Sidor som bilder

of the building, td che depth of 15 feet from the peculiar elegance of his salute, and e. the suriace. In this the sepulchre is con. spected for the integrisy of his character. structing. , The diniensions of the tomb are A c West Hunney, lieur Wantage, Mr. Joka 90 feet in length, 28 in width, and 14 in Wicks, 73. depch. The seceptacles tor bodies on the At Marcham, James Symants, esq. sides of the tomb are formed by massive Go At Abingdon, Mrs Frances Thorpe, 57. thic columns, of an octagon shape, supporting At Huiley, near Reading, Ljward Sber. a range of four shelves, each of which in the wood, esq. space between the columns will contain two Ar her father's house at Greenham, rear budies, he whole range of each side admit- Newbury, in the 3d year of her age, Aca ting 32 bodi s. At the east end are five Eliza Bichoso, elder daughter of the Rey. T rices for the reception of as many cotons. B. Her deach was occasioned by a singular In the middle it is intended that 12 low asd long proti acted constipatier of chenty-serea tombs should be ereciej tor the sovereigns. months! and for two years of which unie lhe sepulchre will thus contain 81 bodies. her general health and good spirits were such The columns are of a fiue Bach słone, and as to prevent all alarm, or even suspicion, of Ilie shelves of Yorkshire stone. A subler. the eneny that was silently di positing the saneous passage will be carried from the vault materials of death. As a warnin: burlo io to the Hour of the choir or St. George's cha. such as may be acted with this deceiving pel, in which an aperture will be made for the and dreadtul disease, and to those from whom bodies to descend. From the columns will medical assistance may be sought in similar Spring a vaulted root over the tomb. The cases, farther particulars will probably be building itselt is in ended ior a Chap er-house published in some physical work. But, ia for the service of the Order of the Garter. recording this melancholy event, it would be lo completion of this design, the present injustice to the amiable virtues of the decieling painted by Verrio, which is much de- ceased, not to add, that very few leure bebind facod, will be taken away; ad a Gothic roof, them such traces of female excellence. Onc in unison with the general character of the chief beauty of her character was, chat sbt building, will be substituted. The whole shone most in the discharge of the duties of will undergo a complete repair, many inter. that particular station in which Providence pal decorations are now preparing. The se- had placed her; kind, open-hearted, and pulchre, which is distinguished by a simpli cheerful, she enlivened all around her, and city, elegant and grand, incites the spectator ber place in the domestic circle and among tu a solcmn consideration of the purposes to her friends, will often be viewed with that which it will be appropriated. The holy meiting reflection, " The place that Krew places in which the ashes of departed greai- her will know her no more!" But the grief ness rest, are ever conteniplated with a s&• which we sufier for the loss of such valuable cred awe; nor is the impression less powerful, friends, is always mingled with a balm to when, in the observation of a mausoleum des. sorten its anguish. When we look back and tined to receive the last remains of existing contemplate their lives, what consolation can and unborn grandeur, the mind wanders in be greater than to know that chey were picus, the abyss of futurity, and pursues a long suc- benevolent, und worthy to be loved? The cession of monarchs and their progeny who thought of the death of such cannot be us. may here sleep, until the tombs render up connected with that of their immortality; and their dead. The sepulchre is from the desiga selfish indeed must that heart be that gives of Matthew Wyatt, csq.

itself up to immoderate sorrow, and obsti. Married.] A. J. Crofr, esq. eldest son of nately rejects that cemiort, which a wellJames Croit, esq. of Greentiam Lodge, to founded hope of their arrival at perfection Mrs. J. F. Nicholls, relict of J. F. Nicholls, presents. And, in the afflictior, which we esq. and daughter of H. Mount, esq. Mr. here record, it is an unspeakable consolation Thomas Cowderoy, ot Woolhampton, to Miss to the parents and friends of the departed, to Lovelock, daughter of the late Edward Love reflect that, whilst she lived in health, she lock, esq. of Newtown.

delighted in doing good, and that when by, At Marcham, Mr. Wright, to Miss Os the most distressing or diseases, she was calied Lorne.

to encounter deach, she was able to triumpha Dud 1 At Windsor, aged 79, John Lyster, over his terrors, and to comfort then who strjeant and drum major in the Staff id mi.. sought to comfort her. Jitra. He liad served his country from bis

