purposely to see the Prince Regent private properly, the owners of which might pass. He felt down between his children, have refused admittance of crait, unless upon and was carried lifeless into a neighbouring their own terms: tlie further part of the public-house. Mr. Wall was a very worthy transit was to have been through the Thanico man, very much respected at Richmond, and and Medway canal, an unfinished work, and has left a widow and nine children to lair ent then up the Thames, from below Graveshis premature death. His family has been end to London, making a circuit of more than known at Richmond for upwards of 120 years, double the distance from London to Ports. as booksellers, stationers, and newsnien, and mouth, by land! To eiect this work, fourkeepers of the circulating library, since the teen hundred acres of land, (the greatest part commencement of that institution.

of it in the highest state of cultivation) would - Ar bis bouse at Stockwell Park, afrer a bave been consumed by the canal and relong season of bodily suffering, in the 65th Servoirs, and some of the first estates in the year of his age, Thomas Woodroutfe Smith, country have been literally cut to pieces, an eminent merchant. With an extensive The estimated expence of this undertaking knowledge of the world and its concerns, of WAS 741,4901. and this world in all pro. which his success in business afforded an am- bability have been swelled to uowards of a ple proof, he possessed, what was much more miilion sterling! How could the interest of meritorious, a benevolence of disposition, such a som have been raised, in a country which, under the guidance of great experience without manufactures, and in which magure and strict integrity, induced him to render is at present procured at a much cheaper rate important services on many occasions, to nu. than it could have been by the proposed merous individuals in the conduct of their canal. We have on former occasions or affairs. Whilst his body lingered under pain. pressed ourselves good wishers to a canal from ful and long-continued inûrmity, his mind London to Portsmouth; and are still of opiwas vigorously intent non objects connected nion, chat a properly chosen liwe, (und such with the improvement and well-being of a one it is said is now in contemplation) ra.. human society, and in this trying perios of mily ng, by the rivers Adur and Ouse, to, his existence, his perception seemed to be as the ports of Shoreham and Newhaven, would clear as his benevolence was ardent. His con- be for nu not only convenient, but very ad nection with the religious Society of Friends, vantageous to the kingdom at large. was at a period of life, when his judgment The conimissioners for Newhaven Piers, might be supposed to confirm his choice upon with a laudable attention to the public cone the stable principle of rational conviction; venience, bave not only caused lights to bę. and, with a strong attachment to the profes. exhibited at proper hours in the night, on' sion be had adopted, he maintained a libe. the Pier- head, but have also placed buoys in rality of sentiment worthy of the enlightened such situations, as to park the chancel inost Christian. The loss of such a man must be distinctly in the day-time. The lights are . feit by the community, and is sincerely upon the most simple construction, pointing regretted by the poor in his neighbourhood, out the direction of the channel by being kept who were constant partakers of his bounty. in one. SUSSEX.

Married.) Mr. T. Palmer, jun. of East The fate of the Grand Southern Canal Bill Grinstead, to Harriet, only daughter of the (says the Editor of the Lewes' Journal) has Rev. William Jackson, of Rye.

... given general satisfaction; particularly to the At Hawkhurst, Mr. T nomas Cooper, so. Landed interest on the proposed iine of the licitor of Lewes, Sussex, to Lucy Elizabeth, Canai. I was thrown out at the second second daughter of T. Durrant, esq. of Sales reading in the House of Comorons, upon a buisc Park. divisso i, by nearly six to one. The praject Mr. James Skinner, jun. of Alfriston, to for cutting the above intended extensive Miss Hawes, niece and heiress of the late Mal. canal, was according to che printed case of thias Caldecor, esq. of Sherringto' House. ', the land owners, &c. who successfully op Ded.) At Egleston Place, near Storring. posed the bill, one of the numerous class of ton, Mys. Patty Foreman, a maiden lady, opetularive projec's set on toor by persons, aged 71. She possessed considerable property whose principal object ic is to make advantage but, having no relation living, she bequeathed by the sale of shares in the intancy of an the greatest part of it, upwards of 60), 2001. undertaking; and this project would have to her bailit; in addicion to which she gave a affected banued property of the yalau of mide legacy of 1001. « une os bis daughters.



At Mayfield, the Rev. John Kuby, 68." honourable East India Company's service at At Paicham, Mrs. Seruse, S5.

Bengal At Southover, Airs. Rogers, relict of T. R: AC Wakefield, near Winchester, Lieutenantgent. 83.

gereral Loftus Tottenham, culonel of the both At Ringmer, Mrs. Shadwell, 70.

regiment of infantry, 95. At Portslade, Mrs. Borrer.

At Fareham, the Rer. John Woolls, rector At Ashdown House, John Fuller, esg.. of that parish. - In Jersey, the Rev. John La At Wortbing, Mrs. Cogger.

