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air in higher regions, which is known to German Bible, by stating that it bad be lighter and more penetrable than near been actually completed, and a third the earth.

begun. But the reverse takes place; for almost Four thousand copies of the New Tes. immediately above the clouds no other tament, in French, bad been purchased heat is perceptible than what might be and sent to different depôts in Monrbeowing to the nature of the climate. liard, Nismes, and other places in France.

This circumstance may be accounted From several parts in the south-eastern for by the diminished density of the air provinces of that country, authentic acin the lower parts of the country, pro- counts had been received, that many duced by the heat of the season, which Roman Catholics requested copies of the would naturally cause the wind to rush New Testament; and had perused then thither, with all its contents, and with with great eagerness and gratitude. greater impetuosity. The coolness of The committee, anxious to encourage the atmosphere on elevated situations these important undertakings, both with may be ascribed also to the evaporation respect to France and the Grisons, reof the upperinost strata of the clouds, solved to assist the Society at Balsle with which accompany the land winds. a grant of 3001, for the first object, and

Many arguinents I have dispensed of 2001, for the second. with, which might have been produced The committee next advert to their to elucidate and to establish way theory, correspondence with the Evangelical Soas they were chiefly such as could be ciety at Stockholm. la their last report, collected from simple inference, and from they stated, that the sum of 3001, had afðrniative application of doctrines ad been remitted to that Society for the pur. vanced before.

pose of enabling it to undertake an edi. I will only add, that both the sirocco tion of the Swedish New Testament on and samiel may, be owing to similar standing types. Encouraged by this recauses as those which appear to be pro. mittance, the society proceeded imme. ductive of the pernicious, or ratber dis. diately to the execution of the work, agrecable, elfects of our land-winds. It appeared that in the diocese of

Tornea, which comprises the north of REPORT of the British and FOREIGN Sweden and Swedish Lapland, there were BIBLE SOCIETY.

about 10,000 Laplanders unacquainted RESUMING the narrative of their fo- with any language but that of their own reign correspondence from the informa country. tion in their last report, the committee The safe arrival, and due distribution, state, that the measures adopted by them of the Bibles sent by your committee fur for promoting an edition of the Scriptures the use of the German colonists on the in the Polish language, through the banks of the Wolga, have been acknow. agency of the Bible Society at Berlin, ledged. have proved successful. By the latest The committee have learnt that the intelligence from the Bible Society at edition of the Arabic Bible, printing un, Berlin, respecting the progress of this der the patronage of the bishop of Dur work, it appears, that the proposed edi. ham, is considerably advanced. tion, comprising 8,000 copies of the The number of natives of Ceylon suba whole Bible, and 4,000 extra copies of ject to the British governinent, is comthe New Testament, had then been ad- puted at a million and a half; their lanvanced to the beginning of the Propbecy guages are the Cingalese and Tamul, of Daniel.

Ncarly the first three books of the Old In another letter froin Berlin, dated Testament, and the whole of the New, the 27th of February last, it is stated, have been translated into the Cingalese, that the Lithuanian nation contains ups and printed at Columbo, at the charge of wards of a million of people, many of government. whom are truly pious, but very poor; and The domestic occurrences, with a view that one of the principal clergymen has to a clearer elucidation of them, may be caused it to be published from all the conveniently arranged under the followpulpits belonging to Prussian Lithuania, ing heads : that a new edition of the Lithuanian Bic First, New editions of the Scriptures ble was about to be printed.

printed in England. . The committee report also the receipt Second, Auxiliary Bible Societies ixof two letters from the German Bible stituted since the last general meeting. Suciety at Bâsle. The first confirms the Third, Distribution of Bibles and Tes. probability of a second edition of the taments; and,

Fourth, Fourth, Donations to the funds of the to other Associations, and individuals, at Society.

the cost, or reduced prices. The committee report, that the edi. The total of such donations and sup-, tion of the New Testament, in ancient plies has been very considerable during and modern Greek, in parallel columns, the last year, both at home and abroad. commenced in the last year, is nearly Copies of the Scriptures, either in whole completed; and that the Dutch and Da- or in part, and in various languages, hase nish Testaments, announced in the for. been sent abroad to Southern Africa, for mer report as being in the press, are the benefit of the converted Hottentots; now in circulation.

to Paramaribo in Surinam; to the West The committee also report their reso. Indies, for the use of the Christian ne, lution to print a version of the New Tes grocs; to the islands of Sark, Jersey, tament in the Irish language.