SOMERSETSHIRE. Syruth up," having fought under his late On the 12th of April, about two o'clock Majesty George il. in Germany; with Wolle, in the afternoon, a fire broke out in Merriott, al Uuebec; he was likewise at the battle of near Crewkerne, by which about tweary-three bunker's Hill, and was actively and zealously dwelling-houses and cottages, besides outengaged during the greatest part of the Ame- houses, &c. were completely destroyed. It ricisi war. He was the senior drum-major in originated in the mait-iouse of Mr. Jolig the army, having held that station sorty-six Murly, conimon brewer. The wind being veetsi the last charty in the above regiment. uncommonly bizh, the flames ertended with He was nishiy distinguished in the service by such rapidity, as to render almost useless any

3 . aitempu

attempis to extinguish them, so that in the daughter of the late Herbert R. Canon of course of about four hours nothing was ie. I uf Salisbury. William Culverden, esq. of Lathe houses but the bare walls.

vender House, Henley, Oxon. --Mrs. Clarke. We are happy in being enabled to correct -Mrs. Ruchfort, wite or lohn R. eq. of an error in regarj to Sydenham Teast, esq. of Clogrennan, county of Carlow.--Mr. MatBristol, whose name was included in the thew Miller, solicitor.--Mrs. Wynne, relict obituary of our last Number; having the of the late William Wynne,' of Wern, in the authority of that respectable gentleman him. county of Carnarvon, esq. and daughter and self, for assuring his friends that he is in good sole heiress of the late Edward Williams, esq. health. If lie will take the trouble to refer to and the Right Honourable Viscountess Bulke. the files of the Bristol or Bath papers, he will ley, of Peniarth, in the county of Merioneth, most probably find the surce from which shis -Benjamin Hollingworth, esq. of Dalston, statement was derived. If persons resident near Hackney - Mrs. Jane Davies, daughter on the spot are often imposed upon in such of the late Dr. D.-Mrs. Locledon, wife of Mr. particulars, it cannot appear surprizing that I comedian, and daughter of Mr. Howell, mistakes of this kind should sometimes creep of this city. Mrs. Davenport, wife of Wilinto the pages of the Monthly Magazine. hiam Yelverton D. esg. of Davenport House,

Married J At Bath, De Licy O'Brien, esq. Shropshire. ---Mrs. Hedges, relict of Thomas nephew of the late Marshal De Lacy, to Miss H. esq. many years resident at Widcombe Simpson, only daughter of the late Captain $. House, near this city; and only surviving

Mr. John Harrison, of Poole, to Martha daughter of Stanford Wolferstan, esq. of StaiHaydon. -- Bryant Troughion, jun. esq banker, fold-hall, near Tamworth, Coventry, tu Miss Maria Goulden, of Teniple William Hatsell, esq. formerly major of the Cloud.

19th regiment of fout, 74. Mrs. Jane Davies, Ac Frone, Sparks Martin Phelps, esq. of daughter of the late Dr. D.-Charles youngLlangwarren, Penubroke, second son of Jolin est son of Thomas Read, esq.--Fitzherbert Martin, esq. of Withybushi, to Mary, second Richards, esq.-S. P. Bean, esg. of Scohe daughter of John Douglas Middleton, csq. under Hamden-Mrs. Woodhouse, wite of banker.

Mr. W. of the White Hart Inn.-Mr. DowDied.) At Bath, in his 84th year, Sir Wil. Jand, a young and promising member of the liam Addington, who for upwards of twenty. Bath Dramatick Company.-Emilia, wife of. three, years was a magistrate of the Public J. Westenra, esq.late lieutenant-colonel of the Office, Bw.street, in which situation he 9th dragoone. evinced a spirit, fidelity, and zeal, for the pub. At Kingsdown, William Clarke, esq. 80lic good, highly honourable to his character. licitor of Bristol. In the year 1795, at a meeting in St. Pancras. At Stoke under Hamden, John Bans' fields, he was particularly active, and in the field, esq. suppression of many riots, (especially in At Bridgewater, Mrs. Mary Bowering, 24. chose of the year 1780) no magistrate ever At Taunto.j, Mary, relict of Major general stoud more conspicuously discinguished. In Douglas. the memorable aftair of Hadfield, he acted At Wells, Mr. Billin.-Mr. James Knight with that penetration and firma-ss, unshaken Ac Bristol, Marianne, fourth daughter of by popular fermert, for which he was re- John Savery, esq. 20.- Miss Moens, daughter markable; and although his judgment at the of Adrian M. esq. time was questioned, and conduct severely

DORSETSHIRE. cogimented upon, the correctness and inte.