Clocke, rector or the parish of Trinity. ArChichester, Mr.Wilmhurst, sen. John, At Kingston, Mr. Wooldridge. youngest son of Mr. James Lacy, 16.

At Grange, ncar Tichfield, Philip Osbel. At sidlesham, Mr Foilety

diston, esq. formerly in the Port trade. At Shopwick, near Chichester, Mrs. Srew. Ai Winchester, in consequence of her art, relict of Major-General S. of the Royal apron accidentally taking fire, Mrs. HoldArtillery.


At Kitchill, Isle of Wight, John, only son That noble pile, Winchester Palace, which of Jubin Popham, esq. 20 was erected by King Charles II. frons a design At Newport, Henry Tsattie, esq. father of Sir Christopher Wren, was used in the of the corporation, 92. American war, as a French, Dutch, and At Porismouth, Mrs. Breadon, relict of Spanish, pricon, afterwards formed the recep Captain B. of the Royal Marines. -Mies tion of French enigrants, and, till of late, Moseberry-Mr. Twyneham.dir. Norris, served as military quarters, until from dila- many years warehouse. keeper at the cus. pidations, the too great height and size of tom-house of this port.-M s. Good, 77.

some of the rooms, and other causes, it was Mr. Pope. · condemned as such. It is now converted Ac Shaiden, near Alton, Thomas Smith,

into a permanent barrack for the rection of esq. 49. 1,800 intantry, in comíortable lorty rooms, At Lymington, Mr. J. B. Moody, surgeon. to contain twelve men each, with some con. At Pouncefoot Prill, near Ronisey, Mn. senient bedsteads (so constructed as when Boorn. turned up to afford a good seat), large stove. At Christ-churcb, Mrs. Slann, wife of grates, iables, forms, arm-racks, shelves, James Bright, $. esq. 84. closets, &c. &c. for the comfort of the sole At Bishop's Waltham, the Rer. Charles diers; and excellently ventilated, by means Walters, curate of that parish, 63. He had for of a simple cube perforated wich holes; and many years, jointly with his brother, the Rer. what is particularly convenient, in bad weae Jobo Walters, and also latterly with his sce, ther, the whole of the troops may he paraded the Rev. Charles Walters, conducted the with ease under cover, in the different ex. grammar-school at Waltham, which has tensive galleries. The wings are fitted up produced maey respectable persons in the in a very superior manner for the officers. army, the navy, and in trade, and whe, from The extent of the building from East to West a respect to their cotor, and from friendship is 216 teet, froin North to South 378 feet. formed at school, instituted an anniversary in

Married.] Lieutenant Barnes, of bis Ma- the town commemorative of past events. He jesty's ship, Viccóry, to Miss Kentish, of went off from Winchester-college to Trinity: Weovil, near Gosport,

college, Oxford, having lost his election for Ac Alvers uke, the Rev. J. Purkis, of New-college; and, on quilting school, Dr. Suuthampton, to Miss Johnson, of Gosport. Warton took him by the hand, und, with

John Hargraves, esq of the Sussex militia, tears at parting said, he had net ielt his suto Harriut, second daughter of Major Whit- perior for good morals or orderly conduct. cumb, of Gosport.

When in deacon's orders, he obtained the Ar Romsey, Mr. Daniel Sharpe, jun. chaplaincy of Newport in the Isle of Wighty banker, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Mr. where he established a school; and after tea Clement Sharp.

years residence shere, he, on the death of Died.] At Hazeley Heath, Ann, third the Rev. Mr. Evans (who succeeded the Rre. daughter of the late William Jepson, esq. of Mr. Gibson, at Bishop's Waithaon), removed Lincoln.

to that piace, carrying many ot hus pupils At Southamptor, the Hon. Henrietta Dil with him, and where he raised by his cha. lon, daughter of Viscount Dillon, of Ditchley racter a respectable serinary, in which he House, Oxfordshire.

was assiduously assisted by his brother be. 111 nis 7oin year, Andrew Williams, esq. fore-gained, and also by his son. The Sun. of Devonsbire Street, Portland-place, London, day preceding his death, he preached an aoba and formerly of Southampton. He was at mated discourse to an attentive audience OG Mıs. Taylor's, at the folygon, on a visit for repentance. On Tuesday he went to tbees. a few weeks, with his son. He went to bed tremity of his parish, 10 adıninister the sa at night in perfect heaith, but was a corpse Cramerit to a sick gentleman.. The next by'eizhe in the morning, before any medical morning, in school, he found himseli unwell, usikonce could be bad. This genclernan had and went home to breakfast, becarne chili, been physician general and a colonel, in the and added to his dress; Ovuld dot attend