Mladeira, Sicily, Dominica, Berinuda. A mission has been for these forty Jamaica, Guadaloupe, Martinique, Tria years past established on the coast of nidad, Antigua, St. Thomas, and Prince Labrador, for the purpose of instructing Edward's; to St. Domingo; to the Cape the Esquimaux in the Christian religion of Good Hope; to Quebec; to DemeTo facilitate these labors, the committee rara; and to different stations in India. have prioted a version of the gospel of The 500 copies of the Italian New St. John in the Esquimaux language, Testament, sent to a respectable corresand have further agreed to print the gos. pondent at Malta, have been received pel of St. Luke.

and put into distribution, Under the general head of distribution of 500 Testarnents sent to Martinique, of the Scriptures, on which the committee for sale or gratuitous distribution, among report, they include not only donations . the negroes and other poor people, 450 but supplies of the Scriptures furnished were eagerly and rapidly purchased; by the British and Foreign Bible Society and the remainder réserved for donations,



· Cure of Asthma, Difficulty of Breathing, A Description of the Ancient Terracottas in Wheezing, and Winter Cough, with explicit

the British Museum. By Taylor Combe, instructions for their management and cure. esq. with +1 plates, engraved after the Draw. To which are added, Directions for che use of ings of William Alexander, esq. royal 8vo. Stramonium. By Mr. Fisher. 2s. 11. 118. 60. elephant, ul. 12s. 60.

A New System of Physic and Aledical A Picturesque Voyage to India, by the Surgery. By R. Reece, M.D: 8vo. 12s. way of China. By Thomas Daniel, R. A. and Illustrations of Madness; exhibiting a sin. William Daniel, A.R.A. folio, with 50 en- gular case of Insanity, and a no less remarkgravings, 121.

able difference in Medical Opinion. By EDUCATION

John Haslam. 5s. 6d. A New Introduction to Reading, adapted to Additional Cases, with further Directions Children from six to twelve years of age. By to the Faculty, relating to the Use of the the Rev. G. Davies, A.M. as.

Humulus or Hop, in Gout, and Rheumatic A Treatise on Mechanics, principally de. Affections. By A. Freake. 8vo. 15. od. signed for the use of Schools and public Semi. On the Diseases of the Generative System. naries, illustrated by a great number of ex. By John Roberto, M.D. 8vo. 145. amples. By W. Marrate. 8vo. 16s.

MILITARY. A Practical Treatise on the use of the An Account of the Campaigns in Poland Globes, illustrated with an extensive and se- in the years 1806 and 1807, with brief Relect variety of Questions, for the use of marks un che Character and Composition of Schools. By W. Thackwray. 3s.

the Russian Army. By Sir Robert Wilson, HISTORY.

Knight, and Aid de-Camp to the King. 4to, The New Chronicles of England and 11. 11s. 6d. fine paper 21. 2s. France. By Robert Fabyan. Named by Essai sur le Systeme Militaire de Bonahimself the Coucordance of Histories. Re- parte, ou l'on demontre pourquoi ses troupes printed from Pynson's edition of 1516, the ont eu cette malheureuse preponderance sur first part collated with the edition of 1533 celles du Continent, suivi d'une analyse de la and 1559, and the second with a manuscript Revolution Francoise et du Couronnement de of the author's own time, as well as the sub- S. M. Corse. 7s. " sequent editions, including the different con

MISCELLANEOUS. tingations, with a Biographical and Literary The Report from the Committee appointe Preface. By Henry Ellis. 4to. 31. 3s. ed to examine the Physicians who have at,

MEDICINE, SURGERY, ANATOMY. tended His Majesty during his illness, couche A Familiar Treatise on the Prevention and ing the state of His Majesty's Health. 2s.


Lettres de Madensoiselle de l'Espinasse. from the best Authors with English Notes 3 vols, 12mo. 185. i

and a Parsing Index. To which are added, · An Inquiry into the Nature and Extent of Observations on some Idioms of the Greek Poetic Licence. By N. A. Vigors, jun. esg. Language. By the Rev. Wm. Neilson, D.D. woyal 8vo. 158.

M.R.I.A. 8vo. 5s. Instructions, addressed to the Catholics of

POLTRY the Midland Countics of England, on the A few Poems relative to an unprecedented State and Dangers of their Religion. By Dr. Attack on a Lady's Character. 55. Milner, V.A. 23. i

The Curse of Kehama. By Robert The Philanthropist, No. 11. os. 6d. Southey. 4to. 11, 115, 6d.