Married.] Peler Graham, esq. of Wimgrity of both, were afterwards sanctioned, en borne, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the trial of that unfortunate man, by the ver- Stephen Burt, ecq. of Witchampton. . dict of a jury, under the direction of Lord An Dorchester, Mr. J. Windsor, aged 16, Kenyon. Sir William withdrew from his to Miss Keates of Fordington, 15. i public situation, but the treatment he ex• Died.] At Oakford Fitzpaine, the Rev. perienced in this affiir, was a source of dis- Thomas Buller, sector of that parish and of quietude to him during his remaining days. korth Barrow, Somerset. In him were united the utmost generosity of AC Yeovil, Mis. Shew, 89. disposition, and liberality of sentiment, with Ac Corre, Mrs. Lee, wife of Mr. Samuel accomplishments particularly characteristic L. of Hillarrence. of the gentleman and scholar. His elaborate At Durchester, Mr. Thomas Brind, 82. • Abridgment of the Penal Statutes,' is a At Stockhouse, Huish Wulcoi, esq. of work, which, for utility, and remarkable per. Ljme, 59. spicuity of arrangement, has been greatly ad At Sherborne, Pretor, eldest son of Samuel mired. - Mrs. Cherwynd, relict of William Whitty, esq. 16. Henry C. esq. of Grendon, Warwickshire,

DEVONSHIRE. and aunt to D. S. Dugdile, esq. M. P. for that A n entire iron boal, which carries eight county.-Mrs. Jenkins, relics of John of tons, has been built at the Mount Foundery Stow, Gloucestershire, 72. - Anthony Deane, Iron Works in Tavistock; it was launched esq.-.0. Elliot, esq. of Binfield, Berks. on the 'Tavistock Canal Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph, eldest surviving

Great discove.

ries have recently been made in the tunnel · MONTHLY Mag. No. 213.

3 S


under Morwaldown, which forms part of this rude sepulchse. I'the urn were blaak canal; rich veins of copper ore, of amazing ashes, and roured it a considerable quantity thickness, begin to show themselves, and (about two gallons) of ashes and humax promise an abundant profit to the proprietors bones, in a state of great decay. The unis in this spirited undertakiog.

i made of baked clay, and of a greyish stoneThe.streighty called the Bridge, between colour, and, in figure, resembles very much the island and the Redding Point, at the eu. that in the 18th Plate of Boriase's Anis trance of Piymouth harbour, is as fatal co quities, said to be found in Perran Sands, ships boats, in a squall of wind, particularly excep: that it dres not taper so niuch at the · from S.S.E. as the Streighis between Scylla base, and is about half the size. It is 5 inches anu Chiribdis, in the Mediterranean; and in 6-8chs wide at top, three inches 1-4th wide the course of the last twelve years, by endea. at the bottom, and is fire iucher 1-4th high; pouring to pass this dangerous passage, no less the thickness is 1-4th of an inch, and it is than fifteen men of wars' boris, of different rudely indented on the oviside in a very it. descriptions, have been swamped; three regular manner, with the point of some tool. captains of the navy, iwo lieutenants, four It varies also from the Perran urn, in having midshipmen, and nearly sisty.five seanca, a handle very similar to such as are dow affixed have been drowned.

to our common stone jant. Married.) At Teignmouth, Samuel Gib. Married. At Padstow, Captain James Yee, bons, esq. of the arany medical staff, to Miss to Miss Maj. Paddon. -John Betes, esq. of Knowle House, Ac Fowey, Mr. William Hocken, to Miss Dear Bristol, to Emma, eldest daughter of Cowling, daughter of Captain William C. of T. M. Young, esq..

the London trade. Died.) At Tiverton, the Rev. William Ac Gluvias, --- Nich!, esq. to Miss Wallier, rector of Broughton Guiturd, Wiits, Charlotte Thomas. and of Sainswick, Somersetshire, prebendary Died.] At Falmouth, Captain D'Arcy, of of Wells, and in the comiuission of the peace the 47 tá regiment, of a decline, in conse for this county. .

· quence of a cold caught in hard servic: At Exeter, Captain Tituts Conyers, of th: at Cadiz, 25.- Mrs. Edmonds, relict of Royal Marines, 83. Captain Edward Batson, Captain E. of "the East Kent militia.jr. Daniel Haro At Truro, Mirs. Martin Mary, daughter rold, 81.