morning prayers, which his son did for him At Milston, near Amesbury, Mr. William at church; was seized at noon with a pain in Hayden. his side, was bled, grew rapidly worse, and at At Devizes, Dr. Spalding, whose bene. midnight peacefully resigned his spirit to his volent disposition and assiduity in the duties Maker, without pain, strugile, or groan, of his profession, had gained him general dying as he had lived. The following Sundiy, esteem, and whuse loss will be sensibly fels the werthy rector preached from the Reve- and long deplored by the poor of that towa lations, “I heard a voice from Heaven," &c. and neighbourhood. to a congregation in tears; and, when he had At langley Burrel, Mary Jane, wife of finished, sat down in the pulpit and wept the Rev. Robert Ash-, rector of that parish. bimself. The funeral, it is computed, was Ai Cricklade, the Rev. W. Wavell. attended by about 1500 porsons, whose be

BERKSHIRE. haviour expressed their feelings: the parishi His Majesty, in testimony of the affecmay be sixteen miles in circumferenes, and in tionate services and attention of the late Miss it 1700 souls. The procession was led by Gascoigne, to the departed Princess Amelia, the sector and the two medical gentlemen has ordered a marble tablet to her memory, bare. he ded, from the house to the church, to be placed on the right hand aisle of Saint through a crowd of spectators, with many of George's Chapel, Windsor, wich the followthe French and Dutch prisoners in town, who inr inscr on :uncovered as it passet. Opposite the school,

KING GEORGE III. the pupils, having formed themse ves into two caused to be interred near this place lines, of their own accord, permitted the pro the body of MARY GASCOIGNE, cession to pass betweca chem, and then rol. Servant to the Princess AMELIA; lowed in the rear of the mourcers, and, by

and this Stone their attentive, affectionate, and orderly, con. to be inscribed in testimony of his grateful duct, gained the esteem of the whole au.

sense ditory. The service was read by the rector, of the faithful services and attachment and thus terminated the earthly career of a of an amiable young woman to his beloved faithful parish priest. These particulars ex

daughter, emplify almosi the primrive ages of Chris - whom she survived only three months. tianity, from the mutual love and esteen sub. She died 19th of February, 1811. sisting between ministers and people. It is . The following is a correct account of the mentioned to show, where such harmony royal sepulchre now constructing in Wolexists, what an excellent tendency it has to séy's tomb.hanse at Windsor :-“This building promote the happiness of a parish. The se. adjoining the wast end of St. George's chapel, paration was as affectionate as the Apostle was erected by Henry VII. as a mausoleum Paul experienced, when the church wept at for himself and his successors; but this mohis deparʻure, on bis saying, They would see enarch having determined on a more noble designa his lace oo more.

• at Westminster, this structure remained nege WILTSHIRE.

lected till Cardinal Wolsey obtained a grant Married.] At Little Bedwin, J. F. New from Henry VIII. The prelate intended it ton, esq. of Jesus' college, Cambridge, to for his own burial place, and with a protusion *Elizabeth, daughter of the late William Kent, of expence began a most sumptuous monu*esq. of Little Bedwin.

ment, but his disgrace prevented its compie. At Bradford, Mr. A. Maris, of Wheyatts, tion. During the civil wars it was despoiled to Miss Gale.

of all its splendour; james II. having con. Died. At Easton Grev, Mr. Tanner. verted this building into a Popish chapel, the

At Salisbury, Mrs. Aussey, wife of fames “religious zeal of the populace wis exercised · H. esq. 28:- Mrs. Wright, widow of Mr. W. «in the destruction of its windows and internal

hate keeper of the county goal, and mother of decorations. In the ruinous state in which Mr. Willis, the present keeper.Mrs. Wap. "it was, then left it remained till the year share, relict of C. William S. esq.-Mr. 1800, when by order of his Majesty the exGeorge Fry, of the Cross Key's inn. He was terior was in pact repaired. Various were shyn going up stairs at an ion in Devizes, where he conjectures as the future appropriation of had arrived on business an hour nos two belore; the building, when in November last the de*when he unfortunately missed his hold of the termina ion to convert it into a royal cere. balusters, and fell backward, by which one tery was carried into effect. The warkm: 1 of his arms was broken, and he was much employed in' removing the earth then di. bruised in the side. He was con veyed home, covered two coffins in a stone recess, about with faint hopes of his recovery; but milical three teec below the surface ; une concaining *and surgical skill were unavailing, he lan. the remains of Elizabeth Wydvike, Queea guished a week, and then expires, in bis 18th of Edward IV. the other that of George, the year.

third son of the said king and queen, from At Fisherton, Mr. Charles Page.

this time the work has rapidly proceeled At Maddington, Mrs P. Blake.

An excavation has been formed in to dry At Wethampton, T. Noyes Lewis, esq. Tuck of chalk, of the whole length and weder

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