An Appendix to the Third Edition of Ta. Felissa, or the Life and Opinions of a Kitbles requisits to be used with the Nautical ten of Sentiment. 5s. 6d. Ephemeris; being New Tables of Natural The Fifth, or Paper Age, a Satire. Ës. Sinės, Natural Versed Sines, and Logarithms Poems. By Miss Holford. 8vo. 6s. of Numbers, from 1 to 100,000. 25.

Dunkeld, the Prodigal Son, and other The East India Register and Directory for Poems, including Translations from the Gae. 1811. By John Machison and Alexander lic. By Petrus Ardilensis, foolscap 840.6% Way Mason. 85.

The Old Bard's Farewell. By Mr. JerningTrue Stories; or, interesting Anecdotes of ham. 25. 6d. Young Persons; designed, through the me. Fables, by the Rev. Henry Rowe, L.LB. dium of Example, to inculcate principles of 8vo. 1s. cach, large paper 1s. 6d. Virtue and Piety. 12mo. 45. 60.

POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. The Reformer ; comprising twenty-two An Examination of the Report of the Bolo Essays on Religion and Morality, 12mo. 6s. lion Committee. By S. Cock. 5s. · Hints to the Public and the Legislature on A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir John Sin. the Prevalence of Vice, and on the Dangerous clair, bart. on his Remarks on Mr. Huskisson's Effects of Seduction. 12mo. 2s.

Pamphlet. 13. 6d. · The Female Economist, or a plain System Considerations on Commerce, Bullion, and of Cookery, for the use of Families. By Mrs. Coin, Circulation and Exchanges, with a view Smith, third edition. 45. boards.

to our present Circumstances. By George The Merchant's apd Artificer's Companion, Chalmers, F.R.S. S.A. 6s. 6d. and Practical Guide to Accounts. By John A Letter to a Member of Parliament, occa. Harris Wicks, of Englefield Green, Egham, sioned by the Report of the Bullion CommitSurry. 3s. 6d. boond.

tee. By Jasper Atkinson, esq. 3s 61. NOVELS, TALIS, ROMANCES.

Observations on the Fallacy of the sup. Chon and Si-Ling; an Historical Romance: posed Depreciation of the Paper Currency of in which is introduced some Account of the this Kingdom, with Reasons for dissenting Customs, Manners, and Moral Conduct of the from the Report of the Bullion Committee. Chinese. royal 12mo. 55.

By Francis Perceval Elliot, esq. 5s. Married Life, or Faults on both sides. By 'The Speech of John Leach, esq. in a Com. Miss Howard. 5 vols. 12mo. 158. • . mittee of the whole House, upon the State

Julia de Viennc, a Parisian Tale, imitated of the Nation, 31st December, on the Ques. from the French. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 15. tion of Limitations of the Royal Authority in

A Father's Tales to his Daughter. By J. the hands of the Regent. 13. 6d. N. Bouilly. 2 vols. 12mo. 9s.

The Debates in both Houses of Parliament, Ilie Sorrows of Eliza, or a Tale of Misfor in the Session of 1810, on the Petition of the tune. By R. B. Bayles, esq. royal 12mo. Roman Catholics of Ireland. 10s. 60. 7s.6d.

THEOLOGY. The Mysterious Hand, or Subterranean Hore Cookson's Book of Common Prayer; with rors. By A. 1. Crandolph S vols. 12mo. 155, the Administration of the Sacrements, and

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of 'tarefully revised and occasionally correcced England; with a Table of Contents, by - from the Arabic; to which is added, a Selec- means of which a child may refer to any tion of New Tales, now first translated from particular part. Na l. 9d. the Arabic Originals; also an Introduction A Refutation of Calvinism; in which the and Nutes, illustrative of the Religion, Man- Doctrines of Original Sin, Grace, Regenera. ners, and Customs of the Mabommedans. tion, Justification, and Universal Redemption, By Jonathan Scott, LL.D. Oxford, late Oriare explained; and the peculiar tenets maincotal Professor at the Royal Military and tained by Calvin, upon these points, are East India Colleges, &c. 6 vols. post 8vo. proved to be contrary to Scripture, to the Gl. 15s. 6d. deny 8vo. 51. 58. and 18mo. writings of the Ancient Fathers of the Chris11. 16s.