; . of Mr. Crosenian. At Teignmouth, Mrs. Brydzes, and a fewe At Mevagissey, Mrs. Mary Webb. days afterwards her husband, Capt. B. of ibe Ai Gorran, Mr. John Davey, 96. Royal Navy.-Miss Jane Abrams. ,

Ac Trescow, Scilly, Mr. Pender, 58. At Sandford, William Brown, esą.

At Croft West, Thomas Michell, esq. 84 ..A: East. Budleign, Mrs. Yeates, wife of Edward, son of Francis Paynter, cq. of M. L. Y, esg. banker, Exmouth,

Trekenning. Ar Paignton, Clara, only daughter of the At Helston, Sophia, wife of the Rer. Ed. Rev. Mr. Complua, 22.

ward Rogers, prebendary of Sarum, 27... At Crediton, Mrs. Mary Pope, 87,

At Whiteley House, Humphrey Lawrence, At Plymouth, Rear-admiral J. G. Kinneer, esq. one of the free burgesses of Launcesion. 59. Mr. Piercġ, 79.-Mrs. Margaret Aus. Ac Marazion, Mrs. Thomas, 70. . in, 78.

. At Pentire Glaze, St. Minver, Miss Je. At Aylesbeare, the Rev. H. Marker, jun. neler Hick, 16.

At Alphington, Lury, wife of Edward AC Penzavce, the Rev. John Thomas Barpell, isq. of Demarara.

Thompson. At Exeter, Mrs. Blair, wife of Colobel B.

WALLS. * Byford, Herts, 30.

A society has recently been formed at Llas.

gollen, in aid of the British and Foreign Bible CORNWALL.

Society in London; and the zeed and activity * On Monday the 18th of Fobrúary, 1811, of the clergy in promoting Sunday schools

two labourers being employed by a person of throughout the principality is very successful

the partie of Thomas Mannell, to ráze che The country gradually improves in koa. : barrow bear Chacewker, called Creege Broaz' ledge, civilization, and every christian vir. barrow, for the purpose of manuring a field, rue, the evident effects of these laudable inwhich he tents of Lord Falınouth, discovered soitutions. a sinall urn at the bottom of the barrow, in Marrud.j At Lanishen, William Davies,

the centre of its basc, and 20 inches under esq. of Poaty Pandy, Glamorgan, to France, * the surface of the field. The urn was in second daughter of the late John Knight,

Falused by five stones, four of wbich were ¢39. of Lanblitnian.

placed on their edges, and formed a squarc, Dieday At Wenroe Cottage, the Rer. . Whilst the fifth, being placed on theion, bea David Davies, rector of Landough, and vicar

came a barrier to the mingling of the super. 'of Roach, near Carditf... Dement carrh, with thic contents of this At Montgomery, Mr. John Poundley, master of the free-school, and clerk to the Died.] At Fortrose, aged 41, John Watson, commissioners of taxes for several divisions esq. late of Trelawney, Jamaica, one of the of that county.

magistrates of that burgh, much re. At Swansei, Mrs. Oldieworth, wife of the spected and lamented. - Mrs. Mann, 84. Rer. Mr. O. curate of St. Mary's; Swansea, At Cromarty: aged 74, Mrs. Barkly, inuch and daughcer of the Rev. Elward Sparkes, and justly regrettel. vicar of Faitford, Glocestershire, 45.-Capo

DEATHS ABROAD. Cain Rowe, 63.

At Hazelymph, in amaica, lames Charles Ac Groes, ncar Denbigh, John Jones, esg. Lawrence, esq. of Hazelymph and Saint Ives.

At Paote Cottage, near Builtii, Mr. Tho. He had been a member of the Assembly, and Das Jones, surgeon.

was descended from the notable Henry Law Al Cetu Mins, Carnarvon, Mrs. Edwards, rence, of Saint Ives, in Huntingdunshire, and relict of Timothy Edwards, esq. a captain in Saint Margaret's, in Herttordshire, President che Royal Navy, and mother of Colonel E. of the Council of State, and one of Cromwell's of Nanchoran.The Rev. Ms. Davies, peers. Curate of Laughurie.

In November last, at Cawnpore, Qudi, - At Margart, Glamorganshire, Hopkin Bengal, after a few hours illness, Eliza, wide Llewellyn, 89.

of Samuri G. Evans, esq. of the Honourable Agent 92, Mrs. Symes, wile of E. B. S. Company's Es'adiishnient, and only child esq. of Brynhafod, near Llanzio, Caermar. of the Rev. William Lucas, of Doctors Comthenshire, and daughter of William Je rimett, mons. Of this amiable !ady's life, the last esq. lace of Little Milton House, Oxford. nine years were possed in lodia; where, froin shire.

{rer correct deportnerț, engaging manner, In the parish of Lanspythrid, Breconshire, and genuine wit, lightened by a fascinating Thomas Powell, 80. At the age of 71, he sprightliness which might be truly termed married bis second wife, by whom he had peculiar to herself, she was received in the five children, ali now living: his eldest son first circles with approbation and esteem: bui, is fitiv.nine, and bis youngest child is one after all, the best praise that can be given Ler year old.

is, that which she deserved as a daughter, a NORTH BRITAIN.

wife, a mother, and a friend. The great undertaking of erecting a light At Prince Edward's Island, J. M. Mardoliguse on the Bell or Cape Rock, having been nald, esq. of Iracadie; a gentlemen of vets cenipleted, and the lanterns lighted up in the considerable property and literary 'attaiubeginning of February last, the vessel, which ments, late captain of the 81th regiinent of had been moored with mushroum anchors ort foot. the rock, as a temporary foaling light, be. In the same island, of an apoplectic fit, Roe came no longer useful in that capacity, and bert Hodgson, esq. late of Causeway Foot, was removed to keith as soon as she weather · Rear Keswick, Cumheiland, Speaker of ing would permit. She had been moored on the House of Assembly, Clerk of the Crown, i1th 'uly, 1807, and remained stationary till Coroner and Prochonosary of the Supreme the 11th February last, about three years and Court. Both of these gentlemen are much : seven months. Her bottom, it was naturally regrerted, especially the latter, whose places In be expected, would be very foul; but, in will, perhaps, never be again so ably filled. this respect, it surpassed any idea that had On board his M jesty's ship Bulwarks, on been formed. It presented, indeed, a very her passage from Cadiz, Thomas Fred-rc

singular spectacle, being completely invesiet Nicolay, esq. senior stait surgeon or ilie Bri. * with a thick coating of sea-weeds, muscles, fish army in the Peninsula. This zealous mollusca, and zoophytes. The larger sea- and faithful servant of his king and country, weeds, chiefly Fucus, Digiiatus, and F. escue atter a perind of nearly eighteen years active

lentus, were in general, from 4 to 5 feet long service in Egypt, at Copenhagen, in Porců. · The muscles were of the species called My gal, and Spain, &c. &e." fell a victim to the

tilus pellucids, of a large siz', and in the effects of the fever whicli rages in Cadiz, in most vigorous scute of health, as indicated by December last, having caught the infection the well-marked striæ on iheir shells. In in the conscientious discharge of his profesgeneral, they measured three inches and a half sional duties. As he lived eteemed ind ree in length, and one inch in brradth. Some of spected, so die died, ac the early age of 36 ebe cummon acorn-shell (Ballanus communis) years, most sincerely and justly regretted By were so uncommonly large, that they mea. all who had an opportunity of knowing his sured an inch and a hair in diameter at the many public and private virturs.' ' . base. Solen minutus was abundant. Many At Rome, Coroinal Erskine, a younger specimens of the Doris papislosd aubered to $091 of Colin Erskine, oj Cambo, in Fire, various parts of the huit; with numerous sun of sir Charles Erskine, of Canilo, baronet.

small marine vermes of the genera Aphrodid, His father was a painter, cducated in his • Nereis, Lineus, and others. By the attension profession at Rome, and married there a Ru.

of Mr. Stevenson, engineer for northern- maniady of respectable binti. He was a man lights, specimens of all the different vermes, of talent, a good scholar, a true Scots ja. shells, and sea-weeds, found on the vessel, triot, an honest man, and ais excellent comwere preserved



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BRITISH TRADE AND MANUFACTURES.-The expulsion of the French out of Portrgal

has once more opened a trade with that countrs, and, in consequence of it, vast quan. rities of goods of the manufacture, of Great Britain are now shipping for List on and Oporto, among which the manufactures of Manchester, &c. &c. will not be of the least in quantity. Linens, cilicces, and woollen clotlis, are in great demand in Portugal. Provisions, as bars, bacon, cheese, parter, &c. command a ready sole, with good profit attached to them, provided the quality is good, as the consumption of our own troops of these articles must be very considerable indeed. Large quantities of hay and straw have been exrortd, as the country does not produce such as our army require, and there is no doub! the speculators in it will benefit considerably. In the neighbourhood of Oporto, the peasants are returned to the cultivation of the vine as usual, so that a considerable reduction may be expected in the course of next year, in the price of their wines, now selling a: the enormous price of 1201 to 1251. per pipe! The exports of British manufactured goods to Spain is limited, as the trace is confined to Cadiz alone, and the consumption there for our expor's but tritiny.