cian Church, and to the Pubic Formularies of Arabian Nights' Entertainments, 4 vols. the Church of England. By George Touls royal 12mo. translated by Beaumont. mine, D.D.F.R.S. Lord Bishop of Lincoln, PHILOLOGY.

and Dean of St. Paul's, London. 80, 12s. A New Dictionary of the English and Ger.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. man Languages. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 18. fine pa. A General History and Collection of Voyper 11. 11s. od.

ages and Travels. By Robert Kerr, F.R.S. Greek Idioms, exhibited in select Passages F.A.S. Edinburgh. Part 1. 6s.


Including Notices of Works in Hund, Domestic and Foreign. .. Authentic Communications for this Article will always be thunkfully receiocd.

THE Rev. MR. HAYTER, whose in The Rev. David BLAIR, whose various

1 teresting researches at Herculane. school books enjoy such unrivalled cele um, under the patronage of His Royal brity, is about to publish a Universal Highness the Prince of Wales, have ex. Grainmar of Arts, Sciences, and General cited the liveliest attention of the lite- Knowledge, which is likely to supersede rary world, is about to publish a Letter all other general systems 110w used in our to His Royal Highness, containing a schools. Narrative of all that passed on this sube D r. Dickson has at length achieved ject from his leaving England till his re. the grand desideratum of agricultural imturn. It will be illustrated with engra. provement, and finished for publication vings; and in every sense it cannot fail a compressed and cheap coinpendiuin of to gratify and interest the public. agricultural knowledge and improvement,

The Pantheon has been very judi. called the Farner's Companion. It is a ciously converted into a national instie suitable present from a patriotic land, tution for exhibiting the improvements lord. in the manufactures of the United. A new edition of Martyn's Georgics Kingdom, and in the arts connected is in the press. therewith; for promoting the general In our last Varieties it was stated, hy interests of commerce, both foreign mistake, that Mr. ROBERT BAKEWELL and domestic; and for aiding the pros had discovered a new mode of analysing perity of every class of manufacturers. soils, minerals, &c. We have since seen It will present at once, (arranged in a the proposals of that gentleman, in which regular and connected series,) all that he lays claiın to no new discovery in the Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, mode of analysing. It appears he is enLeeds, Nottingham, Coventry, Norwich, gaged in a new undertaking, to unite with Glasgow, as well as the sister kingdom, the sorvey of estates a Mineralogical and all other manufacturing places, stipe Examination and Analysis of the Suba ply; and will preserve a register of every scances they contain, and to accompany manufacturer in the United Kingdom, the Plan with a Manuscript Description - whereby such of them as become sub and Natural History of the Estate.

scribers to the institution, will open new A new work is preparing hv Mr. PETER - means of promoting their interests in a NICHOLSON, on the Mechanical Exervariety of ways, and to a great extent, cises of Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, A spacious chainber is exclusively ap- Masonry, Turnery, &c. ; with plates of propriated to the resort and accommo- the various tools used in each branch dation of subscribers; and the daily and of business, and other figures explanacountry papers are to be taken in and tory of the principles and practice of the filed for their accommodation. And for several arts. This work is drawn up on the peculiar use of patrons of the ins the plan of the fainiliar butobsolete work stitution, a spacious chamber of asso. by Moxon, the plates are numerous, and ciation, is prepared and ficted up for the work will be ready for publication their exclusive reception and resort at carly this spring. all times, provided with a copious sup- An elegant work with plates in aquaply of books of reference, an extensive tinta, from drawings by Mr. LUGAR, assortment of publications, foreign and architect, of plans and views of buildings domestic; together with all foreign ga- executed by him in England and Scotland, zettes and newspapers that can be pro. several of which are in the castellated cured from every quarter of the world. style, with accurate views of the situatious, The intelligent part of the metropolis, will soon be ready for publication. and country visitors, have long languished Lord De DUXSTANVILLE will speedily for such an establishment, and we cor- publish from the original manuscripts in dially wish it success.

his possession, Carew's Survey of Corn. Mr. Bisset, of the Museum, Birming wall, with Notes, by the late Thomas ham, will publish early in February next, Toukin, esq. member of Parliament in a superb medallion of his Royal Highness the reign of Queen Anne. the Prince of Wales as Regent of the The Meinoirs of Prince Eugene of Imperiál Kingdoms..