FRANCE.-The commerce with this country being at present cut off, we only have to state, that the prices of West India produce were, within a few weeks çast, as follows, at Paris : refined sugar, 58. to 5$. 61. per 16. weight; raw sugar, 29. 60. to 9s. 80. per lb.; cofre, 7s. to 7s. 6d. per 1b. Thus Bonaparte plays on his subjects, by prohibiting the iro. port of our colonial produce into the Continent. We are assured from a pentleman who lately made his escape from a French prisen, that coarse woollen cloth, such as sells here for 12s. per yard, is worth 60 francs, or 50s. British, per yard: so much for the woollen manufacture's of this country! Wincs, brandies, and all kind of produce of France, are offered at any price there, but no purchasers for them ; hence arise the late considerable failures of the once most respectable houses on the Continent. Rags, such as our paper-makers want for the niills, are the principal article that France abounds with, and if they could be brought hicher, would prove a gooù speculation to the importer. .

PokTUGAL.- The commerce of this country begins once more to revive, as there is a want of every kind of British manufactured goods throughout the whole country, and considerable orders are now executing in all the manufacturing towns of Great Britain. The enormous discount on paper money has found its level, and confidence among the merchants, &c. &c. revives fast; so that we may expect things here to amend in time, although it must take considerable time for a country like this, overrun by a hostile enemy to regain that cons fidence so long enjoyed all over Europe.

South AMERICA. - in our last we stated, the trade of this country to be rather brisk, and have the pleasure now to say that every mail from the Brazils confirms it. Our speculators to this part of the world, who were totally ignorant of the goods suitable for the markets here, now begin to find their error in sending out any kind of low.priced goods, and have, in consequence, changed their system, by shipping off articles of rather a superior quality, fully suitable for the market of Rio. Large remittances have been lately received by our merchants there, and we expect that the commerce with this part of the globe, will be of the first consequence in time: bu: the trade to the Brazils requires that kind of knowledge

that can be only obtained by speculations prudently conducted. '. Current Prices of Shares in Navigable Canals, Docks, Bridges, Roads, Water Works, and * Fire and Life Insurance Companies, at the Office of Messrs. Wolfe and Co. Canal Dock and Stock Brokers, No. 9, 'Change Alley, Cornhill, 21st May, 1811.-Grand Junction Canal, 2321. per share.-Grand Surry ditto, 981. ditto.-Kennet and Aron ditto, 401. ditto. Rochdale ditto, 591. ditto,-Wilts and Berks ditto, 301. ditto.- London Dock, 1981. per cent. Ditto Scrip, 25 ditco premium.- West India ditto, 1651. ditto.-Commercial Road ditio, 1961. ditto.-Eist London Water Works, 1631. per share.Grand Junction dicto, 8). per share, premium.-South London ditto, 1121. per share. Kent ditto, 101. per share pre, mium - West Middlesex ditto, 21. ditto.-Albion Insurance Office, 571. per share.Globe ditto, 12011. ditio. - Imperial ditto, 941. ditto.

The average prices of Navigable Canal Property, Dock Stock, Fire-office Shares, &c. in May, 1811, (to the 25th) at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London, Trent and Mersey, or Grand Trunk Canal, 12001. the last half yearly dividend at the rate of 451, per share clear, per annum.- Birmingham, 10851. ex dividend 211. clear, half-year. Statfordshire and Worcestershire, dividing 211, per share clear, half yearly, 790.- Monmouth, 1201.-Grand Junction, 2451. to 2331. Shrewsbury, 1451. dividing 81.-Kennet and Avon, 421. 10s. 1o 401. Wilts and Berks, 991. 105. 10 301.-Rochdale, 521.-Ellesmere, 841.

Grand Western, 181. 10s. discount.-Lancaster, 251. ex dividend 11. per share, clear. Ashby-de-la Zouch, 241.-Worcester and Birminghain Old Shares, 381. —New ditto, 10s. premium.-Thames and Severo new shares, 371.-Croydon, 301.-West India Dock Scock,

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