Savoy, written by himself; translated


from the last French edition, by Mr. now engraving by Warren, Heata, ARMMUDFORD, will appear early in Febru- STRONG, and ExGLEUBART, and will be ary, in one volume, octavo.

published as speedily as the requisite attenThe Flora of the Counties of Northum, iion to their execution, wbich is intended berland and Darham, by Mr, Wincy, of to be in the first style, will adinit. which the Botanist's Guide through those Mr. W. CRANE, of Edinburgh, has counties may be considered as a prodro- published Hints respecting a New Theory mus, will shortly be put to press, and on the Orbits of Comets, in which he published with all convenient speed. suggests the probability that they revolve It will comprise the generic and specific about two tired stars, placed in the two descriptions and localities of about 2000 foci of their orbits. indigenous plants; and will be embels. Mr. R. B. HARRADAN will in a few lished with coloured engravings of some days publish the seventh and last Nuinber of the more rare and beautiful subjects, of Cantabrigia Depicta et Descripea, drawn from Nature by the masterly hand being a series of thirty-four engravings of of Mr. Sowerby.

all the public buildings, colleges, churches, On the 1st of April Mr. ACKERMANN and remains of antiquity, in the Univerwill publish the first part of an historical sity and town of Cambridge; with accuand descriptive work, entitled West- rate historical accounts of each, from the minster Abbey and its Monumenis, earliest period to the present time. which is designed to form two volumes Mr. Wright, professor aud public elephant quarto, illustrated with sixty- lecturer of the Science of Elocution, pursix coloured plates, from drawings by poses early in the next month, to deliver Messrs. Pugin, HUETT, and MACKENZIE. his Spring Lectures, and to read the The letter-press will give a history of that whole of the Church Service, at his pube interesting fabric, with all its accessorylic lecture room, Bedford-street, Covent circumstances from the earliest notices Garden. of it to the present time.

The following subjects are proposed Mr. Lowry is engaged in a work enti- for the Chancellor's prizes at Oxford, fordled Select Specimens of the Ancient Ar- the ensuing year, viz. for Latin verses, chitecture of Great Britaio, accompanied Herculaneum ;--for an English essay, with Historical and Descriptive Illus. T'uneral and Sepulchral Honours ;--for a tracions. The selection of subjects for Latin essay, De Styli Ciceroniani, in di.. This work will be inade from the choicest versie muterie, purietate ;-aud for Sir architectural remains in this country, and Roger Newdigate's prize for the best consist of such as may be deemed best composition in English verse, not conadapted to illustrate the rise, progress, tajning more than hity lines, The Partheand revolutions, of the various styles non. which distinguish its ecclesiastical and A correspondent of a respectable pemilitary edibces. It is proposed to give riodical work has communicated an experspective views either of whole build. periment made by biin at a time when ings or of parts, and; where farther expla- bread was very dear, with a view to find nation appears necessary, to add plans some cheaper substitute for wheat four. and elevatioas. The work will ap- He directed sereral turnips to be washed, pear in Numbers, coinmencing with the pared, and boiled; whey soft eniaugle to principal reinains of Roman architec- be mashed, the greatest part of the water ture. The historical part will be drawn was pressed out of them, and they were up with the strictest regard to accuracy, mixed with an equal weight of coarse and the descriptive will be the result of wheat-meal. The dough was then made a careful and ininute examination of the in the usual manner with yeast, salt, and objects introduced. The engravings will water. It rose well, was made up into be executed in the best style, by Messrs. loaves, and baked in the usual manner. Lowry, Landseer, J. Roffe, G. Cooke, When drawn from the oren, 'a loaf was J. Le Keux, Lee, Porter, &c. alter ori- cut and found to be sweeter than common ginal drawings by Messrs. Nash, Tur- bread, full as light and white, with a ner, Varley, and other eminent artists. slight, but not disagreeable, taste of the

lllustrations of Gertrude of Wyoming, turnip. Twelve hours afterwards this from paintings by Mr. Cook, with a por. taste was scarcely perceptible, and in trait of the author, from a painting by twenty-four hours was entirely gone, LAWRENCE, are also in preparation. ' Dr. BelL bas transferred 15,0001,

Illustrations of the Lady of the Lake, stock, 3 por cent. consols, lo che Unirer. fruin paintings by Mr. Richard Cook, are sity of Cambridge, in trust, tu found

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